Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Ahmed Abdullah. I Know this is the LAST TIME !! oh, and I CAN BREATHE! Dubai, AE

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Well, where do i even start? I had my first...

Well, where do i even start? I had my first primary rhino in 2005 and two failed revisions a few years later. I won't go into much detail but let's just say that the results were less than awesome. I'm Middle Eastern and inherited my fathers rather large dorsal hump as a teen. NOT a good look at all, especially seeing as i was a tiny and thin teenager with a parrot beak for a nose. I wasn't made fun of at all, infact, i had such awesome school friends that no one ever mentioned by nose. I know, i'm lucky as ive heard of some awful bullying stories. Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and YAY! had my first rhinoplasty which DID get rid of my horrible camel hump but left me with a horrible inverted ''V'' and an asymmetric 'open roof ' bridge and a strange 'lump' on the right side of my bridge. Side was great but front view was a mess. I had another two surgeries to try to fix this but both were failures and the nose that was revealed to me just wasn't the one for me, it just didn't make me think ' yes, this is what i want !" I wasn't butchered by any means but the jobs were 'sloppy'. The last surgeon ruined what good shape i had left and seemed to make my nose even wider. It was an utter mess and disaster. I would hate to be photographed and if i was, i had to make sure my head was tilted at a certain angle so that 'my good side' was captured. I always believed there was a better nose hiding underneath that mess somewhere and i sincerely hope i see that nose once my cast is removed on Thursday!

Ladies, let me be the first to admit that i did NOT do enough research when it came down to my previous surgeons. Trust me on this, please please please do as much research as you can. Make sure all their credentials are valid and that they are board certified plastic surgeons. A few hours of research is nothing compared to having to live with a nose you LOATHE.

I began my search to find someone who could not only fix my nose but someone who was more than just a surgeon. I was searching for someone who was passionate, understanding, sympathetic to my needs and past experiences with surgery and last but not least, someone who would talk to me as a friend. Be blunt and honest (in the nicest possible way) and tell me that perhaps my expectations were too high, if indeed they were. I wasn't looking for a cookie cutter nose, i was looking for the best version of MY nose that i knew was possible to get with the right surgeon.

I initially met with three surgeons and knew after my first consultation that Dr. Ahmed Abdullah was the right surgeon for me. I met with him a further three times total since our inital meeting in 2014 and he is exactly what a surgeon should be. He LISTENS , and i can't stress just how important that is. I have sat down with surgeons who have taken calls, txt someone back, left the room and come back, and some who are there but not really there if you know what i mean? straight up look ' dazed' and the ones who make it obvious they hate their jobs too lol.

My consultation was approximatley one hour long and he never once tried to sell me another surgery like another surgeon once did. He was focused on my problem, the ONE problem i had and he answered all of my questions honestly and was very frank with me in regards to my expectations. What i like about Dr. Ahmed is that he's confident with his abilities but never gives false hope. I admire that as the only reason i'm here now is because i fell for the empty promises of previous surgeons. Dr. Ahmed will sit with you for however long it takes to answer all your questions or queries! Seriously, each consult i had with him would last no less than 45 mins and he never once rolled his eyes or huffed and puffed lol

I also got 3D Imaging done so i could get an idea of what my nose *could* look like after surgery. He explained that this was only to give a rough idea but of course can't guarentee that it would turn out exactly like what was presented to me. I loved the images and i was even more convinved that i should go ahead with surgery.

I had my surgery on the morning of the 22nd of January. He came to see me before surgery and we went over everything one more time. Dr. A's lovely assistant Lee, managed to get some pictures of my nose just when the surgery was done. i have no doubt in my mind that i am in LOVE with my new nose.

Day of the surgery was a bit of a blur but thankfully i had no nausea which i was very concerned about. yesterday, which was day one post op was miserable. I have never felt so uncomfortable before. The nasal splints are the worst part, i really feel like ripping them out! My whole face and head were congested and i had a migraine and ear pains as Dr. A had to harvest cartilage from my ear to put into my nasal tip. No one mentions how painful that is but let me tell you, yes, it does hurt but nothing that wasn't managed with painkillers.

