Reduction from 38G to D Cup (Hopefully!) - Dublin, Ireland

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I've always had big boobs, and now finally...

I've always had big boobs, and now finally after having a child and breastfeeding, I'm sure it's the right time to do this...They've dropped to my waist and my nipples face the floor! I'm soooo excited and looking forward to being able to wear normal clothes and move freely..also, being rid of the constant back pain will be a huge bonus!

Well, just over 2 weeks to go (27th March) and I'm...

Well, just over 2 weeks to go (27th March) and I'm so excited! I went shopping today and got 3 pairs of button-up PJ's and 3 support bras for after surgery, dressings, creams, oils and silicone hopefully that's all I'll need. I'm planning to cook some dinners next weekend and have them in the freezer so I'll only need to defrost for the first week. I've started preparing my son (3 years old) so that he knows that I won't be able to lift him or hug him for a couple of weeks. That's going to be the hardest part for me, I think!

I rang the surgeon's office during the week just to check if I needed any tests beforehand, but apparently they do them the morning of the surgery. I also wanted to know if I had to remove my acrylic nails, but I don't, so that's good.

I'm adding some before photos - it's weird looking at my boobs from this view! I HATE them and can't wait to get rid of them! I know in my heart that everything will be fine, just a bit worried about the anaethesia...I've never had surgery before, so I'm worried about how I'll recover from that. Not worried about the pain or discomfort afterwards, as you ladies have all put my mind at ease about that - thanks again for sharing your stories.

Well, this time next week it'll be all over,...

Well, this time next week it'll be all over, please God! I'm still feeling really positive about the surgery, but I have been waking @ 4am for the past 3 nights, unable to go back asleep - just lying in bed and going through everything in my head. I'm not worried or having second thoughts or anything like that, but I guess my subconcious is just mulling it all over!!

I'm almost ready to go and have arranged help for the first few days. I'm trying not to get carried away buying new underwear and clothes until everything settles down, but it's very tempting!!! I've been so very busy in work for the past 2 weeks, which is great as I don't have time to sit around fretting, but I'm really looking forward to just chilling for the week after surgery. Between not sleeping well and being so busy in work, I'm just really looking forward to a rest!!! So, the countdown continues.......

Yikes!!! I got a call from the surgeon's office at...

Yikes!!! I got a call from the surgeon's office at lunchime - I was terrified they were going to say there would be delay, but it's the opposite - they've brought my surgery forward by a day - Monday 26th!!! Only 5 days now yay!!!!

Okay, just over 12 hours to go and I'm officially...

Okay, just over 12 hours to go and I'm officially freaking out!!!!! To the outside world I appear calm, cool and collected (my family think I'm doing great) - however, inside I'm an emotional wreck and burst into tears over the smallest things (the latest being the Pampers vaccination advert!!) I KNOW I'm doing the right thing and this time next week I'll be over the worst of it - just need to keep busy till bedtime and then it'll be all stations go! I'll try and post tomorrow evening after surgery if I'm up to it to let you all know how I got on. Wish me luck........!!!!

p.s. Thanks for all the support - you ladies are the best! x

Well, this might be a bit long-winded, so I...

Well, this might be a bit long-winded, so I apologise in advance!!.....

Surprisingly, I slept really well the night before surgery (wasn't expecting that!) and left for the hospital @ 6.45am. No traffic, so we arrived dead on 7.30am and checked in. They put me in a private room (which was nice - no extra charge!) and did all the pre-op stuff. At about 10am they came in to me to apologise for the delay and told me it could be another hour so before they were ready to take me down to surgery.

Anyway, I said my goodbyes and sat on the end of the bed and waited. The nerves hit me then and I had a little wobble - a nurse came in and was sooo nice to me and comforted me and told me that a few tears were completely normal.

It was 1pm when I was finally called down to the theatre. I walked down with a lovely nurse, who introduced me to the anaesthethist (sp?) and I answered a million more questions. I then waited for the surgeon to come in. He was so nice and re-assuring. Answered all my last-minute questions and took forever to mark and measure me. He really was so lovely - I couldn't say enough wonderful things about him!

It was exactly 1.30pm when I went under. I woke up @ 5.30pm in recovery and was there for over an hour. I heard the nurses talking in whispers about the left nipple - there seemed to be quite a bit of bleeding during surgery and they were concerned about the colour of the nipple.

At 7.15pm I was transferred back to my room. I got my first look at them and there were only two words in my vocabulary "WOW!!!" and "OW!!!" First of all, Wow!!! They looked FAB!!!!! - much smaller than I expected, but in proportion and just lovely. Ow - cos it hurt - but, on a scale of 1-10 I was only about not the most agonising pain, and for those twenty minutes or so, the only pain I've had since the surgery at all...

My mam came in to visit me at about 8.30pm and couldn't believe the difference. I changed into pj's while she was there and had some tea and toast. I felt very woozy afterwards and thought I was going to puke, but didn't. The nurse wouldn't give me anything to help me sleep as I was so late coming out of the anaesthesia. So I never closed my eyes all night.

