25 Years Old, No Kids, 34A Wanting a 34C - Dublin, CA

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First of all, this is a wonderful site! I'm so...

First of all, this is a wonderful site! I'm so glad I found it.

I've always been very very flat. Growing up, I was always envious of the girls that even had B cups! My two best friends are so well-endowed, but I remained flat as a board. At 15, I decided that I was going to get implants one day, but I gave myself 10 years to see if I still wanted them.

Well, now I'm 25, and I DEFINITELY still want them! I was always worried about the attention that I would get from men after getting implants, and wondered if they would like me for me, or for my bra size. So, I've found and dated the most wonderful man in the world, who loves me exactly how I am, and I have decided to get the implants for MYSELF now!

I'm so excited. After doing so much research, I decided to go with Dr. Stephen H. Williams of Trivalley Plastic Surgery in Dublin, CA. He has great reviews, and after having a consultation with him, I felt immediately at ease and booked my surgery right away!

My pre-op appointment is on Dec. 11th, and my surgery is scheduled for Friday, December 16th. Did I mention that I'm so excited?! I'll have boobs for the holidays!

I am posting a few pictures of my currently non-existent goods. I am not thin, just average (140 lbs at 5'5"), but all my weight goes to my bum. NOTHING stays at my stomach or breasts, which is a good thing in terms of stomach, but sucks for my itty bitties.

Looking forward to updating soon!


So yesterday was my pre-op where I got to choose what size I am going to be. My mom and my best friend came with me, even though my boyfriend had offered. I think I preferred female eyes to tell me what would honestly look good on me, so I told him to stay home.

My mom has been on edge about this whole thing since I told her about it a few months ago. Initially, I had expected her to be the one who would support me, and my dad would be the one to not accept it as he's super strict, but it turned out to be the complete opposite! My dad had gotten a hair transplant a few years ago, and told my mom, "What's the difference between my hair transplant and her wanting this for herself?" I was speechless! My mom, on the other hand, was a complete blubbery mess, which turned me into a blubbery mess too. She told me that I was perfect, that she and God made me perfect, and it hurts to think that I think that something is wrong with me. We cried together for a little bit, but she eventually said she understood.

Well, anyway, since that depressing day (lol), my mom has been so antsy about everything. I think she's asked me, "So you've done all the research? You're sure? Is it going to hurt a lot? Is it dangerous?" and various other questions like 100 times. But I think it's cute because I know she cares about me and wants to make sure I'm going to be okay.

SO...yesterday to my pre-op, I brought her with me. She was super nervous as usual, and was wringing her hands the whole way there. As soon as we got to the office, Tracy (the patient coordinator) met with us right away. She explained EVERYTHING to us, and I could tell that my mom was softening up and worrying a lot less. Everything that Tracy told me was typed up and put into a folder, so that helped a lot when it came to remembering what to do pre- and post- surgery.

Then came the sizers. I wish I had taken pictures, but I totally forgot in all the excitement lol. I had initially walked in thinking that I would get 350cc's (Mentor Silicone Gel), but after trying it on, my mom chirped, "Go bigger!" Haha I don't think I had ever been so surprised! My best friend and I looked at her like she was a whole new person. My mom just said, "Well, I mean, now that you're doing this, might as well go bigger!"

So we decided that 400cc's would look the best on me. After spending almost an hour with Tracy, she led us into another room where Dr. Williams would be answering any of my questions. I didn't have many, but he answered any that I had left, and, at that point, I was just getting so excited. As we were about to leave, mom hung around for a minute to look at all of his degrees and certifications on the wall, and I knew it made her feel like I was in the right hands.

Anyway, so we left the office with smiles on our faces, and my mom actually said to me, "Can I be the first to squeeze them?" Lol! I'm so glad that Tracy, Dr. Williams, and the rest of the staff were able to make my momma feel comforted. She's a bit of a worry-wart, but I'm just happy to see her just as excited about this whole thing as I am!

Random thoughts

I'm getting super nervous. I realized that I'm a tummy-sleeper, and I'm going to miss doing that with such ease! My stomach is all in knots and I feel like I'm going to throw up all the time. Can Friday be here already?! Gahhhh...

