Dr.Salama Vs. Dra. Yily De Los Santos - Florida

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Let me start off by introducing myself. Im 24...

Let me start off by introducing myself. Im 24 years old, height 5’1” and weight 140-145Ibs. I have 2 kids and don’t plan on having any more! I don’t know the measurements of my waist and hips because I don’t have a measuring tape, but as soon as I get one I will let you ladies know.

My body is very squared (like sponge bob) I have a pouch from having my kids and I have no butt. My back has no curve to it making my butt seem even flatter.
I want CURVES a small waist and a BIG BUTT!

So like most off the ladies on realself I have been stocking this site and doing research anywhere I can find for about 2 years now, and realself lead me to Dr. Salama.
I love how he makes everyone’s butt so bootylishous he really defines the back curve and a shelf to the butt and his price is not bad at all for it being in the states. I live in Florida so it would only be a 4-hour drive to his clinic. So I sent an email with my intrest of the BBL thought his web site and received an email back the next day from Nancy nancy@epsmiami.com she emailed me a price quote $7,799 with what it’s include and also requesting for pictures of my sides, back and front wearing my pant line lower than usual, so the doctor can see how the belly sits. Honestly I thought it was kind of weard getting a price quote w/o the doctor even evaluating me. I mean I know everyone is different and one may need more work than others or wants and I thought it was based of how much more your weight or your desire or goals. Any way I tool my picture and emailed them back to her right away. She is very persistent I had emailed her back from a different email and she went on a hunt to find my phone # I had sent thought the website and was on point responding to my emails. After I sent my picture the next day she emailed me back with Dr. Salamas opinion:

“Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, and back. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape especially the flanks. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. The waist size will certainly be reduced due to the aggressive liposuction, so that will be a tremendous change in body structure. The bra line area will get addressed via the liposuction. We can always address other areas of fat with liposuction as that is a very common request. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results. “

As you can see based on his comments, he’s quite comfortable with what he’ll be doing with your body. The total cost of the BBL is $7,799. If you would like to add additional areas of fat with liposuction, it will be an additional $500 per area. That pricing is all-inclusive so you don't have any other out of pocket expenses.
· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massage

She also called me to make sure I did get that email. And as you all know Dr. Salamas prices are going up (hey he’s in high demand with his fine skills) so I tried to negotiate my price. I got it down to be $6,999 that was the best that she could do but I was happy with her knocking off a few hundred $. She explained I would need to pay at least a 10% deposit to reserve my price and my date. This was back in Aug. 2012 and he didn’t have any availability until May 2013!! He was booked until May! I really wanted it way before May but she advised me like that I will have time to gather my money and if I had my all my money before than to just contact her and she would put me on like a waiting list if for any other reason someone had to cancel or I could try and trade with someone. So I have to wait 9 months now for surgery. I told her I would be paying little by little. She just stated it all had to be paid in full before the surgery. So I paid the deposit of $690 and now off to saving and counting on my tax return. This is going to feel like a pregnancy waiting 9 months, to see my new birthday suite LOL.

So it’s now like almost 3 months away! I’m always obsessing over it with my boyfriend about how excited I am and the date is getting closer. I still keep researching and I love reading about all the ladies experiences and to see there before and after pics and they all have great results!

3 months away and I still need to come up with $3600. I still haven’t done my tax’s but im not getting back in return as much as I planed. And I don’t have insurance so I would be having to pay for all my pre-op labs out of pocket, buy my vitamins, pain meds, bigger panties, sweat pants, gas to drive 4 hours away, hotel, and food. So its gonna end up costing more than $6,999.

So I came across Dra. Yily De Los Santos. And the curves that she leaves on he patients are WOoWh. Her Prices WOoWh. Dra. Yily is know for the hour glass figure skills she has. I haven’t seen too many pictures of the booty but she knows how to do hips and a tiny waist. Something I don’t really see Dr. Salama able to achieve like Yily. I don’t just wanna concentrate on by butt and then still look boxy. I don’t really have hips I have love handels, I want my whole profile to be contoured.

Now I am so undeceive. Dra. Yily is in Dominican Republic so I would have fly to a different country. And her price is about $3000 for the BBL and if I do decided to go with Yily I will lose my $690 deposite but I would still be saving like $4000.

So today I emailed Dra. Yily my pics and asked her for a price quote for BBL and also how much would it be if I added a TT. I might as well get 2 in one if its cheaper lol. Plus after having 2 kids I have stretch marks and my bellybutton that look deformed and saggy (when I was in high school I got my belly pierced and it ripped off leaving a scare, Than my after my kids it was left a lil droopy, than 2 years ago I was in a car accident and my seat belt left a bruise on my bellybutton leaving scaring my bellybutton kind of in a slanted position) so I wouldn’t mind seeing an incision scar rather than having a pouch and loose skin.

Any ways that all I have for now ill give you the up date when Dr.Yily writes back to me.

Dra. Yily has not emailed me back and I have not...

Dra. Yily has not emailed me back and I have not called her. I dont know my gutt feeling is telling me to go with Dr.Salama. Plus I see plenty of reviews of salama and alot of the reviews have before and after pics and they all look great! In the other hand, I was having a hard time finding pics of before and after for yily. It seems like alot of girls start off thier stories and post up before pics but dont finish writting their journey or out come.

So I went on dr. salamas web and noticed that some of his patients he had injected fat to the butt and hips! So I was woundering if there was an extra charge? I called nancy and she said there is no extra charge, the day I see him for my surgery i just need to tell him i want fat in my hips to get that hour-glass figure. :) Yeahy im excited cant wait!
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