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All the reviews on here have definitely helped me...

All the reviews on here have definitely helped me know what to expect after surgery! Without it I'd completely freak out with the right after surgery looks before they drop etc haha. I am currently a 32B & wanting to be a smaller D. My weight ranges from 108-113lbs. I just turned 22 last week so as a present to myself I am getting boobs! I am going to Dr Fryer in Draper, UT. So far my experience with them have been great, surgery is tomorrow & I couldn't be more excited! I am getting 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle.

Before Pictures

I am currently a 32B. Surgery is tomorrow! Can't wait!

Boobs are here!

I got to go in earlier for surgery than planned because the Doctor was ahead of time so that was awesome! So my surgery moved from 3:45 to 1:00, but between paper work and him marking me etc I didn't go into surgery til about 2:20. But that's still earlier than my original appt so I was happy regardless. I wasn't too nervous about any of it besides that my asthma was acting up a little making it hard for me to breathe. But once I got back to the surgical room, we had lots of small talk which kept me relaxed. I was most nervous for the IV needle, I know a little ridiculous considering I was more nervous about having an IV put in me over having surgery. But he gave me a tiny shot so I wouldn't feel him put the IV in, it was a great relief. Once the IV was in, we talked a little more small talk and before I knew it I was out. I don't remember anything during surgery & the time flew while I was under. I stayed there to recover while the anesthesia wore off, as soon as I was fine enough to leave I got wheel chaired to my car right outside. I slept most the way home then when I got home and onto the couch I was a little sore & stiff in the chest area but nothing too bad, once I took my medicine it felt better. I have been hearing some goofy noises from my chest but that's normal from what I've read! Now I've just been on the couch relaxing falling in and out of sleep. But so far, so good!!

Oh and I have a roll of gauze pushing against my sternum because the doctor said my skin wasn't attached as much as he'd like, so that gives me a little more support. I think he told me I'll have it there for about 5 days.

Going to Post Op Appt

I'm on my way to my 1 day post op appointment. I haven't taken the wrap off yet because I'm way too nervous plus I never asked the doctor if I could. So hopefully he'll take it off for a little at today's appointment so I can see them!

Day 2!

Today I've had a lot more time where I wasn't sore, so that's been nice! They've obviously got to drop some so I'm excited to see what they'll look like when they start to do that. I went to a couple stores to look at bras & I cannot wait to be able to wear any kind! I did go by Victoria Secret and the first girl told me I was a 34C which sorta freaked me out because before when I'd go to VS they'd lie to me and say I'm a cup or 2 bigger than I actually was. So I was thinking 34C is your lie to me?!? So that means I'm still a B?!? Hahaha THEN I met 2 other workers that have had breast augs before that helped me out a ton! She had me get into a 34D which I thought was much more comfy plus she said it'll still fit when my boobs drop.

Day 3

I still haven't looked at them too much because I have the gauze piece in between for support and to help the swelling go down (I had a lot of swelling in my cleavage area, so once that goes down my boobs will appear bigger I'm assuming). I was able to take a shower after my one day post op appointment and she said I had no bruising or anything and that I looked really good for it being a day after so that made me happy. I'm supposed to keep the gauze thing in for 5 days (I think, I'll have to call and make sure) and then I'll be able to get the feel and look of what they're going to be like without a big roll of gauze making it look like I have a uniboob haha.

Today I feel awesome, each day I've felt better than the day before. Which I felt like a lot of people had a hard 2nd and 3rd day with pain from what I read on here, so I'm grateful I didn't have those. I am worried that I feel too well that I feel like I can do everything around the house, I have to force myself to sit down and relax. I like having a busy schedule too much, so I feel that that will be the hardest thing for me during recovery. I feel great though! It's 12:30 pm and I haven't taken any pain medicines since about 1 a.m. (I wasn't in too much pain then, but I wanted to take it so I could sleep well without waking up with potential pain during the night). I take 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours, I'm still icing & doing my arm exercises. Those are the 3 things my doctor told me to do to have a quick recovery. And it's definitely helping!

