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I have been large breasted since I was a preteen....

I have been large breasted since I was a preteen. I think I got boobs when I was in 5th grade! Yikes....the boys loved me! I always loved my girls even though they were large. They were a nice shape, still rather perky and pretty. After my son and lot's of yo-yo dieting they decided to go south. My neck, shoulders and back were in constant pain. I always had to buy larger tops to fit the ta-ta's. When I went to get breast examinations it was always hard to get a really good idea because they were so very dense and heavy! I had wanted to this procedure for years and years but never had the time, money or support to get it done.
This has been the best thing I could have ever done. My big clothes don't fit right anymore, I can go around with no bra on (WOOT) and the pain is finally subsiding.
It is a very tough and long recovery but it the best thing ever and I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about it. I can't wait to see what they will be like later.
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Dr. Song is the man! Did I say I love this man? He is very straight to the point and honest. If he doesn't feel it's the right thing to do he will let you know. I was a smoker prior to my surgery and he made sure that I was very well informed about the horrible possibilities of smoking and this surgery. I quit about 60 days prior to my surgery. On my 1 week pre-op visit he "fussed" at me and said " I will not do this if you are smoking!" I liked that very much! I would much rather he fuss at me that have someone do it just to do it. Dr. Song has been very informative and you can tell that he is very concerned about the job that he does. He takes the time to walk you through everything and make sure you understand. I researched many Dr's for this procedure and when I found him I just knew! The office staff is great as well. Very friendly and happy to assist you with anything you may need. They were able to get my insurance to approve me in less that two weeks.

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