Mark Epstein, Stony Brook, NY 5ft2 55kg 32b/34a - 410FM Natrelle Anatomical 310cc. Want C cup.

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I am a 34a, 32b is ok around the band but the cup...

I am a 34a, 32b is ok around the band but the cup is too small. 34a I just about fill fully. I have always wanted larger breasts. I was quite sporty at school and was very small framed so 32b was ok then. Now that I'm older 47 and middle age spread has taken over the flatness in my opinion is more pronounced. I don't want really large boobs I really would be happy to fully fit into a 34b. No puckering and gaps. I like the shape of my breasts for the most part just would like more volume. I really want them to look as natural as possible but more importantly I want them to feel natural as well. I'm hoping that with a small rise in volume I will not loose the natural feeling of my own breast tissue. Has anyone gone up by just 1 cup size does your own breast tissue still jiggle does it feel natural? I posted a picture of what I'm working with. I'm on my period at the moment so I look fuller than I would normally.

I'm currently interested in two Drs. Dr. Epstein, Stony Brook, Long Island and Allen Rezai in Dubai/London. If anyone else has used either of them and has before and after pictures / review please let me know. I hope to have a consultation with Dr. Epstein early July and Dr. Rezai in Dubai in late June. I have heard good things about Dr. Epstein especially the rapid recovery which could be a game changer for me as I do not have much time off work and so would need to go back within a week. I've read a lot of reviews and researched the Rapid Recovery technique and I really like the sound of it. Dr. Rezai has really great reviews for the natural look and I live in the middle east so being nearer to home also is a big plus.

First Consultation

So I'm booked in for a consultation with Dr Epstein, Stony Brook, NY on 7th July. If anyone has used him before please let me know how you got on. Really looking forward to it as I'm very interested in the 24 hour recovery technique which is apparently less trauma on the breast tissue, and surrounding areas, non use of narcotics, less pain and an easier recovery. Patients are able to lift hands above their heads, and out to dinner same day of surgery! Wow if that is the case .... I've read a lot of reviews and very rarely are people out to dinner much less lifting hands above their heads. If anyone has had 24hr recovery please also let me know how you got on. I'm Interested to know based on my bwd, which I don't know yet and breast tissue what can be done for me. I'm hoping that I have enough breast tissue that with a one cup rise it will feel and look as natural as possible. I would like a small / subtle improvement without damaging the breast tissue I have. More volume, not too much projection and a gentle slope in the upper pole. I also have a consultation with Dr. Rezai on 23rd July. Again anyone who has used Dr. Rezai let me know how you got on. The other PS i'm interested in is Dr. Adams in Dallas, again 24hr recovery and he was trained by Dr. Tebbett who brought the 24hr recovery to the Breast Augmentation world. I have read Dr. Tebbett's book and although in parts it is very repetitive the important information does sink in and I have found it very informative.

Anyway that's it for now will update after my consultation.

Consultation Dr. Mark D. Epstein, Stony Brook, NY.

So I had my consultation today with Dr. Epstein. It went well and I left feeling excited and assured. My greatest fear is how the implants will feel. Too hard do I have enough breast tissue to cover. I feel better about this now that I have spoken to Dr. Epstein and Jennifer. However would still appreciate your feedback ladies to how you feel yours feel and how long they took to soften up. He totally understood my vision and goal of a natural look, more volume small size increase. I believe he will do a great job. If anyone has used Dr. Epstein appreciate your feedback and how you found recovery was for you etc.

When I got to the office there was a power outage so computers AC everything was down. I was internally about to go into melt down as I thought I've travelled from middle east to get here, I was like its a sign! I should not be doing this LOL! But then Zen kicked in and I was calm if it's meant to be it will be. As it was power came back sufficiently for me to have my consultation! Phew! I found the two ladies who dealt with me on reception very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately don't remember their names. Jennifer the clinical supervisor was great and had a lovely aura about her. Dr. Epstein was lovely, thorough answered all my questions. To be honest there was not much as I've researched so much all my questions were already answered on his website. Nonetheless he was patient whilst I looked through my book of questions.