But anyway, I got waxed today so that I'm not a fuzzy monkey in the operating room, and also so I won't have to worry about it after the procedure. So that's about as productive I was today.

Let's hope these next few days goes by quickly!


So today was the day, and I went by incredibly smooth.

I went to Wal Mart yesterday and got a bunch of things that I would need for the next few weeks, like a yeast infection kit (in case the antibiotics cause one), some medical grade cleanser, fiber pills (in case I get backed up), Extra Strength Tylenol, a couple front closure bras, and some comfy button up shirts.

I was supposed to check in to the Pleasanton Surgery Center at 6:30am, so my parents and I left at 5:45. We got to the parking lot at 6:15am, but there was a nurse waiting outside saying that the person who is usually there at 6:00 hadn't shown up, and she didn't have a key. She told us to just hang out in the car and wait until someone can't to open the door.

At 6:50am, I got a phone call from the surgery center asking where I was. I said, "I'm outside! Just waiting for someone to open the door." The nice woman on the other line said, "...um, our doors are open! Did you go to the right place?"

Of course, I totally freaked out because at this point, I was late. But the nurses were totally understanding. These two centers were a stones throw away from each other, so according to the staff, people always get mixed up,

Anyway, my parents wished me luck, and left to go run some errands. (I thought it would be better for them to keep busy instead of sitting around worrying).

The nurses prepped me for surgery and I went to the bathroom one last time. Let's just say the fiber capsules I bought WORKED and it felt good to go into surgery with an empty bum.

The anesthesiologist came and talked to me, and she was the sweetest and most calming woman ever. Then my doctor came in, drew on me, and asked me a very difficult, yet very important question: "If I were to go 'too big' or 'too small,' which would you prefer?"

I responded that I would go too small. I think if my breast ended up smaller than I wanted, I would be disappointed, but I could live with it. However, if they were too big, I think it would be a bigger inconvenience for me, since I'm so used to being so small.

I was asleep before I knew it, and woke up feeling like I had an elephant on my chest. But no other pain and no nausea, and I felt like waking around right away. I had some of my Norcos with some saltines and water, and I was able to go home.

The drive home went fine, but I was really sore at home. The top of my breasts feel the most pressure, as does my sternum. I took a Valium when I got home and slept on my back for 3-4 hours.

I get my bandages off on Tuesday. I can't wait!!!

All wrapped up

Photos so far

Bandages OFF!!!

So today was the big reveal! I had been peeking at them since Friday, but I finally got to see what my new girls look like. I am soooooo happy. Of course, right now they're riding high and are swollen, but I know once they D&F, they're going to look UH-MAZING.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I handled my pain. As soon as I woke up from surgery, I was given 2 Norcos, and was able to be sent home an hour later. The car ride back was smooth as my parents had stuffed the backseat with pillows. I took a Valium when I got home, and another 2 Norcos after 4 hours from taking the first dose. Then I slept for a few hours and woke up to have some dinner.

I literally had NO pain (just a lot of pressure) the whole day. My friends were super weirded out that I was talking and moving around (albeit slowly) as if nothing had happened. However, I took another Valium and 2 Norcos at bedtime, and woke up at around 4am in excruciating pain. But, my dad propped me up and gave me another 2 pills and that was the last time I felt any sort of pain.

The next day (Saturday), I switched to 1 Norco every 4 hours, and 1 Valium at noon and before bed. Sunday I switched to 2 Extra Strength Tylenols every 6 hours and 1 Valuum before bed. I'm a DIE-HARD Oakland Raiders fan, and was able to attend the game AND tailgate on Sunday! I didn't do much except sit in one spot and eat food (lol), but I was able to get through a long day without any significant pain. On Monday, I switched to 1 ES Tylenol every 6 hours and 1 Valium before bed, and today I've only had 1 ES Tylenol all day! I think the key to managing the pain is to stay ahead of it. Keep a timer on your phone to remind you when to take your medications!

