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10 days till my surgery.... YIKES! I am extreemly...

10 days till my surgery.... YIKES! I am extreemly nervous for a few reasons and am hoping you gals can help with advice. I have 3 boys 7, 5 and 2 and feel so much guilt. I have wanted to have a tummy tuck for forever and BA since before I had kids and my husband he is so sweet has been saving money in a mommy make over savings account for a couple years. Well needless to say we dont have all the $ saved but we are in a position financially that we can make it happen, but this also means putting a lot of weight on his shoulders by having to take care of the house and kids. See I'm a stay at home mom and pretty much do everything around the house from cooking to mowing the lawn (thank goodness its winter so I dont have to worry about the yard too) I'm a self proclaimed worrier to a fault. I stay up nights worrying about other peoples pets or just silly things, but I do. Anyway so doing this is going to put me in a rough position with my kids.

I'll have the surgery Friday and stay the night then come home to my family. I have told my older boys that I'll be gone over night (by the way I have never been away from my kids over night so this is stressfull in itself) but how I'll explain to my 2 year old that I cant hold him is killing me. He is my best buddy we are together all day I hold him and read to him at night and I dont know how he is going to react to me being home but not being able to do anything for him. My PS said he wants me to try to not hold him espec pick him up for at least 10 days but he said my body will tell me when I feel like I can do it and that I still have to be a parent so I have to accomidate that.

Not alot of people have talked about the recovery and their kids so I'm wondering how your kids did. I think the one that will have the hardest time is my 5 year old because he is old enough to understand that I'm hurt but still at that selfish no empathy stage of life, oh and they are all boys and cant do a darn thing for themselves. I do have to say I'm so so so excited to be able to do this and feel good about myself again and I think I deserve it, but its just so hard to know how things are going to be. If you cant tell I like to have things very much planned including everyones feelings.

Here is a little about me: I'm 37 years old, I'm not at my ideal weight, but my PS seems to think its better to be at a weight I can maintain then try and drop a ton of weight have the surgery and then return to my maintainable weight, that being said I'm 159. I am working on losing weight and will continue to, which he also said if I lost 20-30 more lbs it wouldnt effect my body in a neg way. So thats good. I am 5 foot 1 and live in good old Utah, like I said before I'm a stay at home mom of 3 boys and a fantastic husband. I've been married for 17 years this year and he is as excited for this as I am if not more. He is my rock and basically the only one I have to depend on after the surgery. My parents live nearby but there are physically not in a place that they could help me much espec when it comes to lifitng. I have friends but they all work or live way to far away to help out.

Can I really do this? My husband is a automotive tech so if he doesnt work he doesnt get paid, but he said he plans to take 2 weeks off. He says he's got it all worked out and is willing to do anything to make this happen. I think he is in for a BIG surprise, being a stay at home mom is hard enough work then add a adult that he needs to help. I just dont know. Sorry for rambling and any miss spelling I'm the WORST speller.

By the way my pre op is on March 1, so we'll see what happens then. Well I should attend to my kids but if anyone has advice I could use it. Thanks and good luck to all you gals out there getting more beautiful. I'll add photos as soon as I get to take some

Today is my pre op visit and I'm freaking out....

Today is my pre op visit and I'm freaking out. Now I'm worried if 500 cc is big enough and 3 days ago I was worried it was to much. My mind is all over the place. My baby has a terrible cough/cold and I'm worried I'll get it. All my kids have been sick but the baby doesnt remember to cover his mouth and coughs right in my face plus he is all about the kisses lately and wants to give me sick kisses all the time. UGH! I pray I dont get this cough, because I just want this over with.
My baby still wakes in the night, all my kids are terrible sleepers and I have tried everything but last night we thought lets see what he does if dad has to deal with him and OMG it was awful. Screamed for me for hours and finally I went in and he sat with him after an hr he finally fell asleep. OMG how are we gonna deal with this. My husband is so supportive and is willing to do anything, he says he is gonna get me ear plugs so I cant hear the baby cry so it wont stress me out. :) Hubby keeps telling me it just tempory and things will be back to normal before we know it, but a month is a long time. I'll have to make him get used to me not picking him up. I'm thinking he'll understand better when I have all the bandages on.
Anyway better get us all ready for my Dr visit.
I really am so excited to have this belly gone. I took pic yesterday and will post them so you can see how awful it is. LOL!

By the way I didnt give it a thumbs down.... dont...

by the way I didnt give it a thumbs down.... dont know why thats what it shows and I'm not sure how to fix it.
preop went great all set with RX for the big day. Whooo hoooo!!!

Feeling so excited about getting a new gut!!! But...

Feeling so excited about getting a new gut!!! But kids all have strep ugh! I think I'm gonna freak if I have to postpone my surgery.
My hubby is so supportive he told me last night he will stay up all night with kids if that's what it takes, totally no prob because I deserve to be happy about me, and he will do whatever all he wants me to do is rest and get better. He really is the best.
7 days till I become the butterfly :)

Everyone seems to think a recliner is the way to...

Everyone seems to think a recliner is the way to go, but I just can see spending more money on a chair. Hopefully I can get by without. I hate spending so much money on the surgery and then having to keep spending more money on all these extras that I'll only need for a little while.
This surgery is all I can think about and its making my family suffer, lol. I am never on the computer and the past few weeks its all I've been doing. Ok I need to snap out and go build a snow man with my boys.
Hope ya'll are doing good.

Does anyone know if I'll have to remove my monroe...

Does anyone know if I'll have to remove my monroe piercing when I have my surgery? I also just read no nail polish, but what about fake nails?

One other thing, now have a runny nose and need to...

One other thing, now have a runny nose and need to clear my throat, anyone know if you can take Air born or zicam 6 days before surgery. My PS wasnt sure said he'd look it up but its Saturday and I'm sure I wont be getting a call back this weekend. I'll be so sad if after all this anxiety the past few weeks I have to post pone my surgery because of illness.

What is wrong with me. I keep telling myself I...

