BBL, Hips, Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks , Lower And Upper Back and Bra Roll ! - Duluth, GA

Hello RS. I'm new here been stalking this sight...

Hello RS. I'm new here been stalking this sight every since I decided to do this procedure. I'm already very confident with my body and who I'm am. But this will take it to another level! My Doctor is Dr. Andrew Jimmerson! (A.K.A. Dr. Curves) every since I saw his work on Shekinah from the TI show, I've been pumped and ready to go! I love his work and done my homework regarding safety and credentials. My Sx date is quickly approaching August 19, 2016 and I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I don't want a big Ghetto Booty , but I do want a Big Booty with projection and rounding of my existing Booty. I'm also getting hips as well. I desire 1,000cc's in each cheek and 250cc's in each Hip. These pics are before I lost 14lbs for Sx. I will upload current photos later to accurately document my journey. Well I will talk to you RS Ladies and Gents later! Smoochies

Excited!!!!!!! 4 Days Away!!!!

Hello RS. Well it's Monday and my day is quickly approaching this Friday! Not much to say gotta get to packing for my flight on Wednesday 8/17/16! It's about to be Ridiculous ! When I get this Big Booty! My Man doesn't want me to do this procedure???? States he love me just the way I am! Thanks babe , but you gone love me even more! It's going down! Well I will keep you guys posted and will upload my current photos as soon as I can! Ttyl RS

Packing Supplies!!!! Oh My!

Well it's getting REAL!!! At the Airport!!! Ayyyye .......

Here are my photos after I lost 14lbs

Pre-Op Consult Done!!!! It's Time......

Well today was my pre-op with Dr. Jimmerson. Office is amazing, I was welcomed with open arms and good southern hospitality! His Mother Carrie Jimmerson was the best in explaining everything I was to expect on tomorrow. I was thoroughly informed and able to ask all the questions that I had. I was really impressed with my pre-op appt. Then I had questions regarding my upper back fat that I noticed to see if it was included as back bra roll and found out it wasn't????. Dr. J came in for me too ask him a couple questions that I had since he was performing sx when I came in , so again impressed with his beside manner it was as if I'd known him for years. So I added upper back Lipo for $950 more. I'm not coming back, I want to do it one time and get the full benefit of the surgery. Also if you have insurance in another state as I do, get your medication prior to coming to GA. My insurance only covers me in my state????. However I incurred the fees of paying for my medication $465.00.
Had to have it so, bring plenty of cash! Thankful and Blessed that I was able and had the cash. God is Great! I love'em! He is the Foundation of my Sanity.... Ok so they changed my Sx time from 9a too 7:30a! So RS dolls I'm signing off so that I can prepare my mind, body and soul for this successful sx in the morning. Ttyl RS

Very Happy with My Banging Body!!!!????????

Not a lot of pain just discomfort.
I have a high pain threshold!

3Days Post-Op!! Lymphatic Massages Oh My!!!

Well today I'm three days post op and feeling Great! But those lymphatic massages are the devil! Lol! But they are so needed. My first massage was terrible and I have a high pain threshold , shiii so I thought! I got so hot and sweaty , black spots before my eyes , blurred vision and the pain alone was enough to make you faint! Your body is so tender too touch , especially the abdomen area. Now it did get better removing and replacing garment after day one. Now I'm feeling great my Mom and my Niece is taking great care of me and I'm walking, eating and drinking lots of fluids. I have not had a bowel movement yet, but today I pray it happens. Well RS, ttyl gotta get some rest... Very important will upload more photos later on this week. Jimerson Doll

I'm 3Days Post- Op Pics!

1 Week Post -Op!! Yaay

Well Ladies. Today I'm 1week post op and feeling great! Got my drains out today! And on my way home in the morning! Dr. J did a great job!

Hello My Ladies That have had BBL already......

Hello Ladies. Can you please give some witty ideas, witty inventions on how to sit after BBL? I have no problem with sleeping I'm a belly sleeper any way. Yes I have a Boppy pillow, Dr Miami Booty Buddy and the BBL pillow. Trying to see which is more efficient ? I'm flying home in the morning Yaay really miss my house! Just want to be comfortable as possible on this journey of not sitting for 3-4 Months. I know they say 6 weeks, but my Dr. J and staff suggested the longer the better! Some of them didn't sit for 5-6 Months! Geeezzz, but I'm going to do it I've invested too much to loose the Nice Booty and let me not leave out these flat abs...........and back! I love it!
Well I'll be waiting on all suggestions and ideas . Ttyl RS Ladies P.S. Help ME Please

Got that ASS!!!!!

4 Weeks Post-Op this Friday!

Well RS ladies been MIA for a while recovering. What a journey this has been. I'm doing great , just adjusting to continuous sleeping and lying on my stomach for everything. I've done well have not sat on my Buttocks at all!! I'm protecting this investment ! Now it's been a challenge! I've had drivers, too just staying at home. I've really limited my outings, but of course I have went out to dinner, but not without my Booty Buddy! I don't give a darn! Who looks and wonders this body is banging! Lol! But oh my God the stares from guys and gals ! When I went to my family's Labor Day gathering they were like Damn all your food has gone to your ASS! I was like yep! Lol! Well that's all for now. Feel free to ask any questions u may have ill be totally honest! Yes it is a recovery process that you have to be ready for the mental ups and downs! Smoochies Ttyl......
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