Decision Made!Mini Tt,lipo,scar Reposition (Mini Abdominoplasty - Dubai, AE

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Hi guys so After obsessing about doctors and...

Hi guys so After obsessing about doctors and pictures and where to go I've made up my mind I'm going to stick to doing it at home(Dubai) I fear not Being near my doctor.. Wish me luck! 5 days left
My doctor seems confident and I feel he knows what he is talking about..I'm excited and scared at the same time that somebody is going to be inside my body while I sleep.. But ayy he will take a chunk of fat while he is there.. Lol

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Time flys by so fast.. Can't believe it's tmrw.. The nurses called me to remind me to take my meds and shower thoroughly ... Problem is I was told to get off the pill so my period started flowing and it's been 4 days now... I wonder if the surgery can be done still so I asked.. I guess I will wear a tampon ... Mixed emotions going through my head but overal is positive...

The flat side day 3!

Hey guys so still in the healing process woke up in the middle of the night with pain and took a pain killer and slept like a baby after and here I am check out the pics... Very sore around the incision and puffy but I like the results so far... I'm using my hands to move around not to strain the muscles repaired... Notice the scar is neat!!

Day 4 post op

Woke up early in the morning with a lot of pain In the flanks and my lower back is so sore decided to try and ignore the pain had breakfast and the pain was still there so took my antibiotics and pain meds and now I feel better.
I'm avoiding the emergency pain meds I got for severe pain. I've scheduled my post op appointment for check up should know if I'm proceeding the way I want to...

Day 5 post op

I placed the sponge my PS gave me under my garment overnight and helped with the swelling . Can't wait to sleep on my tummy again this whole sleeping on the sides and back is having its toll on my back. I'm taking my last antibiotics This morning I feel great and return to work in two days!! Here are some pics

13 days post op

So it's been 13 days now and feel good. I'm back to work taking it easy with heavy lifting ,pulling and pushing which are part of my job.. Still wearing the garmet and it gives me a sore back every morning which sucks!! I then take it off for a shower and all is good again I don't see any outstanding changes in shape but swelling is going down In most areas
Tummy looks great in clothes without garmet too no buldge which used to bother me.. Scar looks good but haven't been cleared to apply anything on it by my PS
Oh and I'm starting to feel the tightness everybody was talking about but overall it looks good!

21 days post op

Well to me it seems like the same from day one...I don't see much change maybe coz I keep looking to see every morning I definitely move faster than before I've lost 3 kilos so I'm down to 54 kilos which I didn't expect coz I've been so hungry lately,I guess coz of the healing.. I've also started using the tapes for the scar...still sore and sensitive in lipo areas but bearable ... I look amazing in clothes and don't need to tuck my tummy in either are some pics


4 days and it will be a month

I definitely feel different lighter maybe coz I'm now 53kgs was 56kgs before
Scar is healing very good now and should even get better with more time... Still wear the CG to work which is most of the time and going to gym today too.. Will take it easy and wear my CG for work out the flanks area is still sensitive and feel tightness in my upper abbs when I sit for a while

5 weeks

Well I'm still maintaining my new weight tummy is flatter than last pics but the stretch marks appear more visible when I sit... Other than that I'm happy scar is healing well but spears very dark at the moment I think it's one of those stages
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