What is wrong with me. I keep telling myself I deserve this its gonna be the best thing besides losing weight I could do for me. Then my mind goes to my 2 year old and how he will handle it. My husband keeps saying he is little and yeah its not gonna be the best time for him, but its only for a month and things will be back to normal. He'll be ok and I'll look amazing.
I think its because when I quit my job my entire focus was on my kids. I really do nothing for me, have no hobbies just play and take care of my kids all day. (just remember I joined WW in October, so I guess thats for me, but thats it) Its rought to think I'll not be able to play with them for a while or be part of the fun that they are all having. Our family really does EVERYTHING together. Its great and I love it, but people think I'm crazy and I probably am. LOL! I really need to get a hobby, but then I say kids grow up fast and I dont wanna miss one second.
Ok... I'm done with that. Kids will be fine and they adore spending time with daddy so that will be good in fact my 7 year old is gonna have a tough time having to go to school while daddy is home. Oh and one other thing... hubbys boss is freaking out about him being gone for 2 whole weeks, so we might have to see how I feel and if he might be able to go back sooner. That stresses me out!..... ok one day at a time. I gotta stop getting ahead of myself. UGH!

Oh and about the BA I am going to get 500 cc and now I'm worried that thats too big.....ugh! People always say go bigger cuz you'll wish you did, but my friend got like 450 6 yrs ago and she is like wow thats huge. I already have boobs, but they droop bad and so I'm getting a lift and then 500 cc added. Im a 38 c but wear push up padded bras so everyone thinks I'm huge, but I really am not as big as I look and I'd like to look that big without a big old padded push up bra. Guess I might have huge porn star boobs, which my husband would LOVE! He is so excited about the boobs. LOL!

Ok my 2 year old keeps begging for me to play and here i sit writting about how I dont wanna miss one second, but can seem to pull myself away from this web site. hahaha!! Ok bye for now hope everyone is doing well.

4 days to go, feeling less nervous unless I think...

4 days to go, feeling less nervous unless I think about it, but its not my every thought like it has been for the last 2 weeks. I keep asking my hubby if he is sure he wants me to do this just because he'll have to deal with the stress of the kids plus be my nurse for a while. He is for sure 100% for it. He knows I've hated "me" for forever and he is hoping this will help me with that. So guess we are still a go. LOL!
My son who is 7 has been crying a lot he says its school, but he has sever anxiety and I'm almost 100% its due to my surgery being only 4 days away. He went through this when I had my last baby. He literally called every hour asking when my husband would be home. I felt so bad because the labor was horrible and took FOREVER and its not something you can plan, then we had complication with the baby and I got bells Palsey and so it ended up being days without me seeing him, where I'm hoping this will go more smoothly and we can plan more and I can be back home with him. I've been trying to let him ask as many questions as he wants and explain exactly what he can expect, he is very worried about me dying and then him not being able to hug me, let me just tell you I will let him hug me no matter how painful it is for me and I wont even a word about the pain of him hugging me if it helps him feel better about everything.
I mentioned that I had gotten bells palsey after the birth of my 3rd baby and my husband is sure it was from the epidural, but I worry that it was just the stress of the birth and worry I might get it again. Anyone have experience with this. I went thought a horrible depression i'm partly postpartum but I also had horrible pain and then my baby had complications which caused him to have to have a pretty serious surgery at 3 months old. I worry about getting depressed like that again and have read about people going through a little depression during recovery. If anyone has advice on this please let me know. Thanks!

Ugh! mom called and she wants to be supportive but...

ugh! mom called and she wants to be supportive but doesnt understand why I would put myself in this position on purpose. She said you are going to be out of commision and in a lot of pain for a long time. She just kept saying I can back out and I would still be beautiful. Now I'm feeling like is this really what I should be doing? Why did she have to call and say all this.

3 days to go and I think I'm getting this dang...

3 days to go and I think I'm getting this dang cold my kids have all had. So called the PS office and they called me in a zpac said they will not do surgery if I have a sore throat, fever and or congestion in my chest w/ or w/our a cough. I've got a runny nose and feel like I need to constantly clear my throat, and cough sometimes, but not a real cough. UGH! Seriously this would happen just before my big day. Hopefully I'll get the zpac and be ok in time. Of course I dont want to put myself in any danger by having surgery when I shouldnt but at the same time I just want it over. :(

Posted some of the most embarrasing pics ever, but...

posted some of the most embarrasing pics ever, but I know seeing others before and afters has helped me, so her ya go. :)

Update, feeling the same with the poss sickness....

Update, feeling the same with the poss sickness. Found out the reason you can't have surgery if you have a sore throat or infection in your mouth then if they have to intubate you they push the infection into your lungs and you will very possibly end up with phemonia (spelling?). Anyway so I def don't want to chance that.
Had the worst dreams my boobs looked like they stuffed oatmeal in there all lumpy and grose, the the tt incision was all over up high down low back up just a mess and I woke from a 3 day coma to this mess. Oh lord!
My 7 year old said just before bed "only 2 more days, till your surgery...I'm scared" I said its gonna be ok then he said "please don't do it" ugh! What do you do when your kid is begging you to not have yourself voluntarily cut open. See these are the reasons I have doubt. After he went to bed I talked to my hubby and he said its gpnna be ok to me. We talked for awhile and he was like of you want to cancel let's cancel but you really wanted it for years and we are here now, so I think your just getting cold feet. I know he is right. I'm scared of the unknown. I don't know how I'm gonna look or what kinda pain I'll have or how long till I'm able to be back to myself, hold my baby or run and play with my kids.
On the positive side I'll be able to feel on the outside like I do on the inside. I'll not have to tuck in my gut and wear stupid bras that make my boob look good but fall out everyone I bend over.
Thanks for this website and thanks to all you great gals for being here to help and support each other. It really is a blessing.

Omg just got my call time and its not till 10:30.....

omg just got my call time and its not till 10:30....what!!! My surgery will start around 11:30. I'm gonna be so flippin hungry and thats not the worst part, check out is at 7am. Ok now I gotta refigure my babysitting plans. UGH! Oh well, at least I know now instead of tomorrow.

One more day to get everything wrapped up, love,...