I'm day two post op and feeling so much better than yesterday. My upper lip is annoyingly numb and swollen and i worry the sensation in my lip will never return and i'll end up with a great nose but with a wonky weird mouth! I know that's just me panicking but i hate the feeling of numbness anywhere on my body. My eyes are bruised but they aren't as bad as yesterday and i think that's down to me icing my eyes and face quite consistently throughout all of yesterday evening. Also, Arnica gel AND tablets help! My cheeks are more swollen today, i look like ive been smacked in the face with a baseball bat. I kind of look like a chipmunk too ..haha well, i'm trying to keep myself amused until tomorrow afternoon! Tomorrow afternoon will mark day three post op and the day these horrible splints are removed! I'm pretty congested right now and have a headache but will take two Tylenol pills after lunch and that should have me feeling better.

I'm trying to post pics but it keeps giving me an error msg. Why does this keep happening?? Anyone know how i can fix this? I will keep trying but in the meantime , if you guys have any tips on how to pass time? I've re read the same magazines a bunch of times and watched a movie. I guess that's all we can do for the first few days right? :(

Will be back later on or tomorrow to let you know how the nasal splint removal part goes *covers eyes*!! Heard it's quite painful !

Thanks and bye for now my Real Self sisters x


Go easy on food during recovery!

Trust me on this one! I over indulged a little with food earlier and been suffering with a less than happy stomach for the past two hours. No need to worry about me being constipated !! I was fine yesterday because i stuck to soups, jello, yoghurt and lots of liquids. Guess my stomach is still pretty sensitive from all the drugs that are still in my system.

Few hours until these horrible nasal splints are removed and PRE OP PICS.

Seriously, i dont know what's worse. Packing or the splints. Both such a misery but this is the first time i have these bad boys in. Are they painful to remove?

Also, some before pics. Issue i had most with my nose was the frontal view. It had become very wide (open roof deformity ) and the tip had zero definition and would hang lower when i smiled . It just looked like a sasauge on my face. Also, i had huge problems breathing. I had become a mouth breather due to collapsed nasal valves.

Recovery pics so far- day of surgery through to day three.

Splints and Dribbles

I feel atleast 100 times better now that the internal nasal splints have been removed. It's not painful at all,just super uncomfortable. Nostrils look like wind tunnels right now but Dr. A said that's normal since theyve been pushed apart with the splints for a few days. I didn't cover up my lips in this pic just so you can see just how swollem my upper lip is. It's a major duck lip and numbness sucks! Dr explained that it's normal too and will subside. Until then i'm just thankful my boyfriend isn't in town. Dribbling and mumbling is SOOOO not a good look.


Hi guys, it's day 4 post op. I'm bored. Ive watched countless thing on YT , read some magazines, tried to dress up my cat in this cute little kitty cat raincoat ( she hates it ) and it's only 10:21 AM.I am seriously considering venturing out. At this point i don't really care that people are going to stare , i'm just so bored. I feel so much better and i guess that's why i feel the need to get out and about. OH WEDNESDAY WERE ART THOU?!

Post op day 4 - PIC *no clip art *

Just so you can see how my swelling and bruises are coming along without any of the heart/ start clip art that hides my eyes / mouth.

My nostrils are pretty swollen and very pig like but i know that's normal and my right nostril is far larger than my left , but again i know it's all swelling. For now, i will amuse myself by making fun of my wind tunnels. On a more positive note, I CAN BREATHE and it feels wonderful. I havent been able to breathe out of my nose for years and years and i'm so glad


