33 Year Old and Starting my Life Over! - Miami, FL Changed to McAdoo

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I have been looking into doing something for...

I have been looking into doing something for myself for the last 4 years. As many mothers have, I have put myself on the back burner for so long that I finally decided not to anymore.
I was 17 years old when I went to college for Nursing and took a semester off to get married my senior year and here I am 14 years later.
In 2012, I decided to get myself back on track and live the life I want to once and for all. With the Lord's help, I will be done with nursing school in May 2016 (check), I have my beautiful babies (12 and 9, check check) and I have a amazing husband (check) and now it is body time.
I wanted to go with a TT and BBL with Duran but haven't been able to get in touch with her. So since have decided to go with Dr Song for BBL and lipo of flanks, abd, bra area and full back. I am very impressed with this accomplishments, staff-Wanda is awesome- and his honesty. I feel good about the decision. The only thing is I don't see his BBL work. Who out there has had a BBL with him? I will have my pre-op and consultation with him on Feb 24 and he will show me pictures then but would be great to connect with some before then. Overall, I do feel comfortable his TT work I have seen.
I do have to lose as much weight before surgery as possible. My goal is 25 pounds and I know that is going to be HARD but I am going to do it. I am currently 197 5'1.5" (lol) and am a H body type. This also gives me some concern because not seeing very many H body types with the results that I want. But I will go on faith!
Any and all suggestions would be helpful and welcomed!
This site has been a great help in research and support so far and I am sure it will continue to be. I have great support from husband and kids no so much from other family members so I will need all the support I can get. I will do this for me and will not let anyone change my mind!

Procedure update

I am also getting inner thigh done.

More and more excited

It has been awhile. Trying to balance school and planning a new move whew!
But I have had lots of emotions over the last few weeks. I have gotten depressed a little each time I look in the mirror. And worried that I won't look like what is in my head. I am being realistic and know I won't be a perfect figure with no flaws at all but..... I dk. I guess this is normal and more emotions to come lol.
Loading wish pics.
I was wondering.... Thinking about sitting.... is there a chair that a non creative person can fashion that will allow me to sit without a pillow if I choose?
I am planning on buying a booty buddy though.

Pics of me

Dr change

I am thinking of changing Dr. I talk to Dr Song Friday and he told me that he would not be able to give the results I am after at all. I am glad he was honest but wish he came more than 3 weeks before my surgery date.
So this weekend my mission was to find a doctor who could give me the results I am seeking and was willing to take on a patient of my size.
I heard from Vanity Saturday morning and I am going to go with Dr McAdoo. He has experience with patients of my size. I have seen YouTube reviews, reviews here, and Instagram. Me and hubby feel good about it. Best of all he had my date available.
I sent pics and medical questionnaire and am just waiting for his response so I can make payment.
I have found a flight and hotel (will book tomorrow after hearing back from him). Trying to determine should I bring kiddos and how that will work here at home if I dont.
Since we don't know anything about Miami I was thinking of hiring a driving service while we are there. Does anyone know of anything like that?

More wish pics

Weight update as of today
190lbs. I am down 7lbs. Confident I can get another 10 off by surgery date.

Personal pics

Reloading personal pics

Plans and questions

Payment made, flights booked, hotel booked (for the 3rd time lol.) I was trying to save money and thanks to theadventuresofthenewme I have made a final decision on hotel and where I am going to get my massages. Supplies are order. I ordered beach chair-that I plan to cut the bottom out so my new booty can hang freely and I will be able to sit and relax and watch kiddos play since I have to bring them- arnica, msm pills, msm, arnica, and glucosamine lotion-for firming- electric massager, abd board, waist clincher, chux, bbl pillow and msm soap. I will get the garment and lipo foams from them. I still need to get poise pads and I will use cups to pee in. TMI time my sugar sack is big and I just don't think the female urinal will do the trick lol. I have my bags packed.
But I do have a question for someone to answer..... What size clothes did you take with you? I mean did you get one size bigger than you are now, one size smaller or what?

Hotel: Candle wood 6 nights $1196 (cheapest I could find giving all amenities)
Flight economy going and first class coming back -so I can lay my seat down.
Transportation I will use uber.

