Happy Active Mom 5'4 1/2, 115lbs, 325cc High Profile Silicone Natrelle Style 20-Draper, UT

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Hi there! I've been doing research for just under...

Hi there! I've been doing research for just under a year now on breast augmentation surgery. After reading all the reviews and visiting all the websites I knew that I wanted Dr.Fryer to do my surgery. I felt the same way after my consult. He has an easy professional demeanor and let me down gently when he revealed to me that my chest is much too narrow to carry larger implants unless I wanted to go ultra high profile. I don't want ginormous breasts, but I do feel like I need a larger implant to fill in the loose skin that is a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding x2. Dr. Fryer informed me that there are higher risks associated with the ultra high profile and larger implants, but he did not try to persuade me to go either direction. After doing some research and having a second consult with a different doctor, I realized that ultra high profile would not be good for my "wish look" and I feel that I will have a better chance at getting the result I want with a smaller implant in high profile. I really hope that I end up at least a 32D, but I am prepared that just may not happen. I am tentatively planning on getting Natrelle Style 20 325cc Silicone implants. My surgery is October 9th, so I just have a couple weeks to get prepared. If anyone wants to leave me with advice regarding surgery preparations I am welcome to receiving it!

This might be a hard recovery for me emotionally since I am very active and normally do strength and cardio training 5+ days a week as well as having two small children to take care of.

Before pictures- as embarrassing as they are.

More Photos

I have a ton of fears.

Ladies, I am so worried that my breasts are not going to look the way I want after surgery. I fear that the implant is just too small and will leave then too saggy. I am also scared that mine will never drop and be stuck in my chest forever. Both plastic surgeons I saw said that I don't need a lift, but I worry that my nipple is going to be way too low for my liking. I want to love my boobs not just tolerate them. What do you guys think? If anyone had preop boobs similar to mine and got a smaller cc like mine then please tell me. I keep searching and searching. I just want an idea of what they will look like!

Trying to get a visual idea.

Here are some photos of before/after surgery of some women who were considered borderline lift. The problem is that I do not know what size these women got nor the profile, but at least it give me some sort of visual idea. Would love to hear if anyone thinks these might be realistic outcomes.

Better Before Pictures

Exercise concerns and questions for the fit ladies out there

Hey ladies, I don't know if I mentioned this, but I am extremely active. I do high intensity workouts 5+ days a week. I am super concerned with how difficult it will be to get back into shape. Will I gain weight and lose muscle by taking the four weeks off? I don't know how I am going to handle not working out. Tips and experiences welcome please!

Let the Countdown Commence!

Thursday I will have my new breasts! Woo-hoo! Today I am getting waxed pretty much everywhere so I don't have to worry about that postop. I have all my supplies. I just need to make a couple more freezer meals and I will be golden! Preop appointment tomorrow! Today, I will get in a lower body and core workout then Tuesday run 6 miles and Wednesday run 6 miles and then no exercise for what seems like eternity. Wish me luck!

All done- In Recovery

Sugery is complete. Everything went amazing. The hardest part of the whole day for me was not drinking water until after surgery. The "Boob Fairy" has come. My chest feels heavy and I am in slight discomfort. I have the best and hottest home nurse any girl could ask for. (My husband)

The Big Reveal, Here Are "The Girls"

Postop appointment went well. I am in some pain, but less than expected. I am VERY BLOATED! My breasts look pretty good to me. I am excited to witness their progression. I would love to hear what you ladies think? I am happy my nipples don't point down, but I worry that maybe the implants aren't high enough to start with which means they will be too droopy when they drop??? I worry a lot if y'all couldn't already tell. Anyway, my doctor was and is terrific. I just love him and so does my husband and he is very hard to impress!

Starting with the boobie blues

I am just feeling down, fat, and gross. I have a hard time not being able to workout and laying around all day. I know it is only Day 2. I just hate the ugly stage and want to see the final result. It's just impatience.

In need of reassurance

Ok, I just need some reassurance ladies. What they look like right now is not my final result, right? Please tell me they will round out and look pretty.

Another Day 3 Photo

Day 4

Gave myself a pep talk today. They will drop. I need to be patient and give my body time to heal. I need to relax. They are starting to have weird sensations which I'm hoping means they are shifting. Not much change from yesterday in today's photo.


Does my right nipple look swollen compared to my left? I'm still emotional and sad. I know that my doctor is the best, I just wonder if my breasts were too ugly to help. I wish I could see the light. It comes in waves.

Just so you know...

Hey ladies, I just want to let you know that I really want brutal honesty when it comes to your comments. I feel like y'all are the only ones who can truly give me an objective opinion. Please tell me what you really think. I do to want to pass off your compliments as "oh, they are only saying that to be nice".

The roller coaster of healing

I sent this pic to my husband tonight and I felt sexy. Just wanted to share.

Weight gain?

I talked a big game about counting calories, but I've been eating my life away since the surgery and weigh 5lbs more than I did the day of surgery. I've figured my implants barely weigh 1.5lbs so that is pretty crazy that just from a week of lack of exercise and eating like crazy I could gain that much weight. I'm hoping it is water weight, but I fear I'm being too optimistic. I know many of you think I shouldn't worry about my weight, but seriously I worked my butt off (literally) over the past year to lose 40 lbs of baby weight and I want to keep it off. In the words of Lindsay Brin, I need to "get it in check"!

Day 6

Updating my photos everyday really helps me see the progress. I'm sorry if it is getting to be picture overload.

Happy One Week To Me

Things have gone pretty good thus far. I am over the blues and just enjoying watching their progress. I have some concerns that I plan to discuss with my doc tomorrow.

