28 Years Old Always Had a Podgy Tummy

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So I have been stalking realself for a while now...

So I have been stalking realself for a while now and reading up on many different ways I could get rid of the stubborn fat on my tummy. All your reviews have been so helpful in guiding me to the right surgery! I want to now tell you all my experience.

A little about me: As a child I was a little chubby (people used to call me bulldog cheeks) but around the age of 11 I lost all my puppy fat due to a healthy diet, ballet, tap and jazz dance 2 hours a week for each one and netball 2 days a week. I became a very active child and was in good health. However I still didn't have a figure like the other little girls, I noticed this when I was around 14 (I guess I didn't care before this point) but I always had a slight podge on my tummy and a little fat on my back. Every body still called me skinny however as I hid it well in clothes ect- I have always been a size uk 8-10, even through out university I maintained a size uk10. Post university I decided to finally get rid of the podge and worked out hard (even had a personal trainer a while) for about a year 6 days a week- still couldnt shift the tummy - it became smaller for sure but was never flat and always had to battle with it. Anyways now at 28 I have finally decided to get the surgery after reading all your reviews.

I was originally going to go for the lipo injections but read all the negative reviews on them and ruled that out. I then went to a few consultations regarding laser lipo and thought this would be more practical.

I finally decided on Dr Sanjay and he advised me that for my shape vaser lipo would be best as it would sculpt me better then the old laser lipo technique which is just fat removal. He was very informative and lovely to speak with and even answered all my irrational questions.
He took a look at me and pin pointed the areas which I needed done, which was my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and mid back. I also added I wanted my inner thighs done, as I wanted a little gap.

I went home, fully informed and feeling good about it all. I recieved a quote 2 days after and spoke with a lovely lady called simi who informed me of al the costs and what I would be getting with my procedure (all post care and sedation was included). I then came and paid the deposit, this was 50% of the procedure cost and I got fitted into my garments (i chose a pretty long one with 3 different settings for tightness), and had a blood test done and got given my pack with informative info and meds.

I decided to go with Dr Sanjay and booked the vaser in for the 22nd of January.

1 day Pre Op: I was ridiculously nervous so much that i was having nightmares about the procedure from the day I put the deposit down. However I read a lot of reviews and due to you guys I managed to actually prepare myself and focus my energy a little. So I went and bought: Diapers (for leaking), PVC sheets (massively needed), some towels I didnt mind throwing away, size 16 clothes (your wrapped in so many bandages your like a marshmellow and no other clothes will fit you), a little blanket and some surgical tape.
The night before the procedure I took out the little pack the doctor had gave me, It had 2 iodene sponges, arcoxia, cirpobay and vitamin c inside with all my reading material. I took one tablet of arcoxia and ciprobay with food the night before and washed myself with the iodene sponge. I couldnt eat or drink past 12am so literally had about a litre and a half of water and 2 dinners to make sure I was fine the following day.

The day of: My procedure was booked in for 11am. So I woke up at 9, showered with the second iodene sponge, took my pack with me. I was informed I was getting IV sedation with local anaesthesia, so before my op I had researched this... most people just said they had fallen asleep waking up to the procedure being done. however it is actually safer to have the patient responsive and to communicate with the doctor so Dr Sanjay said he didnt want me completely asleep just in a twightlight haze.

