21 Year Old, Irish Female Very Very Nervous for Rhinoplasty Surgery! - Dublin, Ireland

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Hey! I have been reading this site a while now and...

Hey! I have been reading this site a while now and just wanna say thanks to everyone for submitting reviews as it has really helped me in deciding about the procedure!I have hated my nose as long as I can remember, now I despise it. There's not one thing I like about it, therefore I am not as worried about results as most out there as I feel like anything is an improvement to what it is now. I would love to have most of the noses you lot have on your before pictures! I have stopped going out so much and really restricted myself because of this as I get so so paranoid I don't even look at people passing me anymore, I cannot stand pictures no matter what angle they are from. I have no other major body issues apart from this (well one ear comes out too far but hey ho!) so I feel this will really help my confidence (I'm also having my braces put back on a couple of months after surgery) I work in the beauty industry so looks are really important to me no matter how shallow that sounds, I mean my own looks and not others.

I decided enough was enough a few months ago and with financial help I finally went and booked consultations in Dublin. I remember distinctly being on the phone to a receptionist for one clinic for about 45 minutes just chatting about everything and she informed me that many people come to the clinic very withdrawn, shy and looking away..yet after the op they almost skip out of the hospital! I checked back on all my research and it seemed this hospital came up a lot, the surgeon was highly recommended so I booked the consultation (pm me if you want to know the surgeon!). Luckily I got a cancellation consultation appointment and so it was sooner than was planned but I was excited.

When I got there I met the surgeon and warmed to him right away (I am now used to not very nice doctors so this was a nice change!) He was smiley and welcoming, he took my pictures profile, middle side and front view, he could tell straightaway I hated my picture being taken. He then had a chat with me about my life, my job, the surgery and of course the risks and dangers. He then showed me a digitally morphed picture of what he would like the result to be, I am very aware this is not a promise as he said he hopes to achieve 80% of this. I was shocked when I seen the picture..my instant thought was "That's how I should have been born", he commented that I have a very pretty face and with some work to the nose I will make a very beautiful woman, I thought this was really nice and I was so happy that he just got what I wanted right away.

It worked out a little more expensive than expected by about €1,500, but I knew he was the surgeon I wanted to go with and I cancelled my other consultations (He did say to still go see other surgeons but I felt very happy with how things were here and he has such great reviews that I didn't see the point shelling out hundreds more 'just to see')

As part of this surgeons requirements he sends you to see a phsychologist to see if you are mentally stable for the surgery, able for the outcomes, and that you aren't being unrealistic, she also checked for disorders such as body dysmorphia to be sure you are seeing in the mirror what others really see. I had this today and found it hard, because I have never ever openly talked about my nose and I had to tell her everthing I hated about it and what names I have been called, this was pretty tough but I understand it's necessary for them.

My surgery is on the 25th of April and I can't stop thinking about it, I am so nervous my stomach is just turning! I have never really had a proper operation in my life so this is huge for me, I have anxiety and even just thinking about the walk down to surgery and going under anasthesia are terrifying me. I am also so scared of waking up not being able to breathe because I know I will freak out, I know I wont breathe from my nose but I'm afraid of my throat being blocked too! I'm also scared of the recovery time and in general feeling sick and the many horrible things that goes along with this! I am really hoping someone can help & reassure me on this because I'm starting to get really freaked out by it all and I am getting so anxious! :(

Thanks so much for reading! Ill be happy to answer any questions!

Second consultation over...

Bit late updating but I had my second consultation last week. I explained how scared I am about everything to my surgeon and asked him to talk me through the whole day and experience start to finish, he really did relax me (and my boyfriend and mother) about the whole process in general, he said they can give me anxiety medicine in the morning, put me to sleep in a different room than theatre, give me medicine through my IV for upset tummy (I have IBS, worsened by stress.) and explained how lovely the hospital staff are, and that surgery will not be rushed as he gives himself plenty of hours for rhinoplasty. The hospital have also said they will allocate me a semi private room so that my boyfriend can stay with me for the night for free as I am too anxious to stay alone. He said he will see me before surgery, I will meet the anasthesiologist and nurses, will wait in my room for a while and then be brought down to a small room and put to sleep, he will see me a few hours after surgery before he goes home to check up on me and explain how things went and then will remove the light packing the next morning before I go home.

