35 Years Old, 4 Kids, Much Needed Breast Augmentation, 485cc, silicone, round, under - Draper, UT

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I am scheduled for my BA on Monday, August 1st....

I am scheduled for my BA on Monday, August 1st. I'm 35, have 4 kids, breastfed them all. I'm excited, but also very nervous. Going through my checklist now to make sure I'm ready. Apparently I have a wide breast base width, so I'm going with a Silicone, round, moderate plus profile implant in order to reach my desired goal of restoring breast fullness and volume.

BA Tomorrow Morning! Nervous but Ready.

Just finished making my final pre-op preparations. Made a feweek last minute stops to the store for random items. Set up all of my must haves next to the bed for easy access. I'm sure I forgot something, thano goodness I have a great husband to go grab anything I may need. Kids are set up to be watched for a few days!

Items for recovery: Piles of pillows  Neck pillow Bendy Straws and water Books Hot packs Cold packs Cocoa butter  Face wipes Hand Sanitizer Small mirror Dry shampoo Brush Cozy socks Button up shirts and pull on lounge pants Yummy smelling candle Gum Deodorant

The day after! (Photo)

Well, my surgery went great and I'm on the mend! The pain was pretty intense right after surgery, so I took my pain meds and slept most of the day. My awesome husband has been such a great support and keeps me on track with my meds and helping me get up and walk around every 2 hours. My four kids are being taken care of, so it's nice to have the time to relax and heal. Very pleased with my results so far.

Day 3 and feeling more like ME!

I woke up with extreme 'morning boob' on day 2, so I took half ofull one of my pain pills about 30 minutes before I woke up this morning. It helped so much! My pain moves around everyday. Today it's a fierce pain in the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades. First time it's been located not directly around my breasts.
I always have a protein smoothie every morning packed with spinach and fruit, and I always have a BM within an hour of waking up. I haven't gone #2 since the morning of my surgery though. I've been drinking water and eating lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. Taken stool softeners as well. Hoping something works soon since my appetite is down to nothing now that I'm all backed up. TMI, I know!

My 'Stats'

A bit more about me. I'm 35, 5'3, 116 pounds, breastfed all 4 children. I mostly wanted to have volume enough to feel curvy with a pretty silhouette. I always wanted full breasts, but never did except for when I was engorged after having babies. I got 485 cc's, under the muscle, silicone round. I went to 3 different surgeons and all 3 said that even though I am petite, I have a wide breast base width that would need to be adequately filled and not to go under 420 cc's. I had 3d visuals done at both 475 and 500 cc's. I also tried on several sizers and wore rice sizers at home as well. I didn't get hung up on cup size, but the amount of cc's was frightening to me at first discussion. I already had a small amount of breast tissue and good elasticity (see pre op photo). Overall, I'm so glad I went to multiple consults, including the 3d visuals.

Day 5.

Well I pretty much took painkillers around the clock for the first 3 days, which also forced me to rest and relax at ton. My husband got me up every two hours to walk around, hydrate, and use the restroom. I'm grateful that I really took the time to rest and take it easy because, starting on day 4, I felt completely rejuvenated and rested. I've still kept everything low key, but spent time gently stretching my body and moving around a bit more. I haven't focused very much on my actual breasts since I know they will change significantly in the upcoming days and months anyways. My primary focus has been on my recovery and keeping things low stress and easy. With 4 children I'm so used to non stop activity and pushing myself physically and mentally day in and day out. I've really used this time for myself.
I also went to a post op appointment. My surgeon checked my incision and discussed future plans for massage techniques and breast health. Very nice visit. Everything seems to be going well at this stage.

Still here!

Its been 10 or so days since my surgery. Ive been feeling really good and bave resumed most of my regular daily activities, which mostly includes being a mom to my four kiddos! Boobs are feeling great, although they arent even looks as of right now. Makes me a little worried that the left one is a bit larger than the right. In the my surgeon may have needed to put a different cc volume in the right to make up the difference. My next post op is in a week and a half. Interested to see what he says.
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