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Hey everyone, Ever since I was a teenager and...

Hey everyone,

Ever since I was a teenager and realized I wasn't going to grow any more boobs, I considered breast augmentation. Took me a long time to actually decide that this is a procedure I wanted since I'm still fairly young (21 years old) and I haven't had any children yet. However after much research and pondering, I made the decision to actually go through with it. I've been researching everything about breast augmentation, and doctors. Anyways to sum things up, I went into consultations with a list of questions. I went with Dr. Bindrup of Draper, Utah. He also performed breast augmentation on two of my friends. Their results are fantastic, and I hope for the same!

My surgery is on March 12. I will keep everyone posted and try to post some before and after pictures. My current stats are 21 years old, no children. I'm 5'5 and 140 lbs (I have wide hips, athletic build.) I'm currently a 34A :( but I would like to achieve a full C or maybe small D... I am trying to decide between 450-550 cc's. I'm also trying to correct some sizing issues. My left boob is larger than my right, don't know why but Dr said we can fix it. I plan on going with saline implants, subpectoral. I know most of you might disagree with it when it comes to softness, just my personal bias is if the implant deflates or ruptures I want to know immediately. I don't want to risk anything having... call me skeptical haha. He also advised under the muscle because it has a lesser risk of capsular contracture or whatever that is, it sounds horrible.

My pre-op appt is on the 27th so I will also update what i decide to.go with, and what profile, incision etc. I'm feeling dang nervous, it's finally hitting me that it is going to happen and soon...

Anyways if anyone has tips for a quick recovery, please share. I'm also curious if anyone has similar stats, what cc's did you go with, and what did you end up with? If anyone else had Dr. Bindrup i want to hear about ypir experiences and if you love your results?

Thanks for reading!

Pre-opp appointment was earlier today! Still...

Pre-opp appointment was earlier today! Still hasn't quite hit me that my surgery is coming up soon... I think my sister was more excited than I am haha.

Well back to the appointment. We decided on sizes, after trying multiple comparisons, I decided to go with 550 cc's! The number seems scary because its sounds like a lot, but in actuality they reassured me that my body could take that size and it looked very good on my frame. I have wide hips (got a booty) so it evens out. I am going 570 cc on my right breast just because its a teensy bit smaller than the left size so I would like it to be more symmetrical.

After sizing I had to fill out tons of paperwork! It disclosed possible complications, surgical fees, pre-opp instructions, etc etc! To be honest, it made me more nervous! But the nurse was really.nice and patient with all my questions and concerns. I think for now I'm anxious about the recovery process just because I don't have high pain tolerance. Ughhh...

After all of that I still have to get blood work done, and buy my bras week before surgery. The bra I'm going to be wearing has to have no under wires or padding, closure in back. She told me to buy d and double d 34 bra and we will see after surgery which fits best, than I can return the other one. Within 3 weeks I might start wearing bra with under wire because it is a bigger implant. I'm really hoping for just a full D.

We discussed instructions prior and day of surgery. My surgery is on March 12th! Nervous but excited!

Just a little stressed because I'm a full time student who also has to take care of these other things for my surgery... Oh well that's what I asked for!

Still trying to figure out pictures, but I will very soon of my 'before' stage.

Post opp day 2 already!!! Omg time flies!!...

Post opp day 2 already!!!

Omg time flies!! Didn't even have time to put my thoughts in before surgery, day of surger and day after surgery... So I'll just try to summarize it quickly! Day before surgery, I was super nervous. I was very anxious for it to happen already, of course I was worried about the risks accompanied with breast augmentation. I was second guessing if I should still remain with my choice of 550 cc. I was going to talk again to my doctor before surgery just to be assured that I can do that large size of an implant. I didn't get any sleep the night before surgery. They also asked that I fast at 12 am and have nothing to eat or drink before the surgery, and I was scheduled to go in at 3 pm.
The day of the surgery went by quickly. I had to make sure everything in my house was in order, laundry was done, clean house, bed and sheets, etc because I know I would be limited to doing any chores after the procedure. I even lay out a couple outfits for the next couple of days, so that i could easily access them and change when I needed too. I definitely recommend you get everything you need to be in arm's length reach, and right next to your bedside. I had a cubby for my pills, water bottles, snacks, cocoa butter, etc conveniently located next to me.
My boyfriend took me into my surgery, filled some last papers out. The nurse weighed me, took some vitals than we were told to wait for the doctor.
The wait felt like foreverrrrr!
Finally the Doctor came in, I spoke to him about a couple last concerns I had, and reassured me everything would be okay.
After the anesthesiologist came in and took me to the operating room.
I remember laying there, and they were putting an IV in, but after that I blacked out.
I woke up and remember I was super cold, my body was shaking which kind of hurt my implants. Than I remember looking down and voila! I see boobies, wrapped tightly in an ace bandage. What a sight to behold! Haha
I went home, and my boyfriend was so helpful and nice. That night went by well.


