2 Kids, 2 C Sections, 1 Emergency Surgery......... And Active Spend Most my Year in a Bathing Suit. - Dublin, CA

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I decided to do breast augmentation, mini tummy...

I decided to do breast augmentation, mini tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. At first I was just going to do a scar revision, but for not much more I turned it into the mini tuck, and since I was going under I looked back into the augmentation. I've felt like I wanted it since I was about 16, being so active with strong arms and wide shoulders I didn't feel proportionate. I went from 36 b to 36c after having kids but it was not a full c, they actually didn't look bad either but just didn't feel as feminine as I'd like I saw other women with my body type and bigger and fuller just looks better.... More to come.

Post op day 13

To date I'm not doing too bad, still can't sleep flat on my back but I'm not on any pain meds, I take a flexiril before bed which seems to help with the stiffening during the night. When I sit up in the morning after being asleep for awhile I get painful burning feeling on my left boob around the nipple and lower bottom but with some holding, slow adjustment and some massage it subsides. It is mild now compared to the first few days after surgery, at first it would hurt to bad id sqeak and almost scream and it was anytime either side shifted. I had a hard time berating at first but realized with the compression garment from the mini TT that I had a hiatal hernia... I had it durning pregnancy.. Back on Zantac and back to normal, well after 2 days. No it wasn't pulmonary embolism.. I've had one once ....you'd never mistake shallow breathing for it... Long story.... Anyway the new girls feel huge to me, they've dropped some but still have a ways to go. I'm getting more comfertable and just told my mom about this today so that was one elephant off my chest lol, other then that I'm swollen from what I saw before all the swelling I will love the end results but the impatience I have is killing me

A little more and a pic

I was sucking it in, but as I said I wasn't bad. Honestly the reason for scar revision mini tummy tuck was a lump that bathingsuit hid pretty well just looked like the suit pushed in a little causing it but you could see the lump when wearing dresses and I had stress incontinance. Most of what I knew was all the scar tissue from the 2 csection sand the emergency surgery and something with the actuall pregnancies were the cause... So it was not 100% that the mini tuck would fix. But right after the surgery I noticed a huge change... I had to make my self pee, before I always had to tighten to make sure I didn't. And unlike my mom saying no surgery do kegals... Umm no I could stop myself midstream on a full bladder and still have an issue if I sneezed on an empty bladder.. Drs said only surgery would fix... Although kaiser said if 3 surgeries caused it another may not help... Which is why I didn't want to use them. Anyway embarrassing to admit that one......, I will see about some after photos maybe next time I take the compression garment off my lower half. I think I may still have the same suit.

Post: Day 15

abdominal fluid is all back plus some, looks like I may need a different kind of compression garment- so im talking to the PA and seeing what we should do next. My next follow up is not until the 24th but if the fluid keeps bothering me I may need to go in sooner to have it drained again. I just need to make sure I eat first so I don't get whoosy again. Other then that the scars are healing nicely, I have some overlapping on one side (like when your hemming and the fabric folds over, but was told it may go away when the swelling goes down and if not a quick in office visit would fix. Its nice I was able to send picts in and discuss over the phone so I don't have to drive back and forth unless necessary. As for the fluid- well you know you have a lot when you can feel it slosh- oddly I look like my before pic so im guessing it should be pretty good once the swelling goes down, and the fluid is gone. Pain wise- my boobs are stiff, but im not getting super bad cramps/burning pain with the shifting/getting up in the morning but I definitely now understand when girls were calling it morning boob... yes ughhhhh. I still find sleeping partially elevated is the most comfortable for me/ esp for waking up and being able to function. I did notice my left tricep is killing me- oddly feels fine to push on it, its the skin that feels bruised- and then the skin on the rear of my right armpit feels like it was sunburned?? I had augmentation through my arm pits.. the scars there are starting to heal fairly well too- I have full range of motion with my arms and it still feels weird when my chest muscle flexs. I will try to post more pictures- hard since I don't transfer from my phone- and it feels odd taking pictures that could end up anywhere

14 day pics

Full of fluid and very swollen, but I'm not sucking it in, so I'll be really happy to see final results down the road

Trying to find a better before pic?

Well there is no luck- I am pretty good at deleting the pics that are truly candid, you know the ones were you don't suck it in, or have your shoulders back or the good bra on lol- I will keep looking- I know they exist- I was hoping to really find something to show real results- i mean i see a lot of profiles where they do the beginning and the end but im stuck wondering how long the swelling will last and if the augmentation causes swelling on the sides and back?? I think i will ask in a forum....

Overall cost

I changed the cost on this review cause it was mainly for breast augmentation so i tried to isolate that cost, total was 11k which included the mini tummy tuck and flank lipo- there wasn't much to lipo so was not much to add but figuring if im under i may as well do it in one shot but didn't want to throw someone off if they were thinking it was that cost for just the augmentation.

