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I knew I'd eventually get a breast augmentation,...

I knew I'd eventually get a breast augmentation, but I was unsure where to go because UT is flooded with plastic surgeons, so I left it to online reviews to help me decide. Dr. Fryer & his staff provided me excellent info regarding pre-op &post-op instructions, which helped tremendously. I had zero bruising, bleeding or clots the day after surgery, as well as everyday since then. I was able to shower the next day (you're required to shower the day of surgery). It's now been 4 days since surgery & everyday I've only needed 1 oxycodone & 4 ibuprofens. The pain is surprisingly minimal to what I had imagined. Everyday I do the necessary stretching & the results are amazing; everything is perfectly symmetrical, the size is better than I had imagined, & I am so happy with Dr. Fryer & his staff!!! : )

Bottomed Out - Super Disappointed

About a week after my surgery I noticed my right boob was significantly lower than my left. From my view I couldn't tell that it was as low as it really was; these pictures show the real difference between the two. My PS stated that bc I chose a large size for my body (320 CC Saline overfilled to 350) this is why it happened.

In my opinion, my right boob was much lower bc of the strap he had me wear over my boobs; the Velcro strap connected just above my right boob and I was instructed to wear it very tight (day&night for an entire week) to ensure my boobs "drop". It definitely dropped ????. I always felt more pressure on the top of my right boob from the strap, and I mentioned that to him.

BA #2 - Revision and Bigger Boobs!

I had a revision done (my right boob bottomed out) and since I would be under anyways I asked to go bigger. I went from 320 CC HP Saline (overfilled to 350) to 455 CC UHP Silicone.

Before my first BA, I requested 450 CC Saline from my PS. But because I was so small initially (32A) he said the biggest he'd go was 320 overfilled to 350. I explained that I wanted more cleavage and side boob, so I trusted in him and was VERY excited.

The second time around, nearly 2 years later (Dec. 22, 2014 to Dec. 5, 2016) I had my 2nd BA and a revision done due to bottoming out. I requested 500 CC HP Silicone this time, but due to my measurements, the biggest my PS would go was 455 CC UHP Silicone. I then requested either 535 UHP or at least 480 UHP (I didn't want to end up regretting my size like I did last time). He again said no, the 455 would be the largest he would/could go. I trusted him again.

Post 2nd BA - Shape is Weird. Popped a Stitch??

I had my surgery and didn't see my new boobs until the following day. At the office I didn't notice anything strange, then that night as I was about to shower I noticed my right boob (the problematic boob) was a weird shape. The bottom had a harsh "straight" line sort of shape on the very bottom (as shown best in the 4th pic)...unfortunately no pictures do the shape justice ????.....so annoying.

I assumed I was just swollen but decided to keep an eye on it everyday until my one week post op appointment.

The appointment came, and still the shape was weird. I pointed it out to the Nurse and my PS. He then said it looks like I popped my stitch. I was very surprised because I didn't do anything "intense" the whole time after my surgery (I didn't even have sex????).

On my post op day 1 I was instructed to not lift anything over 15 lbs and not to even wipe my kitchen counter (due to the motion). So I didn't. I told my PS I didn't do anything that could have caused it to "pop the stitch". He then said to wait a month to see if the shape fixes itself, and if it doesn't I can have a little revision on it for $1,200.

This made me super sad and quite frankly left a bad taste in my mouth. This is my 2nd BA, and the whole reason I came back for a 2nd BA was mainly to fix my right boob which bottomed out.

2 Weeks Post Op - Weird Shape Still :/ - 455 CC UHP Silicone

Currently I am 2 weeks post op and I keep an eye on my right boob every day. The shape remains weird. In my opinion, it looks like the pocket is what is giving my breast a weird shape, not the alleged "popped stitch".

Please excuse my self tanner that so desperately needs to be exfoliated off????????.

Has this every happened to you or anyone you know?

I've been instructed to wear the VS Incredible Front Zip Sports Bra day and night for 6 months???? I cannot believe it.

The 4th and 6th photo show the weird shape the best. What does it look like to you? A popped stitch? Or pocket made bad?

In my opinion my breast are equally as low; therefore I think the pocket is just wrong. If I popped a stitch wouldn't my boob literally be lower??
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When I began looking up reviews, Dr. Fryer's name kept popping up everywhere. After researching Dr's that relatives went to, none of them seemed to compare to Dr. Fryer

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