This freaked me out as I was prepared to just sleep not feel anything and just wake up... I didn't want to interact with anyone or be aware of anything. However the nurses were very sweet and so was Dr Sanjay and they calmed me down. He drew all the marking on me and talked me through everything before anything happened. They then took my blood pressure and inserted the IV. I kept asking for some sort of sedation before the IV went in so they gave me an injection to relax, which I feel didnt do much but I guess it stopped me freaking out.
I walked up to the procedure room and got given fluids and lay down. I kept saying "dont start im awake i can feel everything, I need sedation!" (I can imagine I was probably on of the more nervous patients he had done- but he was very professional and calming). There was music playing and they covered my eyes with a mask so I couldn't see anything, I had been given sedation through the IV so was in a twilight haze (even though at the time I didnt think i was), I went in and out of sleep and was responsive to the doctors when they asked me questions or got me to move. It wasn't scary when I was awake though... kindof like mmm okay im in surgery... greatttttttt ... time to turnnnnn. Not OMG im in sugery awake aghhH! (which is what I thought it would be like). During the surgery I didnt feel a thing really, just when they got to my inner thighs and when they went through the belly button, I just said OW and they gave me another injection to remove the soreness and came back to the areas and I felt nothing. Also would like to note that the skin is much thinner on the legs so it hurts more. generally speaking on a pain scale I would give it a 2 out of 10. The surgery was 3 hours long and they removed about 3 liters of fat from my body.

I then was transferred to the recovery room and I even got up went to the loo myself, had some fruit sat up and chatted to my bf and fell asleep for 3 hours. When I awoke though this was a different story. I felt generally fine when I was laying down... everything was still numb so was okay for pain. Then the nurses got me up to a sitting position. I started crying, sweating and felt very dizzy and was dry heaving (there was nothing in my body to throw up really). I got given a sweet to raise my blood sugar and lay down. I had a little bit of juice and tried again... this time thank goodness successfully. Got in my bfs car, he drove me home (only a 15 min journey) and had to walk to the apartment which is not a lot of steps. Got to the room and through up the orange juice and started sweating and feeling dizzy again. He lay me down and I felt a little better so had some water.... which I then threw up 15 mins later. I just dazed off to sleep after all the drama and awoke at around 9.30 feeling much more perky. I got to a sitting position without throwing up. I then had a small bowl of chips cheese and gravy and 8 chicken nuggets ( i was starving) - we did this in stages though because of the earlier vomit issue. I then took my tablets and fell asleep watching a movie. Now in a lot of reviews people have said that they had a terrible first night... I couldnt feel my tummy unless I was moving and I had no back pain so literally was out like a light and awoke at 7.30 where I had 2 fried eggs on toast, my morning medication and fell back asleep until 10.30. My bf came back to help me from work and I could get up by myself, so I changed and walked around a bit (normal speed) and am feeling rather chipper now. Feel like i have done about 1000 sit ups but not serious pain at all. Im bending back and forth and can now get up out of bed myself and walk around and go to the loo easily. This is pretty much where I am now in my recovery. Im laying here and writing this review. My bf says he can see the changes even though im completely wrapped up. The doc said I could take off my bandages and shower today or I could come in tomorrow morning and he would check me out and do it himself and help me into my garment. Im opting for the latter... I now have a grave fear Im going to have all this loose skin hanging off my tummy and I just cant see that by myself (even though it may not even be there) - I just would prefer the doc to do this. I also start work on Sunday so am seriously nervous about that- I have a desk job so that is fine I guess... we will see tomorrow.

Also you 100% NEED some one to be there for you at least the first day and night. I could not have done this without my bf, he has been so supportive, changing sheets and badages, helping me in and out of clothes, cooking for me, giving me my meds, helping me in and out of bed, taking me to the loo! PVC sheets are a god send as you will leak a LOT! remember to eat and drink as your body has gone through a lot.
Also as a general point- People that get their arms and a big back section done at the same time as their tummy, I feel for you as I use my arms to push me up and I have no pain on my back (he went in from the bra line at the front and only touched it a tiny bit) so can lay on it easily. I feel if you had no area that you could lay on it would be a much more traumatic experience. I have generally been very comfortable.
So far as its day one, I think I am in a lot less pain than other people, but only time will tell. I am going to put not sure for now as I havn't actually seen whats under the bandages. Hope this has helped people.

