Corrective Liposuction - Dubai, AE

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Going to have surgery after tomorrow to fix the...

Going to have surgery after tomorrow to fix the mess that a previous doctor made. I have scar tissue in waist area, unevenness from waist till knees, gaps in legs, lumps in belly.... a disaster! I'm putting all my hope in Dr toledo becuz he was the only doctor here out of 6 I saw in Dubai who knew what to do and explained in extreme details the process. He's very clear, logical, comfertable to talk to and ethical so far. I'm very nervous due to the previous trauma, but my hopes are high for this corrective procedure. Wish me luck!

the difference is mind blowing

I've been fooled by my first doctor, its my fault for not doing research and relying on word of mouth! I should have gone to DR toledo from day 1.
He knows what he's doing, and he enjoys it, and he's an amazing personality to deal with. He's definitely the solution to your problems. I can already see the diff and I'm on day 3 only! I have a waist! Scar tissue gone! I'm smooth! No bumps no dents no holes. I can walk and get back to life faster and better than previous surgery. My mind is blown! I'm very happy so far. Swollen, but happier :) pics are day 3! Not bad!! Will post more as the weeks go by

much better but kinda worried about thies

So I'm 4 weeks post op. He was really good. Not so much on follow up but perhaps I worry too much since my previous experience. I'm seeing him this sat to determin if I got new scar tissue on inner thies, I have two bumps. Rest looks great. Still very swollen and light blue patches. I'm a slow healer.

One roll down one to go!

Funny enough one of the banana rollsdidn't go away . The other looks fine.

I got a touch up and still no improvement.

I'm going to try meso therapy for the roll and see what happens.

Evrything else is perfect. Thank God.
I look great. And happy of course!

Meso treatment

Hi guys,

The touch up I got was a mini lipo took 10 minutes at doctor clinic free of charge.

That did nothing for my banana roll

So I resorted 5 months later to meso!

It's takes longer to see results. But session by session you see a diff which really matters to me .

Finished 2nd session.... after third will post results ..

Detail oriented, ethical, organized, knows what he's doing. Has alot of experience!

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