I am now more worried about the final look though than I was before. I am so afraid that it will look little or no different than it does now as he doesn't seem to want to take too much off, and believe me I need ALOT off! I am so so afraid that I will have all this money to pay back for years, go through all that pain and healing, and all this pre op anxiety all for nothing. :( I have eailed this concern but I am not able to attend another consultation to discuss further due to lifts & time off so I am now worried about this more!I am sure he has to explain all of these risks and tell me all the bad things to be sure I am aware of everything and anything but I am secretly hoping he is saying all this stuff just to cover everything!

Currently taking rescue remedy every day & my whole body shakes whenever I think about it!

4 days left!!! ????

Slightly freaking out as I'm writing this, as there is only really 3 days left as its almost tuesday! Cant believe the time has gone so quick and still cant believe that I am finally having this done, hasn't sank in at all yet.

I received a call fr in the hospital the other day telling me I had to come up there before the operation because I have tachycardia (however you spell that) which means basically my heart beats very very fast sometimes especially when I'm anxious, there was many mix ups with them not knowing if I had to go down or not as my surgeon never mentioned this to me so they said the anaesthesiologist is happy enough to do an EKG and some cardio tests on the morning of the surgery, this has made me ten times more nervous as now I have this feeling they are not going to do it if my heart is going too rapid (which it definately will be from nerves) and all this worry will be for nothing. I am scheduled in for some time in the afternoon and they are being kind enough to give me a semi private room so that my boyfriend can stay with me for the night free of charge due to my anxiety about the whole thing, I reall appreciate that as the nurse said they wouldnt usually do that but the liaison offer I spoke to said it was no problem as sometimes it can be scary for people to be alone.

I am just terrified about the whole thing, going in, getting tests & how they turn out, going down to the room to go under , going asleep itself, so scared of waking up, how I will feel, if I will feel panicked, if surgery went well (I have a feeling it wont and he will tell me they could only take the tiniest bit off-this is a big fear of mine), getting the packing out, recovery and swelling, feeling sick from the meds and thats not to mention how it will turn out In the end and how people will react to the fact that I have had it done.

I cant tell anyone else these worries as not many people know and my boyfriend is also scared for me because I have never had surgery & neither has he so I'm just pretending I'm completely fine about it all for now, that will all change friday though!

I need to just calm down now and would really appreciate some feedback from others who have had it?

Thanks for reading if you made it this far in my crazy babbling!

Big dissappointment :(

I'm supposed to be just home recovering, but unfortunately thats not the case.

I was all ready to go, admitted, gowned up, tests done, anxiety meds taken and just waiting to go to surgery ..then the anaesthetist came to see me and told me it would be a dissappointment for me today as my heart rate was irregular in two tests so unfortunately they couldn't go ahead with surgery knowing this.

For some reason, I was kinda expecting something to go wrong and I'm glad that this was the thing that went wrong rather than going down and something bad happening health wise. I have to say, the surgeon, all the nurses and anaesthetist were all lovely about it and during the day, they were relaxing and my surgeon especially really relaxed me about the whole procedure and I was actually looking forward to go down then (could have been the drugs!). The nurses & restaurant staff made sure I had something to eat before I left and delivered me up a gorgeous roast dinner, They were all really nice and I look forward to going back knowing Exactly what way things will happen.

We had already had a hotel booked for people staying with me and so we decided to go to the town for the day and make the most of it while down there & stayed in the hotel.

I have to have some cardio tests done and then my surgeon is going to try and fit me in for surgery asap, hopefully that will be very soon because I just cant wait much longer like this. The positive is that nothing bad happened, they looked after me very well & I know for next time (if hearts ok) that the staff are lovely, the anxiety tablet is good, and that it is a relaxed process more so than I thought.

All done & dusted!

Woohoo so second time round I was able to get it done. Had heart tests & scans during the week and all came back clear and ECG on the morning of the op yesterday were much better than the last time.