day 2

Hi guys, so just wanted to update you from day 1... So after I had written the review was feeling generally fine. I just stayed in bed all day pretty much until the evening waiting for my bf to come home. However before he did I needed the loo and had to venture to the toilet myself which was very difficult and sore. Walked at granny pace, did my business and in between this time my leg wraps fell off, which caused me to freak out. So i kindof just sat in the bathroom until my bf came home (half an hour later) and we both decided as I was soaked in fat and blood and the bandages had already half come off that we should just take the hit and shower me and put me in my garment. The tape was soooo sticky and v painful to remove so we did the water loosening the adhesive trick. couldn't still bare to look at myself just in case there was sag but turned and was looking generally good for the 1st day. I also want to add that a lot of people had their bandages and compression garments on at the same time. The doc didn't do this for me on day one, he told me to rest up and leak out and then put the compression garment on after I showered and removed the bandages. Showering felt nice and was easy, dried my self off thoroughly dabbing. Checked all my incision wounds and they seemed to have all closed up. The doc took a lot of my fluid out during the procedure so my leaking and healing was good. Also I have quote thick skin so didnt bruise at all (i never bruise anyways so expected this) . My bf then cut little pieces of gauze and put them over the areas that were cut with a little tape and we then put the dreaded garment on... this was not fun. Was really tight and I was already sore so sore plus tight = pain! I walked around with my garment on for a while and standing straight up I felt fine and actually quite good like everything was being held in together well. Sitting was pretty terrible as it digs in and I havnt put my sponge or anything in yet as the dr wants to see me today before we decide on a course of aftercare action.
At night I was warned by the dr and other patients that the pain gets worse as you swell more from the day... yes this is true, I was a bit of a mess in the evening, whimpering and my stomach felt like it was trying to explode out of the garment. I know its VERY IMPORTANT to keep the garment on and not loosen it so I tried to think happy thoughts and forget it. I didnt want to take the prescribed pain medication as too many meds give me a bad stomach (which btw happened earlier that day). I eventually fell asleep to a movie and even slept on my sides during the night which is a pro. I woke up at about 8.30am and was afraid to move. Eventually needed to pee so about an hour later I tried to get up by myself, to my suprise I am feeling a WHOLE lot better today. There is no getting up and down struggle and straightening myself after standing (which took a few painful mins yesterday) is no longer there. I walked around a little and had some cereal for brekkie and tok my meds. Now I am writing this review and will hopefully be seeing the doc later so will keep you guys updated.

I have attached some before and 1 day after pics- please note I didn't wear garment on day one so am not as compressed as other people but today I notice I am a lot smaller than yesterday. (will put up day 2 pics later)
I notice that my rounded tummy issue is now flattened out, I have some swellling just above my belly button in a line which you can see in the pic, its sore to touch but hoping it will go down and flatten out. My love handles are much smoother and there is a hint of a waist maybe? lets see, I am hopeful.

Day 3 morning

yesterday after my review I went to see Dr sanjay, he is very happy with the results and informed me the skin will contract back after a few weeks/months.

Came home had food around 4.30 and didnt have dinner... error. Woke up at about 6.30 feeling horrendous, so much pain and nausea. Went to the loo and then sat in bed feeling v faint and dizzy. Had some breakfast now feel a ilttle better but think I am very dehydrated.

Was meant to start work today but think there is no way as I feel horrendous.

Day 3 night

So didn't make it into work. Had rehydration packets, lots of water and food every few hours to keep me hydrated and my blood sugar constant. Felt soooo much better after a few hours and have been sleeping on and off post food all day.

To be honest, I havn't been overly enthralled with my results so far... especially after the dr took the garment off yesterday... though i looked a bit like a lumpy freak. This worried me as I havnt done any foam pads or MLD massages or anything as per the surgeons request (he says it may too more harm than good right now and we need to wait at least 5 days to evaluate- i checked this with a good few review from surgeons online too and they said the same thing). However I feel like my swelling went down a lot today (apparently hydrates skin contracts more to its natural shape- been reading a lot of dermatology pages too). When I sit up my garment feels flat against my tummy wheras yesterday it was digging in at 3 points making little bulges- so I just lay flat.

