29 Years Old, 5'2", 140lbs, 32A. 360cc Pure Silimed, Anatomical Silicone - Dublin, Ireland

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I am 3 days post op beginning this review. I have...

I am 3 days post op beginning this review. I have always wanted to do something about my breasts. For as long as I can remember, I have been self conscious with my body. I am very bottom heavy and have always felt out of proportion.

When I was younger I was a master at pretending I had boobs! Massive padded bras, chicken fillets, socks in my bras, I really worked all the tricks very well and I think with clothes on, I had people fooled!! Living in Ireland, it rarely gets hot during the summer, when there's a freak heat wave people flock to the beaches, taking full advantage of the weather. I lived in fear of hot weather as it was always so much more difficult to fake having boobs! As I got older, I became more comfortable with my body but I couldn't help but think it was missing something!

I began to seriously consider a BA in 2007. I went to two consultations in different clinics, these were the only ones offering the procedure in my city at the time. I got bad vibes from both clinics and felt that they were just trying to make a sale and push me into making a decision. I got disheartened and stopped searching. In 2010, I began to seriously consider a BA again, this time there were more clinics in my city so I went for consultations with three surgeons. I remember feeling like I was on a conveyor belt when going to consultations, they were rushed, the surgeons were annoyed at me asking questions as if I was interrupting their routine sales pitch. I would be passed to the lady out front who would then try to get a deposit from me to secure a surgery date! I wanted a breast augmentation so bad at the time that I did settle for one of the clinics, even though in my gut I didn't feel 100% confident in my decision. My hours got cut in my job at the time due to the recession and my bank refused the loan I had applied for the pay for my surgery. I was so upset at the time, I felt like my life had been ruined! In hindsight, the gods were definitely looking down on me! Later that year I got accepted to college and my dream of getting boobs was put on hold once again!

In 2014, I began the search once again and this time I came across many studies on polyurethane coated implants. I wanted a natural look and loved the results of girls who had gotten anatomical shaped implants, because there is less chance of implant rotation with polyurethane coated implants and less chance of capsular contraction, I really wanted to get these. I discovered that Dr.Ahmed Salman was the only surgeon in Ireland using these and so I scheduled a consultation for September 2014.

I prepared myself for the possibility of not feeling comfortable with the surgeon and the clinic. This time, I would not allow myself to be sucked into something. No matter how bad I wanted the boobs, I would not settle unless I was completely happy with the surgeon. I had began looking to the United Kingdom in case I was unhappy with my consultation.

When I walked into Dr. Salmans office and shook his hand, I was immediately put at ease. He was very kind and took the time to chat to me as a person. It didn't feel like I was being rushed, like all my previous consultations. He explained to me in detail the procedure, the type of implant and the benefits of polyurethane coated implants. He then allowed me to try on different sizes to get an idea of what size would suit me best. We decided on 360cc, he recommended a sub muscular placement and a crease incision. Having asked him all my questions, I left and spoke with the lady at the desk to inquire about possible surgery dates. She was really nice and wrote down the dates that were available for the time that suited me, there was absolutely no pressure to hand over money which was such a change from my previous experiences.

I was so nervous on the day of surgery and it really was a breeze! I was more nervous of getting a needle than being under anesthetic or the recovery!! I woke up from the anesthetic in really good form, my mouth was dry and I was in a little pain but the nurse gave me something for the pain straight away and gave me a glass of water. I went into theatre at 11:30am and returned to the ward at about 1pm. My boyfriend came to pick me up at 4:30 to drive me home. I felt fine, just a bit tired and spaced out from the meds. Dr Salman told me not to wear a bra for 5 weeks. My nipples look really puffy and weird so I will probably need to cover them with nipple shields if I'm going anywhere in public!!

So far, my recovery has been amazing! I woke up a few times during the first night with pains, it wasn't severe and just felt like I had been at the gym, more discomfort than pain really. Other than that the only pain I have been feeling is in the mornings when I first wake up, I find it really difficult to sit up and get out of bed, the pain is intense but once I get up and move around it just goes away. I read this is pretty common in the beginning so I'm not worried about it.

I am really happy with my results so far, I can see them changing already. They seem looser than they were immediately after surgery. I know I have a long way to go yet before they are fully settled and healed but I can visualize the outcome and I'm very happy right now. I attached some pre-op pictures and some from 2 days post op!