More before pictures

Found a few more more candid photos

Stats and info

5'6 155 lbs, starting 36 C. I gave pictures to the dr of what I wanted the after to look like for my breasts. I chose silicone implants, sub muscular. I ended up with 550 moderate profile on each side. Last night I bought a wedge to sleep on helped with not sliding down and made for an easier morning as well. Today is 16 days post surgery and for the most part the boobs are doing great. A little sore, but I can tell it's better each day. Still swollen up top they have not dropped yet. My lower half from the mini tummy tuck has some seroma? Going on, it is not super severe but I feel it and don't like it at all, gives me motion sickness when I drive thankfully I don't have to drive much, but I'm back in the office next week ;( they said that it's normal to have some fluid for awhile and it should reabsorb, looks like they will be checking back with me early next week otherwise next follow up will be the 24th

Post surgery day 16

This side profile same bathing as one of the before pics

3 weeks post

So far my swelling has gone down on my boobs, and they are feeling more normal- still annoying when I have to drive that they hit my arms I think that will take some getting used to. I need to find a more normal sports bra- I think that will help- and by normal I ment my band size- they didn't carry 36DD, so I got a 38 D which worked for the boobs but it rides up on my back because the band is too big- which was perfect 3 weeks ago- not so much now that the swelling is going down. as for my mini tuck- they drained about 80cc's of fluid today which was less then last time- and I think the extra compression was working so its on its way to recovery- the scar is already starting to fade in places. I started using mederma a few days ago. over all I still have a lot of body swelling so im still going to have to have patience to wait and see the final result but I am starting to go from not sure to thinking its a positive thing- My regret fear is slowly dying out as the swelling subsided and the pain has gone away. I think now im looking forward to one more week when I can hopefully wear a real bra, and not have to wear a compression garment- I think I will be happier then. Is very odd that they move when I push down anything- using my arms makes my boob move lol- only with time im sure they will get lower- they are lower then they started out, but still higher then I expected- up top- but when they say 2-3 months to have them drop im thinking knowing me, it will take the full time for me.

24 days post surgery

Dropping is slow but I can tell it has been so that's good. I finally am back to wearing my 36 band and found a 36 dd at target with no underwire, I may need a 34 but that is not going to happen at the moment... Ughhhh. so swelling has gone down... Now I'm at the point wondering when I can swim and do elipitical and not have compression and wear a reg normal bra.. I'm thinking I need at least one even if size changes.. My boobs currently feels wide.. It annoys me as it's hitting my upper arm... Not as bad with normal bra. Good news is they fit my body type and seem fairly natural.
I think based on when I push down on the top it lifts them up so I think they will look better when they do drop. My seroma is almost gone, when it was drained again it was less then before, the wrap helped, and I kept wearing after draining. I think im good now but still wearing wrap around the house to be sure. I have another follow up on Monday, I finally put a list of questions together so I won't forget what I'm going to ask again.

2 days short of 4 weeks post op

Well my check up went well- the boobs are still riding high- more on my left then right (from carrying my purse walking around the day before) they are still lower then when I first got them, and Even otherwise- wearing the band around the boobs a little more to help promote dropping. Good news is they are becoming more normal feeling to me. Dr told me another week and I can wear a normal bra and I can start swimming on the 1st of next month said it wont change my final results- im thinking it may slow them down though but I didn't ask, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't hurt me to swim again- I can walk and do elliptical he said but no arms yet- since I had them done through my armpits... Size wize- well- I know hard to tell with a big old sports bra on from the front- well currently 36DD- however when trying on some no wire bras the 36DD I got doesn't quite fit all of my boobs in with out some overflow- and the band was slipping upwards had to put on tightest notch- so I measured and my new measure ment is 33 1/2 down and inch which may mean I need to go down to 34DDD- ughhh.. hmmmm well on the bright side Victoria secret carries in stock- on the dark side?? DDD? my friend asked me if they are as big as my head I laughed... no they are not- Ive always had that stocky broad athletic body with big arms- now I just look proportionate. they have a bigger base, I told the dr I wanted proportionate not porn, and I think he did great at it. 550cc moderate plus both sides. If I get back into the swing of swimming and for my racing later and drop the 10 lbs I put on from being hurt I will be exactly where I want to be. Im surprised even now that im right where I was before surgery I mean the implants are almost 2 extra lbs lol....