Took a proper shower with soap! all my incisions look good- all closed up. Showering was amazing- such a treat. was a little tiring though. Main point is that i look a LOT closer to what I thought I would look like today and a lot less lumpy. Still very swollen but not looking pregnant swollen like yesterday. Feeling like its actually worth all the pain and tears now. Not going to lie every day i have had a small breakdown of "why would I do this to myself" "this much pain/sickness/dizzyess isn't worth anything".

Here are some pics from yesterdays lumps and todays slightly smoother areas.

pics day 2 and 3

pics day 3

day 4

So have been feeling much better today- in the mornings i always wake up feeling swollen and sausage like, am always in a bad mood. Then after breakfast, meds and lots of water it takes me about an hour to feel normal and the sausage feeling to go away. I start work tomorrow officially in the office (worked from home today) so I am giving myself a good 2 hours prep time.

Feel as if standing from sitting and standing straight is a little easier today. Went for a walk with the bf and had some tea at a cafe to see if I could last a few hours out the house and feel fine. Just got back feeling okay a little tired but ok. Hope the office goes well tomorrow.

Been reading a lotttt on vaser recovery too... does everyone get lumps and bumps? also how long into peoples recovery did they start to notice lumps and bumps... this is scaring me slightly.

Day 5

Hi everyone... so I finally made it into work today. Got up an hour and a half before I needed to go to work to get over my bad mood/sausage mornings I usually have. Surprisingly I was less sausage like but still v tender and swollen. Looked semi decent going into work, although I have this weird shoulder thing I do when I am in pain so it looks like I have no neck. No body noticed my garment (wore a baggy shirt and high waisted work trousers to avoid bunching around the waist while sitting) and could walk around at a decentish pace without getting a lot of stares. Took some pillow from home for my chair so I could sit at an angle to avoid bunching and have been comfortablish throughout the day. Have been doing the over enthusiastic masking pain personality all day too. Back home now and I am EXHAUSTED! Am going straight to bed for a nap. Feeling proud of myself for getting back to the grind.

Day 5 pics

Had a shower today and decided to take some pics, look pretty much the same as day 3 but possibly more swollen? still like the results so far... i say so far as some peoples have massively deteriorated once the swelling subsided. So hoping mine stays nice. I don't think I have unrealistic expectations... doubt I will look like eva longoria but I would just like to look good for my own skin.

Day 6 and 7 so far

Hello! So day 6 has been my best so far. I did a whole days of work and felt relatively okay. Had 2 meetings which involved me getting up and down a little but was okay... people just think I have a back back ache not an entire surgery!

Post work, I went around my parents place (who do not know about the procedure)- they are all about exercise and diet. My mum has the tiniest frame and the tiniest waist when she was younger and is still in good shape and my dad was very athletic also still in good shape... so they do not understand why I don't just go to the gym more, they do not get the stubborn fat thing. I have my dads body for sure, I am very broad so when I put on a little bit of weight I look huge, my sister is the opposite- she went on my mum (jealous!). I always eat clean and gym 4-5 days a week for about an hour and a half. I also drink alcohol once sometimes twice a week and have a cheat day. I am happy with the way I live and didn't want to give other areas of my life up to go to the gym more and get a trainer ect. hence why I opted for vaser. I really hope this surgery ends up giving me amazing results. Problem is you just dont know until about 4-6 weeks in when swelling subsides. Just a waiting game now... which is difficult because I am the most impatient person!

I've gone off my point... So did a full days of work, then went for dinner with my bf at my parents place, they also thought back pain, and got home around half 8, did some errands, and was in bed by 10. So was up and down and on my feet all day, felt good for it. Was exhausted when I finally went to sleep. Still tired this morning as I am writing this review.

Went to see the doc too yesterday, he is happy with my progress but says I am very swollen, I can see this too obviously, narrower from the front but looking a little pregnant on the side views. He said the swelling will go dwon post week one, so its only up from here. He says I have a lot of fluid in me too, so I am on the water pill for 2 days to help me pee it out. That should also help with the swelling. Wish me luck guys! Feeling better but more nervous as each day passes!

