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Well I'am 41 my boys are 19 and 21 I decided to...

Well I'am 41 my boys are 19 and 21 I decided to finally get my tummy tuck and a little something for my husband breast after 23 years together LOL.So I BEEN researching doctor for the past 2 years .So the first Dr.I go to in Erie Pa.DR,KANG he was very pushy he insisted i need lipo with the tt .Well I'am 5'1 and 110 pd I don't think I need lipo just have a little baby pouch .cost 10,600 So next I go to Altoona Pa.Dr.louton he was very nice staff was great but I did't like his incisions cost 11,400 .

Next I go to Pittsburgh Pa.Dr.Lazz just hated everything about this dr.mostly his attitude cost 16,000 I'am about to give up back to the web decide to look outside of Pa.While I'am still searching I go to Dr.Ali Dubois Pa. for a much need chemical peel and some botox well this ended up to be a night mare,besides the blue dots all over my face that took hours to scrub off and yes his botox had me almost in tears there was nothing gentle about this Dr.well then his nurse starts the 4 week chemical peel 2nd week I told his nurse I was looking for a good plastic surgeon well she informed me DO NOTgo to our local surgeon Labrasca and for the next 2 weeks all I heard about how Labrasca was book smart but not a good surgeon and that she tells all her patient to go else ware and she had alot of patients needing surgery .

Let me remind you this is a nurse very UNPROFESSIONAL she evan had the nerve to tell me she lives over by this Labrasca office yes it ran thru my head this nurse belongs on a lifetime movie what she going to stock me if I go for a consultaion with Labrasca she was so OBSESSED with this other dr.the chemical were running in my mouth .That was the end for me .So I find a Dr. in Towson Md.Dr.lickistien fell in love everything about this amazing down side 5 hours would have to stay in Maryland for 2 weeks .

Well then my husband aunt works at our local hospital she a supervisior been there 22 years .so he tells her about the nurse at Dr,Ali office she checks out Dr.Labrasca who 5 min.from our house and she informs my husband he amazing Dr,well Iam still crazy over this nurse but my husband tricks me and makes a bet with me and if I lose I have to go for a consultation with Labrasca well I lost but my mind made up love Md.and thats were I'am going but I go to Labrasca did't really care what he had to say .Like after every visit my husband ask what you like what you hate .I had nothing to say .So then my husband says well you can't tell me anything bad about Labrasca and he local He wants me to go to Labracsa so after four days I finally give in and go pay Labrasca but I decide to get some botox at his office hoping to find something wrong with Labrasca so I can go to Md.

Well went in expecting pain and blue dots.BOY WAS I WRONG omg painless and no blue dots very gentle and professional well so i had a few more visits with him couldn't find not one thing wrong with him .After 23 years I had to say those words to my husband (HE WAS RIGHT)Well surgery next week will keep you updated

It has been nine days post operation today. I got...

it has been nine days post operation today. I got both of my drains out today and i am recovering well. I am loving my new FLAT tummy and my hunny is loving his new present as well.(my breasts LOL) I highly recommend Dr. Labrasca. I do not have much pain, except for in my back from having to walk hunched over all week.

Day 19 starting to feel burning in my belly and...

Day 19 starting to feel burning in my belly and Left breast Still having trouble standing up straight Loving the belly not sure about the breast yet .

Okay it's been a month. The first two weeks barley...

Okay it's been a month. The first two weeks barley any pain now I am in severe pain. I called the doctor a week ago they told me he's in surgery I still have not Received a call back. I called Another Surgeon and schedule appointment for next week so that I can get Something for the pain Haven't slept in a week. Don't get me wrong I love my surgeon Dr. Labrascs did amazing job and I still recommend him follow up not his strong point

Seen dr labrasca today Got my after pictures done...

Seen dr labrasca today Got my after pictures done I am so happy with the results Another doctor gave me some muscle relaxers Feeling a lot better Now to get my thighs done Had my first consultation on Tuesday I really wanted a Brazilian butt The doctor told me i would have to gain weight Idon't have enough fat For good results Ha ha that's funny and never Going to happen Have two more consultations set up Most likely going to Dr. Labrasca but still wanted a few options husband says Iam a Shopaholic Evan for dr lol Finally starting to like my breast Now that I don't have to Wear the Sports bras 24 hours a day Hate wearing a bra to bed .not sexy

Seven weeks postop Feeling a amazing and sexy...

Seven weeks postop Feeling a amazing and sexy Still have a little pain Still can't sleep on my belly Have two Consultations this week For My Thighs And some Botox Labrasca The only doctor I will let do my Botox No Blue dots Or pain I am hoping Labrasca can do my thighs Since he did amazing job On my Tummy tuck And breast augmentation I told you in the beginning I had to tell my husband After 23 years That he was right It killed me at first But doctor Labrasca Did such a amazing job I'll say it 1000 times more to my husband

My bellybutton is nasty

Almost 5 months and my Belly button looks nasty it's like dark brown hurts I also still have a stitch sticking out my right boob and that looks nasty Dr. Labrasca Told me it would Dissolve I also told you I was looking to get my legs done.dr labrasca Told me back and April when I went to get Botox That he would do my legs and he had laser Two weeks later I went for my consultation with him And all of a sudden he didn't have the laser machine anymore and he wasn't going to Legs . I gave him great reviews all of the web sent my friends to him and now I think I might've been given him too much credit prematurely

very happy mom

11 months

11 months


Year and a half after surgery

So it's been a year and a half since my tummy tuck, Dr. Labrasca. And I have had a few miscommunications but I think he's a great doctor I recommend him to everyone, i'm very happy the way things turned out I look and feel amazing, yes I was unhappy with my breast at first that was due to breast cancer in my family I was worried , i'm loving the breast now trust me they Already paid for themselves, so if you're unhappy with your body . Dr. Labrasca, is now located at Laura Eye clinic . Brookville Pennsylvania

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