As for my antibiotics, I'm still taking them (it's a 5 day course, and I started on Saturday). I usually get yeast infections and terrible breakouts whenever I use antibiotics, so this time, I paired them with probiotics! I bought some probiotic pills from Wal Mart, and take one pill 2 hours after my first antibiotic pill in the morning (I take my antibiotics Morning-Afternoon-Night), and I really feel like this has prevented me from getting a yeast infection or breakouts! Also, I bought a stash of Activia yogurt, and eat that 2 hours after my last antibiotic pill of the night. If you're prone to terrible antibiotic reactions, you may want to give this a try!

Also, Tracy (Dr. Williams' wonderful patient coordinator) suggested some vitamins for me to take before and after my surgery. I feel like these have REALLY helped with my recovery process as well. If you'd like me to mention which vitamins, please let me know and I'll go dig through my little personal pharmacy-in-a-cardboard-box that I've set up for myself.

OH!! And sometimes it can get super tough trying to remember all of your vitamins, pain meds, antibiotics, etc, so I grabbed an AM/PM pill box from Wal Mart for like $5, and I keep it in my purse, so that I can keep better track of my meds. It's super useful.

Anywhoooo, today I saw Dr. Williams' PA to get my bandages taken off, and she told me I was healing really well. I have some weird bubbling sensation in my right breast, but she explained that that's just the fluid from the swelling slowly draining, and it's nothing to worry about. That satisfied me! And now that I've rambled on for way too long, I can finally attach pictures! Yay!

Oh but wait, I've taken these pictures before showering for the FIRST TIME since Friday, so excuse me if I look sweaty and gross with much of the marker drawings still on me. :/

I got sized!

So I know I should have waited until my breasts had dropped and fluffed until I got sized, but I was WAY too curious and VS has a SALE! So the lady told me I was a 34C!!!! Ahhhh! I wish I'd taken a picture of the bra I'd purchased, but maybe I'll upload that tomorrow. It's been a week now, and I couldn't be happier.


For Christmas, my best friend bought me this super tight bandage dress to show off my new girls in (=P). So far, I've just been wearing a front closure support bra to hold everything in place, but I thought I would try on the dress anyway for fun. AND I HAD CLEAVAGE! For the first time in my life! With no bra and no padding! My breasts are still swollen and that's why I feel like the line wasn't fully centered on the dress, but oh my, I cannot wait to see what these puppies can do in dresses after they drop and fluff! Eeeek!

Steri Strips and Such (11 Days PO)

So as I was taking my bra off before showering an hour ago, my steri strips peeled off as well. I was mortified at first, but then remembered that Kim (Dr. Williams' PA) told me they would fall off on their own. I finally got to look at the incision site, and I was mortified again (but in a good way). How did that big ol' thing get squeezed through such a tiny hole?! *faints* (also, that's what she said =D)

Anywho, as I was just about to shower, I realized that the area might sting when water touched it, so I braced myself for the sting as the water hit the incision sites, and...nothing! No pain, no burn, no nothing! Woohoo!

I shower with an organic soap as it is (because my skin is super sensitive to everything), but I've been using this surgical soap that I found at Walmart to clean around the steri strips with. I lightly cleaned the incisions with that soap and there still wasn't any pain, burning or itching.

I covered the incisions with some waterproof jumbo band aids because I'm afraid the stitches might get caught on my shirt. Eeek.

Goodnight, ladies! Hope the New Year has new boobies in store for you, or has your new girls healing well!

17 Days PO

I saw Dr. Williams today for my 2nd follow-up. First, Kim saw me and I explained to her that I've been covering up my incisions with bandages and they've become super itchy. I had no idea that my stitches were dissolvable, and was trying to protect them this whole time! Lol, I felt like a dummy, but Kim let me to to just apply some hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphor over the incisions until the stitches dissolve. I can start Mederma as soon as the scabbing falls off, which shouldn't be long from now, as my left incision is pretty much free of scabbing almost!! (Yay!)

The, Dr. Williams came to see me and said that I'm healing well. One breast (my left) is slightly bigger and higher than the other, but I know that's normal right now considering I'm only 17 days PO. But yay again, everything looks good!