One more day to get everything wrapped up, love, wresel, snuggle and hold my babies. Ugh seriously for me that is the hardest part, my kids are my life. My nerves are at high alert and my gut is already a mess, so this should make recovery interesting. I'm a little concerned about coming out of anestesia, since the surgery is gonna take hours I don't think my hubs should sit around with my kids home stressed out with a sitter, so I think he should just go home and hang with the kids,but then I'll come out by myself and it makes me a little worried. I'm not sure what to expect. I know when my kids come out they freak and get sick, will I be like that?
Well cheers to all you beautiful ladies about to embark or are on the recovery road, I appreciate all the help you have been helping me get to this point. Today I'm gonna try to not be here on my computer all day and instead try to be in the moment with my family. :)

Well I made it through the surgery, unfortunately...

Well I made it through the surgery, unfortunately the gave me pericet right after and I puked my guts out from 10:00-3 am not fun. So I had a bit of a set back right off the bat. Doing better now that I have the loratab but wow this is a pain you just cannot prepare for. My 5 yr old said how much longer and I said days he said oh shoot I wanted to play tickle tag with you. Lol ... Not for a while
Well feeling super groggy & not sure why I did this at this point, hopefully I will feel better soon and be happy about It. Ouch!

So day 3 po doing pretty well. Just slept in my...

So day 3 po doing pretty well. Just slept in my own bed right from the start & its comfortable. Just lots of pillows everywhere. The areas where the drains come out burn when Move but all in all not to bad when you stay caught up on pain meds. The pain meds however make me really groggy so I keep falling asleep but I've had zero probs sleeping. Kids are doing ok, baby looks at me and says mommy no he isn't to happy with me but a few more days and I think I'll be able to at least hang out with them. My husband is in shock at how much work I do around here and how tired he is by the end of the day, it's giving him a whole new appreciation of what I do. I haven't seen my belly yet don't get to take the binder off till my next dr appt. no shower for a week is gonna suck but I'm to nervous to look anyway. My boobs are huge and super swollen can't wait to see them once the swelling goes down. Well as soon as I can get my pics loaded I'll post some afters. Till then happy healing.

7 days post op, doing pretty well. I still have a...

7 days post op, doing pretty well. I still have a lot of burning along my incision pretty much all the time because I'm not taking quite enough pain meds to totally cover the pain because they make me so sick. Thats probably the worst part. My chest is so swollen I look like a body builder with this huge chest and tiny waist. Yes I now have a small waist. YAY! finally saw my tummy yesterday and I started crying, I was so over come with emotion something that I always thought was pretend. I just look so good, something I cant ever remember feeling about myself ever. I'm gonna post after pics so you can see. still have 4 drains but I'd rather be safe and keep them then sorry later. Well I'm in a ton of pain right now so its killing me to type. hope all is well you all.

Ok the pain meds kicked in and I can type. So I'm...

Ok the pain meds kicked in and I can type. So I'm 7 days po, had my first po visit yesterday, didnt get drains out was kinda bummed cuz they give me alot of pain, and my 2 yr old is so scared of them that he wont even come near me if they are visible. Its sad :( I have 4 drains and 3 are putting out 30 cc a day but one is putting out 50-75 a day so the dr said he could take 3 out or leave them and I chose wait for all, he agreeded because he thinks thats best just to be safe. I'd rather leave them for another week then have to have the fluid sucked out with a needle.
I have a pretty constant burning pain along my incision, however its much worse on the left side. I've tried 4 different narcotic to help with the pain, but also not make me nausous and dizzy the whole time, I've decided that a lower dose of lortab is the best, but I'm still taking them every 3 hrs during the day and 4 1/2 at night. It sucks! I was hoping to be off the narcotics by tuesday or wed, so that was disappointing that I'm still in that much pain.
I cant remember what I've posted but my recovery right after surgery was rough. The nurse gave me perocet which makes me vomit like crazy even after I told them I couldnt have it then they couldnt find any antineausea meds to give me for hours. I was in so much pain but still so drowsy from the GA so I'd just puke all over myself, it hurt so bad. finally at around 3am the next day they gave me 2 lortabs which then dropped my blood pressure so low they were getting worried, so they got me food and made me eat and then made me walk, it was awful cuz i was so dizzy, finally my husband got there at 7ish and took me home. Have to say I was very unhappy with my nurses. My Dr however was amazing and made my body look like something I never in a million years thought i'd have, he is very nice and makes me feel so comfortable.
my VJ is so swollen and my chest or new boobs are so swollen its like clear up to my neck. He says be patient because its very swollen and I need to do my massage 2 times a day and eventually they will go down. I have armpit holes, its so hard to put on deoderant because of the swelling. They did lipo on my abs, flanks and under arms you know that back fat kinda stuff.
My 7 year old has been dealing ok once he knew I wasnt dead, but him seeing me just lay in bed with tubes coming out of me scares him....well actually it scares all the kids so much that they dont come to close. Once I started getting out of bed and coming down stairs they are getting more comfortable with it, but its been kinda sad, thank god for drugs to make me to tired to care much. Other wise this is something that would really kill me.
My poor husband really had no idea what he was getting into. He expected to be laying around with me watching movies. The day before my surgery he went and bought a bunch of movies and I was like ok but you know you have 3 kids and a sick wife your gonna have to take care of. You get that right and he kept saying yeah. Well now he knows just how hard it is to take care of these kids. My 5 year old realized that my husband had to take care of me and do pretty much everything so then he decided that he was in alot of pain too and needed my husbands attention so everytime i needed something he did too. UGH!!!!! My 2 year old woke up 5 times in the night the 1st night I was home and then my 7 year old had to get up for school and my 5 year old wants to play with daddy. ppoor guy was running around like a crazy man and getting VERY irritated. He said how do you do this when we went to bed for the night he was like my whole body hurts my legs ach from running up and down stairs and I want to kill he kids and I'm, to tired to even just lay here and watch TV, I said well now you know how I feel when you wan t to stay up till 1am watching a movie. By the way he is a machanic so he has a labor type job, but he never imagined my day would be harder and more exhausting then his. LOL! I LOVE IT! I feel bad for him but still LOVE that he knows I do alot for them oh and he is just doing the bare minimum, its nice to be appriciated.
check out the new bod, I'm finally a HOT CHIC. YAY!!!!!

Ok so today is day 8 post op and I feel so great...

