34, 5'3", 110lbs, breastfed 4 babies 32A, Hoping to Be a "?" Not an "!" Draper, UT

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It's been a topic of conversation between me and...

It's been a topic of conversation between me and my sweet husband for a decade....the first time taking place after I finished nursing my first baby and my beautiful C cup breasts disappeared. With 3 more babies and exercising becoming a hobby of mine, the results only exaggerated. Here we are, our family complete and mama is currently a 32/34A "long"! ???? I'd like to refer to my procedure as a "restoration" rather than an "augmentation". Ha! Hoping to be a "?" to others (hmmmmm...did she?) rather than an "!" (holy...look at those!!)
I've been to 3 consultations (all with my husband), we chose our Dr. carefully, set my surgery date and I have another try-on tomorrow with a dear, trusted girlfriend.
At this point, the two sizes I keep gravitating towards (I've tried on sizers at each consult) are the 286cc Mod+ and the 300cc HP. My breast width is 11, so going bigger than 286cc transitions me to a high profile. Although I like the fullness the Mod+ offers, I think I look more like myself with the High Profile because they streamline better with my frame.
I over research and over analyze every decision I make and this is no exception. I've poured over other's experiences, before and afters, sizing graphs, Dr.'s websites, Q & A's, as well as wordy medical information. (Maybe too much?) I like covering my bases and feeling informed.
My biggest fear is looking top heavy or feeling like I've gained weight...or really, feeling ANY sting of regret, to be honest. (Which is what motivates me to gather up mounds of information, I think.)
So, thank you to those who have shared. I've never been a part of any public forum but feel compelled to join this community for my benefit as well as other's.

Second guessing.....

I'm certain about the size I want but the profile is killing me!! Yes, I want natural, and supposedly, Mod+ will give you that but will it look TOO natural? Ya know what I mean? Will I have breasts that look like they've aged with me for 34 years? I want something a tad more youthful....so does that mean High Profile? GAH!!! Without seeing final results, it's so hard to tell. I thought my surgeon would be more of a help in this decision (and maybe at my pre-op, he will be) but his nurse told me that he really likes his patients to come to a decision on their own. I posted a question on here about profiles and every Dr. that answered (even my own DR. HA!!) says, "This is a decision that you and your doctor need to discuss in great length and he will guide you to the "look" you are going for. Well, he hasn't. Really, so far, I had measurements taken and a GRAPH told me my starting point, then he left the room and his nurse began the try-ons with me. I went in a second time to try on sizers and again, only saw the nurse. I was told over the phone that my Dr. doesn't generally attend the pre-op apt either....WHAT? So, I'm supposed to go off of what I look like in a mirror with silicone implants on top of my breasts, in a bra unfamiliar to me and just hope for the best without sound medical advice? Ugh. I really don't think I will be disappointed either way I go, 304Mod+ or 300HP but I would LOVE more guidance from the only person who can tell me what to expect. I'll post again after my Pre-OP appt on Monday. Maybe I'll have more answers? Also, I should probably add on here that I plan to have a CO2 fully ablative laser resurfacing procedure that is done simultaneously with BA surgery. My recovery will most likely be complete hell!

Let's talk about anxiety

I have boob on the brain 24/7. I'm sleeping less, eating less, second/third/fourth guessing.....because ya know what? I'm actually quite happy with my body. Yes, my breasts are small. Yes, my breasts nursed four of my babies and are deflated. But other than being nude and not filling out some of my swim suits in the summer, I am completely at ease with myself and "own" my look. *sigh* I am 10 days pre-op and having cold feet....like, seriously cold.

Super-Chic, understated breasts that pack a punch!


300HP, Mentor, silicone, under the muscle, through inframammry fold. So pleased, like, soooooo pleased.....and even more relieved that I'm pleased. Ha! Detailed review later. Mama's tired....and happy.


Here's the deal. I have 4 freaking kids. Finding time and energy to write up a full-blown review on everything that went down is just NOT happening. Today we've already had Cello, Viola, two school drop offs, one school pick up, gymnastics, baby chasing, lunch, more baby chasing and we've still got two soccer practices and scouts this evening. #reallifefolks ????
So, for now, expect short and sweet.
My biggest complaint right now is bloating. I sure would love a healthy poop. #morereallife other than that, I think my recovery has gone about as smooth as I could have hoped for. They already are looking so great. Perfect positioning and just swollen. Pain is manageable. I'm off the hard stuff (no choice because of driving) and just ibuprofen is working sufficient.

My plastic surgeon has a reputation in my area as being the gentle doc. He takes much longer in the OR than other surgeons and claims that going slower and meticulously pays off.....the damage done to the tissues as well as blood loss (less than a teaspoon) are minimal. Therefore, recovery is easier. I have to say, I'm a believer.

I'm a statistic.