I woke up with what others experienced as 'morning boob' and it hurt like hell! It was a sharp pain all over my chest. I took my painkillers and put ice on it and shortly fell asleep. Most of my day was spent in bed, keeping up with my pills because if I didn't the pain would almost bring me to tears. Later that day I went to my post op appointment. The nurse to the ace wrap off and we finally had a look at my new additions. I've always bruised easily, so It's not really shocking that I bruised from the surgery too. She said it was pretty normal, and it will eventually fade. I was concerned about two distinct bruises I had on the upper pole of my breasts, she said that the doctor put shots into the pockets with some antibacterial cleansing thing, and that's probably why it bruised. (She said not to worry) I also had some bruising at the bottom crease of my implants, which she also said to not worry about it. Other than that she said that they were looking good, and that once they start settlng they will look much better, and it was common for it to look like torpedos and feel rock solid for now. My nurse told me we would have to wait until one week, than I will have another appointment which they will show me massages. The massages are supposed to help prevent capsular contracture, soften breasts etc. I can't wait to do them, because they feel so hard and I just want them to feel squishy already! haha
Anyways personally I thought that the pain would be much worse, and this experience would be completely painful, but honestly it isn't as bad as I thought it would be! I think the key to this procedure, is making sure you follow your doctor's instructions and just taking it easy and keeping up with pain meds.

I just finished my DAY 2 POST OPP and today was much easier than yesterday. Although adjusting to the feeling of pressure is different. It feels like an elephant sitting on your chest sometimes, and I know it's just my muscles trying to adjust to foreign object that is now behind it. The other thing I also have to do besides constantly icing to keep the swelling down, and helps with pain, is to wear a strap.
this strap is wrapped around the upper pole of my breasts and I'm supposed to wear it 24-7, I suppose to help with the implants to drop sooner. Honestly sometimes I feel like it helps, other times I feel like it just hurts but I trust the doctor because he's had experience with this, and anything to help my boobies look more natural faster, I will do it! I'm going to have to wear the strap for another week...
Alright so as I mentioned before, my pre opp size was a 34 A but maybe AA on my right breast (uneven breasts are common according to my PS)
I wanted to get nice juicy full D breasts, and I had decided upon 550 cc implants. My boyfriend say they look massive, but to me they look not big? I don't know how to really explain it lol. I mean they are BIG but not what I was expecting... I guess after the 'drop and fluff' stage than we will see it's results. As of right now I know it's way to early to make any predictions but I know by the very minimum I am at least a d cup (small d maybe?) I would suggest you purchase your bra way ahead of your surgery date... I literally waited the day before surgery. Never a good idea haha. I'm only allowed to wear a bra with no padding, or underwire and I was supposed to find it in a 34DD, didn't have much time so just stopped by the nearest Walmart. Apparently 34DD isn't as common as other sizes but it a sister size with a 36D except the band is looser. I purchased two different styles of bras. I just ended up returning both because they didn't even fit properly and were bothering my boobs. Right now I'm wearing a nursing bra! Omg I know! But to be honest, it's so comfortable lol... And I know I won't be wearing this bra forever so I don't mind, it gives me lots of support (which helps with the pain,) and it fits all the requirements that my doctor asked me to follow. It's sized at a 36DD but it's snug, probably from all the swelling.
I guess the other thing I'm wondering is... did any of you ladies who have already gone through BA have hard nipples all the time? Mine are just there, like all the time.. It's kind of embarrassing, but it's not like I'm going out in public yet. Just curious because I would like to go out tomorrow, but not sure what to do because the bra I have to wear has no padding and I don't want my nips to be in everyone's face.. Haha.
Anyways that's my update for now, I will post more pics and share my experience as I continue on this recovery process(:
Thanks for reading my novel!

Post Opp Day 3- Today was better, didn't feel...

Post Opp Day 3-

Today was better, didn't feel much pain. I was still very cautious and took my pain killers every 4-6 hours anyways. I definitely noticed they are dropping, i just feel like they are such huge implants! I also noticed they are softening a teensy bit. I can't wait to start massages! Slept most of the day, and I'm still wearing my bra strap.

Post opp Day 6 Feeling so much better today!!...