Just called Vanity

I just called and spoke with Stephanie. She confirmed McAdoo is going to be doing my surgery (and anyone else on the 4th) and also when I go for my post op they will/can do massages there. That was something I didn't know. They are more expensive than what I saw but for me they will end up being cheaper because I am using uber for transport so I will save money just getting it there.
They are $85 individually.

OMG it is getting real

Did labs yesterday, bbl pillow came, chair and all other supplies.... Excited and a little nervous. And nervous because I just found out how the ride is going to be on a commuter plane-arrggg not happy about that.

Surgery location update

I just got an email with pre op instructions. Email had a different location for pre op, post op, and surgery. So I called and was told that McAdoo is at Vanity MTW and TH F S at Encore. I will be having surgery at Encore not Vanity.
So please check your date and verify your location.

Then after all that, I find out something went wrong with hotel reservation. So I am rebooking a hotel- lovely!

So much drama today

I just got my labs back. I have an UTI and platelets areup. So I am freaking out. I called Vanity and talked to preop assistant and asked what can be done if it is not cleared up by Thursday when they do labs. She said he will not do surgery but platelet count wasn't problem because they have different normal range than lab corp. Shout! So I go back to my doctors office and beg someone to see me because my normal doctor was not there and they don't like seeing someone elses patient. So I finally get someone to agree to see me. So I am going through my rant about it needs to be cleared up by Thursday and that led to why. That led to really that is what you are doing.... why.... but I got the antibiotics and he said will be cleared in 3 days-so that is Wednesday- THANK YOU JESUS. BP is up which is not normal for me and I get on the freaking scale and it saids 200lbs. What??? No way. I weight my self at home and it said 191 just a few days ago. So I call vanity again in a rant. I know clothes, time of day, food all play a role in weight but not 9 pounds. So she said to weight myself in the morning and send her an email and that they allow 5 pounds for clothes and food. Cool but for McAdoo to do the surgery I can't be over 198(with the 5 pounds they allow) ok cool but what if... then she said I would have to go with a different doctor. A Dr Valls and he will do it with a person closer to a36 BMI and he has an opening for the 4th. Ok well I need to research him just incase.
Man...... I know some will read this and think why are you having the surgery and you are that big and what will you go to maintain it and if you lose weight you will lost your butt. Well it is like this, I have had no shape for so long that is has made me insecure with myself. I don't like what I see in the mirror and this surgery will contour me and give me a shape. I will maintain it because I know what it takes and I am in a better position to do that now that school is almost over. And I will lose weight but I will also continue to build my butt as well so it will not lose it all. Maybe a bit smaller but it will be there and will still be beautiful.


For some reason I couldn't post anything Monday night. So I couldn't wait until the next morning. I hopes on the scale at9p after eating dinner lol. I was 193. Really? Dr office 200 at 5p and at home that night after dinner 193. Not really sure what is going to happen. May my new scale is off. I have been weighing myself every morning at all say 193. So lets hope it saids the same in Miami. I will go up there first thing in the morning before I eat anything and have a BM before I go. I will have Dr Mcadoo!!!!!
Well anyway, we are leaving today. I have to go to class this AM and then back home to finish odds and ends and we will be leaving our house at 4p to be on plane at 630p.

We made it

We got on @1240a. Our first flight was delayed. The flight was great. First time flying and will so it again.
So far uber is very nice. They were on time, clean, and nice.
The room is very nice. The only cons so far you can hear the planes when they come over and it takes forever for the hot water to kick in. Buy those are minor.
I am getting very excited and anxious. I am ready for my booty day!!!

Pics they didn't load


I got 2 phone calls this morning. One was confirming massages and the other was confirming my surgery info. Both people assured me I was clear for surgery. I just hope there are any hick ups when I get there. I am about to go there now. They did tell me I have been moved up on schedule. Now I go in at 830a and will be on the table no later than 10a. Yay!!!!!
Those pics before just wouldn't load from cell. Will post as soon as I can

OMG Dr McAdoo

I just left Encore and Dr McAdoo is so cool. I loved that he was so down to earth and he asked what I wanted instead of telling me what I was going to get.
The coordinator was so helpful and reassuring. She gave me her personal phone number and told me to call her anytime if I had any questions.
She didn't talk to me judgemental and she was so complimentary.
I am going to have the bootay of my dreams. I told him I brought a bbl pillow and he told me for what I want a bbl pillow is not going to be enough lol. He said I need to go and buy 3 beach towels and roll them together and that will give me clearance lol. And they told me the proper way to sleep and it is no on your stomach (#surprised).
The process went so smooth. I thought I was going to have problems due to drama this week. I had none.
I am so ready for tomorrow!!!!!