So my BWD is 12.5 I'm 55kg and 5ft2 and wear a 34a / 32b. I would like to be 32c. Dr. Epstein suggested 310cc under muscle dual plane. I wanted tear drop so 410 Anatomic, Natrelle. 310 frightens me think maybe too big but I've read enough reviews to trust his wisdom and expertise.

Now I have hols already booked for the 2nd week in Aug for just over two weeks. Unfortunately there is no availability for those dates. If I don't have it done in August will have to be next year and honestly I don't want to wait that long. I want it like yesterday!

I've been in contact with Dr Per Heden's office and they have availability for my vacation dates. Will post again once I have had consultation with Dr. Heden. I'm going to cancel my consultation with Dr. Rezai in Dubai as really it's between Dr. Epstein and Dr. Heden at this point.

I have set up a consultation with Per Heden, after reading Nallah's review did research and was really impressed. Both Drs. Although use different techniques they are similar as use scientifically tested methods to calculate the best implant size based on your unique dimensions. Most people have less pain during recovery and these guys are innovators and very well renowned. They train surgeons with their techniques and are well respected in the industry. I told Dr. Epstein that I had another consultation scheduled. When I told him it was with Per Heden I liked his reply. He said " if you choose to go with him you will be in good hands. "

Mark Epstein / Pers Heden

Ok so as I said I had my consultation with Mark Epstein and I had intended to have consultation with Pers Heden in Sweden. Both are brilliant surgeons both leave minimum trauma to the breast tissues and sternum with their special techniques and are well renowned in the industry. Unfortunately after several emails back and forth I'm not really feeling Sweden anymore. There was many plus's, stay over night in the clinic, it is less to travel and it was 2k less money than NY. For me, someone listening to what I'm saying or at least acknowledging me is very important. After sending the clinic in Sweden a lengthy email, with all the information THEY asked for, measurements, height weight, pictures, my goals etc. I received a email asking for everything I had sent the day before. They only answered one of the questions I askedd. Have to say i'm not impressed. Not only that but one of the questions was regarding rescheduling date of surgery to early August, they did not even acknowledge. So I sent an email asking if they were able to read my email. I got back a rather short email informing me the Dr. was on vacation that he would of read it and would get back to me during summer. Urrrrmmmmhh during summer when? I need an answer now. I need to book flights, schedule holidays I can't be doing So that has pretty much made my mind. If I have the surgery which I so want it will be with Dr. Epstein. My only fear is that I may end up larger than I want. I want to fit into a c cup. Worried 310cc Anatomical will take me to D. I've been told there is early August. Just waiting for Dr. Epstein office to get back to me re deposit as I need to pay 20% to hold the date. I just want to know the details. When the final deposit is due, up to when can I get deposit back etc. My boss has approved my holiday I had to extend it. I have changed flights. Just to book the NY part now. If anyone has 310cc - Natrelle 410FM Anatomicals can you let me know how you have found it. What size you were before and are now?



Oh and just to add, I'm sure the information regarding deposit is in the pack which I was given at the consultation. Unfortunately when I flew back to the Middle East one of my suitcase got lost. Yep would have to be the one with all the pictures of me topless and the paperwork! So I've not got a clue until I hear from Mary Ellen.

I'm booked! 3rd Aug, Dr. Epstein, Stony Brook ......Natrelle 410FM 310cc want C cup worried will be D+!

Ok people, so I have finally made a decision and I'm going with Dr. Epstein. I have paid the deposit so no turning back now! I feel scared and excited. Anyone gone with Dr Epstein I would appreciate your comments. I have wanted this for a long time but now all the worries are tumbling in. Am I making the right choice yadda yadda ..... anyway will keep you all posted. I still have concerns about the size, but as I want Anatomicals I wonder if because of my bwd which 12.5 this is the smallest I can go. Ladies if you have any tips on things I should start stockpiling please let me know.

2 Weeks 2 days to go ..... 310cc - Natrelle 410FM

I am feeling excited but also very scared and nervous. I have always wanted this and was so sure when I paid the deposit. Now that the deposit is paid, flights & hotel booked my nerve has gone and left me! You know sometimes you just have this feeling that all will be well and your sure and excited. Well I had it when I decided I wanted Dr. Epstein. It was feeling of excitement and knowing. I can't explain it. It was so fast and quick I did not have time to try and analyse the feeling. Bare with me going off on a tangent here, but it was the same when I bought a car. I had been desperately looking for a car as moved home and it was far out and a nightmare getting to work. I saw an add on the classifieds. I took one look at the car and I knew it was going to be mine. I just knew.