These stories and reviews really helped me throughout my research and my journey so I will try to update this as often as possible. Hopefully my pictures might help others in making decisions. :)

5 days post op

I've been really tired today! I took my dog for a walk this morning and when I came home I just crashed on the couch and haven't really moved since!!
It has also been the worst day yet for 'pain'! I use the word pain because I really don't know how to describe it! I feel like my skin between my boobs is stretching and causing a pulling sensation and slight pain, i also feel like I'm sunburned and every so often i get a twinge of pain in my boobs. I'm putting it all down to the healing process, its not even that bad but definitely worse than previous days. I should mention that i was taking panadol for most of today, i wasn't sure it was necessary for me to be taking the strong pain killers as i had been feeling so good. I did take a strong pain killer a few hours ago, i could have done without it i think but took it anyway!
I just realised i haven't really mentioned anything about the sensation in my boobs. I wasn't able to feel anything for the first few days, today i definitely feel like there's parts of my boobs with more feeling than before. I have no sensation in my nipples but today they did go hard when i went outside in the cold which hadn't happened every other day!! I'm working in the morning and tried on my uniform to see how my boobs look! I will definitely need to get some nipple shields tomorrow but plasters will have to do temporarily as the air-con at work might make things slightly awkward!!! Other than that i don't think people will notice as they don't look any different than when i wore padded bras!!
I feel like they have changed a bit from the last pictures! They definitely feel a little bit softer but still a long long way to go!! :-)

Death Row....

It feels great to be getting rid of all these!!!! :-)

Nipples driving me crazy!!

The photos I have uploaded were actually taken 4 days ago, I have been so busy with work lately, I haven't gotten a chance to update! I really must get my boyfriend to take some proper pics also as the selfies just aren't doing my boobs any justice! They look so much better in real life!!
So, I went back to Dr. Salman on 8th Jan for my first post op check up. It was a really quick appointment, he just removed the bandages that had been covering my scars, asked me how I was feeling and if I had any questions. I didn't really have anything to ask as I have read so much on realself and other sites leading up to my BA. He was happy with the progress so far and asked me to return in 4 weeks, my next appointment is 6th February.
My Scars... at first I was horrified when I saw them, they were very bumpy looking and resembled stitching on a scary doll. Before I had a chance to ask Dr.Salman anything, he assured me that the bumpiness will go away in another few days as the internal stitches just hadn't disolved yet! Phew! He was right, they have improved so much over the last week and when they are completely flat they will be hardly noticeable. I'm really happy that both scars are exactly in my crease, it's something I noticed when looking at before and after pics that some girls ended up with a scar on the underside of the boob. So I'm pretty happy about that! He told me I could start using Bio Oil on my scars from Sunday. I haven't started to use it yet as I left the bottle in my friend's house but will start on Friday once I collect it! I don't feel like I'm ready to touch my incisions yet, they kind of freak me out! (silly i know!)
The Shape... Although I am expecting huge changes to come, I can see that my final results will be beautiful. I really love the shape, with time they will definitely look very natural. It's amazing to think that I was so worried about looking too big, but I look at them now and they almost seem small to me! I have adjusted to them so quickly!! I am so glad I listened to Dr. Salman when I had the urge to go smaller, I would definitely have been disappointed. I do think I could have went a bit bigger without looking fake, but I am so happy with the size I am as I look the same in clothes as I had looked in padded bras, so people don't notice which is exactly what I wanted!!
Although the feeling in my nipples and underside of my boobs has not returned fully yet, my nipples are rubbing off my clothes and are causing terrible pain! I have tried silicone nipple shields which cost me €9 for a pair which were supposed to last 20 wears! The second time I tried to use them they weren't sticky enough to stay put... rip off! I will definitely return these! I have also tried plasters and have resorted to selotaping cotton pads to my nipples! Nothing really works as the pressure of my clothes pushing the cotton on to my nipple is enough to cause pain! It is the one thing during my recovery that has bothered me the most!
So, I still can't wear a bra! Dr. Salman said if I really felt I needed one I could get a loose sports bra of something that is not under-wired and has no padding. I'm going to stick with commando for now and see how it goes! I am surprised at myself for not having tried on any of my old bikinis or anything, I just don't want to put anything over my scars! It's not even that they are terribly sore... I'm just really aware of them and a little squeemish! I must return for another check up in 3 weeks when he will probably give me the go ahead to wear normal bras! He said he will give me some guidance on choosing a bra that fits as he says it is very important in maintaining perky boobs! At the moment, I'm kind of hoping for them to sag a bit though I think they are perky enough! haha :)

Love trying on clothes!!