Day 7- Feeling better again, up and down is a breeze and all pain is virtually gone- unless I actually touch the tummy that is. Got the okay to have alcohol yesterday as I am off my meds. So going for dinner and drinks with a few work friends, going to take it easy though. Feels good knowing I can actually socialize again. Can't believe its been a week since my surgery... feels like a month!

Day 8

Haven't looked at myself since the puffy day 5 but after the water pill I can definitely see my swelling has reduced just from my garment. Yesterday was difficult- i think i was over exhausted form the week, I could barely keep my eyes open and my head upright. Got home passed out woke up an hour later feeling emotionally fragile and had a bit of a frustrated cry! Went for dinner and had 2 cocktails, felt a lot better after eating. Been peeing like a racehorse all day!
Going to take some day 8 pics a little later, fingers crossed I am looking less pregnant.

Also want to thank everyone for being so supportive and answering my questions. The support has been amazing and I don't think I could have done it without. Having somebody in the same boat and to understand how you feel is a godsend. My bf is the only one who knows about the surgery, hes trying his best to be supportive but he doesn't understand the day to day struggles!

Water Pill

So been on Lasix the last 2 days and I have read the side effects... I feel like I have every single one of them. Especially the light sensitivity and the extreme tiredness, think this is why I was such a mess yesterday. I can see it benefiting me but dear lord I feel like I have taken some steps back today. Bed ridden, eyes and limbs are heavy, vision is weird and just soooo tired. I only had to take 2 doses so this morning was my last, been looking into how long the effects last and apparently is 6-8 hours... im on the 6 hour mark so hoping by 6pm (next 3 hours) im feeling better! going to take yet another nap as im EXHAUSTED! meh!

Have to say this has been the most emotionally draining journey of my life health wise.. and it was all voluntary! Thats the kicker of it all! Feeling quite down at the moment. To people who are thinking of getting vaser... you have to be a seriously strong person to get through it, the surgery is the easy bit, post is the hard stuff. Not trying to put people off but its the hard truth!

Day 8 pics

Hello all! So I have just got off the water pills and all the fluid in my body seems to have drained out. I can tell this because when I take the garment off that heavy feeling is gone! Finally! Now I can feel its only swelling thats my issue. Also I don't expect to have a perfectly flay tummy just yet as a lot of other people have because I am very broad the smallest bit of swelling or fat makes me look rounded (had this all my life). Main thing is that I am really happy today with the fluid finally draining out - hated being on the water pills but they are magic! I know a lot of people swear by MLD massages but I am scared of these as I have read some reviews of MLD gone wrong where they have caused seromas because the person pushed to hard and it pushed fluid into an open pocket. I am a bit of a worry wart so think this was a good option for me personally! Any who I really appreciate all the people who have been giving me advice through this time. Here are some pics... you may even see a slight bit of ab?

Also I can't get the lines off! They seem to be stuck on my body... I promise I actually do wash!

Day 9

Took a shower today and noticed quote a big difference on the swelling, I feel like my tummy is sitting at the slightly toned state now without me tensing. Side view also looks less swollen. Dying to get in the gym! So bored. Hand washed my garment today too and blow dryed it so only had to be out of it for an hour! Finally clean!

Day 10

So I feel thinner but I am clearly not! I cannot fit into any of my clothing! UGH! So annoying! Very difficult to find work stuff as I am apparently a balloon!

Day 11

Went to go get spanx for thursday (my 3rd checkup) as apparently from the 2 week mark I can have a little freedom to alternate, although the garment feels like a second skin now, even have put it to a tighter setting.

Feeling a bit down, when I was trying on spanx was horrific lighting that made me look like a giant whale. Now I feel like a giant whale, also doesn't help that I cannot fit into my clothes. Been researching realself a lot too to look at peoples review around 2 weeks, and people my size or even bigger have flat tummys by now.. I look pregnant and rounded still. Im not sure, I know its probably swelling by my brain wont wrap its mind around that and I just feel fat! Also I always had a bigish deposit of fat under my belly button, its reduced but still there.. think I called it a cute pouch earlier... I now hate it! Going to bed,. Foul mood.

day 15

Hello all!