As for the other stuff I had done- he said I should keep wearing the wrap I got but I can stop my compression garment- so far the fluid has not returned sicne my last draining. I noticed today with out the compression my waist/abs did swell a little- but im guessing when you wear a damn tight compression garment (was really only tight on my waist) the body is screaming IM FREE!-- im thinking I will sleep much better tonight-. Im still sleeping on a wedge- seems like so many women are sleepling flat or on their sides by now but its still awkward to me- just doesn't feel right. Im thinking it will be a bit longer for me- plus I find that my boobs swell more when im flat on my back so its been nicer to have normal mornings- ive been off pain meds and even the muscle relaxers for a while now- about 2 weeks?? id say even though the days were good- I was at one point taking a muscle relaxer at bed time- but wakng up around 130 145am and having to take a pain med to get back to sleep- now I find I wake up sometimes but its usually cause of the strap over the boobs.. or the wrap--- its annoying, I think the best part of eventually getting back to normall is not waking up for the odd things-

I had a massage last week on Thursday- was so nice. I did lay flat on my back and was good but had to leave my sports bra on- just wasn't good, didn't feel right, with out it, when it was time to work on my back we used two pillows one under my belly and one in front of my boobs so I could lay on my front and have my back massaged. I asked the Dr today about that and he said I could lay on my front , its up to me on what is comfortable- even sex he said its fine just don't do anything if its painful- (from the mini tummy tuck) My abs are sore- no ab work, and cant start working on my rear for another few weeks- amazing how flat and ass can get when you cant work it out and you have a desk job sitting on it all the time...

I forgot to ask what all was done in my mini tuck- I remember someone saying the damage they repaired was more extensive then they anticipated?? but not sure if I was dreaming.... my husband said he didn't tell me or no one told him so I think it was what they were telling me when I first woke up- but I don't remember much of that day lol. other then that im waist is about 1/2 in less then before surgery- and im still so swollen- im looking forward to summer and figure if my lower half is swollen and looks like what mine did before all the surgery- should be good when it goes down?... I will post updated pictures on wed at the 4 week mark

4 weeks post op

Well I have more abdominal swelling since I'm not wearing compression anymore and I'm thinking I need to wear band more on the boobs to help them drop, left is riding higher then the right but dr said transaxillary usually does have additional swrlling up top a And keep wearing band to help push down. Other then that not too bad for only 1 month out for as much as I had done...

31 days post op

Boobies are doing good, feeling more normal. They look even from the front but my right is looking fuller then my left which is because the right had dropped more then my left. A few days ago I decieded to get serious about wearing that boobie band to help them drop and it is helping. They were both about the same in the morning but through out the day my left goes high again, I think it's because I'm steering the car with my left mostly and I can feel my left chest muscle get tight. I'm trying to relax more.
Thursday night was my first day back at the gym. My friend kept reminding me no arms while on the elipitical I did forget a few times and actually arms and boobs felt great... My lower ab did swell where the mini tummy tuck was but I was told its normal just wear a compression wrap to help control.
So the boobie band... Yeah I get why they want us to wear it but it was waking me up at night and I kept pulling it off... So now I don't, I just pull it over my boobs so it's under them which is looser. Then if I wake up again I put it back over the top. I think the hard part is because my implants are transax I can't wear the band with out a shirt cause it bugs the incision site and I don't want to wear the band in public... So with it raining a lot I've started wearing it over my shirt but under my sweat jacket.

I'm also using Mederma daily, my left side is looking really good the right side still pretty fresh ughhh I'm so impatient. Other then that I've been doing good with my eating and I'm a few lbs under my pre surgery weight ;).

42 ish days post op

I didn't feel like looking for the calendar lol. Well I was looking at one of my comments and realized I posted I was 7 weeks post op when it was only 5 weeks? I think it's because as soon as you get past 4 weeks the site says your 2 months post .. Oops. Well so far all is going well. I'm getting some nipple sensitivity and the odd thing is the boob that hurt the worst and is dropping slower is the good boob now. The one that was good is now the one that's extra sensitive. Ughhh. I wear the compression band at night but find it causes some numbing of my arms? Wondering if that happens to everyone? I dint take any new pics but may do that tomorrow. Honestly didn't see much change from the week before.

I think I'll head to the gym to swim again, I did that the day after my last post. It went ok but I swelled and my boobs both went high again.. Apparently that's normal. I've gotten used to the weight, and love how I look in tube tops now, but need the armpit scars to fade before I start wearing sleeveless stuff .. Come on Mederma work your magic. I went bra less the other day.. Not used to that and the damn seatbelt bothered my nipple!

I can sleep on my side now, but still a little hard to lay on my front. Got a great massage last week and just put a small pillow down above my boobs and worked awesome for when she worked on my back, I was long overdue.

Went out the other night, little upset my friend, yes she had been drinking, decided to full on grope my boobs in public announcing to her guy friends I had a boob job.. I didn't know them or want the blatent stares.. Yes staring happens that doesn't bother me but ughhh well it's a long story. I just am a little more reserved. I mean just because you get them done does not mean they are public property .
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