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Yes, i did it! Exactly one month back this day i...

Yes, i did it! Exactly one month back this day i took the plunge joining the bravehearts who went under the KNIFE to get what they wanted. When i say braveheart's i really do mean it.. because i'm that 30 year old 'kid' who faints at the sight of a needle. And every blood test/ vaccine in the history of my life was always a nightmare. Since i never liked my nose and was always conscious about it as it always ends up being the center focus of face i needed to get it tweeked.

Since it's my one month anniversary post surgery, perfect timing to pen down my nose transformation journey and will continue to update on the progress as my doctor said it will take about a year to see the final result.

My nose structure has been inherited from my maternal side and something i wasn't so grateful for a very long time :( You will agree when i add the before pictures which was taken at the clinic. (But i will edit the face for anonymity and will be uploaded soon enough).

I live in UAE and pinned my choice to have my surgery done by Dr Ashok Govilla even before my first consultation with him. Yes i did my homework well enough to be that confident about him and plus i'm a little too intuitive :)

I met the Doctor at DLC on 13th Aug for the first consultation and payed the advance on the procedure then and there and booked my slot for mid Sept as i was traveling in between and couldn't afford to have any traces of bruising on my face before that.

During my consultation i had insisted i would want photo animations so we both can discuss what can be done and what can be expected. So he had taken the pictures of my nose from every possible angle and lo behold he worked on it wit impeccable scrutiny and the edited pictures was emailed back to me with markings on it pointing out how deformed my nose actually looks was an eye opener for me too. It made me realized i was so right in deciding the surgery done.

In his email he penned down his findings and it was detailed and clear and pointed out i had a twisted nose with the middle third depressed along with very wide lower third specially on expressions. Trust me, my nose trills just flares out when i smile and hence i'm so conscious about it when taking my pictures. I so got used to restricting my smile that i have a signature tight lip smile. My tip although not so bulbous still needed refinement to match my reduced size nose.
I was particular about three things that the sides of the nose needs to be narrowed down, the nosetrils shouldn't flare up wide anymore and the tip should look cute and tiny. I was also particular on the absolute NO - NO list too.. i did want the upturned nose, or the nose looking squished up to the center and looks bulked up like a little sausage at the center of the face. After going through gallery after gallery of rhinoplasty aftermath pictures i just knew what i didn't want. :)

In two weeks after my first consultation mid Aug he sends me the photo animations, and we had a few email discussion whilst i was away on my trip. We had decided the date of the Operation to be 25th Sept and sat down with the Doc on the 24th to have a final discussion on what is needed and what can be done. Fortunately we were on the same page.
On the same day the final payments were done after which i was sent out for blood test and also had my consultation with the Anaesthesian done. I met up with Dr Nedaa Ali, a very charming and a beautiful soul, she put me at ease and told me she will be with me throughout the surgery the next day.

So next day, on the 25th although my admission time was 8 in the morning i arrived earlier than my scheduled time with my mother as the bystander as we needed to stay the night. My room was nice but i need to put it out there the staff at Dubai London Clinic were just amazingly kind and nice, i was grateful i was in such good hands whilst my stay.

My procedure was scheduled for 10 am and i was wheeled out to the Operating theatre, my Doc and the Anaesthesian had visited me prior to see how i was doing and Oh! i almost forgot a nurse had stuck in a needle in the back of my hand for IV and i was looking nowhere near it until she was done. ( !!) It pricked a bit wasn't that bad but i sill still shudder at the sight of the next one.

Once i was in the theatre i was given a pill and that knocked me off completely, supposedly it was so strong i recount nothing during the surgery. And i'm glad, i'm not soo much into gore details! :)

So a nurse woke me up from my slumber and i had to put my hand on my face to believe the fact my surgery was already done with. They wheeled back to my room and i climbed into my bed and slept for a while. I remember being quite hungry as the post operative instructions had advised me to fast from past midnight. My mouth/throat and lips were getting dry and i had to breathe through my mouth.

When later i took a peek in the bathroom mirror the cast was on, and there was a folded gauze stuck below the nose which the nurses kept changing when i bled.

I had no pain whatsoever on my face/ nose and my under eye din swell up much on the first day, my IV tube was busy with normal painkillers through the night and a tiny tablet was given at regular intervals for any swelling.

After i was back home, from Day 3 the swelling under the eye had gone purplish and ghastly. I had taken the gause off under the nose as i wasn't bleeding anymore but i was still breathing through the mouth. The one thing which i would advise against is steam inhalation to clear the throat and nose, i think it wasn't a good idea when i noticed it had losened up the cast a bit, i didn't do it thereafter. I cleaned my nose with just earbuds and water.

I had my next consultation a week later post surgery, my Doctor was happy with how it looked so far and asked me to wait another week to remove the cast. And i did wait another week, by then i found icing my under eye helped a lot in receding the discoloration (i did it only a few times though).
By the 2nd week i could breathe through my nose. So my cast was removed the next week, although i was a little taken aback (maybe shock) i looked different all of a sudden, but nothing could be said yet. My nose was a bit swelled up, and my doctor exclaimed the cast had shifted a bit thats why the tip had space to swell up.. but my bridge on the other hand looked all defined.. so i was asked to come two weeks later. So 22nd was my last appointment and he was happy with how it looks so far, and said there was major healing in a short time.

My personal review on the look of my nose, the sides of the bridge is amazingly narrowed. But i find the tip of my nose a little angled to the left which i assume could have happened when the cast had shifted when it loosened and set like that. (my assumption!) Or will take time to set as it was meant to be, will have to wait to find out. Also the size of the tip is still a little bulkier than what i would want because of the swelling and i believe it would go down in the coming months.

Yet for now i have a smaller nose to live with , i will have a perfect nose eventually in the months to come.

I have my next appointment with Dr Askok in another 3 months by then we can see the almost results, as i'm healing quite well. Apart from a little racoon eyes, my nose seems untouched... there is a cut underneath both my nosetril the stitches were removed last week the sar will heal and i'm not much concerned. I met my best friend the same day after my last appointment with the doctor, she has no clue i had undergone the surgery and din notice anything much except i looked a little tired because of the 'dark circles'.

The pictures will be coming up soon, i'm going on a trip tomorrow night and will return mid Nov. And queries shall be answered thereafter.


One month pictures - Pre and Post Op stages

Pictures talk louder than words!

fetched pics out of my phone... and i'm traveling in an hour!

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