5'2 ,130 pds, 3 kids, BL. BA. LIPO of Flanks and a TT

Hi, I have been going thru and looking at this...

Hi, I have been going thru and looking at this site for about two months. I think that this is the best thing ever. This site seems to make it a little easier and not to be that scared. A little bit about me!! I am a 32 year old mother of 3 boys eight, six and 4 months, and a very supportive husband. I have been wanted to do this for so long but i am so nervous. I found a wonderful plastic surgeon and I can not be more excited. This last pregnancy was so draining and hard I think it is my time :) wish me luck!!


So I have started my countdown, I cant seem to stop talking about this with my husband he is so supportive! I am very worried about the recovery, supplies. Did anyone purchase their own bra and compression garment?

Changing My Date!

Hey Rs fam!! I decided to change my date to august 15. I am so excited but I do not know what kind and size implants to get i have a small frame and lost all my boobs so now I just want the boobs I used to have back I used to be a 34dd now im a 34b maybe c:( any suggestions?

upload pics

I am going to be uploading pics tomorrow!!

Before pictures

Still undecided

I have 12 days left until my surgery and I don't know if I want saline or silicone. .my pre op is 3 days before my surgery and I don't think that is enough time to decide once I talk to the doctor!

single digits

OMG I'm finally at 7 days before my sx I'm so ready yet super nervous...This time next week I'll be getting peeped for surgery. .

Not helpful to some

I get a lot of good advice and suggestions from this website but as far as personally I don't really as if yall are helpful to me :( I just need advice from ppl that have gone thru or going thru like me..but it's lacking

4 more days

Ok so now I'm starting to panic! ! Idk why I'm just tripping. Me and my best friend went and got all my supplies that I thought I needed yesterday. .now I feel like I'm missing something I need to cook clean wash lol urggggg the nerves are getting me..my boys are in school already so that's good and my mom and mom in law will help me when hubby goes back to work!! Does anyone know that name of the stuff that's supposed to help minimize bruising?


Yayy this day has finally come!! I have so many questions.. I'm nervous and I get to pick my implant size!!! I'm so glad I have my hubby and best friend to be there with me:)


Ok so I chose my implant size. .360cc saline moderate plus profile! ! He went over everything with me and gave me my meds..on the way to the pharmacy now..2 days left

2 more days!!!!

I'm so excited it seems like I'm forgetting something..and the days are going so slow!!! I can't wait to be flat and see my new body

final coutdown

So the nurse just called to confirm my surgery time 8 am!! I have been told 3 different times to be there...The nurse told me 6..hospital told me 630 and the ps told me 7 lol...I'll just be there at 6

On the way

On the way to the hospital!!! I'm so nervous I can't breathe


Yesterday was a blur and I'm medicated now

So painful

Today was a good day! Every hour I was able to get up and walk around! ! I was also able to move when I needed to! I'm really not good with pain and this is the worst!! As the anesthetic are wearing off I'm starting to itch like crazy, my mom and husband are god sent angels they change my gauze, help me walk around, feed me, change my drains and everything else, I'm an blessed

Not a good pic

loving my body

I have to call my ps tomorrow about all this gauze every where and ask him can I remove it...my drains are only draining 20 ml or less so yayy to that. I did get a sneak peek at my belly and idk what to think :( it's super wrinkled and so tight. Has anyone else stomach wrinkled at the bottom and straighten out? If so how long did it take

Fresh air!!

Today was a good day!! I walked outside to smell the fresh air and attempted to help my 6 year old with his homework :) all with no medicine. I took it eventually, I talked to my ps if my drains are still low then I get to get them removed tomorrow! ! Right now they are draining g about 20 ml a day a pc..I really want to see my stomach and boobies together. Today I was so tight and my breast feel like I have been breast feeding and got a back up right now urrrgg...but that's how I feel today

One drain out!!

I went for my follow up she removed one drain and keep one in..she wants it to drain for a week to catch the extra fuilds I got my belly button cleaned...gross and repacked it. She said I'm healing great bruising and swollen on my back and hips..my boobies are great just huge and high. I fill like they gonna pop me in the eye lol

No more drains

Yayy I got all my drains removed yesterday! They gave me a compression garment too...Holy tight!! She said I was healing good and I was cleared to take a shower! I forgot to ask her could I slp in my known bed. When did yall start back sleeping in your bed? And when was yall able to stand up straight? Was there anything that yall did to help? I go back to work on Sept 2 and really don't want to be walking hunched over :(

Don't know how to feel

I think my breast are to big!! I feel like I'm about to tip over I'm hoping that they drop and get smaller because I wanna cry they look so fake...I wanted natural and nice not huge and fake!!! My waist is so small it makes me look funny :(

First f/u

I had my first follow up today! It went well, they took off all my tape and gauze, I'm clear to massage and start scar therapy:) he said everything looked good and he will see me in 8 weeks to take after pics. I have a opening on my right breast they said it will heal with time. Does anyone recommend any certain type of scar treatments? Oh he also said no under wire or wire bras for a year! ! But I really don't think I need one because these things stay straight up lol


been gone to long!!

Hey ladies!!! It's been so long it seems and so much has happened!!! Well I had a tough time for a while getting back into my normal routine. I went back to work it is not that bad because I sit down alot. However I still seem to swell a lot. This compression garment hurt like holy hell! I keep getting new ones and seem to be wasting my money! The one that comes to my knees..makes my butt super flat lol and the short one push up against my boobs! I think once I heel a little better I'll be fine! It's so hot I have to take breaks with the garments to breathe! I still can't lift my head above my head without it feeling like I'm going to pull a stitch. My boobs have went down alot and now I love them!! My nipples stay hard lol weird but it's ok. My ps said no wire bras for a year!!! So sports bras it is :) I do my massages on my breast but my right one I can kinda feel moving. I'm going to call them on monday. I absolutely Love my body and my stomach is so flat it's crazy lol


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