Post opp Day 6

Feeling so much better today!! My boobs are looking much better too. The bruises are yellowing, and starting to fade. My cleavage us getting better, the pain is a lot more tolerable. I need to adjust to the weight and adjust my posture. When I walk I almost slouch because I feel like my boobs are so big and heavy... Going back to school tomorrow since spring break is over. Still have to wear the strap. They are still high and have a lot more dropping to do. I will post pics tomorrow!!!

Today makes it 3 weeks!!! I have definitely...

Today makes it 3 weeks!!!

I have definitely seen some major changes from the first week post op! I love my boobs more and more each day haha. The most visible changes are that they are more round, and have dropped. Although they are still high, and the muscle still needs to relax to allow it to drop more. But I think they look great, I have really nice cleavage too. The massages that I started after week 1 definitely help with softness. They feel much softer! I haven't been officially sized because I know I still have a lot of dropping and fluffing left. I did notice that my surgical bras are getting tight and small. I went to purchase a bra and couldn't even fit into a 34DD or 36D!!! So for now I'm fitting into 36DD or 34E bras... I am not sure if I will continue to get bigger or stay the same. I am noticing more projection (from fluffing I think) I don't expect a lot of projection because I did choose moderate profile. Either way I am very happy with my results! I will upload pictures to show my progression soon (:

1 1/2 year post opp results

It's been a long time but I just wanted to post an update pictures of my results. I choose 550 & 570 cc saline implants behind the muscle, incision point was under the breast. I choose Dr. Bindrup from Draper, Utah for my surgeon because of his expertise and experience The cost was roughly $3,700 which is fairly cheap compared to other places. (Utah is pretty cheap for plastic surgery.) I underwent the procedure on March 12, 2013. At first, like many who've undergone this experience, I was very nervous! My goal was to reach a D cup and choose a pretty high number of CCs. Pre opp I was really small and had some asymmetry. I was a A cup and my left boob was slightly fuller than my right boob. My doctor assured me this was normal among woman so to adjust my implants, we choose 550 cc for the left breast and 570 cc for the right breast. I was nervous that there would be complications because of the size of ccs I choose. The whole experience of the procedure was fine. It was as expected, pain and tightness afterwards since my body would be experiencing readjusting to the implants. I followed the doctors orders and took my medication for pain and worked lightly so that I can heal properly. I would say that it took about 6-8 weeks for me to feel completely back to 'normal.' Even than I was still very cautious when exercising etc. Over the weeks and months I saw dramatic improvements as my body adjusted to the implants. They definitely settled in, fluffed out, less tightness looking and felt more natural. As you can see my implants have settled in quite nicely and I absolutely loveeeeee them! I highly recommend Dr. Bindrup. The total experience was great. Like I said, I was nervous about the size I choose but Dr. Bindrup ensured me everything would be fine for my body type and it would look natural. Ladies if in doubt, just trust your doctor. Especially if you've done your research and checked his credentials and experience! I can't stress the importance of researching and choosing the right physician because you'll have to trust him 100%. If I had chosen the original size I was debating I probably would of wished I had gone bigger. In my opinion natural d cups are different from implants. Especially with putting them behind the muscle, I've heard your size might be different. I'm so glad I choose my size! The implants have definitely helped me feel a lot more confident in my body image. I'm currently a 34DDD and maybe I might still "fluff" some more, who knows! For the first 6-12 months I wore 34DD but started to notice they were getting tight and my boobs were popping out. A little over a year post op, I went into VS and remeasured and they told me I'm definitely 34DDD! I know that sounds gigantic but honestly, I don't look like a porn star lol. I can dress them up or down and make it look completely natural. I'm curvaceous and after the surgery I have a coke bottle figure body type which is just what I was aiming for. I also want to emphasize on the saline implant. I am glad I choose saline because they feel and look natural. I've received a lot of compliments on how they feel from my close friends and family so I'm glad I choose saline. Plus they were cheaper and safer! I don't feel or see any rippling which also probably helps since I put my implants below the muscle. One minor downside probably is the scarring.. I haven't really been applying bio oil or scarring ointment to fade them regularly and that's just me being careless. My implant incisions are under my breasts and kind of noticeable but only if I stare at them. I'll try to be better about putting ointment to fade them. I'm still glad I choose that incision point. since to me it was safest. Anyways needless to say, I'm VERY HAPPY with my results and I wouldn't change a thing about it! I'll post some pictures I took today and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me :)
Draper Plastic Surgeon

Had some of my friends do B/A with him and they had amazing results. I did my own research and tried a consultation, and knew instantly he would be great with the experience and knowledge he has!

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