42, Mum of 3, 5ft 4in, 325cc Mentor HP Textured Unders

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Hello! My journey started about a year ago...

My journey started about a year ago although have been unhappy with my boobs for 20 years after breast feeding my first. I embarked on a daily fitness routine, being an expat has its stresses, but fitness has made me happier mentally and physically being so far from home. I started to think about my body more and the things I wanted for myself for a change and decided that perhaps this is something I could do.
I looked at going to Spain as I found a great surgeon, but then my husband said do you really want to travel? so have opted to stay here, albeit about x3 more expensive!
But I know I'll be looked after and I won't have to worry about travelling etc
My surgeon had said ups to 300cc would look great for my frame but I think I want to have 325cc, I have gone for Mentor, round, high profile II, under the muscle - I would like a natural look but at the same time if I'm going to have surgery I want a little more than a tidy up, but not boobs that will hinder me during exercises or look ridiculous, more importantly just feel good about myself!
My surgeon has told me 6 weeks until I can go back to the gym, i think I'll go stir crazy but I guess that's what I'll have to do...I lift and do pull ups and am scared this will stop me from being able to do this again properly - I know it will take time but would be interested in others experience on this...well that's all for now!

A week to go!

I have now had my pre op, I have a scan tomorrow on my breasts and I am just counting down the days. Slightly nervous now too...what happens if I get rippling or they are...too big, too small...I keep trying to find other examples to figure what mine will look like, I guess it's all normal!

Surgery completed 325cc HP Mentor

My surgery went well, my surgeon Dr Allen Rezai ???? is great and seems to have a knack of sweeping in and putting everything in perspective and at ease, I never have questions! Lol!
I stayed the night, I was so glad because I reacted badly to the anaesthetic and was vomiting every few hours and couldn't eat, I felt a bit better in the morning and they had already given me fluid and antibiotics as a precaution but it seems by the time I got home I reacted to the antibiotics too unless it was the antibiotics all along...awful sickness and light head falling asleep every few seconds then awake, so I have stopped those and have continued with tremodal and am feeling sooo much better!

First visit 4 days post op to the hospital tomorrow for a check...each days it feels so much better just wished I didn't have the sickness which was the worst part.

4 days post op...

Second glimpse and a bit sore

6 days post op...

I think my right has dropped better, my PS said the left will take a little more time, it hasn't dropped like the other and the skin isn't knitting together as well as the other side, I know I need to be patient ????
My mum and I changed the dressing - bit scary at first but the tape came away really easily and we followed exactly what the nurses did and finished a great job, my right had 3 small areas that were seeping but nothing terrible and I kind of expected it.
My only worry is that I had a severe reaction to the antibiotics and my surgeon told me to stop taking them as it was only a precaution, which is fine but I'm a bit worried now.
I also hate the band ...I might be able to stop wearing it Tuesday but omg...it actually hurts and I'm worried it's putting pressure on my wounds pushing everything down especially on my left...maybe it's in my mind!!!

6 days post op pics

Feeling good today...pain in my chest?

Just had a shower I can use my arms well and wash my hair, feel lovely and refreshed after a rubbish nights sleep...the lower I slide when sleeping the more pain I wake up with in my chest...does anyone else have this??


So yesterday I had some stitches out from around my areola, yes it hurt although some were left in as they weren't ready. Today I can feel some pain there and sensitivity, I have no idea if this is normal, I'm feeling a bit nervous...I hope all is ok

Dying to get back to the gym...

All this sitting around is making me fat and frustrated...I think I have looked at so many boobs in my recovery I can't tell if mine are any good lol!

My Journey...yay!

In the early days I kept asking myself...are you sure you want go do this?
I'm so glad I did, yes it's painful under the muscle and worrying at times looking at the lollipop scar, but I'm glad I did it and every day seems to be a little better and my scars are definitely much better than before.
I can't wait now for them to to settle further and fluff!
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