Ok so today is day 8 post op and I feel so great minus the nausea in waves from the pain killers, but I'm moving around better I've been able to kinda play roughish with my 2 year old he's getting more comfortable with me. My pain is being managed better which is a good 90% of healing I think. I'm trying to decide if I think I can let my husband go bck to work Monday, can I really handle 2 kids. I cant pick up my 2 year old yet which will be hard for both of us and I'm still taking narcotics so I dont feel comfortable driving if there was an emergency. I guess we'll see how tomorrow goes. So far I dont have ton of swelling in my belly, some but my chest is so swollen its so uncomfortable. Will I ever be able to walk normal again. I feel like I have to hunch over because of these boobs weighing me down and then my tummy but seem to be more my boobs. I may have gone to big, hopefully when the swelling goes down I'll be happier, but right now they are as big or bigger then my head. LOL! Husband LOVES them and cant wait to get his hands on em. hahaha!!!
How long till the numbness goes away it kinda freaks me out. Like when you touch it and cant feel it, its so freaky. I'm sure you just kinda get used to it and then one day its gone, but ugh right now i'm like YUCK!!!
Well thats about it for now. Oh wait one more thing all yes ALL my strech marks are
GONE. Even the ones on my back horray! I may have to get lipo on my thighs though since my waist is so tiny my legs look huge.

I find I seem to be over eating or something...

I find I seem to be over eating or something because after I eat a meal my bb hurts so much. Ouch!

Ok so today I am 10 days post op and my husband...

Ok so today I am 10 days post op and my husband decided he was gonna stay home for a few more days.....aww. He was concerned about me dealing with the baby and still having limited mobility and not being able to pick him up so he felt at least one or 2 more days maybe more because he for sure has to go back Friday & will be gone from 8-6 so it will be a full 10 hr day on my own. Plus I'm still taking lortab ugh! I wish I could go to ibuprofen or tylenol by now, but the pain is still just to much. I did do an ib 800 today and it took the edge off the pain but that's it, I'm gonna try to alternate just to see if I can work myself off. I wanted to be off by now but oh well, this is a whole hell of a lot more pain then I've ever been in so I need to give myself time. I'm dealing w/ the nausea better on the lortab so I'll just go with it.
So today I decided since I'm gonna be on my own soon I'd better start doing a bit just to work my stamina up, you know kids they have unlimited energy and my 5 yr old has even more then that so I gotta start or I'm gonna be screwed. So I woke up and decided after breakfast I would get in the shower, it was much easier this time because standing is easier now and I found a smaller rag to pin my drain sacks to, last time I used a hand towel & when it got wet it was so freaking heavy my neck/back were killing me. So I did it wash my body and hair and shaved all by myself.yay! However my CG was in the wash so I put a robe on and omg my nips are soooooo sensitive it was making me crazy. Then after about 15 mins my belly started shaking and I started having anxiety it felt like my tummy was gonna fall off or rip out of the incision. I was really freaking out but I was trying to just chill, by the time my CG was dry it had been about 2hrs. I was so relieved once I got it on and all that shaking & strange sensation stopped. Gosh I sure hope that doesn't last forever, after the bath I had to rest for a bit and had some lunch then put on make-up and did my hair, just blowed it out nothin fancy and I was beat. I was gonna go outside w/ my family but I was just to tired. When my son got home I helped him with his homework and dealt with some 2 yr old tantrums, seriously I'm so irritable lately and my kids fighting makes me nuts, worse then before. Lol!
So long story longer I did nothing compared to my regular day and am absolutely exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow I can do a little more.
I have also had a harder time sleeping all night the last few nights. Maybe it's because I've been trying to go longer between pain pills??? Hummmmm......
Oh and ? Are anyone else's nips super sensitive? And will it get better I can't even stand to put the neosporin on them ughhhhhh my hubby's not gonna like it if he can't play with em, hahaha!
Well happy healing or preparing ladies.

Side note, I haven't missed changing diapers :)...

Side note, I haven't missed changing diapers :) not looking forward to doing that again. Lol!

13 days post op feeling somewhat discouraged, I am...

13 days post op feeling somewhat discouraged, I am still taking lortab 1 every 6 hrs but if I don't I'm is so much pain I can't move. I feel like everyone else was off w/in the first week and here I am day 13 and can't even think about going off. I also have 4 drains still 3 of which are still producing over 25 cc in 24 hrs so doesn't look like I'll be getting them out any time soon which is also somewhat depressing. I mean the drains just make everything more difficult. Showering is a joke because you have to figure out a way to deal with them and mine hurt like crazy if they get tugged on or moved where they enter my body so i have to be careful not to hit the tubes while washing myself. Then dressing is a joke, since I have 4 bulbs they are not easy to hide I have to wear a zip up hoodie then it looks like I'm stealing shit and hiding it under my shirt cuz you can see all these lumps. I don't like going out in public cuz its so obvious. Just sucks. I'm also achy like you know when you have the flu and you get body aches and it hurts to touch your skin, but only from my groin to by breasts. It's always uncomfortable. I also have shooting pains down the center of my abs which I'm assuming is where my abs were sewn together and then a deep shooting really bad pain just above my vjay kinda by the incision. My hubs says it feels like tight muscle but I donno, I have an appt. with my doc today so I'm gonna ask. Also I'm kinda worry the pain is because I have been lifting things like milk jugs and kinda heavy things I also.....lifted my 2 yr old a few inches into my lap because he fell and was hurt and I was the only adult around, it didn't hurt me so then later I helped him out of his highchair still it didn't hurt but then last night these pains started up. God I hope I didn't ruin something. My dr said go by pain if it hurts dont do it. My husband goes back to work tomorrow so i'm gonna have to do a little lifting here and there so I wanted to sort of test the waters.
I have been doing more around the house to sort of build my stamina back up but still have to go lay down every few hrs cuz I find my back starts to really hurt after Ive been doing things for a few hrs. I think I start to hunch over and then my back is doing more work. I think I'm standing straight but I guess not, def can't wait to get back to normal......when ever that will be, hopefully sooner then later. We have all these Easter party plans next weekend and I'm hoping 1 that these drains are gone so I can dress somewhat normal and that I am standing normal and can do more. I've got lots of work I need to do for that and I've just gotta be doing much better.
I know I sound like I'm being a downer but really so far even with the swelling I look so much better, I'm very happy with the results and hope I don't mess anything up so I can just continue to look better and better.
Well I'll post more after I go to the dr and find out more info, fingers crossed I get some of these drains out.

