25 101 Lbs 5'4" 350cc Ultra High Profile - Draper, UT

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Hello Ladies, I have finally decided to write a...

Hello Ladies,
I have finally decided to write a review on my experience this far, I have been stalking this site for like 6 months now lol. Well I always knew I wanted a boob job ever since I hit puberty and realized I was never ever going to get any. Always buying padded bras and swimsuits and even wearing t-shirts over my swim suit so no one could tell! Sad I know lol I finally decided it is time to do something for me, I am done having children and now I want the body that I should have had lol. I started out researching doctors in Montana and I just was not impressed. Which sucked because I really wanted to stay local ( put money back into my own community) but I was not going to go to a doctor that I did not feel did the best work according to my opinion. So I found this site and kept running into reviews that were done in Draper, Utah . I ended up on a review for Dr. Richard Fryer, I wish I could remember who wrote it lol But she had visited him from out of town as well and her experience was great and he gave her an awesome rack lol. So I researched reviews on this site and many others and I found that he had a huge amount of positive reviews and his before and afters look amazing. I paid for my surgery after Christmas and read his Breast Augmentation Planner! Let me tell you this planner is amazing! After reading it I felt like I had all the information that I needed, this was helpful since I would not meet the Dr. until the day before surgery! Lol I know I'm fricken crazy lol But I had my consultation today and it went amazing! The Dr. was professional, polite and made sure I understood everything I was getting myself into ;) I did not have many questions I have Dr. Fryers planner and you ladies here on real self to thank for that, but the questions I did have he answered and never once made me feel rushed or ill informed. I am not sure what my measurements are but he said I am REALLY tiny and in order to make sure the implant is not too wide for my chest we need to go with Ultra High Profile. Not gonna lie, those words scared the shit out of me at first, but I trust my Dr. and what he feels is best. So we decided on 350cc Ultra High profiles and I think they are going to look amazing! The sizers I tried on were actually 320cc but he said he would put in 350 to make up for the lost cc's due to the fact that I am going under the muscle. He will also be using the inframmery incision (spelling?) which is cool with me, that is what I was hoping for anyways! Surgery is tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. (April 12th) Wish me luck! Well that is my experience this far I will upload my before picture, they are pretty sad lol. If any of you ladies have any advice or stories to share I will be very happy to read them. I do not know anyone with implants so in a way I kinda feel in the dark and EXTREMELY nervous lol. Thank you ladies for all of your stories you have been such a big help to me!

Hello Boobies!

So, surgery went very well! I got to the surgery center at about 9 a.m. signed some papers then was taken back into a room where they put this paper gown nonsense on me and asked a bunch of questions. My boyfriend took me, man is he awesome ! So supportive :) We had to wait for a bit but that is fine I know he is busy! The Dr came In and marked me up, asked some more questions then the anesthesiologist came in and asked some more questions and took me to the surgery bed. The bed looked like a cross lol with straps on the arms! A little creepy but understandable, then the next thing I remember is waking up with boobs!! I woke up sore but not sick. It just feels like pressure as of right now.
Well ladies I think that's it for now I am pretty tired so I am going to try to get a nap in :)

Post op Day 3

Hello ladies! Just wanted to check in and let all of you know how it's going! Yesterday which was pot op Day 2 was pretty bad for me, not so much pain wise but I was really dizzy and nauseous. I also couldn't seem to stay awake lol. Post op Day 1 was the day we drove back to Montana and that day was better than yesterday lol. The girls look good, awful far apart though lol I know they will look better with time though. They are honestly bigger than I thought they would be! That doesn't bother me any! I have not been doing much, mostly because my boyfriend won't let me lol Here are some pics from yesterday and today let me know what you guys think!!

Post op Day 5

Not much has happened in the last couple days. I am just taking Ibuprofen for pain although I am not experiencing much pain, I do keep getting burning sensations on the left boob though, it's weird and hurts a bit, anyone else have this? Also one side is way more swollen than the other, I know they heal at different rates but it worries me just a bit since the only one that is still painful and having burning sensations is the one that is still really swollen. What do you ladies think?

Uneven swelling

Post op Day 6, here are some pics where you can really tell how uneven the swelling is. It may be normal but it worries me a bit.

One week!

Today was the one week mark! The girls look fabulous! The one thing I think is truly amazing and speaks volumes of just how awesome my surgeon is, is that I never had ANY bruising! I really didn't NEED pain pills either, (I took a couple halves at night for a couple days to help dull the pain so I could get to sleep) but it really was not a "I need a painkiller!" Moment. I think this shows just how gentle my surgeon was during the procedure. I have seen some videos on breast augmentation and man they scared the hell out of me! From day one the most discomfort I have experienced was just pressure and stretching, I am so thankful that I chose the surgeon that I did, he is amazing! Thank you Dr. Fryer!!


I hit the post button too soon!

Post op Day 10

Hello ladies!! The girls are getting softer, looking good so far. Just wondering, I read my card that the Dr's office gave me and it says I can start wearing a bra with underwire 3 months after surgery! That seems like a long time! Does everyone wait that long ?

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies! I hit 3 weeks today, and clear to wear a regular bra without underwire! It's amazing how different the girls look with a regular bra on vs a sports bra! Well I went from AAA nothin' to a 32DD! Ha! I wish I could have seen my face when the Victorias Secret associate told me that! Question for all of you experts out there, when did you first get sized, and did you stay that size or go down a size or up a size? Also I got sized at victorias secret, I have heard their sizes run small is this true? Well I'll upload some current photos, I'm a little dirty from working in the garden today, also why the mirror is dirty too :) The bra you see me in is a t-shirt lounge bra from victorias secret, it is comfortable and soft I highly recommend! Here are picture updates!
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

So far his staff as well as the Dr. have been very professional and informative. I feel confident that I chose the right surgeon for my needs and that he will exceed my expectations in every way!

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