Day 5 post op and tomorrow is the big day!! I feel so much better than i did the past few days. I have A LOT of gunk stuck up my nose which i'm assuming is dried blood and snot (gross i know) sprayed some saline in there earlier in the hopes it would loosen things up but to no avail. Had a poke around with a Q-tip and managed to dislodge a few gross things but will leave this wonderful task to Dr. A tomorrow. Bruises are still there but are in the fading zone now. Yellow /green. Have some yellow brusing around my lower cheek/ jaw line but that will fade too. Nostrils are less wind tunnel like since i had the splints removed but i can see that they arent the same shape for now but i know its down to swelling so won't over think this too much. Ive come TOO far and been through TOO much with my nose to worry about some nasal swelling right now. I'm trying my very best to stay positive! Posted two pics so you can see the progress ive made - side view is still super up turned but so far , still in love. Upper lip is still numb and swollen but way better than it was yesterday and the previous days. Tip and nostrils are numb- can't feel them at all. I'm extra cautious when it comes to walking around now, i cannot risk bumping into anything!


Today i got to finally see my nose. Omg i think Dr. A is the only doctor who's actually ever done anything DECENT to my nose!! Let me just be very frank here, it was a shock to see my nose. It looks so different to what it had looked like just a week ago but this was the whole point haha. I think in a way the visual aspect of it is overblown by our own eyes because we're just so used to seeing our everyday noses. The bridge is wonderful, just how i had wanted it. Very slim and very STRAIGHT! That horrible lump that was there on the right side of my bridge has vanished and i no longer have a pollybeak! YAY!! BUT, i am not immune to what 99.9% of all rhino patients see the day the splint is removed. The dreaded PIGGY WIGGY tip. I was seriously freaking out , no really, i must have asked Dr. Ahmed and his assistant Lee (who i love) 1000 times if it will drop and they both reassured me it would. I mean all i could see were my NOSTRILS! I was going to cry. It's dropped a little since then, as a matter of fact, it's been almost 12 hours now and it's looking less piggy. I think the tape that was holding my tip up caused 70% of the piggy wiggy look. Overall, it's SUPER swollen! I feel like im carrying a rock on my face. I have countless grafts in /around my tip and nostrils. Dr. Ahmed had so much work to fix , bless his heart. He told me my recovery will be a tad slower than most as it isn't my first rhino plus there was a significant amount of graft work. My tip is HUGE right now. My bruising is much better but still hanging around. My upper lip is still really numb . Apparently that can take a few months to resolve?? I had a little bit of a cry earlier but i think it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed and emotional with the whole process and its also to do with the fact that when i look in the mirror i see a different me, a better me but still, a different me that my mind has yet to get used to. I think we all grieve a little in a way, i don't know. I wont be updating for another week but until then ive posted some pics of my nose today. I'm calling her ' Sassy suzy' don't ask me why but i have decided to name my nose that so from now on that's what i'm calling HER. Bye for now and happy healing !!! I'm going to ice my nose, Dr. A said it won't make much difference but i'm still going to do it lol BYE xx

I know i said i won't update for a week but..

Lord, the swelling. The swelling , the swelling. Seriously , what the hell is up with swelling. Arnica cream, Arnica under the tongue and Brufen and a little bit of icing but the swelling is mean. I had a drink or two today and my nose is pretty huge right now. Bad i know, also, i'm a smoker but managed to quit for 6 days but i had a *few today* shoot me please. BAD BAD BAD. To be fair, i was feeling rather down in the dumps especially with a friend of mine saying i look SO different. I haven't told anyone except my mum, boyfriend and best friend however, my friend saw a pic i posted on IG ( another mistake ) and right away msged me saying ' you did your nose didnt you' ugh. Just not a good day and hope tomorrow is better. I'm detoxing tomorrow.. i don't want to feel too bad but i do right now. Piggy wiggy sassy suzy ( my nose) has dropped a little. Anyway, positive energy will be great right now. I'm also missing my boyfriend, he's in NYC and i'm in Dubai so the long distance thing doesn't help. It would be great if he was here helping me through all these physical and emotional changes but he's trying to be as supportive as he can be given the circumstances.

Post op day 9 and question on how to deal with a certain unsupportive friend.

