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I just wanted to share my experience with breast...

I just wanted to share my experience with breast augmentation for anyone who is contemplating about undergoing this procedure. About a year ago, I was 22 years old and had been contemplating about breast augmentation. I am a young college student and amongst my peers and friends, I always felt insecure about my boobs. I come from a family of women who were blessed with the right curves but for some reason I was skipped lol. I remember growing up and being teased by family members for having what they called 'mosquito bites for boobs.' I worked and studied and did my research about getting my boobs done. This was no easy decision at first because there was so much about breast augmentation to learn and choose from! It was overwhelming at first but about after a year of diligently researching the pros and cons, I made the choice to go through with breast augmentation. I choose 550 & 570 cc saline implants behind the muscle, incision point was under the breast. I also choose Dr. Bindrup from Draper, Utah for my surgeon because of his expertise and experience The cost was roughly $3,700 which is fairly cheap compared to other places. (Utah is pretty cheap for plastic surgery.) I underwent the procedure on March 12, 2013. I was 22 years old when I underwent the procedure. At first, like many who've undergone this experience, I was very nervous! My goal was to reach a D cup and choose a pretty high number of CCs. Pre opp I was really small and had some asymmetry. I was a A cup and my left boob was slightly fuller than my right boob. My doctor assured me this was normal among woman so to adjust my implants, we choose 550 cc for the left breast and 570 cc for the right breast. I was nervous that there would be complications because of the size of ccs I choose. The whole experience of the procedure was fine. It was as expected, pain and tightness afterwards since my body would be experiencing readjusting to the implants. I followed the doctors orders and took my medication for pain and worked lightly so that I can heal properly. I would say that it took about 6-8 weeks for me to feel completely back to 'normal.' Even than I was still very cautious when exercising etc. Over the weeks and months I saw dramatic improvements as my body adjusted to the implants. They definitely settled in, fluffed out, less tightness looking and felt more natural. As you can see my implants have settled in quite nicely and I absolutely loveeeeee them! I highly recommend Dr. Bindrup. The total experience was great. Like I said, I was nervous about the size I choose but Dr. Bindrup ensured me everything would be fine for my body type and it would look natural. Ladies if in doubt, just trust your doctor. Especially if you've done your research and checked his credentials and experience! I can't stress the importance of researching and choosing the right physician because you'll have to trust him 100%. If I had chosen the original size I was debating I probably would of wished I had gone bigger. In my opinion natural d cups are different from implants. Especially with putting them behind the muscle, I've heard your size might be different. I'm so glad I choose my size! The implants have definitely helped me feel a lot more confident in my body image. I'm currently a 34DDD and maybe I might still "fluff" some more, who knows! For the first 6-12 months I wore 34DD but started to notice they were getting tight and my boobs were popping out. A little over a year post op, I went into VS and remeasured and they told me I'm definitely 34DDD! I know that sounds gigantic but honestly, I don't look like a porn star lol. I can dress them up or down and make it look completely natural. I'm curvaceous and after the surgery I have a coke bottle figure body type which is just what I was aiming for. I also want to emphasize on the saline implant. I am glad I choose saline because they feel and look natural. I've received a lot of compliments on how they feel from my close friends and family so I'm glad I choose saline. Plus they were cheaper and safer! I don't feel or see any rippling which also probably helps since I put my implants below the muscle. One minor downside probably is the scarring.. I haven't really been applying bio oil or scarring ointment to fade them regularly and that's just me being careless. My implant incisions are under my breasts and kind of noticeable but only if I stare at them. I'll try to be better about putting ointment to fade them. I'm still glad I choose that incision point. since to me it was safest. If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation for whatever reason I would advise you to do your research and do it! Anyways needless to say, I'm VERY HAPPY with my results and I wouldn't change a thing about it! I'll post some pictures I took today and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me :)
Draper Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bindrup was very professional and had a lot of experience with breast augmentation. This provider and his staff were very polite and knowledgeable with all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him since he has been in this business for 20+ years!

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