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Hello everyone So I posted 2 days ago about advice...

Hello everyone
So I posted 2 days ago about advice of shades, and thank you for answering me, but too bad it was too late to see your replies, but its ok, today i had the upper veneers, and im not that happy about it, i wanted it to look my temp, but still fail, i did asked for bunny teeth but i dont think it matched my teeth and i said slightly long not too much, and asked for shade bleached 010 sometimes it looks white sometimes normal, what do you think ? does it suit me, and look nice , and should i do lower teeth or will it be waste of money?

my natural teeth, and the pictures of the veneers

i feel like its too big, and he told me take 3000 veneers one because its very thin, and will look natural, but i feel like it looks bulky and big. what do you guys think?

My Natural Smile, the Desired Shape, my Temp, and the Permanent Veneers ( Not Satisfied at All, Worst Decision Ever )

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my story, I have diabetic, so it means they have to be extra careful, and from the beginning I told him I don't want shaving, and he kept insisting that he has to shave, and said wont shave much, but he actually did it, and a lot, i was beyond frustrated, but he placed the temp veneers which lasts a week, the look was nice, and loved it, but god i was in pain, heck I lost weight, next visit it was for veneers, the shade was bleached 020 we thought it would be natural white, but surprisingly it looked grayish, so ofc i rejected it, and told him do like the temp exactly, but he failed , then he asked for a pic, and i did sent him and in whats app -email more than once, so the sec visit the actual veneers he placed it and this time i asked for bleached 010 shade which is the whitest, the shape was awful but how can i know if i was numbed, i was in sever pain, and he ignored it, the teeth i feel like they are way big and bulky, and that shade is not 010 coz i can see shades of yellow certain places but its fine with me it looked natural like that, but the shaving and the shape is my concern what can i do help, and advice please, sorry for my english, and the long replay ( one pic of the desired smile- 3 of my natural teeth- 2 of the temp veneers 6 of the permanent veneers )

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