Nervous for Nose Job but Need to Get Rid of This Tip!

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Hi all, So I am pre op at the moment. First a...

Hi all,

So I am pre op at the moment. First a little about me: I am living in Dubai 30 yrs old, and my nose has bothered me since I can first remember, I think the first time I really started to despise it was when I was about 14 years old.

It's not an issue where I constantly look at my nose and think blugh! Most people who I've spoken to about wanting a nose job have told me i don't really need one. I however have adapted to my nose, for example, all my makeup tips accentuate my eyes, I feel I can never wear my hair down or fully up as it frames the nose, so I have my fringe in the way all the time. Problem with my nose is not the size in general, the general size fits my face if that makes sense. I like the length. the way my nostrils look from the side, where my tip is positioned. What I do not like is how wide my tip is, (it pretty much nearly hides my nostrils), and then the bridge of my nose is flatish and has two dents on the side which makes me look gross from the side. So what I would like to do is narrow the nose from the top, the tip, and remove the bumps. I want to retain the general shape.

So support system wise, again I come from a generally attractive family who are very stuck in their ways when it comes to cosmetic surgery. My sister and my mum have the same petite features and are naturally stunning (no makeup stunning), my brother and my father also have great masculine facial features. Now me, I am generally decent looking (I would upgrade to attractive with makeup)... but with my dads nose.... a mans nose on a womans face does not go. So they are extremely against any form of surgery, thinking its completely insane. I have tried to breach the subject with them multiple times which generally leads to a dismissal or an argument. So in short, I haven't told them I am doing the surgery. I know its completely nuts as they will 100 percent notice but going to cross that bridge when I come to it.

Now my lovely fiance has been a pillar of support, he thinks I do not need the nose job (as he loves me as i am aw) but understands that I have had this personal issue for a while. He will be coming to the surgery with me and has taken a few days off to look after me.

I have chosen to go with Dr Sanjay from Coocona in Dubai as I know him well and trust his expertise. He preforms at least one rhinolasty every 2 days which is good as hes constantly working on the nose. In regards to him compared to other surgeons, from only the pre op I felt he was the most honest. I felt other surgeons were moving my whole nose around and making me look like a different person. Dr sanjay actually sat with me and explained firstly what he liked about my nose and what he wouldnt even want to touch. he explained my nostril placing and my tip position ect were really nice, he understood my problems, and understood I wanted a very natural look, a refining I would say rather than a drastic change.

I then has follow ups with Mrs Simi who is very polite, and a pre op, where all measurements were taken, risk was explained, what I should do pre the surgery ect, and my pre anesthetic appointment was made. Everything was extremely detailed and very well handled. I have come to expect this from cocoona. I also am terrified of anesthesia, my nose suddenly collapsing or twisting and general death. So I ate Dr Sanjays ear off and he listened to all my irrational fears and calmed me down.

I then have just gone to the pre anastheic where a detailed report was filled out and I had a full consultation with the dr who would be putting me under, I feel more calm now.

I have attached some pics of my current nose and the desired result. I am not one of those people who expect perfection. At the end of the day i'm realistic, I would like an vast improvement obviously, but I do understand you will be a lot happier with better rather trying to achieve perfect and scrutinizing everything.

Day of and one day post op

Hi Guys,

So I am just updating on day of surgery and one day post op!

So got to the hospital around 7am with my finace, got checked into the day surgery centre. I had my own room which was lovely. Immediately they asked me to sign some forms and checked my blood pressure ect. They then inserted the iv and gave me fluids as I had been fasting since 12am the previous day. The anesthesiologist came into see me and speak with me about any concerns I may have ect which was very nice, I just told him i am a very vomitty person so to give me a LOT of anti nausea medication when waking up. I read a lot of people throw up blood ect which i was 100 percent trying to avoid. I bought some dream photos of my nose to the surgery so Dr sanjay could have them, not sure if thats what people do but thought it may help for the image to be fresh.

So generally was extremely nervous when going in, started sweating, and generally regretting all my life decisions, at this point the nurses gave me some happy drugs and wheeled me into the operating theatre where I was put under, I don't remember anything after that except for waking up and drifting in and out of sleep. The operation was apparently an hour to an hour and a half.

