30 YEAR Old Need off a TT 2kids - Dublin, Ireland

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Hi to all i have being looking ob this site...

Hi to all i have being looking ob this site realself it has help me sooo much and i thanks too all off yee i have got grate tips ... i my self is 30years old i have 2kids 2CS i had a 10.8cyis on my overy and had to get a big opp to remove tub overy and cyis . I have a big hang over and i dont love that part off me sooo now its very much time for me and i am ready i am getting my TT M-reapair lipo on tummy 30th off june 6500 for all dub ireland

4weeks to day left for my TT

Hi to all only 4 weeks left its moving in very fast ..

one week too go

Hi to all i only have one week left .. ifind my self eatting all about me ya think it was my last supper did any one feel the same

day be 4 ????????????????????on my way to hotel yaaaaaaaaa

Hi to u all .i am all excited on my way to the hotel . Now day be 4my TT. I cant belive its came about soooo fast .. dont no what to expite .. only i have butterflys in side me Lol????????????????????????????soooi have to be in black rock early at 11.30... book in for my opp some time in the afternoon... sooo ill keep ye all up date wooooooo flat side here i come no going back

Too day is the big day and i am soooo scard ????????????????

To day is the big day .. did not sleep at alll .i am as sick as a dog .....ok some last photo off my FAT Side lol ????????????????

last few hr off the fat side

Last few hr off the fat side .. sick as a dog last few photos


Hi to all i feel grate sore lol ... still in hospitle for one night ... the said the re move 1700mils off fat .. with lipo dont no what skin was ooooopain is one thing but girls its sooooooo wort it i no ill have pain but who cares lol few meds ..only one dran in that be out to morrow

hi too all doing very welo

Hi to all i doing soooo well love my tummy already ...it will.look big for a while till it sittles down ... back to my doc tuesday ... he did a really good job on my belly butting .. . Did not c the scare yet but its very low .sooo thats good .. ill put up photo to morrow ...????noo pain .. got my wash and all dress my self .. my husbean has being grate too ... .

My new tummy

My new tummy

2day post up feeling soo good no pain running about the place ..

Feeling sooo good no pain all good ... . Soo happy i got my tummy done xxxx

day 3 soo happy

Day 3 soo happy xx

got a bath even do i should not ... 6days post

6day post i got a bath .. i know i not ment to .. but my back was sooo sore . I got bandages . Thats water proof . I put it over every thing .. it feels sooo good to bath .. i not sore a good bit swolling .. think i did too much to day ... with house ...

7 days post

Love it swalling up at sids where we did lipo but thats ok look at ballybutting

7day post

Hi to all tummy doing well got a bath last night it was lovely ... . Took a good bit off swalling down .. sids swalling up the most from lipo .. where the scar is there tape but is very tin and low ... so u wont get to c the scar cos there tape on it

7days????post up

Love it


Feeling good just rub the bio oil in that help

girls is my bally buttom ok

Whats the white thing

10days post op

Walking about town feeding ducks with kids feeling back to my self .. love it ... best best thing i every did .... got a bath and all i wash it out verry very well .. i need it for back

still very happy 11days post

Every day getting better

11 days

11days post

11 days

Looking good

just did 10min on T mill walking at a good pase

Ten min on T Mill to bill my walking up ..11days post

14 days

Hi i am 14 days op . I still feel soo strong i am in right fram off mind half stone nearly gone... i have a wedding in 3weeks soo am sooo ready to do some shopping in two weeks time ......

hi 3weeks post

Hi i am 3 week post . I did 30 min on TMail yesterday feel sooo good .....

3 weeks post

3weekpost op


3weekspost op



3and half weeks

3nd half weeks feeling sooo good and cant wait to buy new bits

care free

Juat love my new look
Dr Colm Rirdan

I went in jan the 5th i was very happy with my doctor . He talk about my BB How he would fix it up .. and how much needs to come off should me other photos and i went back 2weeks later and to ask him a few more things very hsppy book it in for 30th off june .. kids be off from school and all

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