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Well hi ladies, pre and post. I've been reading...

Well hi ladies, pre and post. I've been reading your stories for the past month and decided to share mine with you in the hope I can help someone the way you gals have helped me.
I'm a 40 year old with 2 baby boys, one aged 42 and one aged 2. I've been living with these monsters for years hitting a D cup when u was 20 and gradually increasing over the years hitting the I cup when I had my lovely boy.
I've loved even adored them for many years and presented them in the best possible way from sexy to somber but in the past few years my man killers ( they could have been;) ) have become a burden to me and interfered with my well being and the way I look at myself.they have served me well in their years but these babies gotta go now.
Things I hate about them;
Old men leering, especially here in Spain, big boobies are a local attraction
Gaping shirts or not being able to find a shirt and having to buy a tent instead
Not being able to wear dresses, terrible when it hits 35-40 Celsius
Not being able to run without holding them ( awful for a former x country runner)
Not Being able to exercise without a constant swinging lead weight on your chest
The way they hang down so far
The way the hang 'over the edge' when I'm lying flat
Only being able to buy bras online for god awful prices
The way they look
The weight of them
The pain between my shoulder blades
The pain in my lower back in the morning when I wake ( I sleep on my front)
The nerve knots I get beside my shoulder blades
My little man using them as a plaything
And that's just a few reasons.

I went to see my PS on 13 February , I had been with him before for bilateral carpal tunnel and the scars on both my hands are beautiful. My dad had the same op and you would think the surgeon had transplanted Frankensteins scar to his hands, you wouldn't see mine. Well at that time 5years ago he mentioned he did breast surgery and I made a mental note to myself to go back. I did and was originally told between end March and 10 April but then he broke his wrist so been given a new date of 27th. Not thrilled as my bro is getting married in mid June and I wanted to ensure I was on the best side of recovery. Was actually devastated as had my mind set for the original time period so another 7 weeks just sent me to melt down for a few hours. I sent a grovelling email so hopefully he will move it by a week or 2.... Fingers crossed!!! I don't want to go anywhere else as he's the best.

Cost is €6950 but now going to try my medical insurer as I have a longer wait

Still waiting

My PS secretary said she would email last mon if I could get an earlier date, no mail as yet so sitting on eggshells...still 27 April, I wish it was tomorrow!!
Anyone got a list for what to bring to hosp? I have gotten a few front fasteners and some 'genie' bras for after but do I really need a surgical bra?? Would esp like comments from Europe on the list thing as more likely to be able to get what's suggested. Hubby thinks I'm a bit mad preparing now but that's what he said when I put my suitcase in the car when I wS 32 weeks pregnant, little man arrived at 33w and 3 days... Can never be prepped enough in my opinion lol.
I have officially developed a boob obsession which has resulted in my 2yo shouting int the supermarket yesterday 'docka gonna cut mom as Bobbies with knife' good job not many of my locals speak English lol. I keep looking at them and trying to half them to get an indicator of their new size. Needless to say its a bit pointless but I like to show willing!

New date... 4 weeks!!!

Just got my new date... 14th April.... So chuffed, nervous, excited, thrilled woohoo, just going to email back and accept !!


Anyone got advice on post op analgesia ?

Love insurance companies ...not!!

Well contacted the insurance co and my bmi would have to be under 27, it's not....oh insurance company, why is it not under 27.... Because I have enormous knockers and get knocked out or fall over every time I run you twits!!! Oh well, not to worry, worth a try, didn't expect to get it anyway. 3 weeks 2 days woohoo!!

Post op apps

How mant post op appointments did every one have?

Sexy front fasteners

Just received my lovely front fasteners from amazon today as recommended by a post op friend of mine. I have to say from a comfort level, it looks like they're going to be super comfy as they're lovely and soft, flexible. Called the gemma bra and only€8 each ex post which was fab. Got a black and white one and remind me of the very first bra vest top I got when I was 12, proceeded to a 32c when I was 14 so the rest is history. Stressing a little in my head about little man but that's to be expected but hubby going to be home for Easter so getting him back from my sister now for a few days so that's great..
Anyhoo, here's one of the lovely soft bras in my soon to be gone boobs :))

6 days to go

Omg, can't believe it's almost 'D' day or should I say 'D' cup day. Flying in to Dublin tomorrow am, just finished packing, just got to get some bits and bobs when I get back. House cleaned, fridge and freezer stocked for poor abandoned husband, now just got to sort out house in Dublin for myself.... So excited although had a little crisis of confidence yesterday but think I'm over it now, nerves are kicking in though!!