Continuation after the doc appt. So went in and I...

Continuation after the doc appt. So went in and I got 3 yes THREE drains out! Yay!!!! The weird thing is I was super nauseous all morning and about 20 mins after the drains were removed I felt tons better. The doctor said sometimes they can cause that plus I feel so much more comfortable. My PS took them out nice and slow and it didn't hurt at all, felt a little strange but zero pain. I stood while he did it too, I thought it would be more comfoetable and it didn't hurt so maybe it was better. Anyway its crazy how much restriction those drains cause. Other then that my PS said I look great my boobs are still high but he said its normal just to keep massaging them and before long I'll be wishing they were still that high lol, he is a funny guy, love that about him.
He also said not to stress about the lortab he said one day I'll just not think about it and that's when I'll know I'm not needing them anymore. Funny thing is I've gone 8 hrs now between the lortab, now I'm kinda thinking the drains were causing most of the pain. I'll get the last drain out next Thursday for sure he said, but I think I can handle 1. By the way PS said the pain in my tummy was just a pulled muscle from trying to not use others not from picking up my 2 yr old. He said I'd know right the second I picked him up not hours later, so yay, I'm ok.

K so I'm 14 days or officially 2 weeks post op and...

K so I'm 14 days or officially 2 weeks post op and 3 drains down, it def has made a diff having the drains gone. I cut down to only 2 lortab a day one in the morning to get started, so creaking and tight at first, and once to get comfortable and sleep. I felt so good I actually played tickle tag and wrestled with my 2 yr old on the floor. Although today man am I feeling it, maybe a bit to soon for all that, lol but my little one sure has missed his momma and I've def missed him. Today because think I did a bit to much today I ended up having a bit of a break down crying about silly things, I was emotionally & physically tired I guess. It'll pass but now I know what people have said about the crying spells. Can't wait for me to be drain free and back to my old crazy self.
? For you gals that have gone before, I feel like with out this CG on my incisions is gonna rip open and my guts r gonna fall out has anyone else felt like this and will this get better. Were headed into swim suit season and I wanna be able to show off this hot new bod w/out the CG underneath. Lol! I can't even stand to wait for it to air dry. I gotta get more CGs.

Today I am post op day 17 wow, that kinda sounds...

Today I am post op day 17 wow, that kinda sounds like a lot. Not one of my better days, number one I miss my hubby being home with us I love being with him, we literally do everything together cept work and we always have so much fun together. Number 2 ugh.... I just hate not being able to do anything without hurting. My body aches from arm pits/boobs to vajayjay and all the way around, so my whole abdomen and it just sucks. I have zero energy to do much of anything. I am so over this. I mean one week ok, two weeks fine but I'm in my 3rd week and I'm done feeling miserable. I've decided to stop the narcotics if poss so I'm just doing Tylenol and ibuprofen then at bed I'm taking a muscle relaxer cuz my abs knot up with cramps all night, it doesnt help completely but it's better then nothing. Oh man I hate in the night when I'm sleeping so good and go to stretch and then oh god cramps!!!! Ahhhh!!!. I'm also so tired of watching the fun, I want to be having the fun. I find by the evening I'm at the end and one negative word and I'm sobbing and if I'm not crying my voice sounds so shaky like I could cry at any second and sometimes do.
I just read someone else's post and she is at week 10 and said some things are just the way it's gonna be and you have to just say this is the new way my body feels doing certain things, I hope by then I'm over this. I am counting the weeks till i'm at 6 weeks god I hope by then most if not all this pain is gone. I don't know why I'm hurting seem like I have way more pain then anyone else. I guess I did have 5 procedure not including the lipo, so maybe that's why but freak its 2 weeks, I mean I'm laying here on the couch and my nipples ach with every movement of my fingers and the middle of my abs ach and my hip,.....I'm tired of feeling so shitty! The swelling is nothing to me because I'm so uncomfotabe and unable to move without pain I can't even begin to think about the swelling.
My poor kids don't have the mom they are used to and I feel like I've made a mess of all our lives, all for vanity :(
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day

I forgot to mention that I'm eating like shit...

I forgot to mention that I'm eating like shit because, well I'm an over eater and emotional eater and I've been so down I just want comfort food, ate a cheeseburger fried zucchini and a piece of cheesecake plus a few fries off my sons plate this was just dinner, ugh I'm going to undo everything I've been working so hard for and had this surgery for oh and my parents keep calling me saying your just gonna look like ya did before if you keep it up......not helping plus let me just mention both my parents are morbidly obese and eat terribly which is where I learned my lovely eating habits. In fact after my dad told me this he told me he went and got me a cheesecake, see what I'm talking about.
Ok tomorrow help me snap out of this quickly.

Well I hate to be such a downer but def not...

Well I hate to be such a downer but def not feeling better today. Yesterday I ended up taking 1/2 a lortab cuz I was so weepy and in so much pain, I couldn't take it any longer. I just don't understand why I'm still hurting so bad. When I got my boobs done I didnt have drains in my boobs so I'm wondering if I have a seroma or hematoma in my boob, how would I know??? Had a nice glass of wine with dinner even though I am still on narcs, but it was soooooo good! Took a muscle relaxer at bed time then woke up @ 4:30 very uncomfortable ended up taking 1/2 lortab then but it still took me another hr to get back to sleep.
When I sleep I still have to be propped up with pillows or my left boob kills plus I have to have a pillow under that arm so it stays right my side, it just seems strange.
I'm trying to decide if I need more rest then I'm getting. I haunt napped in the day since day 4 post op and I know my body needs rest but I can't sleep if it's day for some reason. Oh another thing I'm wondering is if it's this last drain. It looks red where it goes in my body and has been seeping a bit more and I keep tugging it ugh! I'm hoping maybe getting this one out Thursday will help.
Today I had to go to my son school program and I got so sick thought I was gonna puke the whole time. It just sucks to constantly feel so shitty. Fingers crossed after this drain is gone I finally round that corner.
Hoping everyone else is doing better then me.

So today I am 2days shy of three weeks and today...

