Mini Tummy Tuck with Minor Muscle Repair

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After having 3 C-section babies, my scar, though...

After having 3 C-section babies, my scar, though virtually invisible, had attached to the muscle below it, creating a "lip" that could be seen in tight clothing or flat bathing suits. While doing some exercises, it also caused me some discomfort. Additionally, no matter how much I exercised, the loose skin just didn't go away. So, I opted for the mini TT. I didn't know until after the surgery, that I also needed minor muscle repair.

Preop pictures

Just before surgery.

Day 2 Postop

No drains for me! I do have compression stockings and a VERY uncomfortable binder though. I felt a sharp pain over both hip bones fairly shortly after surgery. I was afraid it was the incision site, but after seeing my doc on Day 2, we realized that my binder needed to be trimmed and straightened. The pain went away almost immediately after that. Walking slowly but feeling pretty good. I do have a muscular or ligament pain in my right side. I think it's from getting in and out of bed. Very happy with my incision site on Day 2!

Day 4

Feeling a lot better today. I have a lot more stamina when walking and got a good night's sleep last night. I'm mostly standing upright. I feel like the swelling is going down. My amazing hubby came up with a brilliant answer to the pain of the binder! He cut out the back of a man's undershirt and used it as a layer between me and the binder. It is SO much more comfortable than the gauze! Still no shower... Next doctor visit is on Day 8.

Day 5

Feeling more peppy today. Have had trouble with sinus drainage/coughing the last day or two. (Not fun!) I think it's a side effect from anesthesia. (I remember the same thing after other surgeries.) Walked more today without being exhausted. I even walked up and down the stairs a few times. Woohoo! Big deal there! :) REEEEAALLY looking forward to a shower! Tummy is still slightly bruised feeling. From lipo? ...Maybe the karate kick from my Maltese? It is sore, but no visible bruising. That should be especially noted, as I feel like my Doctor was very delicate in her handling my lipo/overall procedure. Incision site feels good, just slightly sore. Took less pain meds today and didn't really miss them. Yay! On the road to "normalcy" again!

Day 6

Feeling great today! Lots of energy! I walked around almost normal for several hours this am. Rested a bit late morning and early afternoon. Easy time getting up and sitting down. By late afternoon though, my low back was killing me. I might have overdone it a bit. Oops. Overall, great day! No pain meds all day... and now I'm done for the day. :)

Day 7 - 1 WEEK!

Yep! I guess I did too much yesterday, because I felt really tired all day. No real complaints today though. No meds either! Woohoo! The only thing that is really bothering me is the tightness of the compression stockings. Hoping tomorrow I will get permission to ditch them! The big hilight for today was that my amazing husband engineered a way to wash my hair! Woohoo! I'm a NEW woman!! :)

Day 8

Felt great today! Did a little laundry: folding and hanging this am. Felt good to get back to "normal". Went to see the doctor this afternoon. She said I need to rest more. Ooops. I feel like I'm taking it easy, but sometimes, I do feel pressure in my abdomen or a pinch here or there. I'm not used to just sitting around, to be honest. With 3 kids, 14, 13 and 9, I'm usually pretty busy and keep active, so sitting/laying around is hard for me. I get "itchy" to move around and do stuff. The problem I do see is that on the days I feel good, I probably overdo it. Then, the next day, I am pretty tired. I promised to take it easy for another week... She agreed to let me remove the compression stockings. YAY!! I'm a happy girl! ...and yes, I'm going to try very hard to rest more this week! :)

The only "slight" concern I have on Day 8: Muscular soreness in my right calf. It doesn't really hurt, it's just soreness. I'm supposed to watch it. My legs already feel better without the stockings! :)

Day 10

Feeling really good today! Had a conference at my daughter's school. Took an Uber. Had no trouble walking, but felt a bit winded by the time I got to the building from the parking lot. Rested about 5-10 minutes and then felt good. Walked back to the parking lot and headed straight home. Good trip, but needed to rest after the "big outing" (which was really only 1.5 hours in total). :)

Leg pain feels much better today! I did notice that my legs and feet were swollen last night, though. They seem better today. Feeling generally much more mobile and better each day, I just feel like I tire more easily than normal. :)

Day 8 picture

Day 11

Got up and dressed and went to church today without being totally exhausted. Sat without any trouble but was HAPPY to stand and walk around after the service. Great day!

Day 13

Went for a slow mile walk today (35 minutes). Sat and rested along the way. Felt SO happy to be moving easier! My legs feel 100 times better today! Felt really good, even after the walk. Went to a friend's house for lunch and a short visit. Came home and took a short rest and feel great tonight. Ahhh, so happy to be feeling more like me again! The BEST part... I fit into my leggings even with the brace on! So excited!

Occasionally, I feel sharp odd pains. I expect this is from the nerves growing back.

Day 14

Went to the doctor today. Got the stitches removed and replaced dressing with 3M Micropore tape. She released me to drive short distances, but honestly, I don't really feel good to drive yet. Still feel "fragile", which is slightly frustrating. I'm still having odd leg cramping. Decided it might be a potassium or magnesium deficiency. Ate a banana and feel better. Still walking slightly "hunched", especially when I get tired. Trying not to stretch the incision site so I will have a better scar result.


Day 18

Had a fairly quiet week, because honestly, I just felt tired a lot this week. I did more around the house, like some light laundry, dishes, cooking and a bit of baking so maybe that was part of the reason I felt tired. :) I don't feel like I overdid it, just noting that I am still not 100%. My hubby says, I'm about 75%. :)

Went walking a couple of mornings this week. Walked about a mile without having to stop to rest by week end. Felt good to get back into a normal routine. All my leg "issues" have now resolved. Seems like my legs have just been begging me to move more. :) However, with the movement, may have come some swelling here and there. Still feel like overall my tummy is going down and looking better, though.

I started on lymphatic drainage today, as per my doctor, by walking in the pool. It felt good. Let's see if it helps. :)

Initially, (day 1-2) I slept in a recliner. For the next 10 days or so, I slept on a foam ramp with a pillow under my knees. By about day 14-15, my back was killing me. Ditched the ramp and am now sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees or on my sides. YAY!! I found that if I keep my binder tight while I sleep it feels better to sleep on my sides. My tummy is finally not feeling "sloshy".

I always take/post pics while laying down, because honestly, it's depressing to stand up and look in the mirror. I kind of have a little pot belly. :( I'm sure it will get better, but right now, it feels a little disappointing. I don't know how all the other people took them standing up so early.

Day 18

4.5 weeks

Life has almost returned to normal. I am on the phase out plan with my binder. I have stopped wearing it at night, which feels great! I am still wearing it for about half the daytime. I'm working to have it fully phased out by week 6. My doctor says I can return to exercising, so I am happy. I have done a few exercises with body weight and power walked (without my binder) about 4k this am without feeling tired when I finished. Overall, nothing concerning. I still have intermittent pain in my stomach where she did the lypo. Doc said that could last up to three months. Starting scar therapy this weekend. Happy happy happy and changing my status to worth it! :)
Dubai Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Azzam was fantastic! She met with us several times, preop. She was good to answer all of our questions and really listened to what I wanted and what was important to me. Her calm, quiet disposition was very encouraging and soothing. I had complete confidence in her and even after the procedure, I am just as impressed, if not more so.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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