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I'm 34 years old. I have 2 children. My eldest is...

I'm 34 years old. I have 2 children. My eldest is 14 now. I was very thin when i got pregnant and suffered very bad stretch marks all around my stomach and hips and my stomach sagged. No matter how much i exercised or how many sit ups i did it was no use, my stomach was like a dead sac of muscle. It was very hard to accept it. I was always very conscious of my mid section and it really took over how I felt about my whole appearance. I planned and intended on getting a tt, but some reason or another it was put off. Finally I got the courage to be selfish, and say now is my time, and did it!!! Im delighted with the results and only sorry I didn't get it sooner. Although Im recovering and slowed right down Im so excited and can't wait to be the new more confident me!

Before and after Photos


3.5 weeks, I'm swollen and putting on weight quickly with lack of exercise. I even look like I'm pregnant in my clothes. Ive had to go back to work after 2 weeks and finding it very difficult. I am not walking properly, upright but slow and awkward. I have a desk job and sitting at the right angle is a pain too. I don't seem to have any time, with work the kids and not getting around easy, its bringing me down a little but i guess it has been over 3 weeks I'm getting bored. I always looked forward to yoga 3 times a week but at this rate i think it will be longer before I get back to any stretching. Im so use to doing a million things at once, i can't deal with the sitting around doing nothing, which for the first two weeks was like a nice rest, now Im like heeelllllllppppp! Right thats the feeling sorry for myself part over was still worth it. I know this time next year Ill be loving my new tummy and I won't have the hobble feeling every time I get dressed. I'm posting pics for the first time x

Scar with silicone day 1

My scar was very raised looking yesterday so decided to use silicone strips now and continue if no discomfort. My PS said I could start when I wanted! Will keep track on any improvements.

Good Day! Yay!

Wow! I really can't believe the difference after one day. With silicone will post pics! Finally a great day! Moving around very easy no pains!! I've been wearing my cg all day instead of just at night. When I have it off all day I swell more and feel more pains! Happy weekend x

34 days PO

I really have no time anymore! Would love to post regularly but back in work and spend any spare time trying to look after myself! Scar treatment is hard work but i really thing they are helping to flatten out my scar and help with overall healing. doing the silicone treatment nearly 2 weeks and feels like forever!!!! I follow the same routine every night.
1. Remove silicone sheets
2. Shower
3. Swab scar with diluted savlon
4. Let it air dry
5. Apply more silicone that I have washed and air died from night before.
6. Apply clean silicone sheets
7. Wash used silicone in savlon and soapy warm water and rinse and place on a tray to air dry for next day!
I bought sheets 3.5 x 12cm they are medical quality cost about 50 for 5. I cut the 5 pieces to fit along scar and bb (I got 2 sets out of 5 pieces which is needed for flow of use). It's only an ordeal to maintain them but they must be delicately cleaned and dried daily. They are suppose to last up to 4 weeks. I have ordered more incase.
I'm still no where near feeling like I want to exercise, walking is still hard as my stomach gets v tight after 20 minutes walking around! However I'm starting to gain good control over my stomach muscles I can tense them but they are still v sensitive. I still wear my cg as I feel better with it on. I must wean myself off it! Swelling reducing but still more by night.
I bought my first Bikini today! Not bad I can't wait to wear it! Going on holiday in 4 weeks joking for the best x
Dr. A Salman

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