Got transferred into my main room where my mouth literally felt like the desert! So dry, I kept asking for water but I wasn't allowed any for about half an hour where I then took small sips and drifted in and out of sleep for about 2 hours, probably waking up every 10 mins to ask for water, which my fiancee gave me sips of through a straw. Post waking up my nurse changed my gauze, then bought me in some juice which i successfully digested, then I was given a toasted cheese toasty and some soup. Was really difficult to breathe out my mouth and eat at the same time so i just took tiny bites which worked. Then fell asleep for another few hours awoke around 4pm and felt a lot better, not dizzy and no longer nauseas. The worst seemed to have passed. When I look at myself thuogh I notice my outer splint was slightly raised you could see up the middle of my nice but its stuck down at the sides. I asked the nurse about this and she said it was find because it was only holding the bones on the sides as they were the ones that were broken. Has anyone had this experience?? or just me? As not going to lie it worried me. Before i went home they also took the nose packing out so I could breathe, noticed breathing was very clear and nice comparatively to pre op. I also had my sense of taste which I was terrified of losing. Nurses checked I wasn't leaking too much and sent me home. They gave me some gauze, tape, saline solution, ect. I already had my antibiotics and arcoxia for pain which i am to take 2ce a day.

Generally pain wise I had none the first day, went home, got into bed and just watched a few episodes and drifted off to sleep, woke up at around 3am, had some water with a straw. Straws are a god send! was awake for a couple hours and fell back to sleep till about 9am. Had dry mouth throughout the night but actually wasn't too bad, do recommend using lip balm as you lips will get v dry.


I expected black eyes, no black eyes, v minimal swelling. But i generally never bruise so kindof expected this. My neck for some reason is quite sore, like ive been doing neck sit ups or something ha! So had a bit of a panic attack this morning, woke up took off my gauze, which only seemed to have dry blood so have completely removed that. Noticed my outer splint has really raised in the night, i mean its still stuck on the sides but I can see all the way up the middle of my nose more so than yesterday. I called my surgeon, he told me to push it down and stick it back with tape. I mean it doesn't really push down as it is stuck on the sides. I am going into see him tomorrow as don't really know if this is normal. He said as long as the sides are good were fine.

Just resting today otherwise, no nausea or anything. So I guess thats good. Worried about this bloody splint. Hope all is ok.

Also attached some pics

Tip pics

Tip while smiling before and after- can already see a difference! Not as droopy! Hope it looks nice as a whole- I like this though!

Day 5 post op cast off!

Day 5 cast off! was so ready to get the cast off my nose has been quite annoying having it on as I feel fine! Went to the doctor to remove the cast and tape this morning. Wasn't painful at all! Just removed everything then started to remove the stitches from under the nose. This was a little painful however fine. Had a lot of dried up blood in my nostrils but is very hard and stuck there so I have a cream to help loosen it.

So thoughts when removing the cast... Was nauseas when I first removed my cast as just a generally terrifying experience! Was feeling ok after a little adjustment, came home and had a lunch date with a friend so put on some makeup. Found it was difficult to cover the black eyes. Freaked out a little as my nose from the right looked too small and then freaked out a lot! I have a tiny slant in my nose deviated septum. One side always looks bigger than the other from the side. I decided not to get this fixed in the operation as its not really noticeable and doesn't bother me in general.

After consulting with my fiancé and my housemate and they thought I was being too critical and it is a vast improvement on my old nose which is true. I did my hair up and changed my makeup and actually like how I look so far.

So op wise, I had asked him to reduce the tip, bring up my hanging columella, shave off my pumps on the sides of my nose and flatten the sides to make them straighter as they were more arced- if that makes sense. Swelling I feel isn't too bad. But obviously there!

Have added some pics but will also add a side by side.

More pics

Finding it difficult to adjust to my new nose but also love it so far! Feel a little piggy too! My nose is a little upturned but I think in a good way as used to droop! I'm confused!

Have a really dark spot on top of my cheek bone that doesn't seem to fade it's worrying me now! Does anyone know hot to fade bruising! Please help!

2 days shy of 2 weeks

2 days shy of 2 weeks

Hi all,

So just wanted to update on 12 days of my recovery.

So have seen my mother, and some close friends so far, have done the exact same makeup as I would usually and thank god! No body has noticed my nose so far! Getting comments asking if I have changed my foundation ect, or asking if I have lost weight! Oh also to note, a lot of people say to change your hair to deter from your nose, I also did this.

So far am loving my new nose, it still feels like its mine, but just improved, I didn't want to change my whole overall appearance, I just wanted to improve what I already had! Which I think Dr Sanjay achieved perfectly! I used to hate my 3/4 side view especially the left side where my nose bumps really showed, that coupled with the droopy tip/columella was not pretty.

I feel the biggest difference is actually my front view (it is difficult to tell in pictures but I had a really wide bone near my eyes which actually sometimes made my eyes look as if they were too close together. But since that was broken and reduced to a normal slope, my eye spacing looks fantastic and just generally more femanine. I feel I can wear my hair up now and feel like a girl!

I went back to work this week and also started the gym again! Dr told me to take it easy but I do not feel pressure on my nose at all and the swelling seems to be fine, so I just pushed myself a little to see what my body could take and seemed to be fine.
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