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I am 43 years old, I have 3 kids; 20, 17 and 10. ...

I am 43 years old, I have 3 kids; 20, 17 and 10. I'm ready to get rid of the extra in my tummy, have my boobs back to where they used to be and not start a fire when walking with my thighs! My procedure is scheduled for November 11th and I'm super excited! I have been considering these procedures for a long time but was very nervous to do them until I found this website.

The dreaded Before photos...

I decided to take some photos so I'll have a baseline to compare to after surgery. What a humbling experience that was! So, a little more about me: I'm 5'8 and weigh around 180, which is heavier than I want to be but that's just a number. I bought myself a Tanita scale and have been tracking my water weight, fat weight and the leftover weight - muscle and bone. I have about 50 pounds of fat!!!

When I went in for my initial consult, Dr. Son told me I had to quit smoking and any nicotine aids too. I'm happy to say that I accomplished both and it was awful!!! I never want to smoke again just for how painful quitting has been. Anyway, the result of quitting smoking has been that I gained some weight, nibbling stuff but also because nicotine changes your metabolism. I have been working out and I hope to make this my new habit. I really enjoy it and get a high on endorphins when I do it.

All that said, here are my before pictures.

Counting down...anxious and excited

The time is getting near, I picked up all my prescriptions today! I am really excited about Wednesday but I'm also so nervous. The amount of time for the surgery freaks me out a little, praying everything g goes well. For now, I just have to keep calm.

I made it through two days post op!

Day of surgery was a little nerve waracking, but pre-op care was excellent. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room...but very sore. Got some meds and went home.

Tried staying in a recliner but it ended up diving me back cramps. So, my husband set me up on the bed which has been working out really well.

Day 1 and Day 2 I think I slept in between meds for about an hour and took meds on hour 3. It was rough the first full day at home. But, by the end of the day,I was taking myself to the bathroom!

My husband is still helping me with my drains and meds, keeping up with everything since I'm still pretty foggy.

Today I went downstairs the times to be social! It was strenuous, but I felt pretty good. I can't stand up straight yet, but I'm not completely hunched over.

Keeping my fingers crossed and knocking in wood, but everything seems to be going pretty good so far.

My husband and I had a couple of concerns about meds and the drains, but he called the doctor who was very responsive.

I'll try to take photos tomorrow, just feeling good right now.

I will say Arnica Montana, homeopathic med, has been wonderful in between regular meds!


It's been a while since I lasted posted, I've really just been out of it. Everything is looking good so far, still have lots of swelling and one drain in. Since I was a smoker before the procedures, Dr. Song was careful with the liposuction and did not go after lipo as aggressively. I will undergo several more liposuction sessions at about 5 months post surgery. Right now, I'm healing, starting to walk around my neighborhood and resting as much as I can. Herr are my most current pics. And by the way, I love Dr. Song and his staff, they are the best!!!
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I had my initial consultation and pre-op appointments. I have been most appreciative of Dr. Song's frankness. He hasn't sugar coated anything with me, so I'm pretty happy.

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