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I have been waiting until I was closer to my date...

I have been waiting until I was closer to my date to start a review on here. I have chosen Dr. Jimerson aka Dr. curves! I am pretty certain he is the only on that will be able to get me what I want. I am still making arrangements for hotel and flight as I live in Dallas Texas, But am close to having it all figured out! I will be blogging my experience on here as much of the reviews have helped me make my decision. I will also upload photos later when I have more time!


One week away

SO I'm about a week away from my surgery date and it still feels unreal!! I'm leaving out this sunday and We are driving out and I'll be flying back as my hobby has to go back to work so he's gonna leave 2 days before I do since I have to be there for my post op. I've gotten the majority of my supplies and I have made arrangements for my kids and hotel for me. I haven't told anyone I am doing this other than my mom and sister and of course my husband. I hope when I come back no one is like woahh what happened and it's more like a smooth transition. I want a huge butt and really nice cures but my husband wants it to be more modest and nothing too attention seeking. I have a butt as it is, and he didn't want be getting it any bigger and thought lips around my waist would exentuate it enough but I want it to stand out. lol. anyways I hope I'm able to get the body of my dreams out of this because with Dr. J's prices there is no round two for me lol!!


Just wanted to update as to what I have brought, my surgery is early in the morning tomorrow! I'm not nervous yet... should I be?!? I am missing some things from this picture like baby wipes and hoppy pillow, they're still in the car!

5 days post op

Decided to upload a video, I will be deleting account soon so enjoy while it's still up!

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