26, No Kids Just Bad Genes Coupled with Some Yoyo Dieting = SAGGY - Dubai, AE

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Ive had saggy boobs for as long as I can remember,...

Ive had saggy boobs for as long as I can remember, nice big juicy boobs but saggy. This saggyness got move and more advanced following years of yoyo dieting. University was spent eating and drinking to excess which caused by boobs to grow to enormous proportions 36F (as well as the rest of my body). However joining the real world (and putting a stop to nightly binge drinking sessions!!!), I lost a whole load of weight. And the boobs were the first to go. They shrunk to an empty C cup. Fast forward 3 years and I have never been healthier. My weight is steady, and I am happy with my figure. Except for my saggy boobies. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I am very happy with and who is constantly telling me how much he loves my body, and that my boobs are great but I want the lift to feel happy with myself!

After a couple of consultations, I have finally decided to go ahead with the surgery, planned for the 10th of May. My doctor recommends I go for the straight uplift without implants. At first I was a little apprehensive about this as I was unsure she would be able to achieve the shape I want without an implant. But after much discussion and looking at loads of before and after pictures, I decided she was right. I like the size I have and have no inclination to go any bigger, and if the shape can be improved without foreign objects being inserted under my skin then all the better.

I am getting so excited now the count down is on!

The countdown is on...

12 days left to go, how exciting! Have my final pre-op consultation on the 5th where I am getting measured, having my proper before pics taken, getting my special post surgery bra then off to the hospital to meet the anaesthetist, do some blood tests and check out where the surgery will actually take place.
My only concern is that I am wondering if I made the right decision going with an uplift alone. I keep thinking maybe my new boobies will look too small in proportion to my frame?? I will have to discuss this further with my surgeon next week.
In terms of post surgery scar treatment, my PS has recommended silicon scar strips. Has anyone had any experience with these?
Trying to take loads of before pics, not sure whether its worth taking them with clothes on as I am guessing there wont be an awful lot of difference (except when I am not wearing a bra)
Not sure if there is anything I can be doing to prepare. Ive given up smoking (day 18 and counting) as per PS's recommendation but I've heard of people taking arnica and using bio oil and all sorts.

Feeling very very confused!

So I had my pre-op today. Seems I have lost a bit of weight since my consultation (surprising re the fact that I seem to have replaced ciggies with FOOD - ALL THE FOOD). As such the PS thinks I would really benefit from an implant as well as a lift. She says I may loose enough tissue in the lift that I might look a little out of proportion (echoing my recent thoughts exactly). She also identified that one of my breasts is larger than the other - less noticeable whilst they are saggy, but once they are lifted, it will be far more obvious.
So she suggested a lift on both breasts, a tiny reduction in the larger one and then identical implants in both (little ones, maybe 225cc or 250cc).
Obviously this has really thrown me. My first concern was size. I don't want noticeably larger boobs, but the PS said the implants will give me the upper pole fullness I am looking for. My boobs will be a tiny bit bigger, and at first will look quite a bit bigger, but once they have settled she thinks they will look wonderfully proportionate to my frame (wide chest and shoulders)
My second concern was price. I have saved for a long long time to finally be able to afford the operation. When I enquired whether there was a significant price difference she told me I needed to check back with the clinic. On speaking to the clinic manager, post-pre-op, I was thrilled to hear they were willing to give me the lift + implants for the price of the original quote. Basically the PS was adamant that an implant would give the best result and was worried that the financial implications would sway my decisions so she wanted to set a level playing field, if you will, for the decision.
So now here I am, furiously researching the implant options.
EEEK! What to do?? At the end of the day my PS is amazing and I really trust her judgement....

One more day to go!!

I can't believe this is actually happening! My surgery is booked for 10.30am tomorrow morning. Mum flies in tonight (on a separate note, so excited to see her!!). Have been thinking about the implant debate and I've decided to go with the implant. I'm going to leave the size down to the PS.
I'm feeling quite nervous right (I seem to be eating my feelings at the moment. One of the best/worst thing about living in Dubai is the fact that every single fast food place delivers. I'm talking from waggamumas to maccas). But mainly just crazy excited. Planning on having the worlds longest bath this afternoon then doing some shopping to stock up the fridge. Then going to spend the rest of the day cleaning!
Took a load of photos this morning. Can't wait until I get to post the after pics!