Side note: I have always been self conscious about my hip size and I feel like my boobs help equal them out so they're not so obnoxious. I'm liking the overall look so far!

Picking a size

This was my main concern the last few weeks before getting surgery. Although I picked my size at my consultation and knew at the time I liked it, I still questioned myself every hour about the size. I was terrified to go too big. I didn't want to be obnoxious and "out there". I'd look at pictures frim other people's reviews and be like ok that's the size I'm getting and they look good on her, then I'd find another review with the size I was getting and be like those look HUGE on her what the heck. Or they look way small on her! So that absolutely freaked me out. And I was always told go a little bigger than what I want because that was what most women wish they had done after surgery. You barely ever hear of women wishing they went smaller, or at least I hadn't. I was torn between 375cc and 400cc. I went to my 1 week pre op and wanted to try a 350cc & 375cc to see how I liked the sizes (if I liked the 375cc, they'd put in 400cc or if I like the 350cc, they'd put in 375cc) I tried on the 375cc first and was reminded I loved that look and that I didn't even have to try on the smaller size because I was reminded that I was confident in choosing how the 375cc's looked (which, again, meant they'd put 400cc's in) So I chose 400cc because I didn't want to regret going too small and people always said go with the bigger size. Well NOW that they're done, I wouldn't have minded even going to a 425cc haha. Like I said, most women wish they went a little bigger & I tried avoid being one of those woman yet I still am haha. BUT I am perfectly happy with the size I got as well, I'm not in any way upset about it! So I recommend going the next size bigger than what you want. My doctor said its not too noticeable of a difference anyways from one size to the next. Good luck choosing ladies! Try not to stress too much because I guarentee you'll love them with whatever size you choose!

Day 5!

I absolutely love them! And I love them more in clothes, I got a lot of new tops today that I'll post pictures in tomorrow :)

New tops!

New tops:) I had no bra on in any of the pictures, I love the side boob look although I would never have enough confidence to wear it like that in public. But I'll invest in some cute bandeaus!

New tops!

New tops:) I had no bra on in any of the pictures, I love the side boob look although I would never have enough confidence to wear it like that in public. But I'll invest in some cute bandeaus!


Had my one week today. Got the tape off and can start using the scar removal gel! First time seeing them, they're a little gross looking haha. And it seems one is worse than the other but nothing I'm worried about right now

12 day update pics

Scar Gel

Skin Medica. Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline.

10 weeks post op

I definitely notice the little imperfections now but I still love them! I do have boob greed and wish I would've went bigger BUT I think once summer comes and I'm in swim suits I'll be perfectly fine with them! Winter clothes just make it hard to notice them, that's all :)
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fryer is very professional in what he does. Women may find getting a breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery as an awkward procedure to get done or to even discuss it with a doctor, but he is very confident in his work and knows how to make you feel comfortable. His staff was very sweet and helpful as well, I did get cold feet and asked to cancel my pre op appointment and Destiny was completely okay with that. And then of course the next day I changed my mind again and wanted to do my pre op appointment, which again she was perfectly fine and helpful with my decision. On surgery day I was comforted by his whole surgical team. I did wait a little longer than expected to go in for surgery but we got there a little late plus I didn't mind the wait at all, we had a tv in the room to keep us distracted and the time went by a lot faster than I thought it would've. Once I got to the surgery room the surgical team talked to me keeping me relaxed. The main thing I was nervous about was the IV getting out in. But the anesthesian numbed that little part of my arm with a little shot before putting the IV in which helped my nerves a lot, it went by quick. I could feel the anesthesia hit my body (not a bad feeling at all, it's like a breeze going through your body haha) and I was out like that. The next thing you know you're waking up from surgery! My experience has been great so far! Very thankful for my doctor and his team!

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