BBL + Vaginoplasty / 31y.o. Mom of Two - Dublin, CA

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I had my breasts done last month with the same...

I had my breasts done last month with the same doctor. He was amazing!!!
So I decided to have a BBL with him, because I really liked his before/after pics and I likes the work he's done on me.

My initial plan was to have the vaginoplasty in LA with Dr. Matlock. I even payed the deposit, had my surgery scheduled etc. When I started considering the BBL I considered Dr. Matlock as well, but later found out he is not a plastic surgeon Board Certified. I've seen some AMAZING works he's done, but I would not risk my health... sorry for that! I still have my deposit there, if I ever need vaginoplasty again (hope not).

ok, so I had a consult with Dr. Williams last Monday (April 28/16) and he was awesome. Answered all my questions (it was a LOT). When I asked him if I could have vaginoplasty done and BBL done the following week he asked me where I was having it done. I said LA and he told me he performs that surgery. He could done all at once, if I wanted. He explained and looked at my parts.

My surgery date is April 12th and I am VERY nervous. VERY scared.
I have always told myself I would NEVER do lipo, because this is the kind of plastic surgery that freaks me out the most. When I told him that, he laughed and asked me why, since I had breast done. I said: breasts are safer. He said: nooooo...
When you are having your breasts done everything is exposed. I cut your muscle, then I can see your heart, your lungs, your rib cage... breasts certainly are less safer than lipo. Even the risk of internal bleeding after surgery.

Even though he said all that, I am still freaking out.
I am doing this because I have a square shape, no but, and now my breasts look so cute! I could have my whole body beautiful, not just the breasts!!!

Anyway... the day is arriving. I haven't told ANYONE of my family and I feel pretty bad about that. My mom is my best friend... when I told her about my breasts I was really surprised at how supportive she was. I was not expecting that. I thought she was going to say I don't need that.
And as far as I know she might think I don't need lipo, because I am slim, I just have a lot of fat in some places and for some people I am still beautiful this way and surgery would not justify... I know because I have been there. I once told a friend she did not need lipo+BBL because she was already beautiful that way. But she is much more happier now and I did not support her in the beginning... Feeling bad about not telling my mom, but I don't want anymore things to worry about. My heart is broken right now... :(

Pre op consult done

Since next week is my son's spring break and we might travel, I had my pre op done today.
Again, Dr. Williams was amazing. Answering all our questions (today I had my hubby coming). I showed him my wish pics and we have the best one. He said the one I liked the most had a VERY agressive lipo on the abdomen and he doesn't know if he will be doing that on me, to keep the surgery as safe as possible, but he will do as agressive as he can! I'll post a pic of my fav wish!!

UPDATE - Having: lipo arms, back and abdomen + BBL + Vaginoplasty + BA again (having it higher and bigger)

Ok, today is the day.
Nervous... this is how I'm feeling right now.

I'll have all those procedures at once. One recovery, but I'm sure it will be a hell of a recovery. Good luck to me.

Made it

I made to the other side. Now recovering at home.

Pardon for the bad pic. It's dark here and I can't move. I'm seating on a swimming pool donut tube. I can feel the backache approaching and it's been only 1 h. Maybe 2.


Day 2

Omg, liposuction hurts. It hurts more than anything.
Vagina doesn't hurt. Boobs don't hurt. But lipo oooooh... Butt sometimes feels like it's going to explode.

I'll try to remove my garment for a wash tonight and I'll see how I am. I have noooo idea and am very curious.
I want to wash the garment but I don't want to take it off. Haha

All I'm doing is: resting. Nothing else. I did change a diaper yesterday but my husband was mad at me. I don't know how long I can manage to "not do anything" but the pain is high and the painkillers make me very sleepy.

Day 3

This is how I have been laying down during the day. I have my back on an air mattes and my legs up on a chair. My butt is hanging down not touching anything.

Day 3

Yesterday I received flowers from my ps's office. It made me smile!

Yesterday I also told my parents. Oh, my mom was SO supportive! She is so amazing. She surprises me all the time.
She told me I should do everything I feel like doing (I only told them about lipo+bbl though )

I'm also attaching another pic of how I have been sleeping (on a swimming tube).
Sorry, I'm very sleepy and don't feel like writing or taking photos right now.
Will update soon! Xx

Few tips

Just a few tips here.

I was always worried about stuff to buy/have for my recovery period. I was always seeing reviews here with A LOT of "essential" items and I was worried I had nothing.

I'll tell you now the things I bought and if they are really necessaries or not.

- cleansing wipes.
I did not buy baby wipes. I bought specially bath wipes. I wondered I was going to be 6 days without a shower so it would be a better idea to have a deep cleanse type of wipes. They are VERY good and I really recommend them.

- water free shampoo caps.
Do not waste your money. They do to anything. I tried using them twice and my hair was horrible. I never liked those dry shampoos. But this time I tried and again: no success as well. So, I'm lucky my husband washed my hair yesterday but if he hadn't I would rather have my hair dirty then using those caps again.

- lipo foam.
Good! Recommend those!

-lipo board.
Today was the first time I tried to put it and I'm liking so far! It makes my abdomen more steady. Much better than without it.

-donut like swimming pool tube. The best so far! Great to sleep in and to stay until I can sit again.

I think that's it. I didn't buy that many things.
And I did not want to go crazy and buy so many stuff that I wasn't going to use. I hate waste.

Here are some stuff I bought!

I showered yesterday! I haves my legs and arm pits!!!

Uhuuu!! I had a shower yesterday. I could finally shave my legs and arm pits. How good could this be? A loooot!!!

Had my first pos op yesterday also. Removed bandages from boobs. Doc checked vagina and liposuction. He said I'm super swollen and what I'm seeing is not even close to the final results. (that's good because I'm not thin at all).

Last night I slept in my bed for the first time since the surgery. I could be all snugly with hubby (not as much but it was better than sleeping on the air mattress on the floor!!).

Few after pics

Those are pieces of clothes I never wore. They have tag!!! This black top I would never wear without bra. And before I would never wear because of my waist. Now I can start thinking about... The dress! Hahsha very short and not my style! (Husband bought for me). I don't know if I will ever wear it out of the house!


This is my pre and post op.
I can see a great result in my flanks. Waist line is thinner, butt is bigger. But I cannot see any changes on my upper back (bra line). And I REALLY wanted to be less fatty there :(

10th day post op

I feel so much better!

The skin on my belly still feels weird and some painful but nothing compared to how it was before. I mean, if I push or make pressure, yeah it will hurt like hell, but in general, it's ok. No more painkiller! Yey!

Today I'm cleaning up the house!
Yesterday was a very hard day for me because I could not sit, I could not lay down... I couldn't do anything so I decided to do stuff standing up.
That's why I'm cleaning today.

My back hurts a bit but not because of the surgery itself. Is more because of position to sit and sleep.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Williams is amazing. He always answer all my questions, no rush at all.. He photographs me, print the pics and comes back to the room to explain what he can do.

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