Trying to upload again

I have a booty!!!

I made it to the other side!!!! I am in lots of pain thought but I can bear it. Thanks for all y'all prayers and good wishes. I woke up lol!!!


Clothes and etc

They want you to wear dresses because pants will create indentions on your skin. So I brought loose sweat pants and they told me not to wear them.
So bring dresses. Make sure they are at least one size larger than you normally wear due to the foams you have to wear. I had to go and buy a 2x dress lol.
I feel really good today. The day of surgery and the day after U was in so much pain and uncomfortable. I was taking my pain meds around the clock but was still in a lot of pain.
Sunday and today, I am just sore and tired. I am ready to so to sleep after everything I do lol.
I really haven't wanted to eat. Today was the most I have eaten since surgery.


Misc pics

More pics

Lymphatic Massages

The therapist I decided to use was someone that came to you. She is really good. She us friendly, sweet and compassionate. She takes her time and does what needs to be done. The massages hurt but it wasn't bad. I don't know if it matters who does it or not. It also helps to do it in the comfort of your hotel.

5 days po

Tummy is looking better and better each day. Took a shower to day and feel so much better. No real pain today just really tight. So took Mortrin to relieve muscles.

Poop (TMI)

Had my first poop today not bad. What I did so I wouldn't have to while I was going through the worst of it. I did a laxative a week before and the day before I left. I ate light the first 3 days when I felt like eating and took Miralax Tues and Wed night. Felt a little something last night but waiting until this morning (I like to get in and get out-have so much better things to do than sit on toilet lol.

One drain out

I took one of my drains out (well I talked hubby through it). So much better. Just can't wait until this other one comes out.

Updated pics last night.

Randomness take 2

I will try this again..
Few things I didn't use. Chux no need.... Just use shower curtain. 2 days tops you will be fine. Female urinal... I used a shebert container. Worked great no accidents(will post pic). I did use icy hot and aspercream for my back. Dr McAdoo advised me to sleep in my chair and not on stomach so that is what I did. It did put pressure on my back so that is why I used this. He told me to sit on 3 rolled beach towels but that didn't get my butt off surface. So I attached two to bbl pillow but that was to high for my short legs. Now I am using one towel and bbl pillow. That works great. I have the other rolled to use as back support and the other rolled in a chux to use on toilet.

Pics for prev post

Before and after 1 week post op

Pics I forgot from last night and other randomness

I am going to hop on scale after I take a shower to see how much I weigh. I know most people say you don't lose weight after lipo and bbl but with my drains, foams, and swelling, I weigh less than when I started. Two days ago I weighed myself with foams and all (I was bored with nothing else to do) and I was at 190 from 193.

Last thought for night, although this is an online forum, we here are here for support and encouragement. If there is nothing good and up lifting to say..... Let's stop or fingers from typing and say it to the computer screen-if we have to get it out-and move on!

Went to school today

Not bad. I am doing a trail and error with this pillow and rolled up towel. Did the pillow today but I didn't like it very much. When I got home, I started just sitting on the rolled towel and arching my back to keep booty off chair. Worked well for me to finish all this work,
I will be going to clinical tomorrow so I will take it all and see what works best.
I went to class with out the triangle today. Not sure if that was good thing or not. Just looked to weird. I mean I already had to wear those TED hoses lol. It is so true nurses make the worst patients lol.

Happy happy

Booty starting to fluff out. Yay!! More excited. Wonder can hubby handle it!!!???


190 on the scale yay!!!! 3lbs lighter than when I went in.

Pics with clothes on lol.

Random: Hubby was reading my post and said I put a lot of things on here I didn't tell him so it help him understand more what all I was dealing with. But I misspelled a lot of words lol. So..... (Still laughing) I update mostly from my phone and don't proof read. Take it for love. Y'all know what I am trying to say. Smh lmbo.


Will post one month pic soon.

1 mth

Dr. Song

This is for McAdoo

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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