4 days pre

Had a chat with the practise nurse yesterday ( PS wife) and she recommended thin sanitary towels or pantie liners to line the inside of my bras while I'm healing just for comfort or possible leakage. All geared up now, admission on Sunday evening, and he starts work at 8 am mon so should be in quite quickly. Butterflies!!!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow :)))

It's finally here, admission tomorrow afternoon, going down Monday morning... Beyond jitters , mr sugartits very weepy, I'm like a cool breeze, all be grand ...woohoo... Can ye hear how loud I'm shouting that lol

All done

Well ladies, posting from the other side (not literally).. All went well and a bit dopey this evening but feeling great...went to theatre about 7.45 am and woke up at 12.20 all sliced and diced and made anew. Just had some paracetamol post op X twice and having some ponstan before bed (anti inflammatory) . So relieved and happy and also excited for you that are due's a great feeling. Just managed to take 1 pic, couldn't move too much because of drains but here you go....

I forgot oops

I forgot to say thanks for all your pre op support, think ye managed to keep me calm ;) big hugs x


Home now and can't wait to go to bed tonight... So tired. Hospital is not a place to rest.. Doc advised no Bromelain until after dressing review due to anti coag effect. Had 900g off one and 950 g off the other and all beast tissue, very little fatty tissue so that was a huge result

Post op care

Did anyone get a post op care sheet to take home?

Bloody bra

Well ladies, I've always found it extremely difficult to remove blood stains from anything. Imagine my surprise when, last night without any soakage, 4 day old blood stains came out of my shiny white bra with cold water and a minute amount of rubbing and no detergent!! Not one trace of residue!! Amazed is not the word, it was like a cillit bang or Vanish ad... All I can say is the material in the gemm bra is brilliant for washing.. Get get get

Day 6 and no visible bruising, must be hiding under tape, softening nicely

Post changes

I wish it would let me change my pre surgery not sure to a resounding yes definitely worth it!!

In all their glory

I took he bandages off this am, dr Murray said I could if they were loose...hangin off actually but look at what I got!!! It's like Christmas morning!! I love em, I'm 24 again!!

In my excitement to share, I forgot to show ye lol

2 weeks 2 days post

Getting the occasional what I think is a zinger and an ongoing nerve like pain up from my shoulder which is new when I lie down.. Anyhoo here's a look at the twins :)

Here they are 10 weeks post op

Well here are my perfectly aligned 36Ds, not they're not quite perfect as I have 2 little dog ears on he inside of each but will schedule to go back to clinic for a little snip snip under local. 10 minute job I'm assured and I've no reason to doubt the man who changed my life. I have to say to anyone who is contemplating contemplating contemplating, stop and do It. It's amazing the way you feel afterwards, the sense of joy at being able to shop without having to go to the plus size section, I've also lost 10 kilos (23lbs roughly) in the 10 weeks not including boobage.
I will say one thing that Mr Murray told me when I castigated him for not telling me how easy the recovery would be even though I did get a little infection which caused 2 wounds to heal a little slower (not his fault, mine completely). He replied by saying ' it's your mindset , you came in here positive wanting to change your life, you remained positive through the post op recovery phase and ate what made it easy' . A woman he did the same day had been back to him 10 times in between my first and second appt and she had no complications. If you go in with the thought of , I'm going to be amazing after this then you truly will.... Positive thoughts to all xxxx

Even improves your game lol
Dr D Murray

Mr Murray was in all senses the perfect match for me. He is professional, direct and most importantly for me warm which reinforced my faith in him and knew that he would do the best job possible. I would recommend him to anyone who wanted someone personable and highly skilled. I believe it makes a huge difference to ones confidence when they feel they have a good open relationship with their surgeon. I know it did me as I didn't really have any reservations at any stage about having the surgery or doubt my choice of surgeon.

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