It all happened pretty quick in the morning, I was admitted again, given the same room as last time and had some more ECG and blood pressure tests by a really funny nurse who helped to rest my nerves by telling me how "fiiiiine" my boyfriend was! Haha!

My parents & bf were sent out for this and nurse just said "ok let's go" and I asked where and she said we were going to theatre, I was a little shocked and asked if we could wait so I could see my family first and she said there would be no time because theatre would be held up so I walked down with her, she apologised because she forgot to give me the anti anxiety tablet but it was ok she was helping me calm Down and being really nice, she the. Handed me over to another lovely nurse who was with me and the anasthetisist in the anasthetic room, after a few tests they put my line in and gave me a sedative through that, after about 2 seconds things started to spin a little and then boom I woke up in recovery! I was very very drowsy and very dizzy so couldnt make out the time on the clock but I had been in surgery for about 3 hours and in recovery for 1 hour.

After another while I was wheeled back to my room and seen my family, I didnt feel any pain at all apart from my throat being sore, no pain in the nose whatsoever and even now (1 day post op) still very little pain, my throat has been very very sore though and just now taking nurofen has really helped so Im feeling quite good now.

The night nurse wasnt the most pleasant woman and kept coming in and asking me why am I not sleeping yet wen she was waking me up for tests every few hours, she tutted at a lot of things I said too and just seemed to be really abrupt and in bad form and I got. Bit fed up of that but said nothing because I was still drowsy I just got on with it. The other night nurse was really lovely and even brought me in a booklet about anxiety and how to think positively and call her anytime.

I had a very broken sleep because when I started to drift off my heart would jump and give me palpitations so it took hours for that to go away and then I was awake from 6 and could finally swallow some toast for breakfast.

Packing removal was not at all as bad as I expected and it did feel like my whole brain was being pulled out at once stage but it was In no way uncomfortable, it just felt weird and was over in two seconds.

Home now and parked here to recover so happy to answer any questions anyone may have, the research really helped me to know what to expect :)

Day 3 & 4

Well I woke up on day 3 in really good form, got up early had my breakfast and took all my meds, then went back to bed to watch some tv for a good few hours and I was feeling really good and not too much pain, I was happy because I thought I must be healing really well and that it can only get better.

I learnt by that evening/night I was wrong! My throat is a new level of sore, I have suffered a lot with tonsillitis in the past but I have to say this is one of the most painful sore throats I have had, it doesn't help that I have a massive ulcer/blister on the underside of my tongue which makes it hard to move it to talk or eat or drink and it stings so much.

I also have the most annoying Tickly cough ever which is frustrating because I cant actually cough because it hurts too much, Im not able to talk much because of this combined with the ulcer & sore throat.

They are my main problems right now and just the fact that I feel like time is going soooo slow and im just getting really frustrated with the cast being itchy and I just want it all off but I have 7 more days to wait :( my heart is also beating like crazy every now and then, happened 3 times yesterday & goes on for about 15 mins and it really panicks me, it must just be my anxiety.

Sorry to be so depressive today in my post & hope I havent put anybody off I just want to give an honest look at how it is, this is just me and everyone heals different, although it hasnt been horrific just very irritating.

Its only the beginning of day 4 now and I feel the same way as last night, I keep waking up hoping my throat had gotten a but better or the ulcer has give down but that hasnt happened yet, Im a bit negative now just because it seems like a long process and I just feel like its going so slow and its never gonna end, I need to start thinking more positively like yesterday.

It will all be worth it.

Day 4/5

Had a hard evening last night, just being in constant pain 24 hours a day for days in a row can be really draining.

Its not even pain with my nose, its these horrible mouth ulcers, there seems to be another one that has come up beside the big one and by the night of day 4 I was just in bits, I got to sleep a bit easier though and didnt wake up as much, must be getting used to sleeping sitting up on my back.

Day 5: woke up this morning in pain again surprise surprise, again, the mouth ulcers and sore throat.

