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Going for op on Tuesday, so nervous , doubts...

Going for op on Tuesday, so nervous , doubts entering my head , my most fear is am I going to be in terrible pain after. Im having 375 in just to take the droop out as I have had 4 children, I was told that I have enough muscle to put the implant over the muscle as this would be enough , I want a really natural look , I have done a lot of reading here and researching and it seems my surgeon is right. Oh dear the taughts of it .

Breast Augmentation and Inverted Nipple Correction

Waiting for the courage to face this for a long time, I have inverted nipples for forever I was always so self conscious which also effects my confidence in my marriage, I built up the courage and went for a consultation, while I was there I got brave lol and also asked do I need a life, I lost the total run of myself, my ps told me I am all in line only for the fact I had 4 children I was a little empty on top that an implant over the muscle would give me the lift that I need , I'm getting 375 inserted . I am so nervous & excited . Pulled out yesterday of the op and within an hour rang back to go ahead , that's it I'm finally going to do this. 3 days to goooo....

Just out of Op

Drinking tea, a little drowsy and a dull pain.
Still feel like I'm facing a little east and west but Surgeon said swelling will go down not to worry .I'm a little worried and very tired. Had the 315cc teardrop of my already size 34c, he said I will be a large c or D cup.

First day of surgery.

Went down for procedure at 12:00 don't remember much then , just a little sore and stingy and felt absolutely stoned.Perhaps The fact I don't drink or smoke the chemicals ran riot on me. Now Resting up after my husband collected me about 5:30. pumping lots of ice water into me, had something small to eat and really Starting to taw out now from anaesthetic. Took my pain killer and I'm siting upright. At present I just feel like I have a really tight underwire bra on like pressure. My nipples are covered so I can't see a thing. This is going to be so amazing/shock/horror when I see my nipples protrude. I cannot believe I done it today 40 years of age. All those Years of being prudish no confidence . I think life begins at 40 might actually have meaning. I'm jumping the gun here a bit aren't I , must be still drugged. Nervous on how I will be able to sleep, has anyone good tips.

Day 1 post op 315 over the muscle

Feeling good , coping okay, just worried about the gap between my two boobs. Not allowed to shower till tomorrow. Nipples need one more day!

Hi everyone doing okay , I was so anxious and...

Hi everyone doing okay , I was so anxious and nervous, can't believe I actually went through with it. I got 315cc over the muscle, as I was just a little deflated on top after giving birth to 4 boys. I was a C Cup and I'm hoping when the swelling going down I will be a full C cup SG said I might be Full C or D . They are a little swollen and devided but that's just the swelling. As for my nipples I taught I would be in terrible pain , I'm actually ok disappointed I won't get to see them till Wednesday at my first appointment back with my surgeon. But all is good so far, I slept well , set my alarm every 4 hours to keep on top of my meds. A little tired from anaesthetic still, but all is good . I don't have a before picture as I was to embarrassed I'll get one Wednesday of my surgeon to post up the before result

Day 2 Post Op

Can't believe it's only 2 days since, I'm just after waking up, I had horrific night of nightmares I don't know if I was detoxing coming down from all the anaesthesia but it was scary. Besides that I " survived" pain free a little uncomfortable but when I woke I could nearly stretch my arm????.i get to shower today and that scares me in case my coverings come of . Oh I was able to get into a vest top I'm not allowed wear a bra so I'm cheating I'm getting a little bit of comfort from this . Counting down the days till I see my ps. (6)

OH Noooo

Just had a peek under my dressing my nips are disgusting all these years fascinating if I had nips, I covered them straight back up, this has knocked me, I know time needs time I'm just having a bad night. Not a good patient tonight. Until tomorrow...........

Day 3 feeling fresh

Just had the dreaded shower was so nervous , I took of the added bandage on my nips and the main bandage stayed on, I was so worried, I'm feeling so much better and I'm not going to stress of how the nips look " just yet" but I have feeling in them that's a plus. As for the boobies no pain I can move my arms I have very little strain on them , still swollen and I would like them a little more Center but it's early days, and my first meeting with my ps is 5 days away , I will just be patient until I meet him to discuss the progress and long term look. That's it for today really, so glad I had the shower and no drama to follow up that I was worried about. " everything is still in place"

Day 4 Post Op

Breasts feel good not much tightness or soreness around them, im thinking are they just going to flip and be to natural.I'm keeping up on my meds ,today was the first day I just used paracetamol, I found I got sore when I didn't top up on time ,but that is more the nipples that's causing the uncomfortably, I've not put a pic up yet as I still find them a little disturbing .im keeping calm as I am hoping they will calm down and its just swelling.

Post op day 5

Swelling gone down slightly, just hope not to much deflation, I was over the muscle to fill the top of my empty pocket and I'm kinda happy with size ( greed kicking in) I really would like a little more movement and maybe cleavage. Sorry last pics are boobs covered up but nips really not nice, still a bit nasty but the swelling is down on one , but hard to tell as thee still covered up with dressing , I'm kinda more focuses on them at present as this was a big deal for me to confront after all these years thinking there was something freakish wrong with me, my nipples were the number one reason for my consultation and the implant was just a little bonus I gave myself. So to feel like a true women when all is healed is a biggy. I know my confidence already has lifted and I'm only half cooked lol. Anyway pain free regarding the implanted just a little tender, and for the nips tender . A little tightening up on the scars I recon as I'm a little bit irritable ( itchy) on the scar line. Until tomorrow. 3 more days till I meet ps can't wait....

One Week Post Op Free of all Plasters and got to see new nips.

Just home can't believe how quick app was, all bandages and strips taken of and ps was very happy with his results. Going to get before and after pics on next app in 5 weeks time. Got to see new nips for the first time, I was so afraid thinking there was stitches,bruises etc. What a relief I'm so happy this far, final result in 6 weeks. He said fluid and swelling will die down and breasts will fall closer to each other. I just got the nerve up to look at incisions they are great can't believe this time last week implants were only put in. One more week before I can wear bra. So happy app over and everything on the up.also I feel less pain on the incisions now that strip is taken off.

Revision, getting size changed to smaller. Now have to decide on Cc .

After 5 months post op , started really feeling uncomfortable not happy with size felt I was to big . Top heavy. Meet with sg twice since my op he was so lovely I was looking for natural look . Just my own size was 34c but after having kids they had deflated at bit. I had 315 over the muscle put in back in August but there perfect but not me, it's not my body . No confidence actually worse. So with great support my sg is going to do the op all over again for me . But it's decision time what I'm to go for? Reall need to get this right .
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