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Hi all iam from Dubai and i did rhinoplasty long...

hi all
iam from Dubai and i did rhinoplasty long time ago and i get ugly space between my nose and upper lip
its 1.5 cm

and be4 rhinoplasty i didnt have any space :(
i did 4 consultion with different doctors in my country all of them refused my request ..
and my husband refused also to do any surgery
and in the same time he said that i do have a big space and its make my face tall ..
i need to do lip lift as soon as possible but this month i deley everything because iam pregnant one month ...i saw alot of lip lift results and all its nice ..i need to do italian modified lip lift it will help me alot...
help me ...any advise !!
by the way
u can see 2 photos for me
one with my orginal view
the second one i did try with this red plaster :)

my nose photo

hi ladies
how r u all
iam 5 months pregnant now and iam really waiting the time to pass to make lip lift ...
sorry for my poor english ...iam arabic lady ...anyway

i wana ask can i choose endonasal lip lift ..and do u think that the scar will not show ...
here is my nose and waiting ur help ladies :)
thank you very much and love you all :)

here my nose and my lips and u can see the space ..

just waiting to pass these months and make lip lift .
Name not provided

i didnt make the surgery yet .

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