Dr.Jimmerson- Booked My Consultaion for Jan 8th 2015. Have Bad Anixety... Seen Bad Reviews Tonight - Duluth, GA

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Hello, For a years I have wanted my booty much...

For a years I have wanted my booty much bigger and a flat stomach. I moved to Atlanta this year and the more Big Butts I see the more I want my booty bigger! Well here is the deal, I have very bad anxiety, the fear I have of dying is crazy but I want this done. I booked the consultation 2 days ago and I got an early consultation of January 8th. I paid $100 for this consultation just to find out afterwards that he is booked up until 2016! I called back to advise them that this should of been stated at the time of me paying my $100 bc I really was looking forward to having my sx done in April of 2015. On the webinar they have you watch it specifically states that they do offer a fast track for those who are paying completely in cash. Well I made the woman on the phone aware that I'm not paying $10,300 in cash I'll be putting down half in cash and the other half will be financed and I really need this done this year I sure cant be waiting sorry. She goes on to say that I just needed to come in for my consultation bc they have still been able to fast track those who are paying cash and being financed. (I really hope so).

Now, here is my big concern. So I get on here and start reading reviews. I see where Sarah who was an employee of Dr.Jimmerson that had her sx done after quitting tells her story. She even shows pics of how her put lost half of the fat, and her boobs look horrible! She also states that a patient died, (while booking my consultation the woman after me saying to her I'm afraid of dying she says to me " Well I have not heard of any of Dr.Jimmerson patients dying". Ummm well im afraid even more bc now upon research Sarah an ex employee says yes someone died and she herself almost died and he F'd up her boobs and her butt went flat!. I"ve also read a review where someone says they had to go into the ER after surgery and the nurses there said they get a lot of Dr.Jimmersons patients( become dehydrated and anemic)..... Red Flag----- I am an anemic already. I also read where one of his patients had to have something drained out of their stomach 2 weeks after he did sx on them.

I'm so damn nervous. I really did not expect to see any really bad reviews about Dr.Jimmerson since he is so well known and so damn expensive and speaks so highly of himself. I really want to hear from his patients that have had the lipo and butt lift. I will keep you all posted bc I really want this sx done and im getting very nervous bc of bad reviews. I will post back after I see him for my consultation, which if it goes good ill be putting down $2,500 and letting him know I need the fast track.

Approaching My Consultation Date Jan8th Very Scared

After reading the review from his past employer Sarah, who stated she bleed internally and a patient died on sx table. I'm to the point I'm scared as hell and although I've paid $100 for this consultation, I really think I should back out, my life is more important. But a part of me still want this sx. Ugh!
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