PDL for Diffuse Redness and Broken Capillaries on Face. Dublin, OH

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I have rosacea - overall redness on my face, with...

I have rosacea - overall redness on my face, with some more pronounced broken capillaries. Several years ago I had PDL done and it worked. I didn't have to wear tons of makeup anymore to cover the redness and capillaries. However, I had major bruising that took two weeks to go away. I am a teacher, though, so I had it done during the summer when I wasn't teaching. Two years after the first treatment, the redness was coming back so I had it done again. Again it caused major bruising that took 2 weeks to go away, but it worked. Last summer (two years after the 2nd treatment) I called to get it done again, but the doctor no longer has that machine. I had to find a new doctor. I went to a board certified plastic surgeon (the first doctor was also a board certified plastic surgeon). This new doctor said that doing the PDL to bruising (purpura) was not necessary. He said he could get rid of the redness without the purpura. I had him perform the treatment and there was no bruising. However, I was going to have to go back for 4 more treatments spaced 4 weeks apart to get rid of the redness. I didn't want to spend that much money ($450 per treatment). Without purpura, treatment was going to cost me 5 times as much as it would if it was done to purpura one time. The non-purpura doctor did not tell me that there was going to have to be 5 treatments until after the first treatment was done. I declined to get any more non-purpura treatments from this doctor, and felt a bit bamboozled by him. So this summer I had to go and find a doctor who 1. Has the v-beam (PDL) laser - a lot of places I called do not even have that laser 2. Would do it to purpura so that I didn't have to have multiple treatments. It was not easy to find a doctor with v-beam and who would do it to purpura. But I finally found one, and today I had the PDL done (to purpura). As you can see by the picture, the bruising (purpura) is severe. The past 2 times I had it done to purpura it took 2 weeks to go away, but like I said, it worked and I didn't have to spend as much. I will come back and update so that others can see the purpura.

Day 2

Today still look like a horror show. Under my eyes are extremely swollen. Ice helped bring it down. It doesn't really hurt though.

Day 3

The first pic is of the swelling under my eyes upon waking up.

Day 5

Still bruised, still some swelling under the eyes. No pain but getting A little itchy.

Day 6

Starting to fade a bit, but still can't be covered by makeup. Hardly any swelling under eyes anymore.

Day 6 photo

Messed up the photo for day 6, so here is Day 6 photo

Day 11

Day 11 Still have red spots, but can be partially covered up with heavy make-up...but only partially covered. In the pic I have no make-up on.

Day 16

I still have red circles on my face but they are light and I can mostly cover them up with makeup. Here is a picture with no makeup. Don't laugh at my hair.

Day 24

I'm still pinkish, like I was with the rosacea. But it can be covered up with make up. We will see how long it takes for this pinkishness to fade.
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