I can't believe today marks three weeks since my BA! Time has flown by, recovery has been a breeze and I'm completely in love with my boobs! Albeit they are still hard and stiff and sometimes strange looking, it feels great to finally feel like a woman! I find myself trying on clothes in shops with no intention of buying anything, just to see what my boobs look like in clothes I wouldn't have worn before!!!
The feeling in them hasn't really come back yet, I get weird sensations when I touch them so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I can feel again! I was sick of going around without a bra, the weather is getting so cold and I started feeling a bit awkward in some situations! I bought a cute sports bra in H&M, I only wear it when I really have to and still go without a bra most of the time. They look fine in tops/t-shirts, you wouldn't think I'm not wearing a bra but i get self conscious when my nipples go hard.
My scars are healing well, I have started using bio-oil (when I remember!) and the scabs came off when rubbing it in, (sorry, too much info) they are way less visible now and really blend into my crease.
Sleeping isn't a problem, I can lay on any side or my back. I was never a belly sleeper but might try this tonight out of curiosity! I got my boyfriend to take some pics on Friday night (3 days ago), I'm not sure if they are much good, the lighting in the bathroom is weird! Again, pics really don't do them much justice! Maybe when they are fully settled they will look good in pictures! The rest of the pictures took myself this evening, I am noticing tiny changes but nothing drastic! They still seem small to me, but perfect because people really will not notice, which is exactly what I wanted. Still get pangs of wanting them bigger but I'm so happy to have boobs, finally! :) I do feel like they are quite far apart, again they were widely spaced to begin with so it's just my natural anatomy! Hoping the gap might close though when they soften... even just a little! Time will tell I suppose!
I found pictures on my laptop of me wearing a bikini last year, I was trying to document my weight loss! (ahem... still in progress!!) I tried on the bikini the other day for a before and after comparison, it made me smile! I must say they do look fantastic in a bikini.... now to get on the weight loss wagon once again!! It's almost a shame to be overweight with these beautiful boobs, they are giving me inspiration! :) lol

slowly getting softer!!

Very short entry here but just wanted to update with some pics before i go to sleep! Will post more detail soon :-)Apologies on the image quality, lighting in my room is so dark and my mirror is v.grubby! :-)

Every day my boobs are feeling softer and looking more natural. Most of the time i forget i even have them, i suppose they are beginning to feel more like a part of me! I feel more feminine and confident.... i love having boobs! :-)

Time is flying, these are my boobs!!!

I really can't believe it's almost 7 weeks post op! Time is going by so quickly and from day to day I rarely think about my boobs! Before I had my BA I thought that my boobs would look weird for ages and that I would have to wear certain clothes to cover them up and make them look normal! I can honestly say, I haven't made any attempts to make them appear 'normal', and nobody has noticed a thing! For people not to notice is exactly what I wanted pre-op, however now that they are here and I have gotten so used to them then yeah there are times when I feel like I should have gotten them bigger! But then again... they might have drawn to much attention and people might have noticed and I might have been unhappy! So, I am overall very happy with the way they have turned out!
They are softening up quite a bit the last couple of weeks! I went to Dr.Salman for a checkup on the 19th February and he gave me the go ahead for wearing real bras! So he measured by band size as a 34 and told me no matter what that I was always to stick with a 34 band, ignore 'sister sizes' and always wear a 34 band to prevent my new lovely boobs from sagging! He told me to try a C, D and DD cup and see which one fitted best! His advice was that two fingers should fit under the straps and the cup should gently cup my breast at the top, should not dig in and not be loose! He said they were healing nicely and would continue to improve over time. It was a very short meeting but I didn't have any questions for him and everything was ok so I was happy to be in and out quickly!
I decided to buy a couple of cheap bras for now as I still feel like the results are not final yet and I don't want to spend lots of money on expensive bras for them not to fit me in a few months! I dragged my boyfriend to penneys (primark) to get some! I was so excited, bra shopping was something I had dreamt about doing for a long time... the day when I could finally buy beautiful bras in a decent size! The experience wasn't as fantastic as it was in my dreams, I found it so overwhelming and difficult to judge what was actually fitting me the way Dr.Salman described! I suppose it's something that's second nature to someone with natural boobs, but choosing a bra and knowing how it's supposed to fit was so alien to me after years of stuffing my bras to the point where my nipples were almost sticking out the top! lol :) It didn't help that they were still quite stiff at the time so the bra had to fit them, rather than my boobs fitting into the bra if I'm making sense? I eventually decided that the 34C cups were too small, some of the 34D cups were also too tight around the cup when I put on a t-shirt you could clearly see a bulge! I was shocked as I really thought they didn't look anymore than a C cup! The DD cup in some bras fitted me nicely but the twin pack I chose in the end fitted better in a D! I'm hoping that when I buy some good bras in a few weeks that they will have softened nicely and choosing a bra won't be so confusing! I suppose it will also help to have a fitting attendant help with sizing! Another thing I will definitely need to invest in is lots of new bikinis! I pulled out all my old ones the other day and the cups just about cover my nipples! :)
Anyway, here's my up to date pictures too! It finally clicked with me that my camera has a timer, I feel a bit dumb for not having thought of that sooner!:) Best of luck to Mixie1 who's having her BA tomorrow morning! :) I'll be thinking of you missus... everything will be fine! :) x
Dr. Ahmed Salman

I would describe Dr.Salman as being very human. I have had consultations with other surgeons in the past and never felt 100% comfortable to have the procedure with them. Dr. Salman answered all my questions honestly and was realistic about the results I could expect. He was kind and respectful in all my dealings with him. I am 3 days post op so have a bit of healing to do, but I can tell I will be so happy with the end results.

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