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I've dont a lot of research before the operation,...

I've dont a lot of research before the operation, and watched a lot of videos. I consulted 5 surgeons, and got price quotes from at least a dozen clinics & hospitals.
I couldn't find any review/testimony/patient-story to help me choose a surgeon.
in addition, I have recently lost my job + big money. I thought i'd do the surgery to feel good about myself and restore some confidence, but I had to go as cheap as possible. I got quotes as high as 10,000USD sometimes.
I finally picked a plastic surgeon who is specialized in reconstructive surgery, and has at least 4 TV interviews/appearances. He asked for 4,500USD only.

I saw the surgeon one week before the surgery and agreed to finalize everything, and proceed with the operation.
approaching the surgery, i was looking forward to it, and couldn't wait. at the same time, i remember growing more and more terrified about general anesthesia. I do suffer from anxiety, and take medication for that.

On the surgery day, everything went normal. i saw the anesthesia specialist and asked for local. saw the surgeon who put his markings. the plan was to do liposuction + gland excision. the pain during the surgery was bearable. i had wide patches covering my whole chest after the surgery i couldn't see the area directly, till the first follow up.
like all other patients, i had a drain and tubes sticking out of my chest area. i didnt feel much pain, and didnt take a single pill of pain-killer. i put on the compression garment right away, started on anti-biotic immediatly.

during the surgery, the following happened:
- i could feel the doctor's canula during the lipo... everything was fine. when he finished i asked him how many litres of fat was sucked out from me, and it was only few milli-letres (shown in attachment)
- during gland excision, i saw the right side's gland. it was clearly big and i was happy when it was removed. however, i didn't see the left side's gland. the doctor told me it was small. the two glands were put together in a capsule that i didnt dare to open & inspect.

approaching the first follow-up, i was growing paranoid that the area still looks big. didn't want to bother the doctor over the phone.
on the first follow-up appointment, the patches were removed. i suffered skin-rash from the glue of the patches. this has nothing to do with operation, but with the patches. i had the drain removed. i had smaller patches placed on the nipple & the liposuction incision
everything was done while i was laying down on my back. when i got home,
i told the doctor that i saw videos with much more fat sucked and he didn't comment. i told him the area doesn't look flat and he told me to be patinet

i could check out the area for the first time. i could notice a big chunk was gone. the right side is not saggy anymore but big. the left side is definitely saggy. (see photo). i'm pretty sure my chest was symmetrical before the operation. i understand that this could still mean the glands are not equal in size. but i definitely do NOT want to get an unsymmetrical chest after the surgery!

i placed water-proof plasters on both sides to get a shower. when i removed those plasters, the nipple patch on the left side was removed (see photo). i swiped the area with iodine and placed another patch.
my second follow up is tomorrow, and i'm really frustrated + furious. i am sure liposuction is correlated with serious bruising + pain, which i didnt experience any. i'm pretty sure right away after the surgery results can be noticed. i'm aware that few weeks after the operation, swelling will grow and it will look like nothing happened; but things will start looking great again after 2 months. i'm only 10 days post-op and i'm not happy.
during this period, i am still wearing the compression garment 24/7. i take it off to look at the area, or to shower only. as the doctor directed me, to increase the pressure on the area, i place layers of cotton between the garment & my skin. (sometimes i use men's socks)

Still not confident about results

I saw the surgeon 10 days post op (right after the last review) and had the thread removed. Totally painless.
I was contacted by someone who had the same surgery telling me that he went through the same process and that it gets better; even though his post-op photos look better than mine.

Attached photos are 18 and 24 days post op. I can see very minimal improvement, but far from what i wanted.
I am not even sure if its real improvement or the effect of different posture, lighting & other conditions.

I dont see myself being confident enough to go out topless to a beach with this. Shirts and tshirts will look better on me eventually; but i paid for much more than this.

My waist size is growing. I wonder if the weight gain affects the shape of the chest!

still not satisfied, and not optimistic

for all this time i didn't write an update because i didnt want to bad-mouth the anybody and then regret it when/if results turn out great. now i think i can speak.