So the last few days have been a bit of an emotional rollecoaster but have come out on the up side I feel. After the mirror incident, I found my swelling was reducing day by day, but then the bulge under my tummy seemed to harden and become very prominent ( I will upload a pic of this) wheras other parts of my body were decreasing making the bulge more prominent. Freaked me out for sure, especially because it was so hard. It has since then decreased and is decreasing day by day, i dont expect it to be fully gone as it has always been very prominent.

So went for my 3rd post of check yesterday at the 2 week mark, my surgeon had a family emergency so had to fly out unexpectedly but the other surgeon who assisted in the theatre took me for my check up. He said he was very happy with my results and because I worked out a lot before the results would show very nicely. He did a full check up, was in there for a while and seemed very pleased so far. I asked him a lot of questions and he was very knowledgable. I have some epi foam now I am meant to wear the last 2 weeks. Have got the OK to go to the gym so am going to go tomorrow! 2 weeks until garment is fully off! YES!

So far I notice that I am getting narrower day by day and parts of me are swelling less at different points (annoying because of bumps). But just waiting for it all to flatten out. I feel like I have a more feminine silhouette rather than my usual straight up and down figure... possibly a hint of a waist.. but anything is better than nothing! Also have some more pre op pics, these are in the morning when I havn't eaten anything... as you can see from the other pre op ones... its a whole different story when I have... also when I sat down before I had a roll, now that seems to have gone.

day 18

hi all! So have been wearing the binder to bed every day and my god its tight! But I really feel it working especially on my sides! So I am uploading some more pics! I feel way flatter and narrower, also I havn't really talked about my inner thighs at all but they have done really well, and the weight thats gone off them has really made me look a lot taller and more lean. Because Ive been looking at myself every day I don't notice the slight changes as much but my bf notices something every day. Any who here are the pics- defo getting more of a womanly sillouette I feel- less of my dads figure!

day 21

So I have had my 3 week checkup today and the doctor seems to be happy with my results so far. I seem to have some very hard areas and some softer spots. The area above and below my belly button really fluctuate with swelling, the flat tummy can easily go to pregnant within an hour. I have felt very swollen the last 2 days.

I am currently wearing the garment in the day and then foam and a binder at night... its very uncomfortable but I deal with it as I want to maximise my results. I don't feel as if I have changed much in the last 3-4 days, possibly im larger now as im more swollen?

I got weighed at the doctors, I was 64Kg and now I am 62 Kg.He has also suggested for me to do an endermoligie massage, that LPO massage thing. Its meant to be very good for post vaser to even out skin and bumps and help it retract. I have booked in 10 sessions with a clinic. They seem to be very knowledgable about lipo patients who want this massage (as it is mainly done on non lipo patients for slimming etc.) Very costly meh but I would rather spend the money to get the best results.

The doctor said to come back for the 6 week check up. He says i can take my garment off at week 4 and then switch to spanks for 2 weeks so essentially wean my body off the garment. I hope this works as I have read about peoples first day off the garment and the swell to a balloon. N e who, that is all for now. x

foam and binder

In the day I just wear my garment and at night I wear the foam under my garment and a binder on top. It really helps with the swelling, this is what mine looks like.

First Endermologie LPG massage

HORRIFIC! Thats how I will start, this actually hurt more than the surgery and post op pain. I went to the Manchester clinic rather than a spa for this because they specialise in post lipo patients, and a lot of places I called were like errrrr when I told them about my lipo area that needed to be done.

So I put on the=is head to toe garment suit and lay down, its a 3 stage process so the fist starts with what I will call the punch.... literally feels like tiny fists are punching you all over your stomach. Then the second stage which is the sucking... its like a vaccum over your skin, apparently pre op patients find it painful... well it was very very painful for me and she actually said, wow, you havnt flinched you have a very high pain tolerance. hmm! Then the last stage the faster punching stage, so more aggressive punches all over your tummy.