One Week Photo

Two Weeks

I'm sorry I haven't been active on the website lately. I am feeling so great and have just been enjoying life. I like my breasts a lot. I think they are improving every week. I hope they drop in the next month and that they don't take forever, but I am pretty optimistic.

3 Weeks

It's been three weeks and I feel great. I've been doing the spin bike and lower body exercises. I definitely listen to my body and make sure not to overwork myself. As of right now I am happy with he size. I am disappointed with the shape though. Will they drop more? I was hoping for my nipple position to be higher. What do you guys think? Is this my final result? I feel like I am too close to the situation to really tell.

More 3 week photos

Week 4

Wow, time has flown. I don't really dwell on the look of my breasts anymore, only when I take pics to update my profile. I am happy to have boobs. They aren't where exactly I want them, but I am being patient and I am confident they will drop. I massage 3 times a day. I am using scarcream on the incision sites. I workout 5+ days a week doing the spin bike for 50min and then abs, gentle yoga, and lower body endurance training on the other days. I just rotate through. I am anxious to start strengthening my arms.

My nipples get numb and tingling if I go long periods without massaging and when I take off my bra at the end of the day. I have yet to buy a real wireless bra that is comfortable and I spend most of my time in sports bras.

More 4 week pics

How do I know...

When Brooke was instructing me on how to do the massages, she showed me one massage at the end to help push the implant down and promote dropping. She said to do that until they drop to a point that I like them, but I guess I am confused on when exactly that point is. Where exactly should they fall and how do I know when to stop?

6 Weeks Tomorrow

I think they look better in person. When I look at pictures I get discouraged other than that I am happy. What do you guys think of them?

7 Weeks

I am overall pretty happy with them. There are imperfections that I get hung up on. I hope that the issues I have will go away and that the more they settle then the better they will look. My right breast is consistently more numb than the left which in pictures exacerbates the asymmentry since the left nipple is hard and the right nipple takes more effort to get hard than just the chill in the air. I wish I could stop seeing the imperfections and I wish my obsessive mind would just love them instead. At times I think they are great and other times I pick them apart just like I do my thighs, love handles, ect.

Double bubble?

Does this look like double bubble?

More double bubble ? Pics

9 Weeks

I like my boobs most when I have my clothes on. I like them about 50% with clothes off. I feel like my right Breast has minor double bubble and it bothers me. Initially, I thought that waiting it out might be the best, but the more time passes the more I fret about it. I just have so much going on right now that I really don't have the time to go to an appointment. I also wonder if my right breast is bottoming out or if I just feel that way because my left is high still. I also wonder if my breasts fit me. Maybe my upper body is to slender and I should have gone smaller. Anyway, I think they look alright, but I am not in love.

10 weeksish

I wish that the left one would drop. I think once it does it won't look like it is pointing in the opposite direction. I learning to live with the double bubble or whatever it is. Maybe I am too obsessed with perfection.

More 10 weeks pic uploads

These show the unevenness when I take the photos with my arms out.

11 Weeks

The left is starting to really soften and drop. I've been more aggressive with the massages. The right still shows signs of double bubble, but seems to be getting less and less noticeable. Right now, I am pretty pleased with them. :) after my three month appointment I will post a complete review on Dr. Fryer, but i really think he is a great doctor and urge all of us to be patient and not so critical on our results the first 3-6 months after surgery.

3 1/2 Months

3 1/2 Month Update

My left implant has dropped and fluffed more. It is a little tighter than the right. I am massaging twice a day now although I don't really expect much change from here on out. Dr. Fryer confirmed that I have slight double bubble in my right breast, but he did not notice it until I pointed it out. He suggested avoiding activities where I am topless with my arms up. I guessing my flashing days are over. No, but seriously, my husband doesn't notice it.

I still have slight asymmetry. It bothers me sometimes, but there are a lot of things about my body that bothers me sometimes. My asymmetry has nothing to do with my surgery, just my anatomy. I can do some regular push-ups, but I don't go down all the way. I started the Insanity workout program which I am loving.

Oh, I think my after photos that we took at my 3 month appointment are not flattering! I'm pretty sad about it. I wonder if they can be retaken?

Almost 5 months

I am still really happy. My left is tighter than my right. I massage it a lot more.

After photos 1 year and 1 month

Hi ladies,

I've been far too busy to update before now. The year has gone pretty good. My right breast (the one on the side with the mole) bothers me as far as looks go. I see the double bubble and I am unhappy. I talked to my doctor about it and he said that there are some things that he could do to fix it, but he doesn't think that it is necessary.

I want to know what you guys think. Should I have him fix it or should I get some consults from other doctors? I have been trying not to look or stare at my breasts , but I kind of feel that this defeats the purpose of speeding all this money on them. Dr. Fryer said I am being to critical of myself. My mom and husband both say that I am crazy and that they look great. I want to know what you think. Am I making this up in my head? Would you consider this a good or great result? Please be honest. I really need your help in getting an objective perspective on this.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fryer is kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I felt comfortable with him and his nurse Brooke. Brooke, especially, took a lot of time with me helping me find the perfect size. I am very happy with my results and how smooth my recovery was. I will go to Dr. Fryer with any and all of my cosmetic medical needs in the future. My only poor experience was with the front desk staff. I felt that they were rude and inconsiderate on the phone with me and when I would call sometimes I would not get a response and I had to keep calling back. Maybe it was just me, but I did not appreciate their attitudes. I overlooked it, because Dr. Fryer is so excellent. I did let Dr. Fryer know at my 3-month appointment when I filled out the survey, so hopefully something will change in that regard. Other than that, I felt safe and secure with Dr. Fryer and his talent. I trust him 100%! I had a couple other consultations and Dr. Fryer was by far the best choice!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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