Hi everyone,

I was feeling so distraught yesterday. I kept looking in the mirror and just didn't like that the girl looking back at me wasn't me. Getting a rhino is a very emotional and mental thing to go through so make sure you have a good support system. I'm feeling better today mostly because i can see the tip is slowly but surely dropping. My worst nightmare is having an over rotated tip forever or a piggy nose. I also have some anxiety of what my friends will say to me once they see me. I haven't told anyone about this surgery except my best friend, mother and boyfriend thinking well, it won't be so noticable. It is though lol I know swelling distorts everything and makes the face look funny so maybe i should lay low for another week or two? I know i shouldn't care about others and i always tell peope not to give a damn , i just have a judgy friend who i know will give me a crap time over this. She's not supportive at all, and wasn't with my previous rhino which sucks. Any tips on how to deal with this? Thank you all for being so wonderful and so supportive. I'm so glad i found this site and i believe if we all stick together everything becomes so much easier.

One month and one week post op!

Well, it's been a little over a month and recovery has been good. I feel my nose changes shape day to day!! I know that's quite common though or quite normal.

I was really beginning to struggle with the numbness i have in my upper lip and nose but that's slowy beginning to subside ( past week ) I thought i was going to be eating, talking and drinking strangely for life! Ny nose is still numb but again, seems both my upper lip and nose have regained sensation quite a bit the past week so that's a great sign that my nerve ending are starting to regenerate.

LOVE my profile view, my tip is still huge and i know that's also down to the fact that Dr Ahmed placed quite a few grafts in there. Tip is especially huge in the morning along with the rest of my nose and i know that's because ive been laying down on my back all night. The swelling does go down as the day goes by but still quite annoying to see it extra large in the mornings. I am no longer rocking the Ms Piggy look either. Tip has dropped a good amount and now ive gone from worrying it will never drop to worrying it will drop too much lol However, Dr. Ahmed reassured me it wouldn't drop too much more (if at all ) because of the shield graft he placed in m tip. I massage my tip and nose as per Dr. Ahmed's recommendation to hekp reduce swelling.

Honestly speaking, i'm saying this as a woman who's gone through not one rhino but now four, patience really is key. Even though i'd been through this before , i forgot how much patience is required. Wanting to have the nose with zero swelling at one month out is impossible especially if you're a revision patient like me. Dr. Ahmed is wonderful in reassuring me that what i see now, is NOT the final result and that i'll see more of the shape at month 3 onwards.

Booze makes the swelling so so SO much worse. I can't stress this enough! Also, working out makes it swell. Pretty much anything that raises the blood pressure.

Am i happy? Totally. I would be happier if my nose would quit being swollen and i could see some definition but again, i know that's all to due to the dreaded S word ( Yes, swelling)
Saying that, i look back on pictures of my nose on cast removal day and wow, i was REALLY swollen then!

I have had some positive feedback and my closest friends, mother and boyfriend all think i look great so YAY!
Again, i would be happier once i start seeing some definition on front view ( bridge) but i know i have to just wait and be patient x10.

My breathing is perfect! I am no longer a mouth breather and it feels so good to wake up without a sore throat. Dr. Ahmed did a great job on fixing my collapsed nasal valves and honestly, my breathing was a top priority for me so i'm thrilled he's managed to resolve my breathing issues.

Posted a few pics :)

Will post again at the 2 month or 3 month mark. Keep your chins up real selfers and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

1 year post op and very sad

It's with a heavy heart that I post this. My unfortunate luck with failed rhinoplasty has struck again. It's been months and months since I've posted but now it's been over the one year mark I thought I'd update. It's been one year and one month since my rhino.

My frontal view is quite frankly , awful. Dr ahmed had warned me that it won't be a perfect nose and there would only be so much improvements he could do since it would be by third revision. It's much thinner than it was which is a plus , no more of the old flat and open roof deformity but it's very assymetrical. I noticed the assymetry quite early on but the Dr reassured me it's just swelling. Well , it's been one year and one month and I still have assymetry that's very obvious. I have a lump in my left nostril and the right nostril is collapsed. I had to have filler at the top of my nose to fill out a dent too.