The new boobs are here!!

It's done. I am now the proud owner of two brand new boobies! Can't fault the experience so far. Everything was so well organised and the staff were amazing and made me feel totally at ease. Had some antibiotics via a drip then the PS marked me up, they put me under and here I am. The PS went with 275cc. Remarkably no pain as of yet. They just feel a bit heavy and tight. Currently chilling in the hotel bed with mums drinking coffee and having a catch up (haven't seen her since Christmas!!) waiting to be discharged. Been given 2 different types of painkillers all to be taken with food. If things continue as they are going pain wise I feel like I will be up and back to normal in no time at all!!

So today I tried to take off my surgi-bra

No pain at all and managed to get the bra off with help from my mum. But the instant the bra was off the new boobs felt really heavy and like they were pulling on the cuts. Probably being over dramatic but it felt like they were going to drop off! Anyway I felt like I had to hold my boobs up manually to stop the pulling. Managed to get a few pieces of the gauze off. But then I chickened out and put the bra back on. Going to give it another go later on!
The good news is from what I can see, I am liking the shape. Although they are obviously still really tight and swollen they don't look too big!
In other news I seem to be bloating like mad. Not been to the toilet since the day of the surgery. And I am currently supporting a huge preggers belly! Thinking I might need some kind of laxitive. Does anyone have any experience on this?

Turns out mum is incredibly squeamish

Attempt two of removing the gauze. Got the bra off and got into the shower to try and get the gauze wet enough to get it off. One side came off easily enough but the other side the gauze was stuck right in at a couple of points around the nipple. Mum tried to help me but started getting all dizzy and vomity and then fainted. Haha I was standing there crying because I couldn't get the gauze off and I was scared (irrationally of course) that I wouldn't be able to get the bra back on. Eventually mum came round and we somehow managed to get the gauze off, dry off the boobies and get them back into a new bra. But the entire experience was quite traumatic and so obviously I forgot to take a pic. The boobies look huge! And the nipples look a bit strange. Quite Frankenstein with the stitches.
Still not been to the toilet (have had some Senna tea and some Epsom salts) so belly is gigantic. Today we have decided to stay in bed all day (haha mums still looking a bit pale and I've now fired her from future nurse duty) and watch movies and get take out. Not sure if I will be getting the boobies out again tomorrow or just leaving them in until I REALLY need a shower again...

Recovery is a dream!

Got the boobs out again today. I am in love. This must be what it feels like to have a baby and fall in love at first sight. I was still a little concerned that they might fall off whilst they were free from the bra - I really need to get over this. The cuts seem to be healing nicely, theres been no bleeding or oozing since the initial bleed/ooze on op day.
Ive had zero pain and all in all have been moderately active. Yesterday evening we got a taxi over to the Mall to do a bit of shopping. I ordered a champagne Macom bra to wear under my work shirt for when I have to get back into the uniform. However despite spending £10 for express delivery, it failed to make its way to Mums in time for her to bring it over (infact, hilariously, I got an email saying it would be delivered today, over a week late). So basically I only have white surgi bras and then a plethora of colourful sports bras. Spent a few hours wandering around looking for skin coloured sports bras, turns out there is very little demand for flesh colours, everything is bright and neon. In the end I got a basic nude cami to wear over the white one under my work shirt.
Then went out for dinner and taxi'd home. No pain at all and hardly felt tired although I have been sleeping around 9 hours a night so far.
Today I went out for brunch with 4 of my closest freinds - I decided not to tell anyone about the surgery so was feeling pretty self conscious that my rack was looking giant but no one said anything. Pre-surgery I almost always wore padded, soft cupped bras so I dont think theres too much difference in the way I look clothed.
Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed, like I dont want anyone to know. When it was just the uplift it didnt seem so selfish and vain but having implants as well has made me feel like I would rather no one knew. Probably just being silly... Also the way they are looking just now, I guess once I am back in a bikini it will be blindingly obvious Ive had em done.