So today I am 2days shy of three weeks and today I'm actually feeling decent. I seriously did nothing much yesterday after the program at my sons school until he came home from school. My other 2 kids are seriously suffering all they can do is watch tv with me when we used to be so busy doing things, but I guess that's what my body needs cuz today i'm in very little pain. In fact I woke in the night and thought wow I don't hurt I don't have to get up and take a pain pill. Yay! Guess I'm over doing it maybe, or maybe that was one of those down days. I donno, but hope I start having more up days then down. I also cannot wait to be able to stretch without getting Charley horses in my abdominal muscles. So yay for good days.
Thank to all you fantastic women that give me those little pep talks and encouraging words. I am truly thankful for you all and this website for being here to find you all.

Today I am officially 3 weeks post op, doing tons...

Today I am officially 3 weeks post op, doing tons better got my last drain out yesterday and I feel so much more comfortable and able to move. My PS keeps getting mad at me for trying to suffer in pain when I should take the lortab if needed so I've been taking it here and there. Hadn't taken any for a couple days cept in the middle of the night when i wake with ab cramps from trying to stretch or I'm just super stiff. I found that my nausea is better lately, think I may have been dehydrated even though I was drinking more water then normal but I started drinking about 32 more oz and I seem to feel better. I was drinking 40oz and almost doubled it and I feel better, have to pee way more but I can deal with that, so you gals getting ready drink lots of water.
After my dr appt I was desperate for groceries we havent been since the day before my surgery so we were low on everything. Took my 2 yr old and 5 yr old to lunch to run and play and get out energy before I took them to the store then went to the store the entire day we were out from 11:30 to 4 I got tons of groceries and when I was on my last section of the store I was so over it and just wanted to be done so I didn't get the produce I needed, I mean I still had to get the groceries home and in the house & put away, by the time I got the groceries inside I was so wiped out I couldn't move my body hurt so bad. Obviously I over did it in one day but it had to be done. Needless to say I slept terrible and was in so much pain I could hardly stand it. I even took lortab & still couldn't get comfortable, so today I am spending the day on the couch doing nothing. This is so hard on my kids. We did go outside and played in the sand but they wanted to throw balls & play tickle tag but it just couldn't happen. I can't wait to run and play again and not hurt just to think about doing it.
Things are looking up though and that is awesome. Can't wait for week 4. Oh by the way my ps said I have to wear my CG for a total of 3! Ok I figured 6 weeks but wasn't prepared for 3 months. Gotta say not much of this whole thing have I expected, it has been harder then I anticipated cant wait to really reap the rewards.
On another note I went back to my weight lose class and was up 1 lb, kinda sucks but with the swelling guess I expected it, but I'm thinking now that I have the last drain out am I going to swell even more? So am I going to be up even more in weight as I swell? With the amount of flesh taken off I should be down at least 5 lbs, so 6 lbs of swelling???? I don't know but I can't wait for the next 3 weeks to be over so I can see and feel even better.
Happy healing you lovely lady's and happy Friday.

Ok so my new problem is the MAJOR pain in my...

Ok so my new problem is the MAJOR pain in my tit!!! I'd be totally fine if I didnt have the BL. My PS said it because when he did the lift he had to move my areola/nipple and when doing that he has to really mess around with a major nerve that runs from the outside of the boob to the nipple and the nerve is coming to life so it's hurting. Has anyone else dealt with this pain? I cannt lift my arm now at all with out this horrible pain. It hurts to move when I'm sleeping. I'm worried that this is gettin worse rather then better. Will it get better??? This is the only reason I cannot stop the pain killers however I only am taking Tylenol or ibuprofen and on rare occasion loratab. If anyone else has dealt with this please let me know how it went.

Ok, will I ever be able to sleep comfortably again...

Ok, will I ever be able to sleep comfortably again all nightie the question of the day? I know I'm only 3 weeks but holymamma I wanna sleep without waking in pain. Also when will these knickers not feel so foreign. I tried to sleep on my tummy that lasted all of 3 mins. Felt like my chest was laying on boulders & my tt incision felt like it was being pulled way to tight & would tear. So guess not yet, but that's what I missed most when pregnant but this is nothing like being pregnant & I knew approx when there would be an end to the discomfort but this is all so unknown. There's no telling when for sure.
Anyway had a extremely active day yesterday with the family, we went to our friends annual easter egg hunt BBQ and it was so nice to get out & see friends, however everyone even people I didnt know wanted dets on my surgery & kept saying you never looked like you needed a tt you must have hidden it good, lol! I guess so they also wanted to know how many dress sizes I dropped, unfortunately it's not really like that there's swelling & the fact that I've not had the energy to try on new clothes, however all the pants I do have are very loose yay! So I guess I may be down a size or two, in fact I ran into the store & my pants had fallen down so low they were practically off my butt but I couldn't tell because of the CG & numbness lol! Plus how do people keep their pants on without that fat roll? Hahaha this is a whole new world that I'm excited to be part of.
Well I've got another busy day ahead of me so ya'll have a wonderful day.

Posted new 3 weeks post op pics that ya'll wanted...

Posted new 3 weeks post op pics that ya'll wanted to see. Put one before pic super embarrassing, but you can see the after in the same pose and its insane how much difference it is. CRAZY! However you can now see my major thunder thighs and since my tummy is so flat and tight it acentuates (spelling?) my saddle bags and cottage thighs. My PS was right i did need my inner and outter thighs lipoed too, but I just couldnt afford it all right now. Maybe in a year or two, or who knows maybe if I can get this next 20 lbs off I can look fine without the lipo. Kinda wish I would have just done it all so I never have to deal with the surgery or pain again, but oh well.

18 days post op, today I feel like I have...

18 days post op, today I feel like I have defiantly turned to corner yay! I am not taking any pain meds except Tylenol pm at night because I get so uncomfortable & stiff in the night & dont end up sleeping well, so with the pm I sleep & have nice to finally sleep all night. The only pain I have is in my breasts, lots of nerve pain and achiness but that's how my tummy was for a long while & it's finally feeling much better, I have some achiness in my tummy but nothing like it was, this is a relief to me cuz that means it will go away but for some reason my body has a hard time with nerve pain. Maybe I should have known that because I can feel nerve pain in my teeth before the dentist can see anything wrong. Maybe I'm a woose but I've never has a problem with other kinds of pain. Anyway i'm just glad I know it will get better it's just gonna take a little longer then others.
Well I am back to my normal routine minus any running w/ my kids and really hard play with them, but I cleaned the house, changed the sheets & did all the laundry, made dinner, bathed the kids and I still felt like I had energy to spare. It's so nice to feel like a productive part of my family again & this house def needed it. I didnt vacuume though. I tried but it hurt my boobs to much so that'll have to wait. I have to admit, I didn't want my husband to see me do it, because I'm afraid he'll go back to his normal of walking in the door after work grabbing a beer & doing zero to help out, I mean I know he has really worked extra hard these past few weeks and deserves a break but lemme tell ya it's really nice to have help. He did say now that he knows how hard I work he'd help out more but I'll believe it when I see it.