Ok I digressed .... I have never spent so much money on myself before so I think that is also part of my what am I doing spending so much money ...... Do you know what I'm more than worth it, I work hard (for the most part) or have for the majority of my working life. Life is damn short I will do this for me! Sod it!

I need to get bloods done, but was told not to until at least 2 weeks before op. So will wait until Wednesday which will be exactly 2 weeks. I have detailed report for mammogram and ultra Sound being emailed to me within next couple of days. All that is left is the doctors clearance. Well today I had (or so I thought) appointment scheduled with my Doctor, only to be told she is actually on holiday but I could see her relief. So I explained (my Doctor already knew) that I was having Breast Augmentation and need Mammogram report etc, bloods and clearance. She helped with the report and booked me in for the blood test. She did not know what I meant by clearance. So I explained PS needs doctors clearance that I'm fit and healthy to have surgery and you as my Doctor have not objections. She wanted to know how ....* sigh* ..... kept my calm and cool as I need this. To cut a long story short she went on to explain about the blood test is booked I will have the reports etc etc and by the time she finished with her long talking I left still not having the clearance .... *sigh* Can anyone tell me what kind of clearance from your doctor did you receive. Was it just a verbal telling you it ok or was it a letter or any email sent direct to the PS. Anyone reading who has had surgery, I'd really appreciate your reply.

I was going through my bras, for someone with very small boobs, I sure as hell have a lot of underwear. 85% of which I never wear as I think they look stupid on me. Anyway went through and found some double cup boost so have started to wear them. I'm hoping that after surgery there will be not difference with my clothes on *Please God* don't want it to be obvious at all with clothes on. Want to be still able to hide them / dress them down when I want to.

10 days to go

I now only have 10 days to go. It seems so strange. Normally I'm reading reviews and looking forward to see posts of how it went, how people feel and of course how the breast looks. Now it's me in that position it's surreal. I had a stressful day on Wednesday as I realised that the medical clearance was a form. On the 11 July when I paid deposit I asked patient coordinator is there was anything other than bloods I needed to organise. She mentioned Medical Clearance form but I never received it. I asked after the form twice after that and only received it on Wednesday late night. Well when I saw it and realised that I needed quite a few other tests, ECG, Chest Xray etc I freaked out. When I calculated it meant I only had a week to organise. Now i'm in the Middle East and where I am things take a little longer to organise. Thankfully praise God, I was able to get ECG, Chest X-ray and a detailed blood test on the same day Thursday. I should have back the results on Wednesday. Friday Saturday are the weekends here doctor surgery closed and then I leave on Sunday to NY. So cutting it very fine indeed. I have tried to book an appointment with Dr. on Wednesday but was told fully booked up. To call first thing on Wednesday morning for an emergency appt. So not quite out of the woods yet but looking promising.

9 days to go .....

The count down continues. Yesterday I sent the ECG test to Dr. Epstein's practice. I received a reply from the nurse Jennifer to say all ok. That's great only Chest x-ray and blood report left to be received.

I forgot to say that I bought the bombshell bra from VS. I had read on here on quite a few blogs ladies who in preparation for new boobs decided to start wearing bombshell bra. I decided I would too. Get the folks in my office used to seeing a bit more of me! I'm always in a padded bra, and so far know one has said a word or raised an eyebrow since wearing the bombshell bra. Well ladies can I tell you .... boob greed it real! Lol! So I went got a 32b, it increases the appearance by 2 cups. So with it on it brought me to 32D. Loved how it looked. Did not give me a top heavy appearance, fit my frame well I thought it was perfect and absolutely loved them. I got even more excited for the op. If the size I'm getting brings me anyway near then all will be well. And imagine there I was getting all panicked over anything bigger than a C cup LOL!
I went out to a lunch of the weekend. There was a big group of us. Apart from my girlfriend who knows I'm getting boob job. No-one else mentioned or made comment. My girlfriend thought they looked fab and was shocked when I told her it was VS bombshell bra. I am continuing to wear it for work everywhere really and I notice that it does not look too much in work clothes either. This is exactly the look I wanted. So hoping I have a similar look with 310cc FM anatomicals.