I am just really upset with the pain of these ulcers, mainly because I know if they weren't there that my recovery would have been so much easier than it is. I have no numbness of the nose, lip or front teeth at all, I can breathe through two nostrils most of the time, I have no real pain in the nose apart from a sting or two in the tip every now & then. My throat is very sore but that can be treated with the nurofen and lessened, I have had no nausea which is crazy because I usually have a very bad stomach with acid reflux but it has not been affecting me at all. I have had no headaches at all either, so its annoying that these unrelated ulcers are whats making me miserable.

Its been 5 days now in constant pain and I have literally tried every medication and home remedy going and to no avail. The only thing that helps is using corsodyl mouthwash on the area and that only works for about 5 minutes maximum.

I just am impatient and feel like they are never gonna go away when every morning I wake up they are almost worse than before and they get worse during the day.

I cant eat or talk and I am forcing myself to drink through a straw and even still that really hurts. I have a very high pain threshold and this is the first time in a very long time that I have been in tears repeatedly over a pain in my body, it could be just because of the stress & trauma to my body but I just feel so down about it, having said that, when it does stop hurting for a few minutes after rinsing I feel really great, in such good form and relatively pain free and not even that congested anymore.

I will never ever again take for granted just sitting down to eat a meal, or go to the shops and havng a coffee out, I promise that!

On the upside, my swelling in my eyes is going down a little and they are all yellow now just a little bit purple on the inner corners, I noticed lastnight (when I was crying!) that when I put my hands over my face it felt totally different, because my nose used to go out so far my hands would be almost parallel to my face but now they actually cover my face almost flat! Always a silver lining!

Day 6- Getting better

Last night was not pleasant, again with my ulcers not my nose. I went to bed early because I just couldn't take the pain any longer and woke up a few times during the night feeling sick & hot, eventually got up at 6 and my parents were worried about how I was because I was shivering and sweating and the pain was even worse in my mouth and now was in my ear and head too. We got an emergency appointment for the doctor a few hours later and she said the only thing that I could do was take Difene now to manage pain, and as I cant swallow the tablet due to my swollen throat, it had to go up the other way! Not pleasant but I was really willing to try anything at this stage, after about an hour of discomfort in my stomach the pains faded and so did my mouth pains! :D

For the first time in 5 days I could talk and people could actually hear & understand me! I could eat something & take a probiotic drink and some solpadine, and I could just relax! A-maz-ing. The Difene lasts for up to 16 hours so I will have to do one myself in the morning, not looking forward to that again but if it stops the pain then I'm gonna give it my best shot.

My surgeon gave me his personal mobile number to text if there were any issues and I did text him about the pain the other day, he got back to me right away with suggesstions and told me to let him know how I got on with them, I think thats a really good thing to do for your patient because you know your actual surgeon is just the other end of a simple text and that he does this in his spare time, he is obviously passionate about his job because I know a lot of doctors these days who dont even listen when you go in to them and pay €50 for ye sake of 5 minute appointments.

My cast removal is tomorrow and I am so so scared, firstly of the pain of the stitches being removed because I have never had stitches before (feel free someone to chip in and tell me its the easiest thing ever!) and all this tape is gonna practically give me a new layer of skin after being stuck solid for a week. Obviously I am scared of how its going to look too mostly. Looking back only before pics I can see the tip is smaller as my nostrils are smaller and its not as long, I like my side profile even in the cast though as it looks straight but I know it could swell up pretty bad due to the hump removal. When I look sideways I can see a straight line rather than a big hump and just my nose, which has gotta be a good thing! I am just afraid of how it will look from the front and looking in the mirror to basically a different face.

Whats weird is that my eyes look as if they have changed shape?! I thought it secretly but my mam & boyfriend commented too saying they look bigger and more round and mam said that even though I have bruising on my eyes that the dark shadows i usually have around my eyes seems to be much much better, maybe it was the shadows of my nose creating them!

I have got nothing but support off family and friends and I am not as afraid now as I was before of showing people and telling them about it because I am not ashamed at all, I had to do It to make myself happy and no matter how it looks tomorrow, I dont regret it because in my eyes nothing can be worse than my original nose and Im glad I did something about it.

