18 y/o. bbl - Duluth, GA

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I am more excited than nervous and its because I'm...

I am more excited than nervous and its because I'm confident that the surgeon I found is going to give me exactly what I'm looking for. After following him on all social media and snapchat (drcurves) for a long time, I know this man is dedicated and knows what he's doing. The reason I decided to do this procedure is because I don't like the way my clothes fits, especially pants and dresses and skirts (basically everything lol)and going to the pool is really embarrassing for me I have to try to hide my body as much as possible.. but I have faith that the game will be changed And I'm just really excited to show you my new body.

Wish pics

I feel like this is a possible outcome for me

More wish pics ????

This is really what I'm going for.smallest waist I can possibly get with nice shapely hips and a bigger sexy bum.

6 more days...

I'm just preparing myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have most of my things now. Except my booty buddy which will get here in 2 days. I'm going to stay at the new you recovery house with Mrs.Marcella and I'll let y'all know how it goes there. Been looking at many many many videos on youtube with people talking about their recovery and stuff and that gives me comfort because all of their bodies look bomb and if they got through this I have faith that I will too.. no going back now :D stay strong guys, we're in this together!

The Recovery House

Mrs.Marcella is the sweetest woman I love her already! She went over the supply list to make sure I have everything and she called me at night to make sure I got all my medications. I will be staying a week and a day in the room with 2 beds. The lymphatic massages are $100 each. 4 more days!!!

Game day

Here we go! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please, & good luck to everyone getting this done!

On the same day...

Giiirl, that procedure felt like it passed so quick! It was at 11 so I showed up at 10 but I went into the room around 12 so in the mean time I watched some Netflix on my phone. I got my IV put in and when they added the liquid thingy to make me loopy I instantly fell asleep.

When I Woke up my throat did hurt and it was dry from the tube that was put in and I could feel my my butt sore like I had a great workout the day before.
When I first got up out the bed to walk around a little, i felt the pain shoot through my thighs and lower back.
Right now though it must be the pills and the numbness cause right now my pain ain't too bad.its there but it's not bad.. Probably 5/10

Oh and let me tell you the staff here at New you recovery house, it is a must! They take care of you so well. I'm sharing a room with a lady that got a TT. We both have been getting plenty of rest and help from the staff.

Haven't had time to see my body but I'll post some as soon as I feel better. Stay tuned lol

Next day..

Today was a lot more tough for me. I felt light headed when I got up from the bed. I felt like I couldn't breathe so my room mate called the nurse and she rushed to my room gave me water and my pain pills. -felt much better after.
This place is as good as they come honestly, I don't know what I would have don't if I didn't come here.

This is what I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3rd day..

I've been running a fever for 2 days now. I'm being taken to the hospital to get some more Iv fluids in me because I'm dehydrated and mrs.Marcella said they might check for any infection aswell. They took my faja off today so they could wash it and when I get back if it's not too late I'm going to get my first lymphatic massage. Wish me luck guys feel like crap today.

In the ER room

I feel so much worse right now they've put about 3 IV packs on me and gave me a lot of medicine to try to lower my fever. But I just seem to be feeling worse. My heart is racing and since I was supposed to get my patches cleaned up at the recovery house today but didn't, they did that here and they weren't gentle at all. They say I might have to stay the night and this food is flavorless they won't even give me water just tea.

I surely hope I come out okay.

Still in the hospital

I'm not wearing my faja or anything at the moment I'm stiff and swollen. Im currently getting a blood transfusion..
But here are the last pic I took 1 day post op

4th day...

I'm so thankful for everything God has Put me through up to this point. Although i had a lot of pain and the ER room wasn't so friendly, I'm still blessed with life. sometimes I forget to just put my problems aside and give thanks for everything I have. They took care of my dehydration problem and my fever has come down and has stayed that way. I will be going back to the recovery house tomorrow.

Mrs. Marcella, my sweet mami came to visit me. She washed my faja, brought me bottled water, Gatorade, fresh pineapple, a urinal (bc the one here was tiny and I kept missing and soiling my socks) and while she was here she gave me a real good wash all over my body and patched my incisions. Honestly I don't know what I would be doing with out her. She's so kind and a week stay at her place is just what I need.

Here are some pictures without the faja and right after putting it on.
Very early in the recovery process so of course I'm swollen and it might shrink but I'm loving every bit of it.


Peep the hips
Peep the waist

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