1 week to go .....

Time is ticking. So I have all the reports back and have sent them to the Doctor. Roll on the weekend! Still excited and just can't wait now.

6 days to go .....

Medical clearance / reports all done! Praise God. That was soooo stressful. I am ready for Operation Pinky & Perky ;o)

5 days to go

I'm busy getting myself organised. It's the weekend here Friday and Saturday. Work week Sunday to Thursday. I'm cleaning House top to bottom, laundry and packing suitcases. I leave on Sunday night arrive London Monday morning. My flight to NY is not until 8pm in the evening and I arrive NY around 11pm on Monday 1st Aug. My pre-op is booked for 2nd Aug and the Op is in the morning on 3rd Aug. I will drop off my large suitcase in London at a friends and just take a carry on that will be super light as I will be in NY for 6 days and have been told not to lift carry anything over 25lbs. Hoping by day 6, 9th Aug I will be comfortable and not in any pain for the flight back to London. I then have a wedding to attend on 12th August so it will be really busy and hectic. Ciao for now ladies.

Today is the day!

I arrived into NY late on Monday night. By the time I got to the hotel it was 1am. As part of the cost there is a out of town package which includes 3 night stay at hotel. Includes shuttle service to Dr.Epstein which is great. The next morning had my preop, went through forms and had to give my consent that I'm aware of what could go wrong. Once that was all sorted went and filled my prescriptions. I spent rest of the day chilling by myself for the first half. Found a nice vegan cafe had a delicious salad an smoothie. I hear so much about the dreaded constipation after surgery so thought I would eat plenty of fibre to keep things moving! I also went to wholefoods I LOVE that shop. They don't have it in the Middle East unfortunately. I got green smoothies green shots. Dates, fresh pineapple chunks which look so sweet an juicy. Pineapple is a natural anti inflammatory also got quite. Bit of coconut water. Kale chips and some healthy snack with flax seeds to help with constipation.

My friend lives in NY in Brooklyn so she came and we went out fir dinner and chilled it was great really lovely day. They left quite early, jet lag took over an I hit the sack. I got a couple calls which broke my sleep. Anesathesist and nurse. Just woken up it is 3.30am. I'm up at 8am. Right now I feel surprisingly calm, very blessed and grateful that I'm in a position to do this. Maybe nerves will kick in when I get to surgery. It still does not feel real either. I feel I will be in safe hands. Do you know what on reflection I think the fact that I have been able to read so many people's experiences on Realself this has helped enormously. I know what to expect so probably that has had a lot to do with it. Ok over an out for now!

All done!

So all done. I feel good. So I got to Dr. Epstein about 7.45am. Arlene was the nurse looking after me. Lovely, funny, down to earth warm and nurturing. She really calmed me without me even knowing she was doing so. While the iv was going in she kept me engaged was stroking my arm really soothing. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room dozing on and off. Christy Anne was the recovery nurse again really lovely and kind. I bought some coconut water with me and dry corn crackers. But was just thirsty. So regularly sipped on it with help of Christy Ann. I did not feel sick at all. I ended up getting. 335cc FF 410 Natrelle Anatomicals. I will post pictures. So sitting currently high and tight so I patiently wait for drop and fluff. I changed as I said boob greed is real! I initially told Doc i wanted c cup but at pre op i asked if a D cup was possible he said yes. I explained I'd rather have a c cup if it will look better in my frame. Negligible difference in exta 25cc.couple teaspoons difference is I have the next profile up.

So I have Sam nurse staying with me for first 24hrs. Really nice super helpful, thoughtful. She is making sure I am on top of meds and taking good care of me. Really lovely, warm, genuine, professional funny and engaging.

