Upper Eyelid Surgery to Improve Peripheral Vision

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I had blepharoplasty surgery on both of my upper...

I had blepharoplasty surgery on both of my upper eyelids on Oct 27th, 2009, now 2 months+ back. I wear hard, gas perm contacts, and have for over 40 years. Over all of those years of wearing RGP lenses, I've only had a two week period where I had me eye irritation, and was advised to wear soft lenses to "let my eyes rest" for a while. My optometrist suggested that I might want to switch to soft lenses permanently, but after just those 2 weeks, I learned that I like my "old" gas perms and the vision the afforded me MUCH better.

But now, after my blepharoplasty surgery I've run into a problem that doesn't seem to be addressed by any of the many posts I've seen asked and answered here.

Like several of the ophthalmologists advise here, my doctor suggested I wait until after my 1 week post-surgical check-up before I started wearing my hard lenses again. At that appointment, he said he thought I would have few or no problems putting my lenses in again, and wearing them full-time. AND, as it turns out, he was right about one thing, I indeed had no problems putting them in, and no problems wearing them, (they basically felt the same, and gave me great vision correction as these always had. HOWEVER, there was one thing that I and my doc did not anticipate...getting the darned things out of my eye at the end of the day. After a visit to the ER the first night, I came to realize that I was no longer going to be able to remove my lenses the good old way, by just pulling gently at the corners of my eye to pop them out as I have always done these many years.

My surgery went fast and well. I've seemed to heal well. I would suggest to doctors & patients to be very careful not to make any sudden or over-animiated facial expressions right after your surgery. I popped the stitches in one eyelid, likely because I was hamming it up for the camera only an hour after leaving the operating room. My advise tell your patients not to overact with their face for a least one day after surgery. My doc took me in right away the night of the surgery, and got me all stitched back up. So, it worked out, but it was kind of a pain that I didn't really need to deal with if I had taken more care to prevent. That's only con I've experienced.

I had the surgery because I was experiencing some loss of peripheral vision on Rt eye because of my drooping eyelid. I think I can notice an improvement there, and it DEFINITELY looks a lot better and more normal too.

Suffice it to say, after over 2 months, I am still using a suction-cup lens removal tool every night in order to remove my contacts. What I would like to ask is this. Is this a common situation, or side effect, will it continue this way or will my eyes and the surrounding tissue return to "normal" and allow me to take out my contacts the old tried and true, EASY way?? Any experiences, or advise would be greatly appreciated. I am a pretty patient person, and am willing to wait for things to get back to normal. I just want to know if this is normal, or is it something I should be checking out now? Thank you
Dr. Thomas Shuey

He was very thorough with his pre-op exam and gave good, complete explanations and information before surgery. He was very available when there was the slight glitch, and took care of my situation quickly. His post surgical follow-up has been just as complete as the surgery itself. I felt well informed and well treated throughout the whole process.

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