I am way too excited to see these puppies drop and fluff. I was so sad during the VS Semi-Annual sale because I WISH I knew what size I would be! (Btw, the 34C bra I bought last week is now too small on me, so I had to return it! Eek!! Pleasant surprise though =P) So before I made more horrible financial decisions in the bra department, I decided to stick to my cheap and comfy Walmart bras until I'm finally at a stable size. You and I shall meet at your next Semi-Annual Sale, VS!

Side note: I bought these cool Nexiderm bandages to cover up my incisions, but since Kim told me that I don't need to cover them, I've been using them as nipple covers. THEY'RE BETTER THAN BANDAIDS! They work wonders for nippie sensitivity! Kinda pricey, but they can stay on for up to 7 days, and are waterproof. My poor nips were in such uncomfortable pain, and I'm liking this little solution I've found.

Toodles, ladies!

Oooh! I forgot!

My friend let me try on some of the 34D bras she bought the other day during the VS Semi-Annual sale, so I gotta show you pictures! Yes...34 D!!!! I wonder if I'll stay this size or get bigger/smaller.... Hmmm :)


So I HAD to get sized today because it's been 3 weeks and I've been using the same front closure Walmart bras, and I can barely fit in them anymore. I had a coupon for VS, and decided to go there a few weeks earlier than I planned.

And holy moly! I'm a 32DD!

Oh, I also went swimming this morning for the first time in a month and had no soreness or anything. *prances around with joy*

Question for you gals... Has anyone experienced any phantom itching on/around their boobies? I have this urge to itch around the nipple but I can't seem to find where the itch is coming from. It's so uncomfortable! Is this normal?

Wishing you ladies well!



I could not be happier. I put together a small collage so you can see my progress. I LOVE MH BOOBS! I just love them so much. They're the best decision I've ever made...

Almost 1.5 years post op

I realize I haven't updated this review in so long, but I thought today would be a good day to do so. I LOVE MY NEW BOOBIES! This was the best decision I ever made. I finally feel confident in my skin.

I finally settled into a 34D or 32DD. One of my scars is completely gone, while the other has a slightly dimpled look to it. But it doesn't matter, because what's important is that I healed well without an infection or any problems. Dr. Williams had multiple follow ups with me to see if I was heading well, and when I showed him my dimpled scar, he immediately said he could cut out the scar tissue and stitch me back up. Although much appreciated, the scar doesn't bother me in the slightest, because it's so well hidden under the folds of my breasts. I'M SO HAPPY!

I've only JUST stopped thinking about my boobs - they feel totally natural to me now. They move, look, and feel just like normal boobs. I still have a little bit of sensation loss underneath my nipples, but it's nothing that bothers me at all. Except - sometimes I feel an itch on my boob that I can't scratch, and it drives me nuts! Other than that super minuscule detail, I haven't had any other problems.

I have also always been a stomach sleeper, but after my surgery, I had to sleep on my sides and back, which was super uncomfortable at first. In the past 6 months, I've started sleeping on my stomach again, and I have no pain or uncomfortable feeling at all!

I got 350cc's of the moderate profile Mentor implants, and I'm glad I didn't go any bigger or any higher in profile. They look natural enough to not draw to much attention from people who know how flat I used to be, while drawing just the right amount of attention in a figure-flattering top. Sometimes, I do feel "boob-greed" and wish I'd gotten big pornstar boobs, but realistically, I wouldn't have been happier with anything more or less than what I have. Dr. Williams is a magician!!!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

From the first moment I stepped into Dr. Williams' office, I knew that these were the people I would trust my surgery with. Dr. Williams makes you feel SO comfortable, and tells you what you can realistically expect. Tracy, the patient coordinator, makes you feel like you've always been a good personal friend of hers, and genuinely cares about you. She answers every question (big or small) happily and thoroughly with incredible detail. The front desk staff is always friendly as well, and I've never felt unwelcome anytime that I've visited the office. My breasts have been a subject of great insecurity for me my entire life, and these wonderful people have come together for me and have made me feel so confident with what I see so far. Dr. Williams and his staff are worth EVERY penny and more.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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