Cast off & Delighted!

So I got my cast off and stitches off this morning, nothing to worry about..I had never heard of anyone experiences here of getting the stitches out but basically its just the same feeling as tweezing your eyebrows and doesnt pain afterwards! The cast just lifts off and then the tape is pulled off. He was very gentle with all of this so it was all very bearable, same as the whole procedure really! (Except the ulcers which he informed me are not very common and may be because I have problems such as IBS etc. so thats not gonna be the case for everyone!)

It was so crazy seeing my picture of my nose before & afterwards! Because I had a large dorsal hump this means that where the hump was before there would more than likely look like there was still a tiny bump but that is just the skin settling over its new structure, its really hardly even noticable! Also he said the tip will refine itself in time and that we should get a really good result in about 3 months time, I cant wait but even now there is a massive improvement already even with the swelling still happening, it just shows the smallest thing can make a big diffeence when it comes to the nose. My eye shape has definately changed, a good few people have commented on this saying I look much more awake and they look rounder, which is a really good thing and my usually big dark circles arent half as bad! From the side profile my nose actually looks straight, I never imagined my nose being straight so its so good to go somewhere and not be paranoid about looking always straight on!
From the front it looks very much the same as my old nose but with much better features, the tip doesnt droop and theres no big obvious lump in the middle, It looks like I have had nothing done from the front but that my face looks smoother or something and thats exactly what I wanted because otherwise it wouldn't look like me at all and would be a bit scary to look in the mirror and not recognise myself.

I am glad in a way that it is swollen now because its not massively different from my old nose (but much easier on the eye) so that eliminates all of the staring and people talking about it and asking questions right away which is something I was afraid of happening after being so paranoid about my nose for so many years.

I sent pics to all my family and friends and visited some family right after and they all couldn't believe how normal I looked, they expected bad bruising and blood and everything but it was literally only a bit yellow from the stuff used to keep the tape on! I was surprised about the lack of bruising I had and think I can return to college a week earlier than expected because of this! Everyone absolutely loved my new pics, some of my aunties said they cried they were so happy! I got SUCH a good reaction it made me so happy, I have never been called 'gorgeous' so many times in all my life and have never felt it. My confidence has already taken a jump and its only been a few hours!

I dont regret doing this one bit and if anyone does say anything negative they are just being jealous and I am not gonna take in any of these comments (have had no negativity at all so far)

I now cant wait to go out shopping, nights out and parties and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders already!

As said before I will be more than happy to answer any questions in mail & will send pics in mail, just for privacy :)

First day after cast removal

Well today was a test for my new nose!..I got a call early morning to see if I could make it to the city for a big job interview, I told them I could because when I apply make up over the slight yellowness it doesnt look like I have only been for surgery last week so I was glad to be able to say yes and not have to decline because of bruising etc. the woman never even noticed one bit.

Out in the city where there are lots of people would have been a nightmare for me before just keeping my head down making sure nobody seen me and getting on with it, today I could walk around like normal with my head up and not hiding away and I really noticed something brilliant, before people would look at me and then maybe look twice or just plain state or say something, but today people just looked at me and smiled back (because I was going around smiling like an eejit!) and then carried on with their business, this is such a big thing for me because it made me feel finally so normal and like A massive weight has been lifted off me! Any time I caught a look of my side profile in a window or mirror it was the best thing ever because it looks how I should have always looked!

Here is a before and after picture, apologies they are not the greatest pictures. Its so hard to find a before one especially sideways so its lucky I took this the night before surgery, the second one was taken right after cast removal so is still swollen but so much better!

3 weeks after cast off-happy happy!

Sorry I havent been updating much, I have had two college courses on at the same time plus lots of exams (still going on :/ ).

Even so soon after the operation, I know this is the best thing I have ever done and dont regret a single bit of it, therefore I have marked a 'worth it' in my review. Everything I worried about so much has not happened, people have been so so good about it. I have had quite a few messaged from people saying they are from small towns too that they are afraid how people will react, I was the same as plastic surgery is unheard of where I live but honestly most people havent noticed! And anybody who has noticed had said 'theres something different, your skin is clearer, your eyes look different?' Its crazy! But they are right, I have noticed my eyes look more rounded and open and the skin right under my eyes looks brighter because there is no big shadows from the hump on my nose anymore.