Thanks for all the complements about my pics I am ecstatic about the new me. Yay!!! Love & appreciate y'all. I don't know how I would have delt with all this without your support & advice. :)

???? Help I got this scar FX silicone belt and I...

???? Help I got this scar FX silicone belt and I wore it for the first time today and your supposed to wear it for at least 12 hrs but preferably 24 hrs with a wash every 12 hrs anyway so after 12 hrs with it on I took it off today I was soooooo swollen, way more swollen then I've been yet. So now I'm worried it's the belt I spent $70.00 on it so I really want it to work. So what I'm wondering is has anyone else used this and did you like it or not? Like my upper abs are swollen my hips are swollen even my feet feel swollen. Or could it be that I've started taking over the house keeping and cooking duties and have done more in the last 2 days then I've done in 3weeks??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..... :)

Some days are so good & some are so bad, I feel...

Some days are so good & some are so bad, I feel like since the surgery I have very little patients with my kids & find myself freaking out over little things. I really try to not yell but I donno what the deal is. Maybe it's that I'm still hurting? I don't know but I used to be this awesome mom that played & had fun now I feel like since I was unable to do anything I lost all control of them they don't listen or want me around. Feeling quite discouraged. The only thing I can think is that I'm still in pain & maybe once that gets better I'll get my normal family back. I just feel like it made such a mess for all of us. Ugh! I love my body results but not loving how it's effected my family life.

I feel like this whole process is huge swings it's...

I feel like this whole process is huge swings it's either all good or all bad a lot of pain or not much pain. Nothing in the middle ground.
Just wanna thank you sweet gals on here for all your support, I'd be so lost with out you guys with advice and just letting me know i'm not alone.
So far today is an up day however we are at a children's museum and I'm sure I'll be exhausted by days end, but at least I'm enjoying my kids & we r having some fun like before. It's nice!

Hope you all have a great holiday. We defiantly...

Hope you all have a great holiday. We defiantly did & had perfect weather to enjoy it. However I way over did it, woke up so sore, ouch!
Gotta say this fourth week was a definate turning point, I feel so much more normal everything is less painful, in fact I havnt been taking any pain meds at all for a few day now, well except today, but I did a few no no's and I now know why they are no no's oops!
I have a question, last night while in the shower I was doing my massaging of the new boobs & I felt popping like in a row, only in one boob and as it popped it felt as if pressure was released??? Was this internal stitches finally popping as they were almost dissolved? Anyone have any ideas?

Ok another question, I was doing my Brest massages...

Ok another question, I was doing my Brest massages & as I did the push up thing I felt popping in a row, is this normal???? It kinda felt good like popping knuckles & like releasing pressure. It only happened in one boob. Anyone else have any popping?
Other then that I'm feeling so much better I feel like I've gotten back to a semi normal ness can play rough with the kids, however I pushed them on the swings & that was a mistake....ouch the next few days I have been super sore in my chest. I'm still sore but not bad enought to have to take pain meds. It's so nice to be somewhat normal again.
Till next time happy healing ladies!

I will be 6 weeks post op on Friday and things are...

I will be 6 weeks post op on Friday and things are going soo good. I can do most everything without any probs, my family is super happy (mostly my hubby) that I'm cooking again. However I'm only 2 lbs down which is a little disappointing. I have a little pouchy tummy and I'm thinking it's not swelling, but I'm not 100% sure. I won't go back to the ps for 3 more weeks, but last time I saw him he said I had a little swelling. So I guess it's a mostly me. I haven't been eating good, but I'm getting back to ww so I'll be more liable to someone else about watching my weight. Anyway just wanted to say things are almost 100% back to normal. My ps said I can get back to normal everything n Friday, however I need to start slow which is not a prob. My boobs still hurt a bit around the nipple areola area so running makes me a bit iffy to bounce them around to much. I also worry about capsular contraction one boob is a litte firmer then the other but I'll just keep doing my massages and see what happens. One day at a time right.
I think in my last post I mentioned that I was doing my massages and I had popping in my breasts totally yucky feeling anyway now that popping is happening around my areolas??? I guess it's the internal stitches just getting weak and as I press it pops. Strange feeling inside and out.
I'm using this fx scar sheet belt and I LOVE it. In fact I hate not having it on and my incisions look so good, well I think so. I started using the ones they have for anchor breast lift scars and it has made so much difference in the thickness of the incision, who would have thought. I'm absolutely 100% happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone, the recovery was way more then I anticipated but it was defiantly worth it. I look better then I've looked in like 20 years, my hubby can't keep his hands off of me and feels it was worth every penny too. Hooray for finally feeling good about myself.
Happy healing to all my great real self friends

7 weeks and 1 day, its been a long road of...

