43, Grandma Working Hard for New Body

I expect my hard work to pay off, calorie deficit,...

I expect my hard work to pay off, calorie deficit, working out daily, hormones under control. Last time I lost the weight I was miserable but happy with the results. This time I'll be happy all around. I have a goal, I am paying for this goal so I can look in the mirror and smile again. This time the goal will stick. I don't want to work this hard, pay this much just to mess up again and gain weight back. I look forward to my breasts being back up where they belong, thighs less like jello and stomach less like a keg. I am excited! I always tell my husband I have a six pack under this keg. I been working out for 3 years, last 4-8 months I have lost my ambition. It's back...and the journey has now began and will end this time in the way it should. RESULTS!!! I will post pics and write when there is significant information to provide.

Pictures - beginning 'again'

Although not my proudest moment, here are the pictures I said I would post. I will update again when I have progress.


Although I am doing really good losing the weight, I am stagnant at the moment. Been losing 1-2 lbs a week on a really good week 3 lbs. So here is an update, premier plastic surgery ladies have been great to work with me through schedule change and now I am not feeling as stressed. Thought I could but rather safe losing weight as opposed to unsafely doing so then gaining it back after surgery. I will upload pics to show progress but I am now down 24 lbs only 27 lbs to lose.


Well i keep post-poning, either wasnt close enough to weight goal or insulin levels decided to come back with avengance. Working on it and hopefully sometime next year. Focus...is my goal right now.

I have good feelings about this. I feel confident he understands this procedure is a good choice, his advice was reasonable and seemed right on track I felt comfortable.

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