Overall I'm incredibly depressed and sad. Dr ahmed didn't promise me a perfect nose and I understand he had 3 prior surgeries to work around and fix but now I'll most definitely be needing a fifth op as the assymetry is very obvious to the point people ask if I've bumped the left side of my nose !

I'm considering travelling to LA from Dubai to have a revision and now in the process or research.

Please anyone reading this, who would you suggest for a revision in the Beverly Hills area?

I'm so unhappy and I'may truly fed up.

Sorry this isn't a happy ending , I so wish it was.

So I've decided. ...

Hey guys ,

First of all I want to say thank you for all the messages of support and understanding. It means plenty to me !

After much thought and consideration I've decided against another revision. I've consulted with two surgeons and one revision expert and all have agreed that I can have filler to correct the issues I do have. I will go with the filler for now and see how I feel in another year. To be honest , I will never have a perfect nose and as one surgeon said " Why would you want a perfect nose , beauty is in small imperfections and your imperfections are small " I just don't think I have it in me emotionally to go through the pain, tears , swelling and financial woes that come with surgery and especially not for a fourth time. I will say it again, Dr Ahmed did the very best he could with what he was presented with ( my previous nose ) it's so much nicer and I think after some filler I'll be more than ok. Hey, if I decide to go for another revision in a year or two then so be it but for now , filler it is.

I think we all seek perfection as humans but we forget we're just that ...humans.

I'll let you all know how the filler experience goes and post a before and after. Thank you all so much for the support and love.


Been a long time!!

Hey everyone!

Been over a year since I last wrote anything here!

It's been 2 years since my rhinoplasty and it's been a very up and down time. Last time I wrote, i said I would stick with filler to correct the bridge when needed and that is exactly what I've been doing and overall, I'm happy with my nose.

I had some filler inserted into the top left hand side of my nose, on the bridge around 2 months ago now and overall it looks good. Without this filler once a year it's quite obvious there's an indentation but to be fair, I would rather spend on filler once a year than go through the whole rhinoplasty experience again.

I actually quite like my nose now. It's far slimmer than it used to be and the tip looks good too. It's not perfect but Dr Ahmed didn't promise me perfection he promised me improvement and it's much improved to what it was before my surgery with him.

Guys, It's taken TWO years for me to see my true final shape! Please please please remember that swelling takes time to go down and the shape of the nose will change dramatically from month to month in the first months post op and will continue to change months and over a year to two years later before it settles down. My nose today looks almost nothing like it did 6 months ago!

I think now it's finally settled down and I actually get compliments on my cute nose!

I admit I was angry with Doctor Ahmed and refused to take his calls because I was so upset and distraught a year ago. I made a call to the clinic close to tears telling them I look disfigured. In reality this was STILL swelling along with the indentation which was very easily fixed in the end ( at another clinic)

My advise is - be patient. Be very patient.

If you don't like what you see, wait and wait some more!

Talk with your doctor! If you freak out, take a deep breathe and talk to your doctor!

If a year passes and any obvious dents, lumps or bumps are still visible talk to your doctor again about the options.

Overall Doctor Ahmed in the end, did give me the nose I wanted. Okay, there's a small imperfection but it's easily corrected.

I've come to realise that in life we cannot seek perfection. This is not the reality of life.

I'm happy with my decision to not go for another surgery and I'm happy that I did go ahead with Dr Ahmed.

Filler once in a while, once every year is a small price to pay!

Wishing you all the best of luck in life and in getting the nose you always dreamed of.

Fargo Plastic Surgeon

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ahmed to anyone considering surgery, especially revision rhinoplasy in Dubai OR the US as he works between the two countries . He's a gifted surgeon with amazing skill and talent who will listen to you, your concerns and worries. Both Dr. Ahmed and his assistant Lee treated me wonderfully. Dr. Ahmed excels in what he does as a surgeon. A Compassionate, truthful and down to earth doctor who treats you as a friend not just a patient. Zero snobby attitude from him or his staff which is sometimes prevalent in Dubai! I wish i had gone to him years ago!! Dr. Ahmed is a star! passionate, understanding and sympathetic to my needs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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