I wasn't expecting my friends to understand (boys!) but all they have said is that they are so so happy for me, and that they cant believe how normal I look.

Everyone is saying they cant believe I just had surgery a few weeks ago, it looks like nothing had happend as there is no bruising at all and very little swelling in the tip. Its funny because I recently got my hair done with extensions and people keep saying "wow, its crazy how much extensions can change your whole look isnt it?!" Little do they know! Haha.. I have started applying for jobs again and I am so excited for how things are going, I had my angel cards read and the woman said I am going to be very successful in my career and now I have the confidence to believe that!

I have had a few nights out and I really enjoyed them for the first time in a long long time! There was no constant panick of someone making fun of me or starting at me etc. and on the first night 5 random guys came up and told me how beautiful I was, I really couldn't believe it!

I had my 3 week check up the other day and my surgeon is very happy with how things are going, he said he will see me sooner than 3 months after because my changes are happening so quickly :). I really cant thank him enough because he has literally changed my whole life! he took more pics and showed me my before pic and the picture he had just taken, I though it was the prediction image that he had shown me but it was me now! You realy dont know how much has changed in the nose till you see the pictures side by side, my parents and boyfriend couldn't believe the picture, my bf said he doesnt even remember it the way it was before now and had never noticed how different it was. He is really supportive and is very happy for me as he can see what a difference this has already made to my whole life.

I still cant believe that I have had it and this just feels like how it should have always been, Im so glad I got it done at this age as I can now enjoy my twenties with a massive weight off my shoulders! For anyone thinking about this a lot I would say go for it, if you have the financial means and is something you really really want but are too afraid of the actual surgery etc. then honestly the after effect will be well worth any pain!

It's almost been a year!

Wow, I cannot believe in two weeks it will be exactly one year since I had my rhinoplasty surgery! I haven't updated much on here stating what has changed in my nose etc. and the reason for that is because I haven't been looking for them! The whole reason I went ahead with this surgery was so I could live my life not thinking about my nose and that's exactly what I'm doing, I haven't been looking in the mirror every day saying to myself 'how many millimetres has the tip of my nose gone down?' Instead I just glance in the mirror to check my makeup! This in itself is a huuuge deal for me because I spent so many years of my life looking in the mirror at my nose I barely even noticed the rest of my face! Haha

Since the surgery my family and friends cannot believe how much my confidence has shot up. I have been for interviews, done some modelling with fashion shows and photoshoots , and just two days ago got up on stage and talked in front of 500 people in a competition very important in Ireland! My family were amazed at the difference, there's absolutely no chance I would have done any of this had I not had the surgery!

I have had no problems with the functionality of my nose at all. The numbness in the tip seems to be gone (didn't notice it too much in the first place) and I can breathe properly just like before!

I have not had one negative reaction to it and all people have had to say is that I am very brave for going through with it and they can see how much of a weight it has lifted, my parents and boyfriend are thrilled. I went on about 4 months after surgery to get 4 teeth pulled out and 1 wisdom tooth and got my braces put back on to fix my teeth. Safe to say I have been through a lot this year but it's all for the better and my anxiety has definately lessened because any time I get really scared I just think that it always seems impossible until it's done, which is so true as cheesey as it sounds!

As always, I would recommend anyone thinking about this who have the finance to go ahead with it, don't let your nerves stop you from doing it and just think of the end result, and I would definately recommend this surgeon to go to for the procedure as I couldn't have asked for a nicer man & staff to go through the experience with! Although I haven't been updating much on this I have been regularly receiving and answering messages on my experience and will continue to do so, so if you have any concerns about your op or want to know the surgeon or even just want to chat about it then feel free to message me as I will be more than happy to help!
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Have not had surgery yet. So far very happy with the practice, receptionists, surgeon, consultation etc.

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