7 weeks and 1 day, its been a long road of recovery but its totally been worth it. The first 3 weeks were pretty awful, but today I can do anything I was doing before, hold my 2 year old, run and play with my kids and exercise, however I've been taking that extreemly slow. My abs are still very sore, feels like I've done 500 sit ups my son kinda shoved me in the tummy and it hurt. I get muscle cramps in the lower belly area if I try to tighten my muscles, but I think all that will just get better and better as it heals, so far nothing I cant handle. My breast have gotten much better they are still a little sore but the big lighting bolt pain I would get when I moved my arm has gotten tons better and it only bothers me once in awhile, my nipples are still a little sore too. Right now I just am mostly itchy around all my incisions. I am still wearing my CG but I have stopped the silicone strips at least for a week. It was very warm here and my kids always want to be outside and I was just sweating under it so bad. Then ones on my breasts wouldnt stay on and the one around my belly was like soaked and by the time I took it off in the evening my incisions were super purple and I had weird swelling marks. So I'm gonna give that a break for a week or so. My PS says he doesnt feel they really do much more, but he was fine with me trying whatever I wanted as far as scar treatment goes. I still feel uncomfortable without the CG on. When I have them in the wash its seems more sore, but I dont have anxiety attacks like I was getting when I had it off for long, even a few minutes in the shower would throw me into a panic attack....weird.... but thats much better.
I dont think the pics are much different from the 6 week pics so I'm not adding any more at this time.
I have been trying to get back on track with my weight loss meetings I'm only down 2 lbs, but I'm an emotional eater and this whole thing has my emotions all over the place, mostly stress. I am very stressed that I'm not swollen and that this little gut is gonna be the real me, Its so silly because its 100% better then before but I donno, then my boobs I was thinking they were not big enough after the swelling went down, but I went to find a underwire bra and YEAH I'm freaking huge now. I thought maybe a D but I tried on a dozen D's from 38-40 and finally came to the conclusion I am not a D, but a DD and I'm no longer a 38, but a 36, so I'm a 36DD (maybe I went to big :/). There arnt many sexy 36DD bras with a little padding. I'm gonna keep looking. I havnt been to VS yet because I've been thinking I'm still a little swollen plus wanted to wait til I could wear a underwire. Guess its time to check into that, but lemme tell ya how my boys HATE going into VS and then waiting for me to try on bras, LOL! Anyway things are going super good. Feel pretty much back to me thank goodness. I never thought this day would come again. Seriously I was wondering if I'd feel like me again after feeling so shitty for so long.
Oh one other thing is I'm not thinking I'm gonna be much of a stomach sleeper anymore. These boobs are so big and hardish that its not very comfortable laying on my tummy, maybe I'll get used to it, but I've found a new position that works and I'm sleeping pretty darn good, if it werent for this 2 year old still waking in the night I'd be in great shape, lol!
Well happy healing to all you lovely ladies. Heres to looking at hot as I feel. YAY!!

Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know...

Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I'm doing so so good. I have a few little things that my PS is going to fix, like I have a dog ear at the end of the incision under my right breast. I had a little spot at the t of my lift incision on my left breast that just didnt want to heal up and my PS said he may have to fix that too, but I think its almost healed so I dont think I'll need any repair on that. I also have a very pootchy vajayjay. My PS wanted to wait till I was 3 months post op before worrying about it, but he said if by the 3 month mark if it was still like this he wanted to do more lipo. There are a few little spots that I'm not thrilled with like where the drains came out of my body my skin dips in alot. Its BIG on my right side, but I dont know if there is much he can do about that and it can be covered with panties and clothes so really not a huge problem. I dont know how excited I am about having more surgery though, even if it is just lipo. I think the lipo spots hurt the most and my recovery was just not very fun. Plus I dont know that I want to have to wear this compression garment anymore.
Hey ? I'm 11 weeks post op tomorrow and my PS wanted me to wear this freaking compression garment 24/7 till 12 weeks, so my question is, is anyone else still wearing theirs at 11 weeks. I read that most Dr want you to wear them for 6-8 weeks 9 weeks was the most I've seen anyone required to wear them, so I'm going out of town this weekend and we are going to be in Vegas and we are planning on doing alot of swimming. I'm hoping I can go without for a few days, but I've noticed my stomach gets muscel cramps still when I go without for very long. like when Im washing them. Thoughts.......?
Well I haven't done much "working out" however I do jump on our trampoline for hrs with my kids everyday and ride bikes and run and play and the jumping at first was killer, but I've gotten used to it. I tried to do 1 sit up today and OMG it hurt so bad. My belly like down the center and where my new belly button is still is very sore. I guess I just take forever to heal. I'm going to mention that to my PS when I see him next on June 7th, but I think he'll say its just normal for me.
I do hate that I had 10lbs taken off me, but never lost even 1/2 lb on my scale??? I just dont get that and losing anymore weight has been sooooo difficult. I just dont get it. I'm just thinking its my body readjusting to everything. I've read that major surgery effects hormones, blood sugar levels and other things and it takes aroud 1 year for your body to readjust, I guess like having babies or doing HCG. so I'll just relax and be happy that my apron of fat/skin is gone. Yay!!!
I asked my hubby how people hold their pants up without having a belly, my pants never stay up and since I having zero feeling around pretty much my entire body where my pants ride if they fall I cant feel it. So weird...
Anyway hope everyone is healing great and so excited for all of us to open a new chapter YAY!!!
Oh one more ? how long do I do scar thearpy???? I'm now just using vit e oil or bio oil, no more scar tape, it just got to be a huge pain and they were not sticking anymore. So what if anything are you guys doing at 11 wks po? My PS said it doesnt make a whole lot of difference, its got more to do with you then what you rub on it. So ???

I am now almost 1 yr post op and couldn't be...

I am now almost 1 yr post op and couldn't be happier. I love my new tummy. I've never had a flat tummy and I'm moving it. The scars have reduced in color a lot, but I'm hopeful that it will get even better.
I am Unfortunatly needing to have a little touch up on my right breast because it droops a little more then the other. It's not very noticeable to my husband but he says if I'm not happy lets fix it because it will always bother me. So since I'm doing that I'm gonna have a little touch up on my upper stomach that couldn't get much lipo done initially and well since I'm there I'm getting my thighs done. Lol!
I'm hoping the recovery is much easier then after the tt, man that was rough! It was completely worth it but man oh man was it rough. I had a really hard time with pain meds so I'm hoping we can find something that's not so hard on me.
Well that's my post for now good luck to all you people beginning the process.
Dr. Charles Stewart

Dr. Charles Stewart was extremely professional at the consultation and made me feel so comfortable more comfortable then any other dr I've ever seen. Plus he is really funny, I love having fun and when people can be relaxed enough to joke around in uncomfortable situations so I loved that. He was also very informative and i felt like if he couldnt do something he would rather be honest rather then lie to make a buck or have unhappy results, plus i loved that all the lipo was included with the surgery. They also gave me one procedure free because he just felt the results would be so much better if i had it, but i just couldnt afford it all. His staff was also very sweet and helpful and made me feel comfortable at all times. Over all so far it's been a greAt experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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