Post op Day 10

So ten days in and it's all going great. Had my stitches out yesterday which was a lot less painful that I thought it would be. Glad they are out as they were starting to get really itchy! Now I just have steri strips around the nips and down the incisions. I didn't get a good look at the nips before she put the strips on again which was a pity but as soon as the new strips fall off that's it, the nips are free! And I can start massaging the scars with bio oil. Mum left this morning, it's been lovely having her over here so dropping her off at the airport was a bit sad! Going back to work tomorrow, out of boredom more than anything else so hopefully my boobies won't explode mid air! Had a couple of nights out (no mad ones. Just a few drinks) and managed to stay away from the cigs!! So that feels great.
Wearing a bra 24/7 is starting to get a bit annoying. Looking forward to at least being able to swap this compression bra for something a little less medical looking. Finding it increasingly annoying in bed and more and more difficult to dress so that it's covered. Keep rolling onto my side at night and waking up with slightly achy boobs but it's just so much more comfy than trying to sleep on my back.
Saw my PS yesterday after having my stitches out. She was very happy with the boobs so far. Seeing her again next week. Since ladies keep asking me, her name is Dr Al-Shunnar, and she is absolutely amazing. I couldn't recommend her enough!

26 Year Old - From Saggy Maggy to Happy :)

My original review is listed under the Breast Lift section as originally I was planing on going with a straight lift so I thought I would do a quick review on here. I had saggy boobs for as long as I can remember, nice big juicy boobs but saggy. This saggyness got more and more advanced following years of yoyo dieting. University was spent eating and drinking to excess which caused by boobs to grow to enormous proportions 36F (as well as the rest of my body). However joining the real world (and putting a stop to nightly binge drinking sessions!!!), I lost a whole load of weight. And the boobs were the first to go. They shrunk to an empty C cup. Fast forward 3 years and I have never been healthier. My weight was steady, and I was happy with my figure. Except for my saggy boobies. 

After saving and saving and saving as well as going for consult after consult, I finally decided on an anchor breast lift. My PS identified that one of my boobs was slightly bigger than the other, and that this could be fixed with a small reduction in one breast. However the day before surgery, my PS recommended the addition of an implant to ensure I got the results I was after. I left the decision of implant size to the PS and on the day she went with 275cc (overs) in both after performing a tiny reduction on the one slightly bigger boob.
The surgery went smoothly and recovery has been a dream so far (I am 10 days post op). Could not be happier with the results so far - best decision of my life!

2 weeks today

Happy 2 week anniversary Boobies! We went back to work on Thursday (flew to Cape Town and back, about 9 hours each way) and I was seriously nervous that they were going to explode. But alas, they are still intact. I failed to realise how physically demanding my job is, constant reaching/lifting/pulling etc but it was fine and all in all good to be back at work. I've got a two week post op appointment tomorrow but everything seems to be going pretty well! Thought I would post some before and after pics for comparison! Apparently I am a lot more tanned in all my after pics which is funny since I've hardly been in the sun since the op!

One Month Post Op

Loving them still (and so is boyfriend). Everything's pretty much gone back to normal. Back flying and starting some gentle exercise as I seem to be putting on weight. So excited to be cleared for normal bras, these post surgi/sports bras just look terrible under anything summery and it's absolutely boiling in Dubai just now!

(Almost) 11 weeks Post Op


I am sorry to say I will be deleting my review after one too many creepy private messages. This makes me feel so uncomfortable and really is pathetic. We are on here to gather info and here other girls story's so for creepy guys to be using this site to look at boobs is vile. Such a shame as I found this site so helpful and educational! Thanks for all your help ladies and good luck in the future! Xx

Amazing woman, very professional and made me feel 100% at ease. She was frank and gave me an understanding of the type of results I could realistically expect. I trusted her fully in deciding what size/type of implant would be best for my body.Her bedside manner was just fantastic, and the post op communication has been great. I cannot fault her, or the clinic, at all.

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