After we got back from op came back to hotel had one anti nausea tablet just to be on safe side. Drank rest of coconut water had some pineapple chunks and lots of water. I have not had any narcotics only ibuprofen and anti biotics. I honestly don't feel like I need pain killers but I have them ..... and girlfriends i paud fkr them! will take. Just took as am feeling tired and am showered and in bed now writing this up its been a long day. Today recipe for recovery which Dr Epstein prescribed all done. Several times I have lifted my hands over my head in slow jumping jack motion. I did it in the recover room with Dr. Epstein and several times since. I have been out and about with Sam so have not done it on the hour as prescribed. When I got back to hotel after op 2 hour nap then up and out to dinner. Sam the nurse took me to Port Jefferson lovely quaint little town by the water, with cobbled roads lovely kitsch shops. We had dinner at a lovely Greek restaurant courtesy of Dr. Epstein. Servings were massive. I had crab cakes with salad to start and then a sea bass with salad and sweet potatoe fries. Yum! Honestly I really feel like I'm on holiday .... which technically I am. Just taking each day as it comes. Right now I feel good, no pain really. Oh I forgot after nap I had to lay on my breasts for 10- 15 min I thought it was going to hurt. ... It did not at all. I was surprised. Shocked even! This is a testament to how good Dr. Epstein is. If I did not go thru this myself I'd say ... Yeah right! Vry gentle uses special technique. Does not compromise aesthetics with breastf tissue damage. Will not give you bigger that your breast can accommodate. His website is very informative. Another thing as Sam knows I like healthy decadent food she took me to a lovely vegan cafe to check it out. Tomorrow I'm going to go by myself and just chill. Plan to get pedicure tomorrow God willing and I feel okay a day not to sore. I do not have surgical bra or a strap. Dermabond on internal stitches and waterproof strip on incisions that's it. To recap my stats are.

Height 5ft 2 inches, Weight 55kg, BWD 12.5 was 32b

Op day

Photo day of op

observations day after op

It's 2.10 am. I slept okay on my back. As I'm typing this i realise am actually turned slightly leaning on my side and it feels okay. My breast feel numb on bottom lower pole. I have nipple sensation though they feel tingly to the touch. They do feel firm but softer than I had expected. When I use tips of fingers and jiggle upper pole whilst lying slightly to the side my breast tissue jiggles. Around the sides under armpit feel like when you do exercise for the first time. That kinda soreness. They felt heavier this morning but I think when I'm up and about will loosen up.

24 Hour recovery us real! Proof is in the pudding as we say in UK

Yep I would not believe it if I did not see feel for myself. I lay on my breast for 10-15 mins day of op and this morning and I am to continue everyday. My full body weight is on my breasts. The 24 hour recovery is no joke. I have read on real self some ps saying no such thing you can't heal that fast gimmick to get patient's in. Now I agree there maybe some PS's with no integrity who ride the bandwagon. Yes I am not healed of course that will take time. I am however going about doing normal activities. I can shower myself go to toilet myself bend brush my teeth to me this is a 24 hour recovery to normal activity. The only caveat I am not to lift anything heavier than 25lbs and when showering water to hit top of breasts not directly on incisions.

Day 2PO

I had my post op yesterday all was fine. Felt the same soreness but it seems to have travelled down around ribcage and stomach. I also have a rash around my tummy. I feel like I've been punched around torso. Constipation ..... thankfully this morning started moving again. Today travelled down to Brooklyn from Long Island. Was worried I did too much as I was pulling small carry on suitcase. It did not feel heavy initially but with the crowds up and down escalators my left boob felt really tight and as though I was flexing. The left is also more swollen and sitting higher. Trying to stay calm and I know it will take time. When I got to my destination I did the arm raises. Still feels really tight. Apart from the ibuprofen I have nearly finished tablets glad as reading side effects think the rash around tummy is one also TMI.... I also had a full BM and then diarrhoea. Apparently can also be a side effect. Maybe I just ate something dodgy. All in all I'm feeling fine just the same tightness have not felt need to take painkiller.

Day 10 PO pics

Day 15 PO

Just checking in. I'm still on vacation not back to work for another week. I feel good. No way as tight but still not feeling normal. Definitely feeling softer but still firm. Currently they are very sensitive and sore to touch but like pins and needles more so on my right-hand side upper pole. The left side upper pole is fine. Both breasts still numb from crease up to lower pole. Nipples upwards fine. I have not got measured yet. Will wait until I'm 1 month out. I have been wearing seamless bra tops / sports bras. Will post some more pictures at day 21.
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