I saw the dr. the third time, 6 weeks post-op (about a month ago). it really frustrated me that the dr. was never on time for all 3 appointments, and i waited 20 minutes each time. not like he was there and there were patients waiting in line, but actually the dr. wasn't there; and i was the only person waiting.
i told the reception lady they're unprofessional and the surgery didn't go as i expected, i'm not bluffing and i'm giving you a review on 3 websites, both in arabic and english.
i saw the dr. and he acted like everything was great. i pointed out the two sides aren't symmetrical and he opposed my argument, saying symmetry is great. i was shy to confront him rudely, and asked if i can use cool-sculpting on the area again. he said no, i shouldn't disrupt the area till 1 year post-op. he assured me that he ""dissolved the fat/lipids in the area, even though the amount he sucked in the operation was little; my body will remove this reamining fat because it is already broken fat. i just have to start massaging the area."" i am not a doctor, but that doesn't make sense. i feel a real doctor would laught when hearing this, and mock me for believing it.
dr also prescribed me a swelling cream to use twice daily and massage the area. the doctor didn't specify how long shall i keep using the cream. i massaged the area rigorously and used the cream for like 10 days once a day only (i know i'm lazy but i'm bugged by the fact that i take so many medications for different things and i'm only 28.
he told me to start light excercise within a few weeks, and that i'd better keep wearing the vest/comrpession garment till 8 weeks post op.
honestly, i did lots of research online and no doctor whatsoever recommended keeping the garment on more than 4 weeks post op. i took the garment off on exactly 8 weeks post-op and, drum roll, it's still swollen and saggy.
i texted the doctor and he didn't reply to me till today (2.5 weeks later). i gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he could have been on summer vacation when i texted him. i didnt start exercising either because: 1) i believe exercise would be like the final touch on something shaping up to become a master-piece, contributing marginal improvement. what i have currently is far from perfect, and exercise wouldn't convert this fiasco to a master-piece. 2) i'm bummed and frustrated about my life & career in general. i even stopped taking photos regularly of the area until today. 3) i have seen people with good results without exercise. i have seen fat people with no chest fat. my problem does NOT have to do with the pectoral muscle
i am afraid of taking off my shirt and looking at the area, and reminding myself of this failure.
i dont expect the end result will be what i want. i will surely need another operation, i'm not willing to spend money again. i dont expect the next 3 months that my chest will become flat, not suddenly and not gradually, it won't happen. i'm done giving the dr. the benefit of the doubt; i am just waiting for the period he said i should wait for (4-6 months).
after our last appointment, i asked for the next appointment date and he said there's no need to schedule a next appointment. i can set-up an appointment when i feel like it. sounds like an excuse to send me away.
all along, the doctor treated me so nice, he was always gentle kind and polite. however, i'm not satisfied with the result, and i dont believe that he carried out the best practice known in the profession for me in the operation. he told me he carried out this thing several times before and people were so satisfied; just that different people had different healing periods.

the good news, T-shirts and formal shirts look so much better now. i admit there is a significant decrease in size, like it was real gynecomastia level 3 and now it is pseudogynecomastia level 2. the tissue now is much softer than before the operation (perhaps before it was gland, now it's purely fat). however, i'm still not comfortable going out topless, or even in loose transparent undershirts. when i pinch the area, i can still hold a significantly thick amount of skin on both sides. since now it's more like pseudogynecomastia than real, if i diet & exercise, i may end up with a nice chest; but the operation should have been enough to get that result.

i prepared a single file that displays all the photos in order. the website wouldn't let me upload documents, only photos.

latest photo

tried to attach photos taken sparsely through out the past month, couldn't
here i upload the very last photo taken today

A third opinion

Before i had the surgery, i saw several surgeons. I went back today to one of the surgeons i consulted (but did not do the surgery with), and he said that a significant part of the gland is still there, it wasn't removed. The result is not going to change after 6 months or after 1 year, this is what i have.
The third surgeon said that it's a personal matter now, if i still dont like the new shape, i should get back to the surgeon who delivered the surgery, but i shouldn't worry much about it and try not to mess with my body.

now, i'm just waiting for the 6 months to be over to get back to that doctor and find out how much he values his reputation.

Nothing has changed

I did the whole surgery thing so that i won't get any more "funny" comments or mockery on how i look. today i just received another one of those comments; which means that nothing has changed on the way i look. some people can be so insensitive and inconsiderate.
I will wreak havoc on the doctor's ass.
I took the attached photos a couple of days ago.


I contacted the medical center's CEO and the dr. too. I want a cash return or a second surgery.
Attached are photos taken yesterday. The photos are taken from below looking up can show the lack of symmetry, and the sag.
This surgery was NOT worth the money and the disturbance I've gone through in the summer.
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doctor was so polite, descent, answering warmly to all my questions. gave me his phone number and held communication with me over whatsapp

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