21 Years Old 135lbs 5'9 (400cc Right, 350cc Left) Silicone Mod+ in Dubai, UAE

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I have always hated my boobs ever since my early...

I have always hated my boobs ever since my early teen years, one has always been noticeably bigger than the other so no bras have ever fit me properly. My hips are quite wide too and I'm tall so my boobs being 34B don't match my figure. I got into a well paying job last year and moved to Dubai from the UK a year and a half ago so I though now is the time to do it. My surgeon is called Dr Allen Rezai I researched him a lot before I went for the initial consultation and he is very experienced working in London and Dubai so I am confident I made the right choice. I'm hoping for a 34DD after surgery so I pray I made the right choice with regards to implant choice (mentor silicone moderate plus 400cc in right 350cc in the left) I am also having tuberous correction surgery. My surgery is on the 17th sept I so excited to fill out a bikini and look proportionate in clothes. I am always on the beach because it's sunny and hot all year round here in Dubai so it will be great feeling confident in a bikini. I'm nervous about the scarring and the pain after of course but have been researching so much about after care. I made a huge asos order with easy to put on clothes for work as I only have a week off I know I will still be sore for a few weeks so it will be nice to feel comfortable. Does anyone have any after care recommendations to reduce scarring? I've been prescribed arnica to start taking one week before and one week after my op. Will keep you updated after my surgery with pics how I am getting on. Would love any advice from anyone about anything! I always over prepare. I also quit smoking for the op which is a great feeling I feel fantastic :-)

One week to go...

So this week has majorly dragged! I have bought my v shaped pillow and easy to put on clothes for work, made arrangements for my lift home and my boyfriend also booked the day off work to stay with me at the hospital next week. He is so sweet and lovely to me. I will start taking arnica tablets tomorrow for one week prior and one week post for healing.

I have a dilemma though, I am going to a pool party on Friday for a birthday and it is going to be a huge party massive villa and so i really want to go and not miss out. However, my PS instructed me not to drink alcohol 1 week prior to the surgery and Friday will be 6 days. I can't go to a pool party and not have a few glasses of vino!? So my question ladies is.... Am i playing with fire if i have a few drinks on friday? I also don't want to over indulge and go mad as I am partial for being the last one to go home! haha oops. I don't want to do anything to jepardise my surgery so should I stay sober? I saw a few posts that suggested only 2 days before the surgery and I saw a post that said 2 weeks before so i am really unsure.

I drink a lot of water anyway and I am a bit of a healthy chia, flax and avo monster but I have been really healthy recently and will keep it up as I can't go to the gym for 6 weeks and don't want to pile on the pounds as i will be doing minimal activity!

Ahhhh I hope this week flies by. I need to buy ice packs which i cannot find in Dubai anywhere!! I also need a good scar gel (any recommendations would be fab) and any recommendations to make my like easier post op would be amazing!

I can't wait to join the boob life


DIET: What I Will Be Eating to Heal

Good Morning :-)

It's 6 days until my surgery now and I am feeling super excited. This weekend I will do a big food shop and prep my meals. I absolutely LOVE cooking and am well into nutrition so I thought I'd share my meal ideas for optimum healing. If anyone would like to know how to make anything please ask :) I specifically chose all these things because they are anti inflammatory and will help with swelling and healthy too. So here goes...

Hot Water with slices of lemon and fresh ginger (as soon as I wake up)
Coconut Water
Smoothie - blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lemon, spinach, fat free vanilla greek yoghurt, walnuts (can add chia & flax)
Protein Shake - peanut butter, almond milk, vanilla protein, cinnamon, half banana
Grapefruit Juice

Breakfast Ideas
Smashed avocado mixed with red onion on whole grain toast (can add poached eggs)
Fresh fruit with fat free Greek yoghurt and almonds or walnuts
Smoked Salmon and poached eggs

Baked Sweet potato loaded with asparagus, blue cheese (or feta) and smashed avocado
Vegetable Soup (best to home make)
Chicken or tuna salad with added nuts

Chicken with Quinoa and bell peppers (add cayenne pepper and paprika)
Salmon fillet with spinach/kale/brocolli and mango salsa
Tuna fillet and asparagus with tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon juice in the blender)

Rice Cracker with raw peanut butter and sliced banana
Apple with almond butter
Home made banana bread
Frozen yoghurt topped with fresh berries

Sorry for the long essay!! But I hope that someone finds this useful especially if they don't know how to cook. It's good to include lots of healthy fats, lots of protein, veg and citrus fruits.


3 days to go...

Hey Ladies

The time is now finally moving quick towards the big day. I am going to the mall after work to get some final things. Thought i would write my list of things to help people out as I have used this site to help me so much.

-V-Shape Pillow
-Arnica (1 week pre and 2 weeks post op)
-Raw Vitamin E (Still need to consult with surgeon)
-Ice Bag
-Bio Oil
-Cocoa Butter
-Brufen and Advil (Pain Relief)
-Fresh ginger (for the nausea)
-Baby wipes

If anyone has any tips on what to buy to make my life easy post op please comment. I'm starting to go into panic mode now thinking I will forget something.

Bad Dream

I had a nightmare last night that the anaesthesia didn't put me to sleep and it wouldn't work and there was a murderer doing my surgery!


I know its just a nightmare because it is getting so close.. Doesn't stop me being excited though. Only 2 more days :D :D :D

Here goes

Just been drawn on. Surgery in 1 hour. My PS makes me feel so comfortable!

