21 Year Old Mother. Breast Lift W/ Implants. Saline 350 Ccs(Pics) - Draper, UT

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I wanted implants after I had my first baby at 19,...

I wanted implants after I had my first baby at 19, and then finally got "the ball rolling" after I had my surprise second baby :) I loved the size while I was pregnant, but unfortunately it doesn't stay that way!! My breasts became very saggy and deflated (I think it's because I was still "developing" when I became pregnant). So three months after i gave birth to my daughter Vivian, I scheduled my surgery. I was an out of town patient, so I never met Dr Fryer before or been in his office. I decided to go to him because of all the great reviews . My first meeting went very well. He explained that I had a triangle shaped chest, so my breasts won't naturally come together and only a bra could give me cleavage. That didn't bother me. He also said I would need a Breast lift and that one breast would need a lolly pop lift, while the other needed an anchor lift. That kinda bummed me out and I wasn't expecting to pay more money than what I had. Luckily, Destiny was amazing and helped me set up a credit card that I could use the same day to cover the extra cost. So they have some financial assistance available. Once that was all settled, I was scheduled the next day to get 325 ccs (over filled with saline to 350) on each side. I was only allowed to go to 350 because I was also getting a lift. The next day was the surgery. I did have to wait for an hour to be seen, but I don't mind waiting. Dr Fryer came in, explained everything, marked me up, and told me that my breasts won't look exactly the same but it's only an improvement, not perfection . I don't need perfection anyways lol I'm used to my boobs being different. They turned out more symmetric than they have ever been (in my opinion)! I'm excited to see how they look over the coming months. I know patience looks key with Breast augmentation and breast lifts, but I feel like they look great :)
The right breast got the anchor lift and the left got the lollipop lift

Post surgery

I have had more pain at night and in the morning. When I woke up from surgery I threw up three times and I don't remember what I did after the surgery. You will feel very dizzy probably and tired. I slept for 14 hours when I got back to my hotel, and the six hour drive back to Wyoming. I will post more photos tomorrow and over the next months. Its hard finding people who have had two separate types of lifts and even people with my same build who had a lift and implants. I am 115 pounds and 5"2'.
I was also wondering if my swelling looks normal and the blood? Thanks!!!

Three days post op

I have a lot more bruising but the swelling is not as bad. I'm tired all the time , but I have to take care of my three month old daughter while my 1 year old is in daycare. I am allowed by my doctor to pick up my youngest (she weighs around 10 lbs) but not my oldest for six weeks :/ I guess she counts as excessive lifting lol
You can see from the pics that I have more bruising, especially with the breast that got the anchor lift. Not a lot of differences, but I'll post pics anyways :)
I can't wait till I can see them without the tape and start the massages!! I feel them very slightly and I'm surprised they are as soft as they are

Four days post op

Last night Iin the shower I got sharp pain in the crease under my right breast (the one that got the anchor) . I'm not too worried because I think it's just my nevervrs and stuff. One thing that no one told me about a BA is the itching! !! My boobs itch so much! And its everywhere, not just on the incisions. I still have three more days till I can take the tape off. Taking pictures everyday has helped me see the differences in swelling and such . Today my bruising is more yellow and my breasts are less swollen (still painful though)

Day Five

I'm so happy with my new boobs! I know it has only been five days but they look and feel fantastic :) the tape under my boobs started to come off in the shower so I had to trim it back. There was some blood, but I'm not worried. I can tell that one my breasts is bigger than the other one, but not very noticeable and it may change over the next coming weeks. I am mainly posting for myself, so sorry if I sound vague in my posts :)

day 7

I finally took the tape off today! I am not as happy with the tape off though. My nipples look like stickers, haha. My left nipple is different than my right nipple. I actually like my right nipple because it is more circular but not "too circular". My left nipple bled a lot more when I took the tape off and a lot more scabs came off on that one too. My breast size is still good I think. I though I went too big, but I figured I just won't wear any push-up bras ever again. I didn't want novelty boobs lol. I wanted natural and proportionate breasts. I think they will look more natural when I get my finished result in three months. In the pics, you can see where the blood was coming from and the differences in the nipples. I think my right nipple is more red and is more splotchy because they tape would not come off! I had to get in the shower and soak the tape to help get it off. I was also told I could wear tight clothing (like the undershirts with built in bras) but no underwire for three months. She sad I could buy bralettes if they are the more supportive ones. She suggested I should just wear low compression sports bras, but I wanted something prettier.

Day 9

I bought a big bottle of bio-oil and I've been putting it all over, except on my incisions. I can't do that for another five days so I'm going to follow what my doctor has told me. I also cant do my massages until Tuesday so I'm kinda just waiting lol my breasts still hurt and I don't think they are dropping yet. I just want to get this healing process going so I can start enjoying my new boobs :) I talked to a nurse the of other day and I can wear any sports bra I want now , and if my boobs get pushed together, I can only wear it for short periods of time and no every day. The same goes for pushup bras after the first month. But no underwrite for three months.

Two weeks

It's been awhile since I posted (I probably won't post a lot). I restarted college classes and work, so I'm getting busier. My breasts seem to be okay, except I have been feeling my right implant move around more than my left. My right is also painful at times, especially if it gets pushed up and to the center. It has also dropped more than the left, and a bit bigger. I don't know what it is from. Sorry for the short post, I only had a small time frame! :)

More three week pics

I'm getting little nervous because my breasts don't look the same.. am I bottoming out or are my breasts going to drop more?I mean they weren't symmetric before so I guess I shouldn't complain too much, but I thought they were going to look similar lol. I'm not going to worry too much cause its only been a month :) but you can definitely tell they are "off" haha ive also been putting bio oil and the scar cream on and I think it's healing well
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