And 37 Years Later I Finally Got Boobs! also some thigh n butt lipo - Dubai, AE

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I have always been between 32A and 34A. and always...

I have always been between 32A and 34A. and always fantasized about having boobs.
I went to a PS 10 years ago and he put me off saying if I want to have kids and BF I should forget implants....sadly I heard him and spent another 10 years without boobs.
The good part was I has a kid, BF her and went from a 34A to 34B to 34 lop sided smaller than A.

I am sick of wearing padded bras, underwires and oogling at women with boobs.

So finally found a reasonably priced good PS. I told her I want to go D cup. She made me try 400 and 425 Mentor gummy bears.....then we decidedon 475 cc gummy bears. Only to find out a few days later that the doc messed up and forgot that after 450 they only do 50 cc increments. I was bit ticked off and started doubting the PS.

Anyways I went in for another consultation, looked up sizes from Mentor website and found 5options I liked...discussed each in detail and decided on 500 cc gumm bears over the muscle.

Op in June getting nervous.....just more worried about when I can be up and about and get back to normal life. I have a week off but have a lot to do in that week too, with a 4 yr old i just hope the pain is not too bad.

The worst week of my life

Well ladies.....the 500cc high profile mentors are in and stitched up. I wish wish so much that I cud say they are settling in right......:(
When I woke up I felt like sh.??t felt like a mountain crammed into my chest, and the first thing the anaesthetist said was why did you choos such a big implant???? From then on I. Knew it was going to be uphill!

I could hardly feel my right hand.....and my hubby had this great saving idea so we signed up for some lipoprotein in the hips and thighs at the same time....bad idea. After 5 hours in the op I was just bones flesh n blood all human senses gone except pain.
Long story short, I had more muscle on right b and the implant was way too big to fit, yet the PS wrestled and crammed it in and sutured it all up. My poor booby.
I has selected 500 cc both sodes all went great on left side...though. Got painkillers in the vein for a day.

Went home 24hours later with right drain, excruciating pain, and a barely functional right arm, only to come back one day later in more pain asking for stronger meds. PSwas patient and so were the nurses guess they realized they messed up on size so were eating the humble pie.

Day 3 got stronger meds yesterday and felt a bit better, kept the drain in for 2 days

Day 5 drain removed dressings changed. Pain less, but still not able to get out of bed unassisted. I am thinking this is the worst decision I have ever made and that my pain tolerance is nil.

Day 6 pain was less but still pretty bed ridden and far from normal. Saw some dripping and spotting under the right side. Called doc sent pics, she said its ok, the dripping is from the drain scar will heal. Mother of all constipations! With fibre and all 24 hours of pushing finally came clean, phew!!!

Day 7 I week and I'm no where close to being able to take pics.....getting the bra off itself was a pain attack. Then it struck the bra was small and that s causing most discomfort .......the PS had supplied the bra was very good quality and amazing support butttttt was a medium whereas with the 500s i needed a large. I fished out an old sports bra and wore it. Life seemed different instantly.

Day 8 I jammed myself with proteins and food to try and give an energy boost to get back on my feet.
Night 8 massive leak on right side from drain hole.

Sadly enough I'm at day 12 and am heading to PS as there is leaking under both breasts the scars had healed but leaking started yesterday big time on both sides.

Bawled my eyes out this exhausted, in pain, discomfort, uncertainty as to when this ordeal will end and feel like a dump.

Just one question - why did I do this to my self?

Sorry ladies no pics, when I do get on the mend I will take a pic n post.

Pics will follow in a few days

I will post pics...when I am comfortable taking them, right now I still have leaking under the folds and the only time I open the bra is to change the dressing...not entirely the best moment to take pics at that time as I am usually swearing or weeping at this time!

Pre Op Photos

Slightly asymmetrical, bigger on right, smaller and higher on left.
I wanted to go for a correction and choose a 25 cc difference in the implants, but my BA advised against it and said it will even out and I wont notice the difference.
Went with her advise....waiting for the drip to stop, then drop and fluff to see what the results are!

Pre Op Photos

I started with 34 barely A then BF for a year and landed u with these saggy-soggy donut holes!!!

Post Op Photos

Finally got the courage to click and post!

I am still oozing fluid from both scars, more oozing on right though. the gauze is taped for the same.
I got Mentor 500cc High Profiles over muscle on both sides.

PS says waiting is all we can do :(

Emailed PS today with pics, and she says its best that excess fluid seeps out and the scar will heal when the seeping stops.....and we must wait for that to happen, until then I am on a steroid cream for scar and a 7 day anti biotic as precaution against infection.

Anyway, the nipples are still very sore, the boobs are still quite hard and high.I am back to work getting on with life now, I have a vacation planned from 12 - 17 and am going to forget I have boobs !!! will try to enjoy and if needed load up on pain meds to make the most of the holiday :)

30 days post op

I will be one month post op tomorrow. At about 25 days when the oozing didnt stop, I got fed up and went to see the PS. We both unanimously agreed that she should stitch up the right scar again where the leaking was still there.

Left side was miraculously healed since I used a stronger cortisone cream that I had from an earlier skin rash. In 2 days it healed!

Have been put back on anti biotics augmenting and cefalexine again for a week to prevent infection due to stitches and implants. Am finally looking forward enjoying the girls post Thursday when the stitches come off! Yay!
saba al marush

I truly think that Dr. Saba is amazing. During the pre and post op process she was patient, and answered all my questions. she seemed a bit rushed the first time we did sizing, but I think that was because we were late for the appointment. I was a bit upset post op re the 500 cc size being too big...but am over that now. I got printed instructions on pre and post op, doc told me multiple time what to expect, post op care etc. I have extremely sensitive skin hence have post op complications, but doc has been extremely patient and always available via mobile, email and in person. I have had 5 post op visits and doc seen each time. If I send her an email or call her mobile she responds really quickly even if it is a holiday. 2 thumbs up for her!

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