Found out I have a hematoma. Symptoms include pain, swelling and bruising. Back on the operating table tomorrow to "evacuate". They will remove the implant, place it in an antibiotic wash, irrigate the pocket of all existing blood and replace implant. Not fun at all. I was in excruciating pain by day 4 and chalked it up to being a wuss. Luckily, dr. does this second procedure at no cost and his office has treated me like gold. He believes there is 75-125 ccs of blood in my left breast pocket so I am here to tell you ladies THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO IS HARDLY NOTICABLE AT ALL!!!! After I toiled over 25 ccs to the point of crazy lady! Ha!! ...just funny.

Recovery- round two

Everything went great on Tuesday. Night and day difference from the first time around. Came out of anesthesia, was alert, not nauseous, walking around at home like I'd never even had surgery. Crazy. Pain has been very manageable and I'm sleeping great these past two nights. The doctor said he's never had a patient with two hematomas so, I'm fairly certain I'm out of the woods and can take a deep breath. My left breast is a tad more swollen, I'm back to square one with limitations ie lifting, stretching, meds, exercise, driving, etc. so patience is in full effect. However, we are faced with adversity such as this, God sends heavenly and earthly angels to surround you and I have been blessed beyond measure at every bend. I'm feeling very humbled and grateful. Ready to pay it forward to those who have supported my little family.

3 weeks POST OP (on my healthy, right side) 9 days POST OP (on my left, hematoma side)

Finally!!! I seriously feel like 1 million bucks today! After the second surgery to remove the hematoma, I was off pain meds completely by day three and felt a huge sense of relief in pain! I got to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and did very light cardio and light legs. On Wednesday I went to my postop for the removal of the hematoma and everything looks great. I got the greenlight for cardio up to 120BPM HeartRate and to start massaging my left breast. It's kind of weird having my two breasts be at different stages in healing but I feel like my left breast will catch up very soon as the swelling is already almost all the way down and pretty symmetrical to the healthy side. The most helpful thing that I would recommend for recovery has been a 4-inch gel memory foam mattress topper. I propped a few pillows underneath to add a gradual but oh so comfortable slope. It made all the difference in the world for me to be able to stay on my back comfortably through the night these past few weeks. My entire life I have never been able to sleep on my back because it makes my tailbone ache terribly with in 5-10 minutes so I knew going into this that I had to find something!! So I knew going into this that I had to find something!! We have a king size bed and I only purchased it in a twin but after sleeping with it for these past four weeks (I started early to test it) I'm buying a king-size topper because it's the best sleep I've ever had!
I guess my only other piece of advice for girls who are in the process of choosing an implant size is to always always always go up a size. Coming from someone who had 125cc of blood removed from one side, I can attest that the difference between the two breasts was almost undetectable in the nude and completely undetectable with a v-neck T-shirt on. In fact, my husband and I paid $2000 to replace my 300s with 350s to be done when they removed the hematoma but I backed out last minute (like, gowned up, ready to walk back to the OR) because I decided to only go through with what was medically necessary and just be grateful. So there you have it. I hope this was helpful
Maybe I'll work up the nerve to post what they look like bare!!!

Hopefully this helps

Some healing updates
I'll start with the HAVEN'TS:
I haven't had any "zingers" as most women complain about
I haven't had any incision pain. Zero.
I haven't had "morning boob"
I haven't had dropping, per se, but my breast never rode high. This was their placement from day one.
I have numbness on the inner halves of both breasts. It seems to be improving but that's my biggest issue. It feels like when my epidural first starts wearing off after delivery. I hate it!
I have Mondor's Cord. It doesn't bother me or hurt, I just know I have it. I can see the cords when I stretch my left arm up.
I have been exercising regularly. Yesterday I did a box jumping workout and it was great! Yay!!!!

Besides having that blasted Hematoma, my recovery has been ultra smooth. Once it was removed, I bounced back lightening quick. I love my outcome. I feel super sexy and womanly. I'm so happy. I still stand by going bigger by at least 25ccs if not 50, from the size you try on and like! For example. I loved the 300's; wish I would have done 325 or 350 BUT I'm still pleased with my choice.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I don't even know where to begin? So many good things to say about Dr. Fryer and staff. I was a fairly high maintenance patient, being that I had a hard time choosing a size, so I visited the office many times to try on sizers and narrow down. Every one of the nurses added unique perspective and honest, helpful feedback and opinions. They cared. They listened. They didn't make me feel like I was a nuisance, instead they validated my concerns and helped me "work it out". (PS-looking back, I should have taken Brooke's advice and gone up a size or two! Listen to them, people!!!) Dr. Fryer himself, is above and beyond precise and professional. He does not tell you what you want to hear, he is ethical and leads you down the best path to get results that are proportionate for YOUR body and then provides beautiful work on his end. I would not hesitate for one moment in referring family or friends to his practice. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my procedure.

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