It lasted about 35 mins, I felt violated after because of the pain. But it also help promote fast healing, skin retraction, more fat loss, celulite reduction, and more blood flow to the area.

After care is the most important part of my recovery so have gonefor 10 sessoins, costing 850 dollars in total. MEH!

Day 30

So my body has been pretty up and down with swelling the last few weeks. What I am now seeing is more lumps and bumps when the swelling is less which doesn't look pretty, I feel like my mid section looks really bumpy and through out my journey it has been quite smooth just hard. Also I am noticing that under my left boob there seems to be a little more fat left there than my right. Today at the 4 week mark I am feeling bumpy and a bit meh! The hardness under my belly button seems to be going. I just don't feel as if I could wear a bikini if my stomach stays like this, its too lumpy and obvious something has been done.

My bra line at the front has softened and the area above my belly botton and under the bra line is so hard it basically causes a creased line where they meet. I am confused if this is skin draping weirdly or hardness. I dont have any side pics today just quickly took them before work. I am out my garment today and am wearing light control spanx and shorts which I have a last pic of under my clothes.

Lets see how the next few weeks pan out I guess. I dont really see a change from the last pic update... perhaps has gotten worse?

Update from surgeon

So after my little freakout I went to the surgeon and he looked me over in detail, he said that I am a lot softer than most of his patients and the hardness isn't actually that hard. The lumps with massaging should fade if not we will do the ultrasound therapy but he doesn't think we will get to that point. Otherwise my issue is skin contraction which he has always said. He said to wear my garment at night with the foam for at least another 2 weeks and we will reassess then. But its all a waiting game, he is very confident in his work and to be honest I am as well. I have a small 6 pack type thing under my tummy which accounts for some of the definition, the other parts are lumps, but when you combine the two it just looks freaky! He even told me pre surgery that I had muscle under there when he assessed me, I always thought I did too but it was just covered with layers of FAT!

I also think I need to vigourously massage myself, I have been very lax in this as my results were pretty smooth before and now the bumps are starting to show. I have got myself some arnica gel, before this was using coca butter. Hope everything improves. Feeling really wide like an ox at the moment. I am also going on holiday with my bf in the beginning of April so I really hope I at least look decent in a bikini by then. I look very strange right now.

I am also going to the gym a lot, doing my full workout now which is pretty intense, this also may account for more swelling as pre this week I was pretty much doing nothing bar a little walking. Now I am on weights and cardio etc. i am also going to go to pilates so I can build my core up which I am starting next week. I hope this all works.

27 days post

Hello all, as you all know my 4 week body was looking worse than my 2 week. Not good! But I am definitely seeing results that people see a few weeks after i guess 'the standard timings.' A lot of people love their 4 week body, I wasn't happy with mine, I think my 5 week body is looking way better, i hope my 6 week is even better. I feel much narrower now and less lumpy, the hardness under my belly button is pretty much gone, so no pouch really, I think there was a lot of fluid in there as it probably was my largest area. Then my upper belly button is still pretty hard, I am massaging with arnica twice daily by myself. I am gymming a lot and eating healthy which is nice. I may try and get a personal trainer as I didnt get my upper back done, I now am hating my little bit of back fat! I could go into spanx for the day but have opted for the garment, its just so much more comfortable. I wear the spanx when I go out but busing myself with decorating my home instead so I have been a home body recently. I must admit I have been bad with the water, need to drink more. Any who, I see a little bit of hope again (god i sound so up and down in my reviews). Lets hope it just keeps improving from here on out.

5 weeks post

Hi all, So I have discovered the bed little massaging tool that's cheap and so easy to use. Prior to this I was using my knuckles as was my bf to kneed out the knots. But I was in forever 21 and came across this massaging tool which I have attached, it basically works as knuckles and when you use it with baby oil you can really go to town on those hard areas. My bf says he can feel a massive decrease in hardness, and my skin feels more even too, more abs showing than loads of lumps plus abs which was making me look like a freak.

about 3 months in

Hi All,

Been a while since an update as vaser wise things have been pretty uneventful (which is a good thing). I see small changes every week, generally love the way I look compared to before which seems like a distant memory, I can't even remember what I looked like now or how I felt.