Here's some pre of photos

The day of Surgery - What Happened

I woke up nice and early, had a hot shower shaved everything double washed my hair and got my things together. I even made my bed the way I will need it when I return home. My boyfriend was staying with me all day and night at the hospital too so we packed and made our way down.

On arrival I got take to my room which was gorgeous it looked more like a palace then a hospital (typical Dubai) I wasn't complaining. I filled out forms, put my surgical stockings and gown on and shortly after my PS came in to mark me. I felt completely at ease after I had seen him he is great. The anaesthetist came in and asked me questions and attached the IV think to my hand.

At 11:30am I was moved onto a different bed, given something to make me extremely calm and wheeled into the OR shortly after I was given the anaesthetic and don't remember anything.

I woke up and was taken back to my room trying to talk but making no sense apparently haha! I fell asleep for a few hours. When I woke up it felt like I had been attacked with a baseball bat.

I found out later the breast band was too high and too tight and I was in agony so the fixed it and gave me stronger pain meds. I think I hurt a lot more than others because I had tuburous correction surgery at the same time so was cut in a lot of places. My back really hurts too so I'm so glad I got to stay in the hospital over night as I really can't move.

I get discharged today after I have seen my PS I am dreading the car journey home though it's only 30 mins away :-)

I heard the surgery went really well I can't wait to see them!!

So much pain

I feel like I'm the only one who is experiencing this much pain. I'm okay when I am lying down but when I get up to use the bathroom it's 10/10 pain and I can't stop crying. Is this normal? I don't know what to do. I haven't taken the surgical bra fully off get or the breast band so I haven't even seen what they look like because it's too painful :-( hoping for this pain to go away soon! Any tips would be great

I made it to day 3

finally! I have managed to get my pain under control and know what aggravates pain. Most of the time lying down at a 45degree angle I have no pain just feels weird to have boobs. However, when I get up and move around I have a 10/10 sharp burning pain in my right breast. Cannot wait for that to go! Does anybody else have this or know what is causing it?

I'm high as a kite on pain meds and my appetite is virtually non existent but I make myself eat.

I am going to see my surgeon later for my first follow up. I have blisters around my areolas (ouch) the doc thinks I may have reacted to the stitches so I'm getting them cleaned and changed. I would put a picture up but there's so much dry blood so I will wait until later when I'm clean. I know they will look fabulous in a month or so it's just a waiting game.

Not washed my hair I feel minging the doctor said I can't get my chest wet whatsoever so I think I will put pillows next to the bath tub and my boyf can was my hair.

Really really looking forward to being able to do normal things again I just keep wondering how long!!

How are all you ladies getting on with your recovery?

Day 4 Boob Wonderland

I've taken a turn and I feel 100 times better today. About to embrace in my first bath which I absolutely cannot wait for.

Not going to over do it though!

So happy to finally see the light I was in a rough way :-)

Happy healing ladies

Here is my day 3 photo from yesterday :-)

Day 5

My boobs are so clots together and massive. I know they will reduce in size when the swelling goes down.

I know patience is key but wow I can't wait to see them when they drop... I absolutely love them.

I feel like I'm getting cabin fever stuck in my one bed apartment all day. I think I will go to the nail salon and hair salon in the next few days to get outside. I'm worried about having to keep my arm a bit raised though when I have my nails done don't want to jump and scare the poor woman :D

Anyone know when you can usually raise your arms above your head? One of mine is okay but the right is so sore. Got my second follow up appointment tomorrow and I will get the all clear to shower after that so it would be wonderful to wash my own hair (my boyfriend is terrible bless him haha)

I'm also worried about going back to work on Sunday I really wish I had 2 weeks off!!

Happy healing ladies xx

1 week post and feeling fabulous

Apart from sneezing when I think my boobs are going to explode and the upper back ache I feel great!

Here's 1 week post op photo.

9 days post

I feel amazing now no pain whatsoever. I went to a BBQ yesterday and everyone thought my boob were my own and couldn't believe I only had my op last week.

I am so so so happy my body looks great now and I'm in proportion. I tried one of my favourite swimsuits on and I wanted to cry with happiness.

Day 11

Hey here's my day 11 post op pic :-)

Going to the mall later to bikini shop :-D can't wait

17 days post

I went to Victoria's Secret to get measured and I couldn't resist buying some bras. I am now a 32DD :-) the exact size that I wanted. They have dropped more now and look natural. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said that he is amazed at how well I'm healing... I think that's the healthy diet pre and post op!

Hope everyone is enjoying their new boobies or is excited for them. It is honestly the best thing I have ever done and they look so much better than what I was expecting I am so happy!

Let me know if you have any questions or anything ladies :-) xxxx

One Month Already

Can't believe it has been a month since my op it has gone so quick.

Sorry I haven't updated I have been having a problem with one of my incisions so I was waiting for it to heal before taking more photos. I was on antibiotics for 14 days!! I had corrective surgery so had an incision from the nipple down to the crease which has been the problem.

Loving my girls haha! everyone compliments them I love it. So happy with the results.

At first when the swelling went down I got boob greed and wish I went bigger but now I'm so happy they are perfect.

This is the only picture I have at the moment.. Going for a weekend in Fujairah next weekend though so will take some bikini pics then :-)

1 year on

Having the surgery was the best decision of my life! I know how much this site helped me and I always liked seeing the photos a year later so I thought I would share mine!
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