Because they were so concerned about the left nipple, the nurses came into my room every 30 mins through the night and checked BP, pulse, temp and colour and sensitivity of the nipples. I had no real concerns as I had full feeling in both nipples after surgery. The colour of them is slightly browner than I expected, but I'm delighted with them. I napped on and off through the night and was still feeling a little woozy the next morning, when they told me I would be going home after I'd had a shower. The dressings were packed quite densely under my boobs, so they told me to get into the shower and let the hot water run over them, when they were wet they would come off much easier. All well in theory, but however in practise - not so good!!!! I went to the bathroom, ran the water over one of them and part of the tape pulled on my nipple, which made me a little light-headed. Anway, I soldiered on, and removed a full dressing from under the right boob - when I saw the blood, that was it - I started to faint!!! Thank God I had the sense to pull the cord for assistance before I blacked out!!!

A lovely male Filipino nurse rushed to the bathroom to find me naked as the day I was born, puking into the toilet surrounded by bloody dressings - I'm sure that made his day!!! He was such a gentleman and hoisted me into a wheelchair, covered my modesty and brought me back to my room. They took my BP which was very low and left me relax in the bed for a half hour or so. Then another lovely nurse came in and took over removing the remaining dressings, cleaning me up and re-applying fresh dressings.

At that stage, I asked if there was any possibility I could stay an extra night, as I would be going home to an empty house, and didn't want that to happen again if I was alone. So they offered me an extra night for - wait for it - €75 (approx $100!!!!) I couldn't believe it - a private room with medical care round the clock for cheaper than a hotel room!!! Needless to say, I accepted immediately.

I enjoyed yesterday, had a few visitors to the hospital - absolutely NO pain (unless you count "4" on a scale of 1-10 as pain!) and the only pain relief I've taken is 2 x paracetamol every 4 hours (I think you call them acetaminophen in US). The nurse gave me a sleeping tablet last night and I slept 8 hours through in the one position - didn't move at all and not terribly uncomforable either. The only thing I find, is that my backside gets numb from sitting on it for so long!

So, this morning @ 11.30am they discharged me. They told me to put on my post-surgery bra, but it just wasn't comfortable at all - much too tight under the bust. So, on the way home we got my prescriptions filled and stopped in Marks & Spencer so I could pick up a sports bra. I actually tried it on in the fitting room before I bought it.

Standing there in a full length mirror was the first time I saw the results - I cannot tell you how amazing they look and feel. Immediately the pain is gone! And even the hoodie I wore into and out of the hospital, just sits so much better on me now. I was SO tempted to have a little spree right there in M&S and buy lots of smaller things, but figured I'll have the rest of my lift to do that. My only regret??? I should've done this 20 years ago!!

I had a shower as soon as I got home and washed my hair no problems. I'm really surprised by how mobile I am and how little pain there is. It's almost 46 hours now since I came out of surgery and I can honestly say, my pain level is "2" all day today - how amazing is that??? (And, I can tell you, I'm no martyr - if I was in pain, the world would know about it!!!)

I'm going to get my sister to take some photos tonight when she visits and I'll add them then.

If you have any questions, just ask......

Sorry, forgot to give the details - they removed...

Sorry, forgot to give the details - they removed 900 grams from the right breast and 875 from the left !

They also attached a huge smile to my face which I can't remove!!! :-)

Well, I'm 3 days post-op and can't believe how...

Well, I'm 3 days post-op and can't believe how well I feel. I haven't taken any painkillers since yesterday afternoon (and I'm no hero!!). I slept 9 hours through last night and woke up full of the joys of Spring today. We're having an unseasonal heatwave here at the moment with glorious sunshine, so it was great to get into a t-shirt today (with no bra!!) and go outside.

I went shopping for a new support bra, as the only colours I have are the blue one pictured and a cerise pink one (neither look good under white clothes!!) but I just couldn't get a white one anywhere. I went for lunch with my Mam and just had soup and a sandwich. Appetite is smaller than usual - which I'm hoping will last! We were out for 3 hours altogether, and I was soooooo exhausted afterwards - I couldn't believe how little energy I have - I guess all my energy is going into healing.

I had to come home and lie on the couch for the afternoon. Watched a few movies and my sister visited again. My ice packs are still in the freezer - haven't used them at all yet. The only swelling I have is under my arms and it's really not uncomfortable.

I'm really amazed at how well I'm doing - I hope I'm not tempting fate by saying this (I might by dying tomorrow!!) but apart from less energy and some slight discomfort when putting my arms straight down by my sides, it's been a breeze so far!

I bumped into a friend today while out shopping who I hadn't seen in about a year. She thought I'd lost weight and looked 10 years younger and so happy - she wanted to know if I had a toyboy!!!! I didn't tell her about the surgery, but it was hard not to flinch when she hugged me tight!
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