Things have been going pretty smoothly. For a very broad frame so I am pleased with how my vaser looks for my body. For people who are just getting this remember what your frame is and how it will look differently on everyone. I am really glad I now have a waist! Woohoo. I am still pretty much the same size as before but I used to be 74kg and I am now 61.5 kg. That is huge. I really like how the dr left some fat on my sizes and smoothed it to give me a more womanly curve on the side that goes beautifully into my legs. Lumps and bumps wise, I don't really feel like I have lumps per say. I do have this hard patch that causes a crease just above my belly button but I am massaging it every day and its becoming softer. It only really appears if I have sat down for ages in a forward position. Not noticible though nor would anyone really be able to feel it anymore.

I complained about a little bit of fat I felt that was left under my left boob, seems to be going down weekly and is not really noticeable anymore. Dr says swelling will persist for a while so will take time for all to settle. Generally I look very similar to 6 weeks out which I am happy with. I am a UK 10 still but clothes just look better on me and can wear a wider variety of clothes.

Went on holiday for 10 days and didnt bring my garment with me. Before this I was wearing it at night time. I think I swelled a bit there (especially on the flights) but had my binder so wore it about 3 nights. Came back and am wearing my garment to sleep in, otherwise gymming and everything without it.

Otherwise nada, I am really happy with my results. I think also since my vaser I have been really careful on what I put into my body and keeping up with my gym regime as whats the point in ruining what I have got done. I still have a cheat day but I cook a lot more. I am definitely eating better and am much more conscious of my body. I love wearing bikinis now and hanging out on the beach. Always loved the beach but felt like a baby whale now its my haven.

Any who if anybody has any questions for me let me know for sure and I will reply. Realself has been a godsend. Thanks for all the support.

5 months in

Hi all,

Just a 5 month update. So far so good, around 3 months in I stopped wearing my garment and kinodf dealt with my body adjusting to the swelling, if it ever got really bad I would just wear it at night one or 2 times a week.

So now 5 months in. Feels like only yesterday and forever at the same time. I have been eating really really well the last month and a half, and I mean extremely well (i was healhy before but this is new level health). I am gymming 5 times a week- before I was going about 3 times and have one cheat day. I have noticed that the change up in my routine has really helped my body. Lost a dress size and everything feels and looks better surgery wise (so far at least). Think the blood circulation is helping with the healing. So far I cannot feel or see any lumps or bumps, but again only time will tell when all the swelling is gone in a year .

I will update again in a few months. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me xx

Year and a half update

Hi guys so it's been around 18 months since my procedure and wanted to give you an update.
So all in all I am sooooo happy I got the lipo done! Totally changed my life! Feel so much more confident and really has pushed me to become a fitter person too! Also now love the beach and don't feel self consious being there!

I have noticed that when I removed the fat from my belly that fat needed to go somewhere so I notice it goes to my arms and gave a little if I'm not on top of my gym and healthy eating regime.

I think dr Sanjay gave me my ideal tummy and it's up to me to maintain it. I noticed I had a little saggy skin above my belly button (he did tell me I would have this because of my skin type) and working out may help it. Well it has a great deal! If you look at the picture of me bending forward it's much better now and not noticeable that was a problem area. I now do cross fit and have noticed the biggest skin retraction from that as well as tightening of my core which is nice. Did try other forms of excersise but I don't think they were aggressive enough as I kindof plateued and wasn't toning.

So all in all think it's great to get the operation however it is up to you to maintain it and make the best of your new figure. Hope this helps! If anyone wants to ask any more questions please go ahead!
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Dr Sanjay from the Cocoona clinic was very professional, kept me at ease and answered all of my questions. I was a very nervous patient so he took a lit of time in the surgery room and gave me lots of attention.

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