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I. Am. So. NERVOUS!!!! My procedure is tomorrow...

I. Am. So. NERVOUS!!!! My procedure is tomorrow morning at 8am. I am currently a 34 A, and it's not so much the size that bothers me, but the fact that I nursed 3 kids (including twins) and my breasts are more like skin just hanging flat on my chest. I am in the fitness industry now, so sports bra and swim suit pics are pretty common. It's hard to feel proud of your accomplishments when you can't even find a swim suit top to fit. People recommend push up bras...but you can't push up empty skin on ribs.
I have always been smaller- I was about a B/C before having my first child. After her I was a C, and after the twins I got up to a DD. When I lost the weight they deflated quickly, so they didn't retain any kind of shape. I have wanted to have bigger breasts for as long as I can remember, but I still have the little voice in me wondering if I will regret it like some have?? I guess we will find out tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!!

So today was the big day!! I was super nervous...

So today was the big day!! I was super nervous this morning and my stomach was in knots..but my nurse, doctor, and anesthetician were amazing. We confirmed my desired look right before, she tickled me with a sharpie, and in we went!!! I woke up feeling fine-no pain, just a little soreness around my sternum. I've been home for about 6 hours and I feel sore, like I did a thousand push ups. Sides of my pecks, and my back (probably from laying around for 12 hours). I have ice bags on the sides of my chest and it's keeping it comfortable. I will post pics tomorrow when I get can take them at my follow up!

Today was Day 2. I woke up after a night of on and...

Today was Day 2. I woke up after a night of on and off sleep - I think the pills are the worst! They make me nauseated and my mind is distracted. The soreness is like having done a lot of pushups, or the engorgement after having a baby, but nothing unbearable. That was, however, till I went to my follow up. I had only taken Tylenol because I don't like the Vicodin...and then they showed me (very unforgivingly) how to manipulate the implants into the proper place. I cried, a lot!! It as c-section recovery pain by any means, was NOT pleasant. So now I know to keep up on the meds no matter how good I feel if I'm going to be doing the pushes. I have been using ice the whole time (we wet disposable diapers and put them in the freezer. They fit perfectly around the whole area and do really well). I also feel less sore when I'm up and about. When I wake up after not moving for a few hours I feel awful. So I'm going to try to keep moving around more often.

I didn't get to see them today at the doc's office, but they said I was REALLY swollen so it wouldn't have looked appealing anyway. Once the swelling goes down the shape will look better. Size wise though, in my shirt, they are awesome!! I can't wait to see them a few months from now. Still glad I went through with it!

Day 3 post surgery. After the day-after post of...

Day 3 post surgery. After the day-after post of follow up and the breast manipulation from hades, I thought I was a goner!!! I have to admit to you all, I was probably just a little over emotional, and that added to the experience. Since having them do it in office, it hasn't hurt nearly as bad. Yesterday I went out for a few hours and walked around, had some lunch, continued to rest, but got restless and ended up doing some squats, calf raises, and leg stretches. It felt AMAZING!

I woke up today and feel PERFECT. No pain, no soreness, nothing. The only thing I'm getting really annoyed with is sleeping on the couch. It is KILLING my back! So tonight I think I will attempt to overrun my bed with pillows and sleep up there. The ace bandage around my upper chest is getting old too, but it's more just me whining than an actual annoyance.

The girls are looking good. They look a little more "square" today than before, but I know they'll continue to settle. I did find out the details at my post-op; I got Moderate Plus saline behind the muscle, incision in the crease, 425cc in the Right and 425 inflated to 450 in the Left.

So far, so good! Couldn't be happier and can't wait for it to be 2 months later so I can run along a beach in a baywatch bikini!!!
Just kidding..I live in wisconsin. I'll still be wearing a parka. >.<

Had my one week-ish follow up today, and...

Had my one week-ish follow up today, and everything looks great!! The left which was 25cc's fuller is still higher, so they told me to wear a regular bra and just loosen the strap on that side. I went shopping today- do you have any idea how hard it is to find a non push up, non under wire, non sports bra?? Finally found a great one!!! Barely There brand at JC Penny. I still have 2 weeks till I can work out and that's driving me nuts. Overall though I'm still really glad I did it. :)

13 days post op - It has been an up and down...

13 days post op -

It has been an up and down road this past 2 weeks!!! I went from sore and happy, the feeling GREAT and happy, back to sore and unhappy! lol The first soreness was different than I've ever experienced. It felt like I had done a lot of pushups- or that my milk was coming in. It was a kind of sore that you knew would go away eventually, so it wasn't that bad. The second phase was the "Holy body is MAD" kind of the DOMS after a workout sore, or when you have the flu sore. (No, not an infection, don't worry!) It's starting to get better now but I never know how I'll feel the next day! Longest 2 weeks EVER! I think it may have been because I stopped taking the pain pills after the first few days as I was actually FEELING the soreness.

Sleeping has been rough still because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get comfortable laying down. I'm just a big whiner because I'm not a back sleeper, I'm a side sleeper. I'm sure I'll get back to it..but I'll complain for now. ;) I did go to the chiropractor today because my body has been in a slumped position for so long my back was really bothering me. I called my PS and she said it was no problem, so he just adjusted me on my side and back. I will go again later in the week as well.

One of my implants is squeaking a lot,( which is normal)...I can feel it moving around in the pocket when I move or massage it. Freaked me out at first, but I know it won't last long.

All in all, still very glad I got them done, just adjusting and ready for it to be 6 months later so I can go running and work out, and sleep on my stomach. ;)
Dubuque Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Kennedy based on location and cost. After meeting Dr. Kennedy I knew she was the doctor for me. She has twins, also! She has a no non-sense approach and won't sugar coat things. Especially at the after care (ouch) but she gets it done the way it needs to be!

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