Day 8 post op and pictures! so happy with results

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So i'm 18 days away from my breast augmentation...

So i'm 18 days away from my breast augmentation surgery and i'm still so indecisive on size and shape? I'm 5'4", 105 pounds, and currently wearing a bra size 32A. I'm 19 but have been considering surgery for about two years now and went for my first consultation in January. Since then i have had another consultation but i still have so much more questions i want answered! I'm still deciding on whether to go for round implants or teardrop shaped ones. Is there a huge difference? I also don't know whether to go for 300cc's or 330cc's. I'm hoping to become a full C to a small D cup. I'm super excited for the procedure, but a little bit nervous about the pain! I'm going for a crease incision and the implant will be placed half under/half over the muscle. I'm spending all my spare time researching and watching videos of peoples experiences i'm driving myself insane! So any pre-op tips would be greatly appreciated!

I have just added some before photos to give you...

I have just added some before photos to give you guys an idea of how i look now. Only 16 days now, can't wait to feel good in my body. My friends who have big chests keep telling me how much of a nightmare big boobs are, and i'm like whaaaaat I can't wait to be able to say 'oh my big boobs get in the way'! I am a stomach sleeper though, so I don't think sleeping on my back for a few months is going to be much fun :( I'm hoping these couple of weeks fly in, I'm getting impatient!

So I'm a week away from my surgery now and really...

So I'm a week away from my surgery now and really just want this week to hurry up! It's all I can think about :) I've decided on 330cc round textured implants although my surgeon has ordered in the anatomical shaped ones in case I change my mind, which I've been doing a lot of lately!
I'm taking two weeks off work and my mother is taking a week off to look after me, she's so sweet. My whole family and my boyfriend have been so supportive and understanding of my decision to have implants. They are as excited as I am to see the results and they just want me to be happy. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow for some comfy clothes, i actually don't own a pair of sweatpants at the moment so they are the first on my list! I'm going to get some zip up sweaters and some button up tops too. My surgery is Tuesday and its my friends birthday on Sunday, I should be okay to have a few drinks shouldn't I? I might call my surgeon beforehand to be safe!
I threw out 37 bras today, 37!!!! That made it all seem real alright, I've kept a few aside for the coming week and then I officially don't own a bra :) The surgeon is giving me a surgical bra to wear for a week so hopefully ill be feeling okay to go out and get some sports bras for the few weeks after. It's so annoying not knowing what size I'm going to be!
Anyway I'll check back in once more before I go to the other side! sooo excited :)

So I'm just about to leave for my surgery, have to...

So I'm just about to leave for my surgery, have to be at the hospital for 10.30 and my op is at 12.30! I've been fasting since last night I'm absolutely starving haha. I slept like a baby last night and am feeling so calm at the moment, I know that will all change once I get there though, I'm quite nervous about the anaesthetic! It has been amazing reading everyone's stories on this and it has really prepared me for it so thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences:)

So I got out of surgery a few hours ago, it was...

So I got out of surgery a few hours ago, it was delayed by about five hours so I was waiting around a long time! When I woke up I just felt pain in my hand from the IV but zero pain in my breasts. I still have no pain, on a scale of one to ten I'd say two. They just feel a bit achy! I'll post more tomorrow when I have a bit more energy!

It's post op day one now and I just woke up! It's...

It's post op day one now and I just woke up! It's 6.30am here in Ireland. First I'll start by exactly what happened yesterday!
The surgeon came to my room at about 2.30 to do the markings and make my final decisions. I decided on 310cc textured round silicone with crease incision. It was placed half under/half over the muscle. Then at 3.45 a nurse came to get me to bring me to theatre, my mother and boyfriend walked down with me and we said our goodbyes. When I got in I had to sit in a waiting room and fill out some forms. I met the anaesthesiologist and then we walked down to the operating room at about 5 o clock. I am sooo afraid of needles so was not looking forward to the anaesthetic. But it was fine just a little pinch and then I was out!
I woke up at about 7.30 in the recovery room and the only pain I could feel was a little sting from the IV in my hand. This was due to my hand being swollen from fluids. They later changed it to my other arm in the crease and it feels fine. My hand is still pretty swollen though! Like I said previously I felt zero pain in my breast just the tiniest bit of pressure but it wasn't uncomfortable to breath or anything. Just felt like I did an upper body workout:) there was also no pain where the scar is.
The nurses then wheeled me up to my room where my mother and boyfriend were. I was a bit high so I can't really remember what I was saying to them. They left a half hour later, I called a few friends and watched some television. I'm staying in the hospital over night and this is usually the case in Ireland. I haven't once felt naseaus and I wasn't tired at all last night. I eventually fell asleep at 2.30am and the nurse just woke me there to give me some painkillers as I feel a bit stiff this morning. I guess this is the 'morning boob':) but it's not bad at all just a bit uncomfortable. I'm really really shocked because my pain tolerance is usually ridiculously bad! The only other thing is that I've had quite a dry sore throat since my surgery but have been keeping really hydrated:)
The girls look great. I was only able to have a sneaky peek as they are all bandaged up at the moment. They will change me into a surgical bra in a few hours when the surgeon comes to check on me. Boobs are smaller than I imagined but maybe because they are quite compressed in this bandage and I was lying down when I saw them. I'm really happy with my decision to go ahead with this. I can already see how much better my body looks and how much more confidence I am going to have. I'd say my boyfriend is going to love it too! I'll post some pics when I get home in a few hours:)

I'm day two post op today, still feeling stiff but...

I'm day two post op today, still feeling stiff but not in much pain. Slept well last night:) can't wait for them to drop and soften because I feel like there is a lot of boob to the side and not enough at the front! So I hope this all falls into place nicely. Im posting pics up from just after my surgery:)

Haven't updated in a few days because I haven't...

Haven't updated in a few days because I haven't really had much going on! my boobs are starting to feel part of my body now which is great, I am beyond happy with them, Tried on a 32c bra the other day and was popping out of it:) The whole experience has been a walk in the park. However on day 2 I had a bit of vomiting but that came and went quite quickly, I was even able to shower and wash my own hair on my own on this day. I am sleeping nearly flat on my back now and am getting in and out of bed quite easily except for first thing in the morning when I'm slightly stiff. I stopped taking my painkillers on day 3 as I felt these were causing me to have the stomach problems and to be honest regular over the counter pain relievers were easing the discomfort just as effectively. I am LOVING the size and shape of my breasts at the moment and already my confidence in my body has gone through the roof! I would definitely recommend breast augmentation to people thinking about it. The only downside at the moment is that I have numbness in parts of each breast but I'm sure this will go away over the next few weeks. I'm happy with how they are softening, but I don't really want them to drop. I feel they look perfect at the moment so I don't want much more of a change in them :) If anybody has any questions please ask! I have also attached a photo from today.
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